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Dr. ED....need your input by Carmen
Do you have THIS? by Carmen
is my nice stretch too small? by is my paula
tops of feet hurting? by Suzanne D
. by anon
London... by Carmen H
A Good board? by Carmen
arguing by Scott R
Wally -- I must again disagree by Steve P
FHL treatment by Rick B.
my eswt experience by rekha.s
To Julie Re: GREAT! Britian by Necee
To Scott Re: Pictures by Necee
ME again..another board...good pics by Carmen
Heel pain & Fibromyalgia by PatC
an idea by Scott R
Eyewitness report by Julie
so many valuable points here.......... by JudyS
yet another foreign pointof view? by JudyS
nerve entrapment by wallyh
GREAT anatomy guide by Carmen
another dissident by John Anon
Calling all doctors by Carmen
Nerve charts by Carmen H
stretching after ESWT by Ken
To Wendy & other Canadian friends by Steve P
tt release cost by ross
annon by john h
Frontline on bin Laden by Scott R
Foot Pain by Sara
As I sit here in the quiet of the night, by Tammie
Peace by Julie
perspective by Wendy in NJ
One American Responds to the British Press by Steve P
Reducing Swelling by John E
Day of Prayer by Necee
Thoughts by Necee
back in cast by Stephanie A
Just got 'viscopeds' by Kelly C
ed -looks like medial calcaneal nerve by wally h
Into the Valley of Death by John h
FHL or PF? by Rick B.
PF in both feet by Laura W
me again...Good site for more input on feet by Carmen H
The Peasants of The Forest by Steve P
Ellen by Carmen
Apology to the doctors by Carmen H
question about anon heros by BG CPed
ice or heat or moving after icing? by paula
carmen? how was the dr ruch visit? by paula
It is time by John h
I am back by john h
Looking for answers by Gail B.
What does this sound like? by Carol C
having trouble with swelling by Tammie
Open Letter to Terrorist by Donna M
Why so much? by Pauline
Fragile by Nancy N
Boston by Betty s
foot doctor by Betty S
question for wendy by wallyh
Mary De by Wendyn, please read
Inflammation by D.Thomas
rally 'round the flagpole.......... by JudyS
stop! look! listen! by john h
Nostradamus Prediction by Valerie S
Having TTS, PF, and heal spur surg 9-18 by Karma
Information sites by Pauline
divide and conquer? by JudyS
pf and fybromyalgia by Jan C
Ankle pain or spurs~~ouch!! by Kathy M
An Aussie reaction by Dr. Chris Reynolds
An Aussie reaction by Dr. Chris Reynolds
going on...and remembering by Suzanne D
dr. davis your opinion on tingling nerve by kelly
E-Mail Tempest In A Teapot by Steve P
Heelspurs Photos by Lisa C.
Foot hurts when hanging by Eve M.
5 months after surgery by Betsy S
judy and wendy by john h
Back to where it began by john h
Jade Update... anyone? by Valerie S
In Office Foot Surgery by Lisa C
hiking the appalacian trail by linda A
Ed--entrapped nerve therapy by wallyh
weight loss by Betty s
Heel spur. Laser therapy. by Rica S
ESWT by Pauline
Julie where ya at? Glenn you around? by Carmen H
Day 2 by john h
an idea by paula
Dr Davis can you give your opinion?! PLEASE! by Joel
terrorist attack affects heelspurs.com by Scott R
John - tops of feet hurting/advice by Suzanne D
and a question by paula
Heel Pain by Sandie C.
Re: Antiques by Necee
I am feeling positive by Tammie
decorum, courtesy, liablity by Ed Davis, DPM
From Ellen -- Thank you all by ellen w
Ed.... by wallyh
JUDY by Barbara TX
Planning for events requiring walking by Jenzilla
Exercise and PF? by Kim K.
Julie, I miss your posts... by Suzanne D
Laser EPF by Kim K.
