Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Message Board Threads

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The Saphenous Nerve by Thank U
Three weeks post-op and amazed! by MissesV
nerve damage by Mary
Linda W by Kelly L
tendons vs. ligaments by Jen R
Q for Dr. Rubin by Jen R
TTS or S1 lumbar or both symptoms by Rob Wilson
Okay, now I'm getting a little scared.... PF by Michelle
TTS or S1 lumbar or both symptoms by Rob Wilson
Spasms by eloperena
Tellurium and First Solar by scott r
hallus ridigus by pattymac
Graston technique and therapeutic ultrasound by Kathy H.
ATTN: Dr Wedermeyer by Dr Kiper
Hallux Rigidus treatment by rebecca D
tendon sheath injection? by Thank U
Chronic Insertional Achilles Tendon Tear by BonnieT
Finally...some answers by Julie B.
triple arthrodesis by sandra z
Any input? Please... by Juleen
It's back... The swelling and the PAIN.. by Tina S.
heel numbess by Melis
DR G. by Mary
Doc's suggestions. by Tina S.
Scared about surgery in 17 days by Nursing Student
arches on orthotics by Thank U
Cortisone shot in heel by katy
Dr.Kiper's SDO's by sandy g
omg tomorrow is the day by james e
Muscle splinting and anterior drawer test by Laurie c.
One leg shorter than the other? by Kathy H
deed ep itch in right heel by chefbk2000
Dr. Wedemeyer by Jen R
ART and plantar fasciitis by Kathy H
My sucessful Doctor's appt. by Tina S.
Finaly some answers! Woo Hoo.... by Tina S.
to Jeremy by Eric
Helen - How are you? Four Days Post Op? by Dottie
Dr. G by Dr. G
Advice on over the counter arch support by Michelle
Pain on lateral side of foot by MollyS
sharp sudden pain on side of right foot by JohnR
Ok, now I'm confused...... by Tina S.
Helen - How are you? Four Days Post Op? by Dottie
constant foot pain by Shirley M
heel pain by patricklyle77
pain numbness 6 wks after mid foot fusion by anne m
5 weeks post op- no change by Lori
Poor care given for PF patients by Michelle
A Question for the caring docs on this board by Michelle
Poewrsteps Durability by JayS
Chiropractic question for Dr. Wedemeyer by Lakemom
tesing iphone in store by scott r
Dr. G by Juleen
oh my god by bob
What kind of Doctor would do Gait Analysis? by Michelle
tendons causing pain?? by Jen R
3 weeks after TTS surgery by StLouieGal
arch collapse by al
arches on orthotics by Laurie c.
Crutches or walker? by Nursing Student
Return to Dellon by Norm G
Pre surgery questions by Nursing Student
Lipoma and TTS surgery by Nursing Student
cross country skiing by carole
Dr Kiper posting guidelines by scott r
Michael Moore's Sicko by scott r
Foot Pain by Randy
Plantar pain in my foot! by Randy
Some Youtube favorites by Susan
Planters wart or Heel spur ? by Josh
tendon pain by Jen R
excellent opportunity by natalie o
ESWT by Pilar L
lump under foot by lorna
fractured heel by larry
Very confused by Josh
Physical Therapy Works - Whoda Thunk It? by Dottie
Great toe arthritis by DaveH
MRI Results by Michelle
Home ultrasound-question for Dr. Wedemeyer by Lakemom
any ideas? by Dr Kiper
I have the results..... Finaly some relief! by Tina S.
Heel lifts on Crocs or Waldies? by josh s
Pain post TTS surgery - Dr Ed please by davidb
USMC Drill Team by john h
foot anatomy by Jen R
Fat Pad Atrophy by jim
Do you want to star in a movie???? by marie:)
Please Help by Jah-Son S.
Michelle by Dr. Wedemeyer
Neuropathy by Jane
Achilles or Retrocalcaneal Bursitis or ???? by CMarie
Driving after surgery on right foot? by Susan
severe foot and knee pain by susan
Open ankle surgery by Laurie c.
Metatarsalgia and external met bars by Lakemom
Orthotics for Post Surgery Problems by KS
forensic foot expert by pattik
Scarring 6 months post release by Norm G
forensic specialist cont'd by pattik
forensic specialist cont'd by pattik
surgery date set! by james e.
