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a first........... by JudyS
Una Boots by Lori S.
Heel Well Night Splint by Pat G
Orthotics for children by Kathy G
standing on concrete floor all day by sandyc
Thanks by Dave R
Good Cream that helps by DaveSab
standing on concrete floor all day by sandyc
Achilles Tendon Surgery - ONE INCH REMOVAL by Faith
Achilles Tendon Surgery - ONE INCH REMOVAL by Faith
help needed for night splint by z.g
Help please for arch and calf cramps. by Geri
Heel Spurs by SuzanneC
arthritis by MarieS.
Amish Parking Lot Photos by marie
Peroneus Longus Tendonitis by Todd W.
walking barefoot by john
Suzanne, about the 27th.... by Kathy G
Poor circulation in foot by Debra
Heel surgery to remove broken pin by Linda
Foot surgery by Linda A
Foot doctor now designs shoes by Kristie
Set back for PF surgery by Kristie
plantar fascia release by milley
Electronic Publications by SuperSteve
Peroneus Longus Tendonitis by Todd W.
Peroneus Longus Tendonitis by Todd W.
Birkenstocks made heel pain worse by Karen G
Physical Therapy by Lana
In grown toenail by Toepain
Baxter nerve by Kristie
Heel Bumps by jodi
Haglands Deformity by SuzanneC
Itchy Right Heel by RachelS
Scar tissue - Surgery or Steroids by suchitra
HEEL PAIN by sanjay
orthotics shoes by Karen G
lingering numbness after injection for PF by Susie S
Cortizone injections by Felicia V.
Birk high arch Tamati by john h
surgery by christyw
Newsweek Live Chat Wednesday 9/22 noon ET by Cyndi
TTS symptoms? Help! (long post) by Michelle
Plantar Fasciitis?? by Katie K
Julie and Marie by Dorothy
plantar or raynaud's? by peter s.
Need to get new orthotics by Tina H
Going mad with NO diagnosis by Mike M
Change of Pace by john h
Cannot get better!!! Help please.... by Mike
Medical Licenses by Pauline
Lidocaine Patch 5% ?????? by Marty from SLC
To Julie and all our British friends. by Pauline
Road Runner by Pauline
RSD What cuses it? How do you get better? by Kristie
Nike "free" trainers by Pete
anyone read this book ? by Pete
Say it ain't so! by john h
foot sweat by james m
Julie, Cyndi, Suzanne D., Marie by Dorothy
an arch support that worked overnight for me by TJ
Toe Numbness by DeeH
heel pain(burning) by jimmy
Whats a fat globule? by Liam
Julie - Have a wonderful time in Crete! by Kathy G
I have carpal tunnel syndrome..... by Kathy G
Offering one kind of orthotics? by Kathy G
TTS diagnosis changed to polyneuropathy by Des
Hard orthotics vs soft orthotics? by Ellen M.
Ripped Achilles Tendon by SuzanneC
PF -- No pain in the morning??? by Elisha
What brand compression socks? by Michelle
a visit from Heelspur.com friends... by Suzanne D.
Drew shoes ? by Kathy in Ky
Any advise? by Trying to cope
Want to start blogging? Three easy steps! by marie
Burning Toes by AnneG
Powersteps and straight lasts? by Dan K.
Foot pain after surgery by Jennifer
Disability by Crystal
EPF by Angie
AAOS 2005 in Washington by Jan R.
Hopeless in South Carolina by Angela I
help for nerve damage by Ellen M.
chronic achilles tendonitis by Daf
discount birkenstocks online by Kelly J.
Retrocalcaneal spur reconstruction by LilCricket
looking for large inserts by Michie
looking fo by Michie
anyone tried heel lite orthodics by karen G
A New Kind of Orthotic by Darlene
sore feet AND sore hands???? weird by Linda V
reimbursement rates for ESWT by Caren B, DPM
anesthetic injections for TTS by Rachel
TTS pain is positional? by Mel
Dr. Z Thanks by Tina H
Surprised but grateful by GeralynS
Tarsal Tunnel surgery by Mia
To Scott by Lynnette
Symptons by Debra
anestghetic and cortisone injections for TTS? by Rachel
Best Shoes with Arch Support by Clara
Acupuncture for Neuroma's by Susan
Does any course of treatment work? by Roberta
post eswt and othodics by jeannie m
eswt pain by jeannie m
blood clot after plantar fasciitis release??? by Mary D.
