Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Message Board Threads

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Pregabalin by john h
minimally invasive puncture foot surgery by Gloria mcq.
Pain at rest by John Martello Jr
MRI results are in.... by Terri
To Dr. Z or Ed Davis, D.P.M. by Rodz
TTS (via NCV) but no Tinel's sign by Kirk C
anaemia by Kalsi
Bone-marrow by Kalsi
Now the other foot! by Karen C.
Difference in Night Splits? by Mary B.
Dr. Scholl's shoes (sport and casual) by ReneeS
Pain from Orthotics by Elyse B
Pain from Orthotics by Elyse B
ASTYM by Katie S.
Off for a few days... by Ed Davis, DPM
Does TTS cause pain at rest? by John Martello Jr
ESWT for tarsal tunnel tenosynovitis? by John Martello Jr
Quark shoes by Kathy in Ky
son 12 has heel pain by teresa madrigal
pain and confused by WAYNE L
PF for 10+ years by Becky Yu
For Rachel T. by Elyse B
Richard by john h
A question for Richard or any Birk wearers by Kathy G
I'm baack!! by Kathy G
PF and hamstring pain by Trudy
Weight loss exercises that aren't swimming? by Spencer F
I need a Drs advice about achilles pain. by Angie
acupuncuture treatment of plantar fasciitis by Robert P.
after heel spur surgery by kellym
light therapy by Joyce Mc
Pam, are you still around? by Shell D.
Pain after having surgery inJanuary by Carolyn E
PF pain unable to sleep by Elizabeth
Might I have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? by Eric B.
recovery after surgery by Belinda D
vertical heel spur/ achillies pain by Mary K.
Foot Trainer just arrived, etc by Susan S
Beautiful day with wonderful friends by Kathy in Ky
Good Drs. ? by Scott S
ESWT and Ossa Tron by Don B.
Happy Mother's Day! by Suzanne D.
Pain by Kay C
Orthopedic Dr. by Michael
Dr Z Qyestion for you please by John Martello Jr
Flareup after ESWT normal? by Buck T.
shoes for plantar faschiatis by Helene M.
heal pain mostly first thing in the morning by clint
To Aimee by Terri
heel spur diagnosis by Anne Parker
Yes/no questions - please answer by Sher A
Have to vent about my Podiatrist by David M.
tarsal tunnel by JohanneW
possible post - traumatic nerve syndrome by HECTOR
Ever walking barefoot again? by Oliver L
question about collapes arches. by lauriel
Back strap birkenstock sandle?? by char B
It's almost time!!!!!!!!!! by Necee
Footrainer is overpriced shit! by Dave Banner
TTS and Muscle Loss by Richard A.
High arch. by Suzanne
2004 CPT code for ESWT by Donna R
PF by john h
Painful Bubble on The Toe? by tony
Foot Trainers by Dorothy
Question for Dr.Z about the Atypicals by Robert J
Should I? by Jade S.
EMG Test by Karole M
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Chris
You're not going to believe what I won! by Kathy G
Weight Gain due to Steroid injections for TTS by Karen C.
extracoreal shock wave by beth ryker
Shock Wave Therapy for PF by Susan M
nerve block shots now hell R S D ? by Anthony P
My podiatrist stopped practicing cold turkey by JudyB
Achilles Tendinitis by Dorothy
Forefoot pain by Cindy M.
orthotics causing pain on top of my foot by Scott M.
Dr. Z Question and need email address by Shane
price of gas in SW Fl by BudP
Achilles tendonosis by patti g
Dr.'s What kind of heel pain do I have?? by Todd W.
side foot pain by joey
Never Go Barefoot by Carlos N.
Stress and P.F. by Pauline
Pain on Bridge of Foot by Lyla L
Advice on shower shoes?? by Kate N.
Can I just vent to someone who understands? by Lisa V.
Ibuprofen Cream by John Martelo
Improvement more apparent.... by RACHAEL T.
RE: Neurontin Mfr. Pfizer by Dorothy
foot lump by lynn s.
Bud P and others by Karen C.
arthritis and PF by Steve S.