Virus alert by PatC
jcooper@gers.com by Jana
Popping in to update by Jill P
oh my god dr. ed don't leave us by paula
Tarsal Tunnel by Tracey A
To John H. Re: Conquering Pain! by Necee
Healing by Julie
Doctors? by Barbara TX
eswt for tts? by jana
ESWT for TTS? by jana
Does anyone else see a pattern? by Pauline
cool flag screensaver by Richard, C.Ped
answer to dr. davis question for kelly by kelly
I am now 5 days post op.... by Paula G.
E-mail by JudyS
Carmen-pelvis tilt by terri
Any good slippers with arch support? by Lori B
Not sure by Steve C
Shoes by Frannie
john h, you elusive fellow by nancy s.
shoes,slippers,other foot products by john h
new virus alerts by ellen w
plantar fascii??? by Jay B.
heel pain by Marsha C
Cervical epidural? by Jana
cerviceal epidural by Jana
dropped metatarsal by Jim R
Where's Dr. Z? by CindyH
arch pain by BrianM
Donna SL/Dr. ED Post by Carol C.
questions for Dr's or anyone? by Regina Brown
Work comp case with tts help!!!! by Moneyt
Cindy F by wendyn
almost 100%....... by JudyS
Dr. Z by Carmen H
thank you scott by paula
Wally by Carmen H
pl fasciitis and cycling by neil brownlee
type of boot by neil brownlee
Try the Birkenstock Express website! by Kathy C.
For Ami P....have you decided on surgery? by Paula G.
Where are the doctors ? by BrianG
trying again....and questions about EMG by Dona
Anybody with this or have a clue? by Donna M
Birkenstock Tatamis vs orthodics by Brenda G.
Please...I need you all... by Suzanne D
PF or something else, what kind of doctor? by Heidi A
PF or something else, what kind of doctor? by Heidi A
no doctors anymore. sad by paula
Dr. Z and Scott by Carmen H
Weight Weight Weight by Carmen H
ESWT for Insertional Achilles Tendonitis by Jack W.
Aboard Flight 564 by john h
planters warts by twintwo
Spur on back of Heel by JoyceH
The flags of Woodbury by Steve P
Yea for doctors!!! by Carmen H
the women of afghanastan by paula
to Tammie by Suzanne D
Soaking in hot water with epsom salt by Louis F
Yoko by John h
Tarsal tunnel surgery by Fran W
NZ remembers US by Jan C
Still moderately proud to be Canadian by wendyn
Running vs. Walking Shoes by Quannie
USA Treatment Cost? by SteveR
ankilizon spondilit cause pain around my hell by ali
USA Treatment Cost? by SteveR
Question for those who have had the surgery.. by Paula G.
ESWT by Big Mike in CA
We give them everything they need! by Pauline
cortisone injections by Laura S.
haglunds deformity by sassyj
Yet another virus alert by ellen w
acupuncture by carol w.
phew.....emg is over by Dona
almost 6 weeks post op by SonnyK
Gee I miss by tammie
Positive thinking.... and stuff by Carmen H
See you next week by Barbara TX
Arch Pain without Heel Pain by Ramona V.
Family and Friends suck by Scott R
BOARD for feets! by Carmen H
Anyone, Nerve Block? & Best Shoes? by George
shock wave treatment by gayle h
casual shoes? by Diane R
Heel Spur Surgery by Angie
Overview of arch height in shoes? by Eve M.
Help ME PLEASE!!!!! FOOT PAIN by Greg MacDonald
P.F./horsetrainer by Rachael T.
Not sure it's not more that PF by CatherineL
locations? by DMILLER
Pain Relief...How long did it take? by Jen I
Surgery count-down by Sara E.
foot pain by margie s
Heel Pain by Jeff W.
temp. changes by Dennis
post-op heel pain by Phil
PF for 1 1/2 yrs and no better off!!!!!!!! by CatherineL
Running Shoes by Quannie
Bike Riding by Quannie
To Dr. Wander by Pauline
Excruciating Pain by Angie
Re: Tammie's Hubby by Necee
Black Cherry Juice by Pauline
Wheeless' Textbook on Orthopedics by Pauline
Do I have Plantar fasciitis? by Alice M
Training for a marathon by Ann L.