Vioxx has been voluntarily withdrawn by Merck by Kathy G
Vioxx has been voluntarily withdrawn by Kathy G
very bad back of the foot/heel pain by kg2288
Soooo scared by Jessica
Achilles Tendonitis by DaveSab
Tarsal Tunnel by Carole
new orthodics by karen G
bad experinces with docs by karen
swollen foot by Kate
TTS vs. Periferial neurapathy by john
footwear post eswt by jeannie m
Neorontin for nerve pain by Sherry L
ESTW 9/29 by Lori S.
What I would do knowing what I know now by Bob G
Orthotics by Jim S
Pre -op with doctor by Mia
A special thanks to Suzanne by Steve P
Stress Fracture by Pat
Taping foot for a Marathon by Ro
ankle pain by Stacy
A product by Dorothy
re ice or not to ice by jeannie m
post eswt pain and othodics by jeannie m
post eswt and orthodics by jeannie m
Just had surgery for PF by Margie W
Sonny 160866 by Margie W
Aeroic or exercise able to do by lisa71
4 days post ESTW- by Lori S.
Post ESWT and stretching by Lynn F.
information on TRILEPTAL needed by Buck
Ibuprofen Gel by patk
Birkenstock Tatami by Dorothy
Arch Supports by Lynn F.
ESWT in England by Robin ap C
Its a miracle by heel pain
Help with orthotics?? by dud
Linda V. by RACHAEL T.
Heart check by john h
plantar fasciitis by ash
Use of wedge in nightsplints? by Buck T.
Need info on Bunion surgery by Peggy
tarsal tunnel and plantar fasciitis by amanda
Swimming Post ESWT? by dud
heel pain by judyh
hearing sounds by mikeandraf
Linda V. by RACHAEL T.
Inserts for Dress Shoes by Lana
Proper Diagnosis by Vern S.
bike riding by Jill H.
dress shoes by Jill H.
post pf surgery by ray
Tarsal Tunnel relating to work by Bill R
ESWT - trials cast doubt on efficacy by Mark Evans
exercise and TTS by Michelle
TTS Surgery Question Dr Ed Or Dr Pearl by J. Shockey #80
active release therapy- Bracey and others by lilly
orthodics by jeannie m
ANABOLIC STEROIDS FOR SALE by nkristan@indo.net.id
Heel spurs on achiles tendon by Gary H
P. W. Minor Shoes by john h
Etonic? Brooks? by char
best inserts/shoes by lisa71
Does the plantar fasciatta grow back? by Kristie
For Rachael by Linda V
Swollen foot & heel pain by Emily M
Dear Dr. Ed by Dorothy
ESWT by christyw
8 days and counting.. a ? for others by Lori S.
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery by Mia
Comfrey Warning by john h
An update on my carpal tunnel syndrome by Kathy G
New Product by Elyse B
Flu Shots by john h
Heel pain & swollen foot....??? by Emily M
Is it TTS or something else? by KarenS
actipatch by Casey H
Heel lump by Pearsonpak
thumb's up for dr. sandell by some girl from paris
Treatment in Canada ... why? by Mark Evans
New Diagnosis by Not Happy
Desperate for Advice. by Brocha F.
RE: PF or TTS or Both? by Brocha F.
ESWT by Tiger1
shoes by chrisg
nerve stimulation by James C.
Health Insurance Question by Richard, C.Ped
How sad about Christopher Reeve by Kathy G
Flu Shots by john h
po-PF SURGERY by ray
eswt and orthodic pain by jeannie m
Tarsal Tunnel or PF or Both??? by Holly S
HEEL PAin by Cleta
E.S.W.T after release surgey by Jeff
Info for Runners by Maurice Du Monde
TTS surgery recovery by Mia
medial wedge orthodic by karen g
foot flex and footlog by karen g
John from MN by Elyse B
po pf surggery scare tissue by ray
Need shoe with good cushing by Tom M.