Recently had Plantar Fascitis surgery by Tom W.
Extreme, persistent foot,ankle pain by Curtiss P
orthotics by Scott M.
Orthodics haven't worked by Jo B.
Hi Suzanne D by Anthony P
possible TTS by Scott S
itching by debs
ESWT and spurs on the back of the heal by Richard G
I've had enough! by Iolair
No real Diagnosis by Michael
water shoes... by Rachael T
bite or birkenstock sandles???? by char B
slow healing of Great toe bone by Betty F
Injection reactions.. by Lori S.
Keep try'n! by Lori S.
Lori S. by Rachael T
What's causing the pain? by Tommy S
Severe knee pain, is it caused by TTS? by Karen C.
heel spur surgery or planta faschia surgery by Brenda S
heel rupture by Erica
incredible heel pain by lou m
What a Relief... by Carlos N.
Severe pain and swelling near left ankle bone by Karen P.
tts/torn tibia tendon surgery???????? by Linda
Richard's email or website by Robert J
plantar faschi by Juli
Shes, feet, back, demeanor all well tested by Dorothy
Heel Spur and Tailor's Bunion by Dee C
tender feet by Janele Weatherston
doc says tts but it doesn't hurt by P.J. M
Interesting passage of new law by Pauline
Pain from PF is back, should I try a cast? by char B
Getting a cast? by char B
Living with TTS by Lisa
top of foot pain by nikki
Just need to get this out... by Suzanne D.
alcohol injections by jane t
PF release surgery by Kristie
Richard cped by John Martello
Plantar Fascia release surgery by Kristie
plantar faschia & heel spurs by Carol M
new orthotics by joe
Randy Moss Update by Robert J
Heel spur hell by Maureen
JOHN H. - SNAKES!! by Dorothy
Finding foot diagnoses by Byron C.
Diagnostic Ultrasound by Pat Tata
Had first ART treatment Monday by Jamie
tts & numbness by thomas
Plantar Fasciitis and Bunionectomy by Dee C
ESWT for tennis elbow by David H
iontophoresis anyone???? by Kate N.
Pain while exercising by curt
plantar fasciitis in children by amy c
I did it again... by goose
TTS MRI by Jo B.
Needle in my foot. by BETTYH
John - my therapist by Terri
plantar fascitis by teresa
PF by john h
EMG Diagnosis of Calcaneal nerve entrapment by Karole M
B27 antigen and plantar fasciitis/heel spurs by theresa g
Non-painful heel "spur"? by John T
Todays appoinment , time to vent by Anthony P
Doctors by Anthony P
Heel nodule? by Rachael T.
Using Static Electricity for pain by Pauline
DR ED DAvis Please KIPGEL? by John Martello
Is bottom of foot tender when touched? by Michael
ESWT treatment? by Per Anders P
Seavers Disease (spelling?) by Charisity P.
Dorothy Seeks Advice Please.... by Dorothy
Changing Shoes by Jill G
Dr Edward Davis DPM by John Martello
New to Board/Many qs by Frank
A Thought from Dorothy, Tomato Woman by Dorothy
Dr. Ed by elyse
Way to diagnosis by Pauline
Dorothy Reports from the Veil and Cave by Dorothy
It's Dorothy the Red again by Dorothy
To Shell by Pam S.
Pf relaese surgery and sciatica pain by Kristie
PF relaese surgery and sciatica pain by Kristie
Dr. Ed, your thoughts by elyse b
Birkenstock web page by Beverly
To Richard C. Ped by Elyse B
Curious, what comes first? by Elyse B
referred pain with "heel spurs" by Valerie D.
Birkenstock Tatami footbed = arch pain? by Audrey H.
dupuytrens / ledderhose by andy h
Physical Therapist by Pauline
Julie's book by Dorothy
Got my 2nd opinion today! by Karen C.
Cortozone shots by kim G
feels like lump when walk by Susan S.
Well I had my sugery by jeffery
Start your day off with some fun by john h
Montell by john h
Let's see a man top this by Pauline
Pauline-More on the Snakes by john h
PF & TTS Specialist in CT? by Sandy B
feels like a lump... by Susan S.
