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Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction by Anne K
Suzanne D cannot give a pop quiz!!! by elliott
ultrasound normal by Peter F
surgery scheduled! by Kari B
Plantar Fasciitis and/or baxter's neuritis by Laura O.
Cortisone Injection by Ruth Anne Wagner
Numbness after procedure by Cherie
Dr. Z... need advice on finding right Doc by EKC
Are all these symptoms from PF or.. by Jan H.
generalizing by pala
foot pain by Barb B
I'm so confused! by Ellen F.
To Doctors Nerve vain wrapping ???????? by Laurie R
To Elliott by Laurie R
foot on fire by Yoshi R
Sonocur Insurance Coverage by DJ
to Des L. re Val's email for neuropathy info. by caryn z
toe numness by Zhi C
Was: Advice on Walking by R C
Looking for a comfortable night splint by Karen P.
To Laurie R - Vein Wrap Procedure by Henry C
ESWT for forefoot pain by Gregg W
vein wrap by Ellen F.
Endoscopic PF surgery by Trudy
shoes AGAIN! by Rachael T.
bunion by koko brown
ESWT at Bayshore ESWT Pain Clinic!!! by AmyinVaBch
Who is Bill, Steve, ortho-pod...??? by Phil
Facing PF Surgery in December by Debbie W.
help, dr z ,dr cozzarelli, dr ed davis by jimmy r
notifying Scott R ... i mean scottr by Scott R
toe jam, marmalade, moon pies.... by Kari B
Glad I'm not Bill by Pauline
question for Laurie by Ellen F.
Bayshore Treatment Day # 2 by AmyinVaBch
SDO from Dr. Kiper by Brenda
Constructive Thoughts on Reimbursement by Steve
severe effects before it rains by elliott
Good Feet Orthotics by Bill K.
Bayshore Clinic///Weather Report!!! UH, OH! by AmyinVaBch
scar tissue by jimmyr
night splints in UK by peter f
Sharp pain in arch..again by Andrue
possible neuromas?? by Lisa B.
Thanks for the list, John h! by Kathy G
Guys, please just answer one more question! by Cherie
Suzanne, I think you'll like this one..... by BrianG
Stress=more PF pain? by Mahatmelissama
Wonderful improvement. . . . . but WHY/ by Carol D.
torn pf by Jim G.
Health Insurance Funds in Australia by Don.S
non-surgical treatment of nuroma by tom d
Cure for PF ??? by George B
Powerstep inserts by IanJ
ESWT Success?? by Mar
flash lamp pulsed dye laser by jimmyr
is Nancy S still here? by Monte
Taping has helped by Jim C.
Moon Pies Again by john h
Some Result From Australia by Don.S
for Dr. Z......an update =) by Sheila S
To Elliott - Best Doctors by Henry C
To Donna by Henry C
Curling toes by Kat T
for Kari B by Suzanne D
ESWT/Cortisone???? by Mar
What's the difference,Taping/ orthotics by Jim C.
Amy, did you get home OK? by BrianG
Bayshore ESWT Treatment Treatment #3 by Amy in Va Bch
Bayshore ESWT Treatment # 4 by Amy in Va Bch
broken heel by pam G
Tarsal Tunnel by Rick M
neuroma after pf release surgery by Robert H.
Plantars fibroma by Jill G.
foot pain by Alexandra
achelies tendon Pain by Don J
achelies tendon Pain by Don J
Question for Dr. Z. by Cherie
A question about orthotics by Kathy G
z coil shoes by diana
footmaxx.com by john h
foot worts by matthew j
the south by pala
Time off work after endoscopic surgery? by Trudy
A book review by Don.S
bounder!!! by swen
orthotics and ankle pain by sandy h
found a good icing product by IanJ
undiagnosed heel bone fracture by muriel Shankey
Dr Coz - Radiofreq Lesioning by Mar
Cronic planters Fasciitis by Mark H.
Sudden foot pain by Eve S
plantar fasciitis by cheryl r
heel spur by cheryl r
Any update from BrianJ by DJ
Do TENS machines help heal? by Ellen J.