Rolling Walker/ Insurance? by Nursing Student
foot pain by janet h
foot pain by janet h
Shoes-mesh by NancyS
heelspur therapy by nechi
tibial osteotomy by Kurt
Painful Toes by Toe pain
I got surgery. by John Doe
MRI report for lump on bottom of my foot by Gina G
Pain in odd places by JesC
reoccurring lumps under feet by funnyfeet
TTS Surgery in Feb by vivib
Health Aide or Rehab facility by vivib
heels hurt by Cal
DSW update by Amy
Jeremy by Amy
Weekend Humor: Italian Boy's Confession by Dr. Wedemeyer
Differentiating back from foot probs by lyndys
Magnetic Insoles by ronrutjr
How to Tell if Your Insert is Fishy! by Dr. Wedemeyer
hallux rigidus fusion by rebecca D
FDA approved by ronrutjr
Plantar Faciitis & Hysterectomies by Misty
Prolotherapy by GeorgeS
Finally getting better by Michelle
Dr. Wedemeyer by Jen R
toe by mike r.
Heel Pain--Neuroma? by CindiA
Beyond PF by KurtL
Lyrica by Norm G
Politicians by john h
Great video on single payer/canadian care by larrym
Just a note, ESWT helped me by LorindaN
Jeremy/Crocs by Dr. DSW
lump on bottom of foot-had MRI by Gina G
1 day post op!! by Nursing Student
PF surgery or not by msims1
Women & Heels by john h
Runners? by msims1
Dr. Wedemeyer continuation... by Jen R
Peripheral Neuropathy? by Kelly L
take test for your vote by Scott R
Ankle Sprain, Bone Marrow Edema by Purdue Jaime
Global What? by Rick R
ultra sound test by bobt
Planter Fisciities by cookie
books by Jill Mill
heel pain by jerre h
Burning Sensation in Heel During Stretch by Desertvu
GOP crack up coming? by Dr. Ed
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery Left Foot by LennieB
Causes of right great toe pain ? by DaveH
pain and numbness after neuroma surgery by robin m
D-thanks for your comments by bobt
achilles tendonitis surgery by Lil B
Abstract submission now OPEN by Jan R.
merry early christmas ppl, and happy new year by james e.
walking a lil bit by StLouieGal
Bad fascia release surgery by chris
Ho! Ho! Ho! by Santa Klaus
Pain and swelling on sides of heel by julejamjbm
Foot stretches by Jen R
Best stretches after surgery by CandenA
Feet Docs/Peds/Pods in SF? by denisea
Cryo doc in St Louis? by RaceDoc
Surgery on the 28th for stump neuroma by Gina G
? on possible RSD by Juleen
Offset shoe for Walking Boot? by pitt83
High Arches - leg pain by Jackie K
cheilectomy advise by Neil
stretching tendons? by Jen R
Bhutto murdered, what are the odds? by larrym
Great Surgical Website by Laurie C.
Post bunion and hammertoe surgery by Sandra B
Post bunion and hammertoe surgery by Sandra B
heel pain by mccreet
Anesthesia for Cheilectomy w/ Osteotomy by Mari
toe corn removal aftercare by ginny
Try this stretch and report back on results by Soeren Denmark
Fallen Arch? by Arlene K
how HARD do the exercises need to be? by Elaine M
heel pain for 13 years by ColleenM
Post Op day 1, and I feel FANTASTIC!!! by Tina S.
seriously dudes, should i seek a shaman? by james e.
Bike Riding?? by Terri
Cathy A - RSD by Juleen
carbon nanotubes by Scott R
Getting Stitches out Monday by Nursing Student
Hannah Montana Ticket Scam-a new low by Dr. DSW
achilles pain by micky c
Mortons Neuroma Surgery by Jacquie
Shoes by Norm G
solar-powered air conditioning by Scott R
Attention Doctors by Julie
scared of surgery by AnneT
Heel Pain by Mike
topaz vs plantar fascia release by Linnea
Happy 2008! by Kathy G
ESWT for Haglun'd deformity? by pitt83
sharp lateral foot pain by hrm
to 'D" happy new year by bobt
Re: work boots and orthotics by bobt
lijina by kygaqiw
plantar fascitis by BarbB
good advertising by Scott R
How the Iowa Caucus works.......... by marie:)
bunion surgery by Kelg
My foot hurts, please help by oochhh
tingling and numbness in the baby toe by angie
Injections first or straight to surgery by KTucker
global warming by Scott R
I'm Back!! Flying concerns.... by Quilter
Possible Navicular fracture by philm80
1 question, 1 observation by theresa g
buy PRAA by Scott R
Softspots by LaurieF
Update by Helen W
Getting Injection On Monday by severina55
Insertional Achilles tendinopathy by Jan R.