Winter/Spring surgeries by chrisb
Medial journal article by Peter A
Follow-Up by Peter A
tts symptoms by JEFF
Weight loss, the injection, and PF relief by Phil
A comment made in a shoe store by Kathy G
Dr Edward Davis-the best DPM in WA by John Martello
Help by Dawn Kelly
Nike shox turbo shoes...? anyone? by Rachael T.
I'm Back! by Necee
Catalogue.horse21.net by Catalogue.horse21.net
Night Splints/Atypical PF by Elyse B
Pain on innerside side of heel by Millie M
Walking after surgery by Kristie
Walking after surgery by Kristie
HELP - POST-ESWT by Maureen R
BC/BS no longer covering eswt by Paula A
John H. - Snakes II by Dorothy
PF and stiff toes? by JenL
open toed shoes by Kiera M.
Nerve Decompression Surgery by Darlene
EWST by Bobbi
Surgery in one foot affects both feet? by Mike
atypical PF profiles by goose
Metatarsalgia (ball-of-foot pain) by Steve C.
Re Post from Maureen R by Dorothy
To Steve about metatarsel pads by Buck T.
Mayo Clinic of Feet by Darlene
Dorothy on Hives by Dorothy
painful heel by sharon h
Cryosurgery by BobN
High instep by Sherry L
Plantar Fasciitis is Psychosomatic by Larry W.
SCOTT R by Dorothy
Shock Doctor Anti Shock Footbeds by Frank
Healing and the Mind by Arizona
Any way to save on ESWT? by Phil
Pain after ESWT? by JenniferL
Yep, I thought my P.F. away by Pauline
What about this treatment? by Pauline
mortons neuroma by Debby P.
Just when it couldnt get worse by stella
Dr Ed 2nd opinion by John Martello
Best orthotics for TTS? by John Martello
TTS questions by Scott S
Suzanne's Birthday is tomorrow! by Kathy G
Found great shoes for women! by JenniferL
Memorial Day by Dorothy
What's the best type of shoe? by scott r
Gotta Keep Searching, Searching.... by Dorothy
General thoughts on surgery.... by Ed Davis, dPM
Docto's and anyone's advice by Mike M
treatment that worked for me, for arch pain by Will R.
recently diagnosed by TressaS
heel pain by Percie R
TTS with no numbness or tingling? by John Martello
New Orthotics - Balls of feet tingling by Darlene
Heel Pain in my 9 year old daughter by Rick H.
Re-posting From Percie R. by Dorothy
acupuncture by jason s
TTS Doctors? by Larry Willis
TTS release to RSD treatments by Fay
Sciatic pain woke me up by Kristie
A Technical Question about Orthotics by Darlene
Question about walking with a boot cast. by Renee S
DR Z are you really a DR.? by Fay
mortans nuroma by PatrickY
First time visitor with TTS by Aimee C.
Memorial Day by john h
Injections to reduce scar tissue? by Buck T.
Little toe won't move....Why? by Lisa H
orthotics and surgery questions by elliott
Dr. Z by Robert S.
Heel Spurs' Supplements? by Michael K
Releases versus EWST by Angie K
Now diagnosed with plantar nerve entrapment by Trudy
Re- Heel Spur Supplements by Airzona
The Cortisone Controversy by Darlene
Things not that rosey in OZ either ! by Pauline
Rasheed Wallace/PF by Elyse B
To Shell by Pam S.
bursa - heel pain is my diagnosis by lynn s
Question to anyone experiencing TTS by Pauline
hello by JudyS
to Julie by Dorothy
plantar fasciitis by debra
Is it Possible? by New to TTS
Can a short Achilles Tend. create heel pain? by Liam
atrophy in heel pad with p. f., my patient by DR Ben Pearl
Something to Think About by Dorothy
Bunion surgery advice by Hallie
Question for Dr. Z by elliott
Shockwave made it worse by Terri H.