Shoe question by Carmon S.
gotta love the south by pala
Lump in arch of foot by Teri D
Ecco Shoes by Marc F
gout by PATRICK S
olygraph by Mary H
Availability by K.P. M
Nancy - i think i deleted you! by Mar
When the foot doesn't hurt... by Leon S.
Marshall Faulk still out !! by BrianG
ruptured tibal tendon by Jerrie R.
large toe numbness by Dennis
Bilateral hallux limitus/rigidus by Linda A
X-Ray reveals spurr by Scott G.
Orthotics; PF / Collapsing arch by EKC
what to wear? by Kari B
why did nobody give me Vioxx? by Mahatmelissama
Carole and LSU by john h
I need a small money by Kingsley baidoo
I NEED MONEY by Kingsley baidoo
ESWT for PF and thin heel pad? by Jen
endoscopic surgery didn't work by carrie h
Tammie, I haven't forgotten... by Suzanne D
PF vs Badly bruised heel by Mike P
Need A Doctors Opinion by Mark H.
Thanksgiving thoughts by Carole C in NOLA
OssaTron ok'd by insurance co by Lisa D.
Can arch support cause problems? by Andrue
orthotics by elliott
Bunion Suggery by Jacqueline H
I'm thinking of getting a second opinion..... by Kathy G
surgery videos by Scott R
ESWT Code by Mike P
Kathy-Insurance by john h
Bayshore ESWT-- 1 week post treatment by Amy in Va Bch
This worked for me.... by Teri H
Am I Possible/Strong Candidate for ESWT? by Scott Reeves
~~Back from my trip~~ by Necee
About the bike by Brian M
Numb big toe by Joe B
stretches by JudyS
Laurie, I need your email address by Tammie
TTS Surgery by Tammie
New question for Dr Z. by Cherie
What shockwave Studies Reveal by Dr. Z
Lump, PF, and heal spurs by April D
FS. getting so i hate to even utter the word by sharon
tammie**computer troubles must be catching by carynz
Years of heel pain by Michelle C
HOW I CURED MY PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Jason
doctors by sheila
Alternate Calf Stretch by Doug S
Happy Thanksgiving! by Carole C in NOLA
Happy Thanksgiving-Get Well by john h
Mayo Health Letter by john h
Multiple foot injuries - Active Athlete by Sara W.
Cold weather by Carole C in NOLA
ESWT by Harry P.
Sesamoid removal by Beckie D
sesamoid removal by Beckie D
I would like to talk to an ADA specialist by ryah h
Outline of treatment plan by Kari B
Post ESWT Treatment by Paul Clark
Chinook by john h
Q re: stress fracture by elliott
peripheral neuropathy/foot pain by Ken B.
The next steps by Cristi R.
duck tape wrap by zelmaA
about the CHINOOK by carynz
Hey Carole by john h
thanksgiving here, different this year by nancy s.
Taping and ice by IanJ
Run by Annette
Question for Dr. Z by Paul Clark
Foot Pain Delayed by J. King
High arch; orthotics by AK1
another planter fibroma question on treatment by Donald
to Ellen J and RC by Sheila S
Repost - Dr's please respond by josh s
How to cure plantar fasciitis by Beti B
Heel Spur Growth Rates by Damien D
Big Feet by Jimmy Mimmy
Insurances that pay for ESWT by monte
Kari B - good luck for surgery tomorrow by carynz
PowerSteps by Kathy G
What do you think of this? BioSyntech by Scott R
Decorating 101 by Necee
Toe speaders help? by DanielleO
Something embedded in front of heel? by Andrue
numbness in toes on right foot by jeff b.
hey Mike how ya doing since your foot surgery by dave r
Any opinions about The Good Feet Stores? by Rod M
Question(s) for Dr. Davis by SteveG
Water massage by AmyM
Cortisone shot by Jose
What's interesting by Pauline
TTS vs. PF by David G.