Post Orbasone brace by D shapow
OTC arch supports? by JoAnn Fl
Tapeing foot has started a fungus! by JoAnn Fl
Heel pain on the outere edge of my heel. by Blue
Thanks, Ellen! by Suzanne D
MFR or Myofascial Release by GLenn X
WOW....incredible THIRD opinion! by Claudia
Ultra sound " Not for Me" by Angie
Insurance Update-question to DPMS by Ron G
CALLING JUDY ????????????? by Laurie R
Tapeing foot? by JoAnn Fl
pain by Jean B in Java
Good Morning by Tammie
? for a doc/suggestions by Mike M
fascia related pain? by Chris C.
Questions.... by Ventricle
Heard of Orthofeet inserts by brenda p
Sudden Heel Pain and Tenderness by Gary C
Possible heel spur by Kim W
scar tissue by pAM M
back of heel pain by Roz Z.
Pain in the back of the heel by Roz Z.
shoes for bigger feet... by Suzanne D
Hello, Everyone! by Suzanne D
My cat was just diagnosed with Diabetes by Carmen H
Question if you have had surgery, nerve pain? by Paula G.
Questions for Dr. Ed, BG CPed by Suzanne D
chit-chat by Scott R
test by Scott R
Cure and losing weight by Patricia
PowerSteps? (innersole/support) by JoAnn Fl
Magnets? by JoAnn Fl
Post ESW and Insurance coverage questions by Ron G
NB608 by Tammie
Scott.... by Carmen H
Visit to Dr Zuckerman by John H
Who's Cat is Sam? by Carmen H
Dr. Davis, they are so cuteeeee by Tammie
Pain related to Birkenstock sandals? by Katy M.
spur on top of foot? by Sissy B.
To Dr. Z. Sonotron treatment for TTS? by Donna SL
Suzanne, I already had those to lol by Tammie
Camp Nancy by Stephanie S.
camp woodbury by JudyS
ESWT status by JudyS
question for Dr.Z or Ed by Regina Brown
Dr Z - I am getting desperate! by Jan C
Psssssssssss I have a secret to tell by Tammie
does prozac help? by Diane R
So glad I found this board by RitaZ
Taping instructions by Marni V
Black cherry concentrate by JoAnn Fl
DonnaSL--Queston for you by Carol C
Q Ray bracelet by BG CPed
Night splint for plantar fasciitis on EBay by left foot
Just an update by Nicole V.R.
ESWT in NY/NJ? by Neil
Night splint causing knee pain by Carmel M
Help, it's getting worse... by Eric Nelson
Neurontan by carol
feet hurt by sakre97
Nicole's OssaTron Alex by Scott R
missing Julie by Ed Davis, DPM
Weak Hips and PF by Tammy M
Just received ESWT for arch/heel pain by Doug P
Runner Considering Surgery by Crazy J.
Runner Considering Surgery by Crazy J.
Arch Brace? by JoAnn Fl
Numb Heel by Gruberman
Hello Everyone, Just giving an update by Chad H
TO TAMMIE by Laurie R
update by Stephanie A
Dr.s I have a question... by CArmen H
Protection from PF flare up by Ron G.
Just diagnosed with TTS by Wendy G
Exostosis spur of bone by Sissy B
Exostosis spur of bone by Sissy B.
ESWT for TTS by Crazy J.
Solid Foot by David G
Necee by Tammie
Surgery vs. Therapy by Tom T
6 mos update by Jen H
Plantar Fascitis--Whats the next step by Aims
HELP AGAIN,Dr.Z! by Regina Brown
OssaTron Treatment by Emi H
Heel pain so bad can't walk in the morning by Mary
Fabs? by JoAnn Fl
Tearing pain,Dr.Z by Regina Brown
Phase 4 orthotics by Kathy W.