Haglund's deformity by June Lamont
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Shelle B
Pain at Bottom/Top of Foot by Mary
strange pain tired feet by lisa71
plantar fasciitis by jmac625
undiagnosed foot pain by Sue C
po-P-F.recovery by ray
Treatment of Scar Tissue by Darlene
think about getting eswt by tyshea
Finding shoes with good support and cushion by tyshea
Severed tendon repaired by Gabriella
post ESTW question docs? by Lori S.
Stretching that brouhgt on Bad Nerve Pain by Mel
DR.Z and DR ED..please reply by Mel
"Snap" feeling in the foot by Mia
Yoga shoes? by Tina H
Question for Richard C. Ped by Elyse B
Plantar Fasciitis by Steve
Cryo-surgery 90% success rate by Pauline
Need Some Help, Please! by Mary
A question for Richard - cped by RACHAEL T.
TTS surgery results by Faye
Repetitive Use Injury and Massage by Dorothy
Scanning for Orthotic Fitting by Elyse B
this is how I finally am getting better!! by heather
cortizone shots by Mia
Relief for Heel Spur Pain by Angela
Post ESWT comments, etc by Scott Mc
Dansko clogs by jeannie m
shoes by jeannie m
MBT shoes by josh
MBT shoes by josh
cryo-surgery by scott r
TTS and Mortons Neuroma by john
motons neuroma and TTS by john
Thanks Richard, Suzanne, & Linda...! by RACHAEL T.
Post PF Release Surgery by patti m
Surgery on 2 feet by Colleen
Stitches by Pat
ESWT--high or low energy? by Connie H
po-pf surgery strecthing by ray
Plantar Fasciitis by RichardV79
Plantar Fasciitis by RichardV79
Question for Dr.'s- bad news MRI, post ESWT by supertwin
motons neuroma and TTS by john
SS disability for TTS? by john
night splints by jeannie m
Post ESTW - 16 days by Lori S.
Active Release Techniques by Tamara P
tarsal tunnel or rsd by Cheryl L
planters fascitis by cheryl r
Mephistos by Libby
New Balance Running shoes? by Kathy G
po-P.F,surgery strecthing by ray
looking for hope by Cathy G.
Plantar Facitis by melinda s
Dorothy? by marie
a question for Dorothy about Danskos... by Suzanne D.
Tarsal tunnel or nerve problem? by Kirk
Swollen Foot by Jess
4th surgery/still waiting for a miracle by Karole M
is this a heel spur? by Crystal C
po-P.F. surgery strecthing by ray
To Supertwin by Pauline
Football player with PF rushes for 111 yards by Kathy G
eswt posterior calcaneal spurs by Dr Ben Pearl
Early Voting by john h
Anyone try Zcoil for tarsal tunnel syndrome? by Shockey
Ankle Brace by Ben T.
I weaned myself off of daily taping! by R C
Where can I find a doctor for my foot nails? by Mary Kate Ma
TTS & Neurotin by Vern S.
girl from Paris by Elyse B
Treadmills and heelpain by chrisml
Night Splints in Costa Rica by ticaslick
chronic heel pain and eswt by Benj.
not TTS, but maybe rsd-stage 1 by rekha
PF surgery both feet or one at a time? by DonnaG
stretching after PF release? by NB
Toe Curling Under by P.J.
po-p.f. surgery by ray
scare tissue by R.L.
we by vince
Suzanne D.- Insurance problem solved? by Kathy in Ky
Heel pain in the morning! by jwoody
Exercise Question by Lana
Red Sox by Linda V
"Happy Fall Ya'll" by Necee
Children's Halloween Costume by Richard, C.Ped
looking for some information by Jennifer
Effectiveness of stretching by Sharon G
Christopher Zingas MD by Dr. Z
Richard Cped please Zcoils? a scam? by Shockey
Progress or lack of... by Place
facia thickness by jeannie m
Stress Fracture Won't Heal by Pat
On My Feet by Mike M
swedish clogs wood by Dale
Linda V. by RACHAEL T.