Tendons/Muscles in Foot by Laurie C.
Morton's vs. stump neuroma and other by TracyM
What the Iowa statistics predict???? by marie:)
Broken Heel Spur by SteveD
Broken Heel Spur by SteveD
heel pain by Izzy
foot cramps by Bernice
Oil cheap at $100 per barrrel? by Dr. Ed
Shoes after surgery? by Nursing Student/ Carla
Barack Obama by john h
My big toe hurts!! and i dont know the cause by harry
Post Op swelling Os Trigonum excision by Sandi Dee
Scar tissue by Jen R
Sugar industry takes on Splenda by Dr. Ed
"Only McCain Can Beat Obama" by john h
Hillary by john h
dx9000 by cbjcarroll
Rec'd Dx by Juleen
resveratrol - cure for cancer Dec 29,2007 by Scott R
PF + other joint problems under control by heemskn
ESWT by Mary
Hello, it's me again by Todd
New Hampshire Primary by marie:)
Fell and landing on operated foot by Gina G
Need your advice by ashbow
Freezing joint following cheilectomy by Lee W
Osteotomy with cheilectomy by Lee W
Flat Feet by help
Tendonitis of the foot in 13 year old female by runningpelican
re. feet problems by Rihana j
Fact or Myth by john h
eswt by mary
torn plantar facia by kmc
Orthotics by KS
Foot Cramps by Susan
Worth Remembering by john h
heel discomfort by NurseDonna
Columbia University Professors by john h
Dr. Wedemeyer was right! by denisea
Little twitches and funny feelings... by Tina S.
Heel Spur by Maggieb3000
heelspur by Maggieb3000
What Aerobic Exercise Can I Do? by birdman
Nerve Ablation by Dottie
Resveratrol figured out by scott r
After Plantar Fasciaitis by Bob B
high arched feet with PF and metatarsalgia by Kathy H.
Gobama! by marie:)
hopeless by mrst
swelling of ankles by susan s
Two feet or one? by Lucy W
Calf Pain by Juleen
Heel Fasciitis by wallyp
Having TTS do-over and PF release by Mary G.
Solar Daily by Dr. Ed
How long for results from ESWT by calebr
"Excipients" included in vaccines by Susan
Neat train video - very relaxing by Susan
Hillary & Obama & Race by john h
Dr Wander - Cortisone limit by Todd
Pain by Wilma G
Why have Republicans gotten so nasty lately? by marie:)
hammertoe? problems? by AndyG
resveratrol - newest research by scott r
Chielectomy recovery time? by kel49509
Foot Pain by RB 1
2 mon. post-op by dawnl
Arthrodesis Surgery for Hallux Limitus by MaryCatherine C.
What exactly do I have? by Maast
Movie of the Week by Jillian
Need referral by KLowe
Question on American Primaries by wendyn
itchy arches by marie
Reuters Report by john h
Plantar Plate injuries by Todd
Romney's "Victory of Optimism" by marie:)
Achilles Tendinitis***Please Help !!! by Linda
Self Propelled non motorized wheelchairs by Norm G
What kind of shoes should I wear? by Linda
nueroma by j mac
Sesamoiditis Surgery Needed by CelineH
ready to move on by ruth
Siemens Sonocur for Sale by Med Exchange
Funny Of The Day by john h
hallux ridigus by pattymac
Severe Case of Plantar Fasciitis by MC78
Foot Flex by DebbieZ
Plantar and Trigger Points by DebbieZ
Topical Ibuprofen Cream? by DebbieZ
Need a doctor in Middle Tennessee by Murfreesboro
extreme pain by dawnm
ASTYM seems to be working, so far by theresa g
Plantar Fasciitis: Pain not is the heal by liz
Plantar Fasciitis: Pain not is the heel by liz
Heel fracture by mike s
plantar fasciitis or something else? by tammy
New Orthotic is painful by Ellen D
Dansko Fit by Taylor
2 weeks post op by Mary T
resveratrol for energy by scott r
Unusual Fact by john h
Re: Chung Shi by MarkF
Please help with this pain! by Sarahk
Ankle injury by StellaW
Strassburg Sock by Jenna
Tensor Arch Strap by Jenna
Screws used in schilles debridement surgery by LIlB
Had a Shoe Consult by Norm G
TTS surgery after cryosurgery by Cryoman
Dead Sea bath salts by E
heel growth by auntien
Medications prescribed by podiatrist by MelindaS
Second opinion by jim
New problem by Mary G.