Glenn by Carmen H
any good dr's in the orlando, fl. area by wanda m
Coming to see you Dr. Z by Richard, C.Ped
Chat anyone by Beckyluvs2travel
can anyone answer this ? by Tammie
TTS or spine related by Jana
Alznner's support...pro/con? by Mahatmelissama
PF Sufferer--Need Advice by Aims
Thank God I found this board... by Mahatmelissama
lots of questions by Tammy C
What is a Cam boot,Dr.Z by Regina
Dr. Ed or Dr. Z by Carmen H
best of message board by Scott R
Pain on inside right foot by Rick
post-EMG and ankle exercises by Dona
ESWT in the News - NBA Phoenix Suns by David L
Etiology-related Questions by adam p
ESWT-Update by Jack W.
Burning Questions by adam p
tst by scott R
More pain after Surgery than before ! by Sherry S.
Powerstep product ratings by Scott R
Using ESWT on plantar fibromas by Ann C
Heel spur.Laser therapy. by Rica S.
heel pain by anne mcinnis
misc stuff, again by Scott R
arizona, mueller, ucbl revisited, by paula
Surgery 4/11/01 by Susan U
sorry for not writing by Clara
? for a doc please! by Mike M
Code for ESWT by Dr. Zuckerman
just an interesting story by scott r
Questions for the Dr's about PF by JoAnn Fl
Still in PAIN, HELP! by Anthony P
Surg on Sept. 19. by Karma
Suggestions? by josh s
How do you explain Foot Pain? by Mahatmelissama
negative EMG by Dona
a question about exercises by Dona
Can comfortable shoes be harmful? by N Brownlee
Ossatron policy by Blue Cross /Blue Shield. by Dr. Zuckeman
pain on outside of ankle by matts
Pain on top of foot by Ruth
Depressed Newbie by Craig
My trip by Barbara TX
Abbreviations? by JoAnn Fl
Just got X-Ray results by Richard Vegas
can you tell i have insomnia? by nancy s.
Disability due to severe PF by Gail B.
spur on back of heel by sassyj
Another step forward by john h
Interesting Question by BrianJ
Top of Foot Pain by Susan D
Black Cherry Concentrate by john h
ALL OSSATRON Patients...please help. by BSHS03@home.com
Help Dr. Z. Heel Spurs by D. Manny
rainy weather by Diane R
Tarsal Tunnel Release by Tracey A
I am on my way to work,for good or bad by Tammie
test by Scott R
test by Scott R
test by Scott R
Is massage okay? by RitaZ
concerning foot pain,Dr.Z by Regina
Question for Dr. Zuckerman by Don D
Plantar fascitis - shoes by John
Orthopedic Surgeon or Podiatrist? by Mahatmelissama
Does anyone recover by Neil B
to either or both doctors by Tana
frustrated with outside heel pain by Mandee
Running with PF by Mitch
out of curiosity...course of treatment? by Dona
How Sucessful are Orthodotic's? by Claudia J
Black screen... by Barbara TX
Myositis Ossificans and ESWT? by Terry M
ESWT locations in Nashville,TN ? by Michael R
FDA and ESWT by johnNeedham
hammertoe post op - frustration and anger by Ivy
Scott I love the new colors..... by Laurie R
Apology for Dr. Ed by Don D
results of MRI and a question for anyone by Stephanie A
How to get FDA re-classification by Carmel M
Birkenstocks by PatC
celebrex by sandy
hi by JudyS
Heel Spur by Jo-Ann M.
Work shoes? Please help! by JoAnn Fl
extended pt questionnaire by ellen w
Sudden painfull bumps appearing by David Priest
will it get any better? by larry
Is it a heel spur? by Amani H
It doesn't take much, does it? by Suzanne D
Could it be TTS? by Sarah
subcalcaneal bursitis by Julie
Metatarsal Tarsal fusion foot surgery and ! by Pat ricia J.
Moving is fun fun fun by Valerie S.
FootMax Orthotics by Dan L
burning soles and numb toes by Dollie
Has this been your experience? by Suzanne D
Maureen is doing well by Tammie
heel pain & vitamin C by Mortimer
Feeling confused Dr.Z by Regina
What kind of tape? by JoAnn Fl
Qs for Dr. Z on ESWT by elliott
cortisone question by LRW
Continued Severe Pain by Dennis M
ESWT - What to expect by Jack W.