Foot pain by Michelle
is Hillary still around? by Tricia H
Lowell Weil, DPM by Ed Davis, DPM
Sherlock Holmes joke for John or anyone by Dorothy
One ugly but patient bug...photos by marie
Neurologist or Foot and Ankle Orthopedist? by Louise
Unknown problem by Edwina D
More on Cortisone by Darlene
DMSO before and/or after ESWT? by JenniferL
Comments about New Balance 1122 by Dave M.
top of foot pain by stefani
still swollen and painful by Marty
pain on the bottom of big toes by Lynn M.
fascinating New York Times article by elliott
Academic Research on TTS by Alexis C.
snakes by JudyS
Using ionophoresis after ESWT? by Buck T.
To Julie about massaging scar tissue by Buck T.
heel pain by ihernandez
Foot worse after PT by TressaS
Dr ED DAvis DPM FROM WA by John Martello
ESWT--nerve block by Maureen
EPF by Mike M.
EPF by Mike M.
To Robert J by Dorothy
To scott r by Dorothy
TTS Neurontin effects by Ian Reed
to Dorothy... by Suzanne D.
94% = 25%, revisited by elliott
plantar fasciitis and ankle pain by robyn b
ScottR by Dorothy
anodyne by Dr Ben Pearl
Dr ED or DR z Strap fo FHL tenosynovitis???? by John Martello
VAS scores by Pauline
I Need a Good Book by Kathy in Ky
Hello John H by Dorothy
ESWT: how much activity? by MonikaA
To Tricia H. about her ART by Robert J
the 2 oz. miracle by JoAnn
Clogged sweat glands by Laina
extra wide feet by carol
Pain in top of foot by Jim
Light Therapy by Dorothy
Yoga foot exercises for PF by Julie
Follow Up to Julie's Post on Pawanmuktasana by Dorothy
Compression socks dangerous for tts? by Karl Everett Thomas
foot problems and back pain by sandy h.
post neuroma surgery by lorali M
spurs by sonia
Try this by Pauline
Ball fof Foot Pain by Sandra
Complete Rest by Place
Light Thearpy by john h
I am curred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by John
PF not healing...could anemia be a factor? by Angie S.
Diagnosis, Coping, and San Francisco by Aimee C.
plantar by debra
Hearing from the other side by Pauline
ouestion about metetarsalgia? by Lynn M.
Left foot may have a heel spur by Kristie
BIke riding -- good or bad for PF? Dr. Ed? by Donald L
1968 by john h
Question for Dr Ed Davis by lauriel
Re John and Cure by Dorothy
MRI's by Pauline
John in MN by Dorothy
Ronald Regan by john h
Tranverse Friction Massage for TTS? by John Martello
beach boys by JudyS
pain from my orthodic, help??? by char B
Bone Scan??? by char B
bone scan by char B
ELLIOTT by Dorothy
severe pain in feet please help by lesley h
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carole C.! by Suzanne D.
Post Surgery by Mike
Transverse Friction Massage by Elyse B
Self Tanners by Pauline
To Goose by Elyse B
I'm starting a new program by Pauline
Is morning pain 100% with pf? by Liam
sclerosing injections for nerve damage by lee
estgesg by gaw
vitamin C and Osteoarthritis - NOT by Scott R
Product Info by Dorothy
foot pain by Jeff J
sandles for shower by Jill H.
Surgery scheduled for June 29th by Karen C.
Severe Pain after ESWT by rob m
Equinus by Arun R
tts and 3/4pf release surgery 16 months ago by Marty
Pain! after ESWT by MonikaA
to John from MN by Pete R
MRI or Bone Scan by char B
cortizone shot????????? by char B
small sores on my feet???? by Eric L
foot paiin by Steve S
another one for the docs.... plantar warts by mark g
stress fracture by Joanie S
TTS Symptoms by michaels
ESWT by john h
Update on George the cat by john h
Visit to Physical Therapist by john h
Anyone in Ohio or a state near by? by Place
PF Symptoms after an injury to foot by Suzie M
To; John from MN by Pete R
Change in the atmosphere... by Dorothy
Heel Spur by Leigh W
Time off by Ed Davis, DPM
Ray Charles will be missed! by marie
Post-ESWT pain by JenniferL
Ice after ESWT? by dud
Pump bump (Haglund's) by Monica S.
stress fracture? by Joanie S
Praise for website by A. McKinney
Transverse Friction by Pauline
heel pain by Tim H.
tts release and pf surgery oct 2002 by Marty in SLC
Marie by Marty in SLC
heel spur surgery by Lacy
Nerve entrapment by Mike M
Bone Spur/Heel Spur/ Haglund's?? by Jeff R
Ruptured ankle tendon by Kristie
To Pete R re his MRI by Robert J
Insurance said no but.... and another ? by Lori S.