Another doctor question! by Cherie
Short note by Kari B
Can someone help me w/h SDO problem? by Jen L
I am hurting......Please help if possible. by Dotty A.
Morton's Foot by Chcuk W.
My arches are getting higher? by JJC
Conservative Treatment Success by Carl
Here comes the snow! by Suzanne D
Can I edit my messages after posting? How? by Max K
Do's and Dont's of Thanksgiving: by JudyS
Bayshore ESWT-- 2 weeks post treatment by Amy in Va Bch
To Monte by BrianJ
Help I can not walk! by Francisco
Farewell to Jade by Dr. Chris Reynolds
Tarsal Tunnel & the SPINE! **Julie lOOk!! by Sheila S
new treatment by scott r
lump on back of heel by donna p
for Dr. Davis (and thanks!) by Sheila S
Bromelain, a cheap PF cure! by johnb
chronic plantar fasciitis by Diane
Correct foot position while sitting by Carl D.
Has anyone heard how Kari B is doing? by Kathy G
tingling, cold & sweating by Ken E
PF and length of acuity for ESWT by Sunny Jacob, Bayshore
Calcaneal Nerve Compression by Mar
I want Marshall Faulk's doctor's name! by Kathy G
an ESWT study on runners!! by elliott
What an election! by Carole C in NOLA
wendyn - look for my email to you at home by carynz
had eswt on tuesday by chris d
Dansko Sport Clogs and thanks to this board by lholland
New question/old subject? DMSO & neuromas by Sheila S
10 year heal spur and now, tarsel tunnel by DeanaB
Fibromyalgia by john h
plantar faciitis?? by claire d
Snowflakes by Julie
Heel Spur by Ann G
Heel pain and plantar fasciitis on both feet. by Keith
Fluid Pockets on feet by barb g
Ordered Birks by john h
this social/support board by nancy s.
Plantar Fibromatosis by Pat O.
I want my toe joints to be more flexible by TYLER M
Not foot, but hip pain, may I ask a Question? by Lee
Thoughts on Cryoablation for Neuroma by Sheila S
Scheduled for ESWT -- any advice? by Eve M.
test by Scott R
Day 6 update by Kari B
Day six of recovery from surgery by Kari B
Orthotics by Adriano N
PF and now pain under big toe by Steve M
Equality and Justice by Pauline
I like to say that by Tammie
Who is heelspurs.com? by Scott R
:) by wendyn
Re: by wendyn
So just what are your needs by Pauline
Stretching question by JJ1
neurontin by trish e
Dr. Z, regarding prior question by josh s
Life after a subtalar fusion by dave
Pain-free morning, pain returns late in day by johnb
more in depth topics by pala
Severe heel pain by annette
To Julie by Pauline
more in depth topics by pala
Ankle Surgery by Jack Worley
Capsulitis? by Kathryn B.
cast by tanya
cast by tanya
cast by tanya
Thoughts on life and this board... by Suzanne D
tts by JOE
Huh? by Necee
Yankee pot roast by Kari B
Clarification..... (Julie) =) by Sheila S
having tts surgery in two weeks... by Leslie
Running And Foot Pain by Anna
Platform Shoes? by Anna
ESWT and weight by SteveG
JULIE, Please help by Pete R
Telling The Difference Between PF and TTS by Anna
Shock Wave Therapy report by Leon S.
Useful information by Pauline
Rare Disease - Freibergs Disease by Harold E
should I have surgery by cooperg
help with symptoms!! by sonya g
orthotics needed by sheila
Dr. Scholl's for tts. by sheila
G8 by Necee
Feather trees by Necee
why does breaking in orthotics hurt? by Peter F
No no no no..... by Sheila S
both feet, toes burning and numbness by Fran R.