The PF Book by Eve M.
Shoes again by JoAnn Fl
heel pain by Laurin
Thanks by Maureen
toenails? by Paula
Does it seem odd (re podiatrist) by Bill
help by bill t.
recovery time by jed
EPF 9/2001 - no relief by EKC
How to handle Bin Laden by Dr. Zuckerman
Stuff by Barbara TX
Injections by Suzanne Corey
insertional hamstring tendonitis by Jo-AnneB
Visit with Dr. Z by Richard, C.Ped
Is there hope after a p.f. tear? by Jo Goodson
Heel Spur and Pain by Kim S
update by JudyS
Prolotherapy Dr. ed? by Carmen H
heel pain by OPDMAC
A big thank-you! by Ami P.
Chronic inflmmation; Anti-Inflammetories by EKC
Suzanne by Tammie
To Ellen in NY by Necee
Endoscopic Surgery by Janice P.
heel spur removal by d yokum
Elliptical Trainers by Roberta
BARB by Carmen H
Chronic PF by Holly D
foot pain after surgery by peggy m
running shoes by Holly D
m by scott r
Cooler weather? by JoAnn Fl
break-in period for second pair of Birks? by elliott
feet by riad
maybe i've lucked out by paula
Running with TTS (update) by Crazy J.
foot and heel pain by pj
Heel Spurs by Amanda C.
does the spur ever go away? by watt
reinjury of PF? by Barb B
11 weeks post op by Pat B
Massage Therapy for TTS?? by AB
vascular constriction from PF? by rick b.
Symptoms? by JoAnn Fl
Injury induced PF by John E.
Inserts hitting arch incorrectly. by Brenda G.
Question about ultrasound by Suzanne D
Tarsal tunnel surgery by momstv
Spasams in feet? by Tammie
Any Ideas? by Carol C
heel spur by nini
Happy Birthday, TexBarb! by Steve P
Strengthening exercises by Brenda G.
my one question is this dr. z. by cindyp
Berkinstock? by JoAnn Fl
I've been refered to an orthopeadic surgeon! by CatherineL
I know your pain!!! by Beckyluvs2travel
Lteral Heel Pain by John C
Surgery Morton's Neuroma by Nancy C.
Achilles tendinitis and dancers by Lionel L. , ATC
Dr. Zuckerman Its the Sanit by Karma
THANKS by Barbara TX
Heel pain-ossatron by Gail G
Scott R by JoAnn Fl
Feeling Good by Valerie K S
my heel spur surgery on 10/19 by Sue D.
Need advise regarding seeing a physiatrist by Julie
Any benefit to seeing an orthopedic??? by Lisa G
I think Iknow why I still have pain by Beckyluvs2travel
Long time... by Beckyluvs2travel
Oh Lord it's hard to be humble.....NOT!!!!! by Tam M
Hi, Tammie! by Suzanne D
To: Barb B * * * IMPORTANT * * * by Steve P
PF AND What Else Is Going ON Doc? by Anne
Trying dress shoes just one more time by wendyn
Back Heel Pain/Archilles Tendon by Linde
PF and hamstrings Dr. Ed and Dr. Z? by Carmen H
Dansko clogs are working SO well! ro by Bisbee
Treatment by Rhonda L
Hiking boots by Gail P
Video demonstrating tarsal tunnel surgery by Ed Davis, DPM
BC/BS Payment... by Steve R.