Richard-Sneakers for Nerve pain by Elyse B
PF surgery by judi
still in pain by milley
Vioxx & Celebrex by john h
What was that popping sound? by joy
Doctors - A Few Questions by Darlene
fractured heel by PaulB
how to get eswt on sale by gerry
EMG Results positive for TSS :( by Brocha F.
Rheumartologist advised to see????? by Cyndi
Who are the big ESWT players??? by Pauline
Need to vent by Linda V
Interesting new product.... by Ed Davis, DPM
Another Massage Lead by Dorothy
had tts surgery by Deb G
Brace Material by erbat
Heel spurs/ Using Methadone by PATRICIA HAWK SMITH
orthoics by R.L.
foot pain by R.L.
planters faciitis by janinr
Upsetting posts by Pauline
Types of Shoes by Lana
morton's neuroma and ?? by sarahh
9 months and frustrated by Jill H.
epf surgery by milley
Jack LaLanne by Linda V
Change of subject "cookware" by Pauline
diagnosed with pf 2 weeks ago by Michelle
foot pain by R.L.
I've had it with this pain! by Suzanne
Anyone had ESWT in Dallas? by Connie H
Middle (old) Age & Weakened Vision by Kathy in Ky
Richard cped good shoe for FHL tenosynovitis? by Jureviciuus
Swelling by Mickey
Email Pal Wanted by PetaP
PF Georgraphy question by Linda V
had ESWT/positive result by Monika
Can someone explain? by Pauline
What questions should I ask? Anyone.... by Connie H
Had TTS surgery a week ago by Camilla
Interesting URL by john h
cortisone by Amy
please can anyone give me a answer? by jeannie m
To Connie H. by Necee
EMG by Pauline
plantarfascitis itching by jsewell
The Red Sox Did It! by Kathy G
Vitamins by Linda V
A great little sentiment by Kathy G
Richard-finding a pedorthist by Elyse B
plantar fascitis - 7 months on !!!! by slater
Sharp pain in my big toe by D.L.
Voting by Necee
Night Splints by Sharon B.
Drudge Site by Dorothy
Prepare to Quake in Your Boots! by Dorothy
I am with ya Ron B. by SteveG
Why We Need Drug Companies by Dorothy
My TTS/RSD story (Long!) by CReece
MRI showes nothing of heelspur? by Per A Persson
Re. early voting by Dorothy
Antidotes by Dorothy
running shoes. by karlene
Social Support by Bob G
30 days post estw by Lori S.
Treatment with Ossatron by Jack V.
TTS surgery 3 weeks ago by Norm
Political Discussions Not Allowed by Scott R - moderator
PF and Baxter's neuritis treatments? by Debbie M
Question about shoes by Geri
night splints? by Lori S.
Re: other pain on side of foot by JxT
How's John from MN doing with Dr S ? by Pete
Roll-A-Bout by Pat
plantar ficiitis by Laura B
Pain on the top of the foot by Kathy G
FDA Approves Artifical Disc by john h
ESWT relief? by JamesT.
Pilates Exercise by Linda V
question by milley
RE:TSS by Kim
Athelete's Foot? by Barry Lewis
corretion of mis-info by vince
RE:TSS by Kim
Tom H/Exercise question by Elyse B
ESWT by Avery
Can you believe???? by Pauline
plantar fascitis by Tracey I
"V" day is almost here by Pauline
botox by supertwin
any moving tips? by Linda V
Tarsal tunnel pain relief by Norm
cryosurgery by James C. in KY
Plantar Facia / Bone Spur by flymiller
Contrast Baths by Steve
All Caps by Dorothy
Insurance Companies are Hurting Us by JADO H
Anodyne Therapy by Andrea K.
Brooks sneakers by Jill H.
Wilson Prostaff 1000 by Chetty
A Wistful Note on Halloween by SteveG
Pauline's World by Dorothy
Shiatsu Treatment Worked for Me by six41
Neurontin WINS....huge landslide! by marie
Acupuncture by Judy O
Torn Plantar Fascia on top of PF & TTS by Brocha F.