needing orthodic advice also! by F.S.
posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) by Lori M
tarsel tunnel surgery by sandrapg
You know you are a liberal Democrat when.... by Dr. Ed
Recurring Big Toe Sprains - Why? by Michelle
Stretch helps by DebbieZ
New Problem by Mary G.
Frustrated with doctors and cause of Plantar by DebbieZ
Self Propelled Wheelchair by Norm G
Walkable Shoes/Jeremy or Dr Ed? by Norm G
Morton's Neuroma Cryosurgery by JeanG
Numb left heel by sjm90048
Sort of Scary--Healthcare by john h
Gas by john h
Custom Insoles From Amfit by Billy R
OTC arch supports/inserts by LizR
? on lead physician by Juleen
Cryo for Morton's neuroma by JeanG
Free Custom Reflexology Chart for Women by Judy Corona
apple cider vinegar by joe
another added problem by LindaW
Orthotics by CharlotteT
Does anyone have it this bad? by Michelle
Shoes by Juleen
keller bunionectomy and hammer toe repairs by laura F.
keller bunionectomy and hammer toe repairs by laura F.
Is this because of plantar fascitis? by Sarahk
Re: Heel Spurs by StacieD
Treatment for Baxters by stillhopefull
Topaz procedure by Lakemom
foot cramps--*please* help by zsambal
re: your response to the keller bunionectomy by laura F.
Varicose Veins and PF by BritaT
Incision on bottom of my foot infected? by Gina G
OK to wear 1 insert? by Dusty B
LED device with Nogier frequencies by Nio
Baxters sydrome by stillhopefull
Obamatrons by john h
Orthotics by KS
ORTHO VS POD by laura F.
naot by ruth
PF/Orthotics by Don
Gastroc Recession by Melissy70
Gastroc Recession by Melissy70
skin graft by Larry
toes by MJ
Block Voting by john h
The Clinton Duo by Kathy G
Bill & Hillary by john h
Fatty Achilles Tendon by GlennG
Pinnacles by Janice F
What back problems can cause TTS symptoms? by AnneT
Thanks dr. ed and dr. dw for your responses by laura F.
just one last question, I promise....... by laura F.
skin graft by Larry
semi-rigid polypropylene? by denisea
UCBL Question for Jeremy & Docs by Jen R
PreFab Inserts v. Custom Orthotics by denisea
Dr koenig by laura F.
Having TT surgery on Feb 14th by vivib
dr koenig by laura F.
pain & tingling in the sole by ataish
sesamoid surgery by rtr
heel pain by jim l
EXTREME heel pain by Lynne B
After 5th metatarsal fracture by Ellen D
Here's something new and creative......... by marie:)
Cryosurgery for Mortons neuroma by janism
Has anyone tried Good Feet? by Linn
heel pain by jim l
Re: custom inserts by Mark F.
removal of toe joint by tkeller
Tarsal Tunnel Cause by Eric
foot by time
Diabetic foot sore by PatriciaW
NCV/EMG question by Laurie C.
Anyone with a succesful PF surgery?? by denisea
externship for a podiatrist in RI by LindaW
RSD by MariaM
Taut Tendons in top of feet. by Jane A
being on foot too long is a killer by Nursing Student/ Carla
Julie by Anne S.
When to put weight on foot that had surgery? by Susan
Arch (not heel) Pain........please help! by Linn
Vitrase by David B
nerve pain foot by nitac
heel pain by Dibble
Just getting started by Don
Getting started by Don
Dr. Dean Edell on ESWT by denisea
diagnostic ultrasound? by JuliaB
A question to ponder? by john h
foot by raldredge
Danskos and knee pain??? by 62334
C. Ped advice? by LizR
How do I find a Dr who does ESWT or Topaz? by LizR
Best Debater by john h
I think i have the worst Plantar Fasciitis by Jann David
DPM by la aura F.