Does it ever go away? I mean away! by Jen I
Morton's Nuroma by Josie
Heel pain-bottom of foot by Sharon D
PF completely gone, feet feel great. by Joe L
Does ANYone in the world have this? by Carmen H
Dollie***** if you are still around.... by Carmen H
Joanne B!!! by Carmen H
Interesting site by Carmen H
Achilles pain by Jane
sky troopers by scott r
A.R.T. by Annette
Ganglion cyst by Don D
12 weeks post op and unusual swelling by Pat B
to Carole C by Suzanne D
Strange symptoms for TTS by Crazy J.
skin that is peeling on toes by lulu s
Nerve Bi-Pass & Update by Terry M
update on surgery by Tammy C
Heel pain, back of heel, one foot. by LindaP
Ski machines by Barb F
Orthotics by Jeanne F
JO ANNE B by Carmen H
Safer stretching by josh s
ESWT success rate in stubborn PF cases by Linh S.
post op by Maureen S
Anybody tried ART by AB
Dr. Z or Dr. Davis by josh s
heel pain into the ankel by john w
pods or others, please help a space cadet by paula
position of pain by Kris H
need an answer by tomorrow about taping by paula
PF, lots of pain by Darlene
Mortan's Toe by Lisa B
Interesting Socks by Andrea R.
New Balance 810 by PatC
I Made It! by Valerie S
working again by scott r
Morton's Neuroma by Lisa B
You all must try Tumeric!!!! by Linda C
update 2 weeks 4 days post surgery by momstv
Dr. Z, ever heard of IDET? by elliott
Hello Judy/Post Tibal Tendonitis by john h
Dr. Z & Carmens suggested web site by john h
another exercise equipment question by ellen w
Alert: Don't go potty on October 28th! by Valerie S
sea monkeys by paula
A sort of update and a thank u by Tammie
are small lumps common? by lfolldaori
barefoot by Nola M.
Torn Fascia by Elena S.
Hard versus Soft Orthotics by Jon E
where can I buy leuko sports tape in USA (MN) by PF runner
bone spur on topf foot by Toni V
I give up, will go for another shot by Darlene
beverly, are you around? by nancy s.
What can I do for Arch pain? by JoAnn Fl
Post-op update...I'M WALKING NOW!!! by CindyF
Has anyone tried taping their feet ankles? by Chris M.
What do I do now? by Sheri M
foot pain by millie.w
Toe exercise by Steve M
Hey Docs Pleas read by aubrey
To Amie P. by Kim M
Pain STANDING, not walking. Help! by PaulF
Inflmmation - How to test for??? by EKC
Where is everyone?????? by Laurie R
trying to catch up on reading of the postings by linda A
Re: Anyone using ultrasound? by Ronald P.
Carmen, thinking of you... by Suzanne D
What's up with the picture links? by Valerie S
paula's long strange journey by paula
to laurie r by susie c
got my temporary handicap tag today by linda a
phantom pain by chrisc
SSD test case for PF by BrianG
Hurting so bad by Eileen
Americans are very cool people by wendyn
BCBS- Denial by Gail B.
Featherspring Inserts by Richard
Podiatrist by Ed S
Enjoy today through the eyes of a child! by Suzanne D
after surgery then what? by Tammy C
ultracet by smith R
Achilles pain by Jane
pump bump by lindac
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics by Errol H
Would you believe! by Necee
And another thing!!!! by Necee
Thank You by Lynn WW
to wendyn by wallyh
All is Quiet by Necee
ruptured fascia by DW
Footwear Quest-ions by adam p
dress shoes by Nancy W
inside ankle/foot pain by mike
Update - Went to Orthopedic Surgeon today by CatherineL
footwear by David
Jade Balm trial by Lynda S.
Foot Pain (ball of foot) by Leslie
Laurie by Tammie
Something really bazaar to try by pam
thanks to all by millie.w
went to my first session w/ pain mgmt doc by linda A
Dr. ed and Z by Carmen H
Numbness? by Kevin T.