Torn Plantar Fascia on top of PF & TTS by Brocha F.
regret by Michelle M
comparison by Fred S.
Starting over with treatment by JADO H
? for Dr. A by vince
Big BIG Mistake! TTS surgery! by Marsha G.
Curious by Pauline
for ScottR, Scott R by Ed Davis, DPM
Bad results from Plantar Fasciitis Surgery by MaryM
Tarsal Tunnel by Robert B.
hi! by JudyS
TTS ? Plantar Fascitis Question by Robert B.
best new shows by Linda V
Machine V.s Machine by Donald Iain Scott
plantar fasciitis and calf pain by Karen S
ESWT/Achilles/Neovessels by alexb
Linda V. by RACHAEL T.
Funny ways kids say things by Richard, C.Ped
hyperbaric oxygen by Scott
Teenager considering Accutane by Kathy in KY
FEP Blue Coverage? attn Jack V by EleanorH
Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes by Linda V
post ESWT ramblings.. by Lori S.
A Couple of Questions by Lana
Surgery by Pat
ART Massage by Kristie
a sad day today... by Suzanne D.
Still doing well after surgery by Mia
9 weeks and praying for a miracle by Connie Moody
9 weeks and praying for a miracle by Connie Moody
Worsening foot/heel pain by Lawana K.
dr martins (shoes) by Lori S.
Heel numbness and pain by Nan H
Neuroma by Shell D
To John h re massagers by Marsha H
PF by Linda O
po- p.f. surgery by R.L.
After tarsal tunnel surgery?? by Norm
Why do Compression soks work for you? by Mel
Pain in big toe-underneath the nail? by s. easton
what is tarsal tunnel? by Linda O
Wendyn - How's it going? by Kathy G
Heel Pain after PF Surgery by Margie W
Tarsal tunnel syndrome. by Nasim
strange sensation by Tricia H
Device by john h
Dallas by Pauline
severs disease by Linda O
Post ESWT Treatment by Ben Lee
Please answer re: imaging/pf by Annie
New othotics and foot cramps by Lauren
Update and nine weeks discussion by Tina H
Heel Spurs by StrawberryCRK
The US is falling behind by Heinrich
Generic Viagra Best Online Drugs Store by John Deal
OssaTron or surgery by Steve M.
To those that care by Pauline
Bad manners by Jan R.
Bruseing after tts surgery by Norm
TTS and medrol by andreap
hot spot on top of foot by andreap
Stitches inside foot by Pat
Autologous platelet concentrate injections by scott tompkins
Celebrex by Alice D
Scheduled eswt by tyshea
pain in the back of heel by greg
Ruptured Plantar Fascia by KathyB
buying shoes update?? by char
plantar fac by cliff s
Achilles Info by Dorothy
very painful feet and feeling depressed by karen g
? for Dr by Shell D.
Spenco Orthotics by Shell D.
Nike Shox by Shell D.
$20 Birks & Nike info.... by RACHAEL T.
One Question on achiness by Mel
Ossatron recovery by randall
As I promised. 1 year since EPF surgery by BudP
6 weeks post eswt by Lori S.
heel spur and high arch by am
Richard-saw a pedorthist last night by elyse1
TTS post op rehab ? for Delllon trained docs by Buck
Heel pain for 4 months by aussie
Anti-Inflammatories After Surgery by Pat
Yoga Exercises by Vern S.
Nerve Conduction test by skull
Two Rounds of ESWT by Place
plantar fasciitis following an auto accident by Lori
A Thought Provoking Site by Dorothy
Vioxx Alternative by Dorothy
my foot has something growing out of it... by cml
More on Vioxx Alternatives by Dorothy
New treatment discussed by SteveG
On Vitamin E: Kathy G and John H by Dorothy
Best athletic shoes to use with orthodics by Leigh H
Nothing but the best for our pets.... by Ed Davis, DPM
A reminder.... by Ed Davis, DPM
quest to darlene by denise g
severs disease by catherine. H
New Study by john h
Stress Fracture before/after/during EPF! LOL! by Pat
Help Going out of my MIND by Linda O
Shoes for Pain Relief called Z-Coil by Mike
Just a rant for the day by Ed Davis, DPM
Richard or anyone by Elyse B
John H..recipe request by Linda V
foot pain by littlebit
Unpredictable results by Jureviciuus
Glee! by Carole C in NOLA
heel spur by nikkiluna
I Have More than Just PF... by Carlos N.