Anyone have Tarsal Tunnel Symptoms after ESWT by dud
ESWT a good idea? by Jennifer M.
George The Cat by john h
To: Scott D 92% success by MARK L
open plantar surgery by jennifer
Stretching by Pete R
Pain in top of foot by Tereas
To Rose using TFM by Place
Dr. Sandell Q/A Please by Gary T
Decreased activity in foot on bone scan. by Debbie Brown
Pain and tenderness in foot and back of heels by Linda Mo
ESWT only for proximal plantar fasciitis? by Jennifer M.
Cordizone Injection by Cindy C
adult foor growth by andrew r
Popping noise by Lori S.
Question for Doctor.. by dud
Biomechanical problems & TTS/PF by Renee M.
SDO or power strps???? by char B
John h by Elyse B
Active Release vs. Grafton Technique by Elyse B
What if you suspect tts, but no diagnosis by Darlene
question for Richard C.Ped... by Suzanne D.
Pain at the bottom of the feet by Tim
Plantar Fascitis questions requesting help! by Anne
Back Heel Pain Not Bottom of Foot by Jenny C
Back of Heel Pain not Bottom of Foot by Jenny C
Day 2,the morning after by elyse b
A Posting from Dr Sandell by Elyse B
treatment of lateral column pain by Vickie P
ESWT by Claire
Small philosophy for Pauline by Dorothy
More on the Snake Case in Arkansas by john h
Great Shoe Store for people with bad feet by Shoeguy, Dan
Don't want to be disabled....terrified! by Candida W
1st appointment... so far, so good. by goose
Dr. Sandell on Graston Tech. by John from MN
complication, I don't know???? by Marty from SLC
Looking for some feed. by Marty from SLC
fainting by Amy E
Reservations? by Elyse B
To Rose re: SAS Shoes by Susan
Seavers Disease by Barb G
Elyse B by Place
Transverse Friction Massage by Elyse B
pain in top of foot by cellsleeper
thnks so much Richard, C.Ped by Marty in SLC
heel pain by teresa
heel pain by teresa
Pain in outside bottom area of left foot by Chuck W.
My continuing saga by wendyn
First Visit with Grafton by Place
To Mark L by Dorothy
Necee how was your trip? by marie
Reporting in after 3 years by Kevster
Shoe Shopping by susan o
ESWT in New Jersey by john h
Only in NYC by Elyse B
Orthotics-Help or Not Help by john h
Need for a discussion on nerve blocks by Pauline
Dr. Sarno by john h
to Place by Elyse B
Did I overuse my custom orthotics? by Des
becoming optimistic! by MonikaA
Anyone have a similar experience? by Suzanne D.
sprained ankle by Kristie
Vicious Cycle by Darlene
burning feet by mary in so. md.
burning feet by mary in so. md.
Good Afternoon! by Dr. Sandell
John H by Dorothy
Ice cold laser therapy from chiropractic? by John Martello
Gone for the weekend by Pauline
remove natural way by Clara
Achilees Post Surgery by whyme
TTS and DR. SANDELL by steve-o
ESWT by stephb
In response to Dr. Sandell by Elyse B
Tendons by john h
Walking - Running by john h
To Goose by Pete R
John in MN by Dorothy
question concerning bricks by Marty in SLC
Marty - Birkies by Rachael T.
same as before surgery by chrisb
Bottom of feet tender or painfrul?????? by Michael
I got caught!!!!!!!!!!!! by John from MN
Water a myth or not? by john h
Computer Mousepads make softshoe inserts by ~Paula~
scar in ball of foot by sandyP
Dr Sandell by Marty in SLC
To Caryn by Necee
PIctures are posted on Shutterfly.com by Necee
Strengthening foot muscles by Pete R
Alaska pictures by Necee
long history of pf, new diagnosis of TTS by lilly
ESWT: Didn"t Work by Linda P.