To Carol C in NOLA by Leon S.
reimbursement rates for florida by Echo S
help both feet casted! by tanya
ESWT by Shell D
Tarsal tunnel Pirifromis syndrome by Marvin Stinson
Cirque du solei by Necee
Cures & massage for TTS by Lara T
Moving sooner than we thought... by Suzanne D
ESWT in UK by Peter F
Small Pity Party by wendyn
I MUST post this...I got some relief by monte
new-style floor mops by Nancy N
plantar fasciitis by stella w
CPed by BrianJ
ruptured plantar fascia by Bob B
persistent heel pain by mike
Taking the next step....Gastroc Lengthen by D.Thomas
Calling Doctor Ed, Dr Z, Dr Wander by Julie
acupuncture by sandy h
Mortons Neuroma by Minda G
tendon repair surgery scheduled by matts
Parades and Squeegee's by Pauline
I don't know what's going on but.... by Leon S.
For Julie and others enjoy:*) by Pauline
new shock treatment. by Bill H.
tarsal tunnel syndrome by george b
Your favorite childhood present by Pauline
Pods & Orthopods... (sorry to interrupt) by Sheila S
Question-surgery scheduled for next week by Reb
question-surgery schedule for next week by Reb
The Refresh Button by Julie
Could we do without? by Pauline
burning toes by Nicole
Insurance Denied Again by Mar
Excersies for a heel spur by bob s.
numbness by D. Brown
To all the Docs and Experts here....THANKS!!! by Sheila S
My final post-My experience with ESWT by AndrewS
gift wrapping............ by JudyS
The Christmas "Gift" by Necee
Disability for tts by Robert
ankle fusion by don cass
MAFO Brace by Pam B
It happens every Christmas...... by Kathy G
life after TTS by Kerin S
Food for thought by Julie
Cam Walker by Mar
heel pain by Mike Z
AC130 gunship video by Scott R
Please Help....Achilles Tendonitis problem by Peggy
Recipe of the month club by Necee
Benefits of surgery by J. King
Numbness in second toe by Karen E.
heel pain by Tracy F
TTS numbness by Tracey
Yoga foot exercises for PF by Julie
Successful ESWT but a warning... by Julie C.
help with tts by cindy c
Bayshore ESWT-- 4 weeks post treatment by Amy in Va Bch
Seavers disease by Jim C
Please help me by Dana C
Julie-Our Gal Sunday by john h
ESWT by Keith
A Christmas Story by Sheila S
Another pity party by Nancy N
Birks with rhinestones by Pauline
lumbar sympathetic by kay
For Leon - a continuation of the other thread by Kathy G
Cure for CTS! and Review of this site by Doug S
Fractured Heel by Sandy S.
Neuroma vs. Capsulitis or Other Problem by Kathryn B.
scottr by nancy s.
metatarsal support by Sandy W
orthotics by Sandy W
Toe joints and arches by TYLER M
Error messages by Julie
Dr. Scholl's shoes by Mary Y
TTS by Rick M
Leon-Leukotape by john h
RE: DOCS -Chronic Pain? by Mar
Wheat grass and colitis studies by Pauline
Wheat grass by Pauline
Merry Christmas to you all!! by Necee
My favorite Christmas present this year by Carole C in NOLA
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday! by Kathy G
Happy Holidays by john h
heel spurs? by nancym
RE: Oprah by Mar
RE: Exercise/laughs by Mar
PF & TTS by Marty
PS & TTS by Marty
Canadian Christmas/Wendy by Nancy N
Necee...a recipe for you by Suzanne D
plantar worts by LAURA
mashed potato update by nancy s.
post ESWT by Carlyn B.
Consistent long term foot pain by BillJ
Help is here! by RUSSELL F
Looking for a diagnosis by Missy D
? by pala
Shoes by Ann G
Outside ankle pain by Alma
Rachel? by carmen h
Ossatron by Shell D
where does it hurt? What brings it on? by Marty
Recurring Plantar Fasciitis by Linda
Orthotics and bunyons by Gus B
scar tissue by kay
Re: Plantar Fasciitis by RUSSELL F
tarsal tunnel syndrome by Nancy Ford
ESWT booked but getting better by Peter F
So far (SDO progress) by Mahatmelissama
Website for Wheatgrass cream by john h
? rsd or causalgia by cooperg
Question for Carole C... by Suzanne D
Very painfull arch cramps! by Tina T.