Sonorex treatment results..... by Ed Davis, DPM
A link to understand tendinosis.... by Ed Davis, DPM
Colorado Spine Treatment Center by Ed Davis, DPM
Acupuncture by Howard
John -- please answer the question! by Ed Davis, DPM
hell by AnnMarie Antoine
After Surgery Blahs! by Pat
Artificial sweeteners -- some secrets... by Ed Davis, DPM
Dr Z - your email address by Julie
Plantar Fashonitus by Joe
orthotics help by Amy
Mom with severe PF and no hope by esbails13
Causes of pain? by Karen L.
How Does One Function With All The Pain by Michael
Re: by Ed Davis. DPM
Piezoelectric ESWT? by Scott R
Free Birks again... by Anne L
scar tingling post open pf release by NB
cortizone shots by lisa p
Spur on toe by Karen L.
Dr. Guyer & Texas Back Institute by john h
Getting Rid of Some PW Minor Shoes by Richard, C.Ped
APC+ by DaveP
foot pain by todd
help by c.r
deliberation by JudyS
eswt completed by tyshea
headaches after taking pain med's by Mia
To Carole WW and my ESWT update by Tina H
Close Vote by john h
Heal pain by DennisS
Having a bad day after a bad night! by Kathy G
Brooks Addiction by Jill H.
Damn you plantar fasciitis...... by Jiffy
TENS unit by lilly
TENS unit by lilly
how can I help a family member... by jeanne
Reasons to be thankful by Kathy in Ky
Debating Surgery or ESWT for PF by Joe W
Coban by Connie Moody
Coban by Connie Moody
Plantar Fashunitus, Going Flat fixed MY feet! by Joe
Frustrated after Doctor's Appointment by Lana
heal that pain by kel9591
tts vs pf by Amy
When It Rains It Pours by Dorothy
Some new paintings and drawings by marie
Unresolved PF by vince
De Ed respose to your question FHL!!! by Jureviscius
Inserts - Insoles - In lieu of Orthodics by Pat
Pain Continues Still No Diagnosis?? by Michael
heel spur surgery by Debbi S
Nursing shoes by ghiraf
Just got diagnosed by Marian
How successful is using ultrasound for pf? by Amber
What is the nonwtbearing stretch for pf? by Amber
Warts on foot by Felicity
Never again by Norm
A hymn to orthotics by Julie
A hymn to orthotics by Julie
Question about Footmaxx orthotics by Lana
Suzanne - School Uniforms by Kathy G
Clinton Library by john h
heel pain by wiscbadger
orthotics and TTS by Amy
plantar fasciitis. by rlove
Swollen big toe. by loren
calcium build up by DianneS
Sonorex / Sonocur by J. P. (Sunny) Jacob
Ossatron rehab by randall
Question for Dr. Z by Lynn F.
TTS post op swelling by Sheena
set backs by Jill H.
Better web surfing., less viruses and worms by Ed Davis, DPM
plantar fibromas or ledderhose disease by scott tompkins
To the Doctors.. Please Respond by Michelle M
sudden attacks of itching in arches by theresa g
Orthotics... by RACHAEL T.
excrutiating pain after surgery by Katy
ESWT and failed pf surgery by Dr. Z
Breaking in Birkenstocks by Kathy in Ky
slow healing bunion surgery by Kate
Pf & SN? by Linda O
Anyone posting from England by Karen G
Dr Z - Plantar fascia stretch by Julie
Doctors, I have a shoe question? by Edmond
To Rehka in reply to your earlier post by Michelle M
a new link by Ed Davis, DPM
Can a TENS unit help plantar fascitis? by K-Lynn
Cost by Ingrown Toenail
Dealing with pain by Julie
Dealing with Pain - PS by Julie
Dealing with Pain - corrected by Julie
weight loss by kb
Elyse & Helene...I agree! by RACHAEL T.