Clicking sensation by JudyB
working with plantar fascitis by teresa
Losing Weight ?? by Joann C
Outside & back of left heel . . . pain by Guy U
Plantar Fasciitis by Megan
Dr Ed Davis by John Martello
Could this be Plantar fasciitis? by AndyN
Plantar Faciaits and Post tibial tendonitis by karenfla
Post TIbial Tendon and PF? by karenfla
Clicking sensation by JudyB
In response to your questions..... by Dr. Sandell
Painful toe implants by Mark A
Suzanne D- Elizabethtown movie by Kathy in Ky
To Place by Elyse B
"falling arches"? by Dally D
ESWT Treatment Intervals by Heel Spur
To Marty in SLC by Elyse B
Interesting Article on Graston Technique by Elyse B
my 2 cents... by goose
Bowen Method by Kara
The Dr. Sandell Reports by Dorothy
how do you find a place that ESWT by lauriel
Question for Dr. Sandell or any one by Dr. Z
Maybe This Will Help With TTS Pain. by Ivan E.
heel spurs and swelling on top of foot by brenda a
foot fracture/pain by Danielle
Bowling in Birks... by Suzanne D.
Scar Tissue 101 by john h
Painful feet by Catherine Williamson
Docs, about my clicking senssation... by JudyB
painful, inflammed feet by alicia jo
New Balance 842 ????? by Rose
Light Therapy by Dorothy
Words of Note by Dorothy
Exercising the foot by john h
A reason to be glad? by Elyse B
I got 2 more minutes left before.... by place
heel pain and running by johnny b
Anyone use Superfeet Orthotics? by dud
Attention RACHEL by Dorothy
RACHEL & Anyone by Dorothy
Suzanne! by Dorothy
Steve G. by Rachael T.
internal foot growth by debzgirl
Place or Goose? by Elyse B
Joke by Richard, C.Ped
History by Richard, C.Ped
Elyse by Dorothy
Who To Believe.................. by perry
Richard or Nick Cped please by Doug Miller-Steveveson
On line pharmacies? by Buck T.
Just got injection, pain worse than ever by phil
TTS by LindaH
Does this sound like Cuboid Syndrome? by Kathy in Ky
Toe nail removal by Nate
is it possible... by Lori S.
I Need Foot Exercises by Carlos N.
Swollen Feet by Gwen A.
After Surgery Shoes by Dee C
Such a thing as type A plantar fasciites? by SUSAN
Post Surgery "Shoes" by Dee C
Ball of foot issues by Cathy P
goose and place by Elyse B
ultrasound by lilly
plantar fasciites by dr.z
Medicare coverage by Janice N
Fate of Elliott???? by Pauline
East Coast Version of Dr. Sandell? by Elyse B
Dr Z, another question regardng atypical PF by lauriel
opinions of active release therapy by lauriel
irregular wear on my shoes by jorde30
Will standing mske tts worse over time? by Doug Miller-Steveveson
Neurontin when will i feel relief? by J Martello
Orthotic for TTS? by Iggy oracco
Birkenstock German Website by Carlos N.
Ice or not to Ice by Pauline
new shoes after eswt by MonikaA
Medical Devices and the FDA by Ed Davis, DPM
hotel by JudyS
Nike Air Shocks by Rachael T.
Scar tissue build-up and fluid in tendon by Terri
Barnes and Nobel University by Pauline
10 months post EPF surgery... by april l
heel spur by ladygrimmey
Dr. Sarno by john h
Arch support in my walking cast??? by AngelaC
PLACE by Rachael T.