MartyBess@hotmail.com by Marty
ESWT by john h
tarsal tunnel surgery by Vicki Z
who should I see for second opinion????? by Marty
MRI vs Ultra sound by Mike P
Baxter Surgery Update by BrianJ
Hallux Rigidus by Samantha H.
Electric Scooters by Mar
Anyone seen any good movies lately? by marie e
walking on outer edge of foot by peajay
Plantar Fasciitis by LoriB
heel spur surgery success by Jackie M.
Bad Shoes Make My Feet Feel Better by Barb
What does a Neurologist do? by Marty
still in the casts by tanya
ESWT Dec. 31st after 2 years of pain by Tom C
Happy New Year!! by Necee
ESWT-- what miracle? by Katie K
television: does anyone do without? by nancy s.
How much Neurontin can be prescribed? by Marty
Duration of PF vs. Duration of Recovery by Julie C.
diagnose heel problem by Willie S.
TTS post surgery by jamie k
I'm back again!! by Cherie
Do I have Tarsal Tunnel? by Andrew D.
Vioxx treatment by Patricia B.
dark toe nails by t h
heel pain by Barbara A
New Years Eve in New Orleans by Carole C in NOLA
TTS & PF together? by Lara %
Dr. A by Dr. Z
Where are you from? by marie e
Wishing you All by Pam B
EWST for Plantar Fascitis by Louise Jung
Dr. Z.....Another treatment...please by monte
seeking help finding a work shoe by JoAnn V
Chronic pain by judy
surgery by t eiford
Question about 3-D boot by Cherie
chronic heel pain by Anne G
Well, it's back to work for me ya'll !! by Necee
taping question by BrianJ
To Dr. Z or Dr. Davis by dave r
foolish by jason H
numbness in toes and slightly dark by luvy v
Different machine, same treatment by Katie K
Hello from Crete by Julie
Bunions by Kim C
John H's fascinating georgraphical history by Nancy N
Scheduled surgery by dave r
Have a new kitty....please help me name it. by marie e
Name the kitty by Scott R
14 months, update by Anthony P
Worse pain after sitting by Steve M
Dr. Z. question by Cherie
rats! by pala
PF by Laura M.
ESWT in San Diego Area by Anne G
pain on outside of foot by karina h.
Other foot problem....... what is this? by JoAnn V
Contrast Bathing by IanJ
Tarsal Tunnel And Morton's Nueroma by Robin B.
Undiagnosed foot pain any ideas? by Suzie B
Hydrogen Peroxide by john h
rat update by pala
heay losses by pala
Printed Peer Review Articles by KellyC
Ibuprofen gel by Mar
foot pain by mike
snowbound and in television withdrawal by nancy s.
Dr. Davis & Dr. Z by Sheila S
PF Day Splints to wear by Monet A.
TT and rollerblading by maria T
kitty's new name and new home! by marie e
8 days post ESWT by Shell D
To Stretch or Not to Stretch by Scott Reeves
shoesprings by Sharon F.
Heel problems by Moe H.
cheilectomy by Samantha H.
Much Better by CatherineL
Heel Spurs by Rachelle D.
TTS sufferer, looking at surgery. by Marty
Sudden "ripping" pain by amys
Small Pox by Necee
Physical Therapy helpful? by Lara %
Heel spur surgery by Moe H
Podiatrists by d. tricarico
Treatment for Baxter' neuritis by JULIA M
Well, it's time for surgery. by Ricky J.
speaking of no-energy days..... by JudyS
painin the heel by mjs
Depression by Barbara S
**Joke of the Day** by Necee
PF in 11 year old child? by rlpd
PF CAME BACK by Debbie E
PF in 11 year old child? by rlpd
New to this pain. Have ? about shots. by Lois G
Dr. Dellon??? by Sheila S
eswt in England or Europe by alexander C.
***Joke of the Day*** by Necee
getting old? bursitis? by Carole C in NOLA
Necee, Laurie,Julie F, Monte by carmen
up-date by t eiford
Another positive report by Maggie L.