Here is one for Ed... by Dieter Fellner
A new treatment "ouch" by Dieter Fellner
heel pain by keleka
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis by Janet O-E.
ESWT - setting right expectations by bob m.
What exactly causes calcification by LilCricketPa
1300 mj/mm squared by john
post eswt ?'s - docs by Lori S.
how is everyone, post eswt? by Lori S.
what's up with that? by Dieter Fellner
Ad for eswt for $680? by Sander
scar tingles after PF release by NB
TTS by martyl
Sore toes by Yvonne
Pregnancy and ESWT? by Brooke
Latest orthotics.... by RACHAEL T.
What helps me a bit - and what doesn't! by skull
Foot tendinitis or PF? by Verve
For Mac users only by john h
Z Coil Shoes by Trudy
An Update...and a question by Michelle M
Exercise equipment by Greg
neurontin by monty
Latest Orthotics by RACHAEL T.
Peppering ..... for heel pain by Dieter Fellner
When you have tts, do they put you to sleep? by skull
John, cost of Ossatron by Robert
Is casting a good idea after ESWT? by Christy M
Happy Thanksgiving! by Kathy G
Need dress shoe, help? by char
Orthotics "groove" by Helene R
Surgery Update by Pat
EPF Recovery by Ed
PF related to other diseases? by Per A Persson
Toe Smashing Surgery by Rosie W
shoulder pain by MAYA
shockwave therapy by anne
What are you hearing about shockwave therapy? by anne
I'm going in for 2nd PF Surgery! Questions! by Kathy
Orthotics - more thoughts by Julie
Orthotics - more thoughts by Julie
My Bunion by Julie
Causes of TTS by Mel B.
Shoe Question by Monte
to: JOHN by vince
X-ray information by Cyndi
Air cast by Karen G
actipatch by Casey H
Orthodics by Pat
Julie - pf stretch by Scott R
heel spur and shockwave by ormsby
Heel Pain and Pain on top of Foot by JS
ScottR by Julie
3 months post eswt by BenLee
Dear Friends by Dorothy
Price of foot surgery by Jones
HELP!!! by Laura S.
CHACO Sandals Have Taken the Pain Away. by Sharon
P.F. by Digger
Why do drs not remove heel spurs anymore? by Donnag
RE: united shockwave billing policy by vince
Orthotics etc. by J. P. (Sunny) Jacob
ESWT worked for me by Henry
ICD-9 Code by Aimee C.
Painful Burning arches & flat feet by Nancy F.
Shoe Inserts For heel pain by Sharon C
Greetings by Necee
Cryosurgery for TTS by Nancy F.
High-energy "I" by Jan R.
High-energy "II" by Jan R.
ESWT worked for me by J. P. (Sunny) Jacob
Flat Bone in Toe by Tee W.
what kind of dr? by judielamb
Do I have a spur? by kfm
Cheap shoes by Bill S
ESWT worked for me by J. P. (Sunny) Jacob
bone to bone arthritis by missy k
fasciotomy by KATHY H.
general questions by Karen b
Calling John H by Julie
Finally I'm free of Plantar Faciatis by Henry M.
Atypical PF? by Sandi B
Please Anyone with any info! by Kim
How should an orthotic feel? by Mike S in WI
Julie by Dorothy
Pain in the left Foot by Nid
Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users by Joiner
Medication by Karen b
a medical mystery? by Karen L.
Holiday Traditions by Kathy G
3 broken toes by Bonnie R.
Julie by Dorothy
Julie if you are reading by Dorothy
post op schedule 1st 2 weeks by Buck
McKenzie Method for spine problems by john h
Plantar by Andy M
Whats more pain ful Pf or TTs??? by Nancy F.
Spenco orthotics for PF by Cali
Herbal Acid-A-Cal by Lee M
TTS release gone bad by Elaine
Julie by Dorothy
b by carl
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