Painful tingling in heel by Kate J
Please define Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Sherry L
Lidoderm patches where to obtain them? by John Martello
Physical Therapy by john king
cortizone side effects by cheryl h
Painful toe implants by Mark A
Tarsal tunnel release surgery by Barbara
superinator shoe inserts by Linda
Unstable Ankles and PF by Matt P
left foot-left side of foot pain. by Ginil
prednisone therapy by Tracy L
RSD or Plantar Fasciitis? by Marsha G.
ESWT and Insurance by Carolyn
Julie's stretches - how to find them by LARA
Purchasing Lamisil Tabs 250mg overseas by Foot fungus
Purchasing Lamisil Tabs 250mg overseas by Foot fungus
Anyone tried Deep water running by dud
Planter Fasciitis by Ruth
Dr Sandell and his methods, your thoughts by Elyse B
Achilles problems by Dorothy
Dr ED DAvis thanks by John Martello
I Need More Help by Carlos N.
Glucosamine and ESWT by JenniferL
RE NSAIDS & Surgery by Dorothy
Attention Mike Wilmot by Dorothy
Discogram,MRI by john h
Note #2 to Mike Wilmot by Dorothy
Pain Patches by Dorothy
Second Treatment by Elyse B
Trying Physical Therapy???? by char B
Miscellany by Dorothy
Need some help on plantar and hammer toe by teresa
Knee Injury by Leona
RSD as a result of tts surgery? by Jason Bonsignore
Pandora and The Flying Dutchman by john h
I hope that this answers your questions Dr. Z by Dr. Sandell
cortisone shots for heel pain by Justine F
For Dr. Z by elyse b
Message for Janice N by Mike W
To Mike W./Foot Trainers by Dorothy
Lisfranc Foot Fracture by susan
bunnion surgery by jonib
Steroids by JADO H
Toe surgery by Betzabe B
tarsal tunnel by Jo B
Pain reversal by Angie L.
strassburg sock therapy by Paula
Stretching keeps re-injuring me by Martin P
Stretching keeps re-injuring me by Martin P
posterior tibial tendinitis after tts surgery by Margie B
To: Bill by John from MN
DR. Z update for you by Todd W.
Strassburg Sock for FHL tendontis? by John Martello
Question about different orthotics. by dud
Dr Z -- help! by Sheri G.
What to do for swelling? by Mel
planterelease open by raymond m,l.
A very cool website: by Ed Davis, DPM
Plantar Fisciitis by Richard D
will i ever be pain free again ??? by annie
Dr. Abrams Forum by Pauline
To dud: Deep water running by Anne L
Spiderman by john h
How to Kill a Nerve by Darlene
Some camping pictures by wendyn
New Medical Device Approved by the FDA by David L
Two Diagnoses and how to understand them? by Louise
First show of the summer by Lori S.
? about casts/casting by Lori S.
Is there temp relief for PF by ART
Is there TEMPORARY relief out there for PF by ART
Annie.... by Rachael T.
Do I have atypical PF and other questions. by Martin P
Burning on Balls and Heels of Both Feet by Darlene
Trigger Points Can Mimick PF by jschac
Going to have a nervous breakdown by Tom W.
Neuroma, alcohol or cortisone? by judy
"metatarsalgia" by Tom H
ART Appointment Tomorrow by SteveWG
Does the Plantar Fascia stretch? by JimB
Shower Shoes Continued by Dorothy
Power Steps by Rose
Diagnostic Ultrasound by Elyse B
whats working for me by lauriel
Is this board biased towards EWST by Steve
New Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine by Darlene
Stump Neuroma by Janet W
To PF Veterans by Elyse B
tendionfootsurgery by Nitap
Post Surgery "Shoes" by Dee C
St. Sandell by Place
Celebrex by Sher A
7 days post-op, have a few questions! by Karen C.
bone spurs on back of heel by diddyanne
BC/BS coverage of the Ossa Tron treatment by Tess M
Health Care by Dorothy
ESWT Shock treatment to spur in heel by Norma
Meaning of the SpaKod by pinang
Dazed and Confused by Elyse B
Thank You Ladies by Leona
Dr Z, RE FootFreezer.com by JudyB
To: Place and Goose by John from MN
A day out by Janice N
?????? by john h
injury to heel by Gail C
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