Calves by Celia C.
funny stuff from kids by nancy s.
May I whine for just a little while? by Suzanne D
necee.. re your show tickets for christmas by carynz
Ankle and Foot Swelling by DeLaine
Subtalar fusion....post-op 6 mths...much pain by Jeanne E.
swelling in ankles: a sign of PF relapse? by Suzanne D
Orthotist vs. C Ped/Michigan by Lynn B.
First , Arch Pain. Now, Top Of Foot Numbness by Anna
ESWT & Tennis Elbow by Chris T
heel spur by carole s wyble
post ESWT cast by Mary D.
Hard Orthotics by Pete
Foot pain by Pete
Cortisone shots how safe are they? by angela Siegvir
Cortisone question Answered!, Sorry! by Angela S
Just some rambling by Kathy G
A question about posting by Kathy G
Lateral arch pain by Gord D
re recurrent ulcer on foot by dave y
Golf Ball by Pete R
The light at the end of the road. by Jen S
Discommfort in left leg by Mike
Post Op - Detached Achilles Tendon by Steve LeClair
Surgeon with best success rate? by Pat C
About those jokes...Brian and Barb by Kathy G
Result of visit to ortho. surgeon. by Andrue
Pain sole of foot by lindac
Big Toe Numbness - No Pain by Jennifer G
Electric Scooter by Mar
Powerstep by Paul Low
Magnetic Bracelets by Necee
Ankle & leg swelling a CAUSE of TTS? by Angela S
Magnesium helps with pain? by marie
Physical Therapy by Lara %
Curious minds want to know - why by Lara %
Pain in Heel by Jim G
Metatarsal head by Mar
ibuprofen gel by rlpd
heal spur / pain by MJ
eswt by carrie h
Surgery, so far so good. by Ricky J.
My first time orthotics by Bob B
to julie, our traveler by nancy s.
pala: how are the rats? by nancy s.
Update today on the BST In-Pod by Pierre T.
can heel spurs grown back? by sheila s
Extremely painful heels (both) by Susan D
A visit to the doctor by BrianG
Neurontin use for nerve pain issue by Mitch F.
Nerve damage from tibial block....Dr. Z. by Cherie
DR. Z by Katie K
1 week post treatment by mark v
foot problem by raymond L
This is strange - no socks seem to help by IanJ
ruptured plantar fascia by sam s
Re: heel pain by ninfa b.
shock therapy by Lindsay S.
Re: by Julie
Re: by Richard, C.Ped
To Nancy S by Kathy G
broken heel by Dawn W.
Pain in both heels by Robert H.
Shoe Ad by Mike J
Good Feet Store by Richard, C.Ped
seaver's disease by kathy i
Oh my I'm addicted to Hobby Lobby......... by marie e
Sonorex Treatments & Insurance by Liz P
Dr.Z ? FOR U and a thank u by Tammie
Positive bone scan but negative Xrays by Phyl G
To Dr. Z by Pauline
Pain and swelling in rear of heel by David W.
broken foot by Betty S.
Re: by john h
freibergs disease by lynn c
Comparison shopping by Katie K
Foot's cold and no pain.... by Sheila S
Ibuprofen gel by Judy K
surgery by vicki z
toe pain by amy S
Advice on doctor selection by Marty
protest -- i lost the thread as usual by pala
will shots help spurs by rlpd
NVC test results ?? by Marty
hallux rigidus by Sharon F.
Alternative diagnosis to plantar's fasciitis by Jen P
Heel Injury from Indoor Soccer by Michael H
*****Winter blast***** by Necee
Pain is starting to depress me. by Linda
web site band width by Scott R
One to think about by Pauline
One to think about by Pauline
Post surgery update and info for TTS by lauriel
Post OP TTS by Terry Z
Heel pain by Randy Kumar
Carole, How is your shoulder? by Kathy G
Suzanne, did you go to the doctor yet? by Kathy G
will shots help spurs or only PF by rlpd
goodfeet by jeff A
Pod Visit by Marty
john h, please read, email trouble... by nancy s.
a smile? by nancy s.