Ankle and heel pain by Jean M
cortizone shots by M.GAlea
Birks by Jimmer
Doctors, what is PF? by Dollie
Taping Questions: by Tammy M
Birks by Jimmer
PF & Erythromelalgia? by EKC
Vibration therapy by Glenn X
arch pain by leon g
Swelling on bottom of foot by Ruth K
What is causing outer heel type pain,Dr.Z? by Regina
Surgery Nov 7th by Anthony P
Questions Doctors by Anthony P
Wendyn Thank u by Tammie
4 WKS PO but very overweight and discouraged. by momstv
heel spurs by jean00758
Foot pain after sitting,lying down by Carol F.
free orthotics by Victor M
Hip pain from heel spur by Gary H
What do we know about B12? by Scott R
basic articles on feet...make me irritable! by Carmen H
Acupuncture by Kathleen
Post surgery swelling by Melissa M
It is about time, some good news by Tammie
Insurance Coverage by Ron G
moving day? by JudyS
low dye strap by paula
Thank you by YokoS
ed.....recovery time by wallyh
Nerve entrapment surgery by Pam F
Brussels Sprouts by Diane R
Fracture of a spur from the calcaneus by JackieO
the infamous brown shopping bag by Ed Davis, DPM
heel pain by Marsha S.
~~~~The Case of the Missing Pictures~~~~ by Necee
toe amputation by sharon
First Orbasone treatment with Dr. Z by john a
Julie in England by Carmen H
Achilles Tendonitis question by Beverly
dr z and your website by john h
Docs and anyone tts and sciatic nerve pain by Kim
burning feet by Diane R
MRI by Barbara TX
How long have you suffered? by pam
happy 15 th wedding anniversary laurie r ! by linda a
Continuing Success Story by Bob G.
to Barbara tx by wallyh
hell spurs by Mary Lamb
shock wave by Nini
Laurie by Carmen H
Totally out of pain by Pauline
Irritability after Nerve Conduction Study by Carol C
Sensitivity after Nerve Conduction Study by Carol C
Five months as of yesterday by cindyp
Extremely Itchy Feet! by chana
TO Tammie , we are missing you by Laurie R
Powersteps by ktate
moving day came and went and i'm still alive! by nancy s.
Shock Wave Works !!! by Lis E.
foot casted?? by colleen
PF at the _other_ attachment site? by john a
NCV - always conclusive?? by EKC
Cosmetic foot surgeon by Emma P
Relaspses are a drag! Bored. Bored. Bored... by Beverly
Tibial nerve question. by GaryZ
Anyone try acupuncture or reflectology for PF by Jane S
Heel huggers? by Jane S
Heel Huggers? by Jane S
two questions about symptoms of PF by Carole C
back of heel pain by DaveP
Dear John by Barbara TX
Been a long time!! by Pat M.
almost healed by Ray - Az.
Boot For Inflamed PF and Weak Tendon by Angie
cortizone shot by mike c.
first test of new message board by Scott R
Footflex by Roger C
Heel Pain Relief Cream by Roger C
Night Splint by Roger C
OK, I think it's ready for posting by Scott R
ok, now it will post immediately, i hope by Scott R
it's ok to post now by Scott R
bunion and dubious toe surgery by judithb
trouble posting by Suzanne D
*****Veterans Day**** by Necee
hmmm.....i still don't get it by nancy s.
Taping Question... by Jam
Janet or Laurie R. by Carmen
testing by scott r
Re: Quiche - and urine therapy by john h
PF & TTS by Kori E.
please help by lisa
RE: Foot casting by Camilla
test by scott r
test by test
partial achilles tear by jane
Wisconsin ESWT? by Errol H
New Birkenstocks just arrived by Andrea R.
test by tester
any comments about the new design? by scott r
Need advice re orthotics by Joann A
What to do next? by Carmel M
Not for me by BrianG
Sesimoiditis by Valerie Porter-Hanson
TO Carmen by Laurie R
To Laurie by Necee
Ooops!! by Necee
Lateral plantar nerve involvement by Matt L
Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis by Maria G.
'nother test by tester
Arch pain with a lump by Wendy K
EMG test by Meg
working woman by JudyS
Please send the TTS Angels by Carol C
unexplained back of the foot pain by Lauren M
unexplained back of the foot pain by Lauren M
unexplained back of the foot pain by Lauren M
cortizone injections by Belinda L.
I am stil doing good!! by Rekha sharma
Looking for relief from PF by Scott W.
Hopeful! by Carole C
Pain in my calf.................... by Linda C.
Help! by Scott B.
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