This crap so depressing; any advice anyone? by Donna H
Accute Peroneal tendonitis - Healing time by Norbert K
orthotics by dave r
Frustrated with TTS by Amy
anyone having surgery please read this by lauriel
anyone having surgery please read this by lauriel
anyone having surgery please read this by lauriel
surgery scheduled after 3 visits by Margie C.
update on "Gypsy" by marie e
I'm back from the neurologist by Cherie
Ohmigosh!!! by Donna H
SDO's by Pete
Right foot is puffy on top? by alvena f
brrrr again by Carole C in NOLA
Snow in the South by Richard, C.Ped
tts by michelle d
Treatment of heal spurs by Mark M
New 5% Club by D.Thomas
Foot orthotic franchises? by D.Thomas
how do you find previous posts? by lauriel
Diagnosis? by Steve C.
Anyone know a PT who knows TTS by Lara T
Has the North Pole shifted? by Carole C in NOLA
some cold weather cheer by Leon S.
Do I have TTS? by David J
Can't hardly walk at 33 by Linda S
bunions by Roxie
what is ruptures of the plantar fascia by georgette
Cold affectIng PF by Sandra G.
Dr. Z.: PF thickening by lisa
Stabbing pains by Terry Z
Arch, ankle and other pain by Becky R
Orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon visit. by Marty
post surgery question is this normal? by lauriel
inserts with metal adjustment by stanley s
insoles with metal adjustment by stanley s
For Carmen H... by Suzanne D
A question for Scott or anyone else by Kathy G
Birkenstocks and PF by Shell D
any other taping suggestions?? by mariod m
plantar fasciitis by maria e.
Tammie by Dr. Z
this is messed up by pala
Pain in Ankles runs down to heel by Jason B.
Antique refinishing (?) by Carole C in NOLA
Pacific Northwest Info by Kate N
To Julie by Pauline
Kari B.? by nancy s.
Fibromyalgia by marie e
Thinning of the Heel Pads by Marty
Thinning of the Heel Pads by Marty
planter fascitis by Patty S.
PF? by Steve C.
Hot feet by Barbara F
Seavers Disease? by Cris C
Foot taping by Sherl S
I hate to say it but! by Pauline
Birkenstock work shoes? by Shari V
RSD by Mar
Baxter Surgery Update by BrianJ
recovering by Terry Z
The "Since your last visit" link by Kathy G
A question for Scott R by Kathy G
eswt helped heel pain but still arch pain by Peter F
Extra wide shoes/work boots by Joe B.
plantar fascia release by Bob B
Sudden onset of pain on the top of the foot by Holly H
All of San Diego celebrates............. by JudyS
Looking for Dr. Wander by Joe B.
food feet/orthodics and pain by Mildred
doctors visit...fibromyalgia and tts by marie e
what was your favorite super bowl commercial? by marie e
To Sharon and carynz by Marty
back of heel pain by Linda L
Bayshore ESWT-- 9 weeks post treatment by Amy in Va Bch
Ball of foot/arch burning by Micki Q
Infrared by john h
ESWT - Dornier treatment by Alison L.
HS.com and the Twilight Zone........ by JudyS
auctions by nancy s.
Neuromuscular stim for Tarsel Tunnel Syndrome by Joseph
Well the saga continues by Marty
200 ug chromium by Lara T
Tarsal Tunnel by Rick M
heel spur treatment and questions by stefani h
CT Creme results by lauriel
Shoes to wear in the house by Alison L.
now it's messed up worse by pala
Any thoughts: by Marty
P-F by Vic
Who should I believe???? by Joe B.
ESWT 6 weeks post Dornier by Carrie
Increasing shoe sensitivity by Andrue
Brian,name of that support group by Tammie
Birks for men by Steve C.
Nerve conduction studies by Cherie
Iontophoresis procedure for heel pain? by JenL
Heel Spur in Achille Tendontitis by gloria s. noll
Purplish Coloration by Kathryn B.
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