Linda W by Kelly L
used Danskos? by beckyellen
Storms in Arkansas by john h
tendon filleted for ankles by LOIS AXELSEN
earth shoe 5835249 by swampfox
Desperate foot problems by Vernie
walking casts and PF by KimP
walking casts and PF by KimP
multiple surgeries by la aura F.
Side Effects of cortizone by jtsttls
Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur by John Cat, PTA
Incision slow to heal,infection? by Gina G
Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur by John Cat, PTA
Haglund's Surgery by AndyG
Susie D - re: RSD by Juleen
10 Myths About Canadian Health Care, Busted by Denise
nerve block after surgery by 73
PF rip by scott r
had my surgery wednesday by james e.
thread deleted by scott r
regrowing fingers by scott r
PF and ESR by Sona
Latest on Biodiesel by john h
Re: Heel lift by MarkF
Atypical Plantar Fasciitis by Taylor
PF in both feet at the same time? by MAK
modification to rule by scott r
Anything new in Plantar Fibroma treatment? by Janet R
PTT by Jane
qualifications by la aura F.
Checkin' In by Helen
Plantar Fasciitis back full steam again by JJ
x by xxx
superluminous diodes by EllenB
Children's shoes by Mike
Need advice please help by ImaGnu
Tarsal Tunnel Symptoms by Rob Wilson
Roy Schneider by john h
Itching feet by Liberty
What do you who are Democrats think? by john h
osteochondritis dissecans allograft by ChadH
eswt by dan
"Slippers" for plantar fascitis.... by Alice G
pain in my heels and knees by snowflake
My suggestion for exercising with PF by Alice G
One week after TTS release surgery by Dede Z.
surgery intwo weeks by KimP
I'M BACK by xxx
discoloration and smellyness by green foot
Planters fibroma by Brian D Patterson
I'M Back by xxx
ESWT for Sesamoiditis by Erica
SInus Tarsal by K
12 Years of Heel Pain - Time for a Change by DanW
To DanW re: getting a wheelchair by BritaT
Post op Meds by 34
vitamins that help??? by Barbara
Something from Jesse Jackson by john h
Post Op ESR and ANA by Laurie C.
spur surgery and 75% tendon repair by Darlene R
Treatment for bone marrow oedema by Jo
Surgery last week by brianf
Metatarsalitis & ankle pain by mbsimmons
Heel stress fracture with Plantar fasciitis by mike s
pinnacle powerstep by Don
Back Pain by Bill H
Regional Ankle / Foot Block by Juleen
Surgery on 2/11 by Soccer Player
Cryo Surgeons in/near Wisconsin by NurseJ
z-coil shoes by shoes
Hematoma by Dee
pf and z-coil shoes by george
Heel Spurs by Linda
Dr. Ed and Dr. Wander - Hematoma by Dee
48 hours post op by vivib
Strange by john h
Dr. Wander and Dr. Ed - PT Modalities by Dee
Cryo Risks by NurseJ
Bunion Surgery by Joy L
Pain on the back of my heel. by Sam
Large lump after surgery by Randy B
very sore heel pain by trebor
Super Delegates by john h
Driving doctors away from posting by Beverly K.
Itchy by Whostine
Why post op pain here? by vivib
Earth Shoes very helpful for PF by KMarks
Heel Lump Removed by monte
cryosurgery message board eliminated?? by Jen R
sonocur by judyc
Input by john h
Credentials by Dr. Wedemeyer
Heel Stress Fracture by mike s
Recovery time for achilles debridement by LIlB
I need a Doctor's Opinion.....please by Linda
Doctor in Central PA? by marilyng
Two feet or one by Lucy
Anyone tried this? by Linn
toe deformities by melissa
Frozen at Grand Central Station by marie:)
2003 Stretching Study by Alexis
ESWT Success Story by AmyinVaBch
sharp, localized pain by phil5000
A PF Aid by john h
Overpronation/Orthodics/Sneakers by CKT
Revision surgery yesterday by Dottie
Z-CoiL's on the move by Z-Momma
Torn Ankle Ligament by Simon Young
Drew Shoes? SAS Shoes? by Linn
Shoes for hallux rigidus and underpronation by David H
PF vs PN and Shockwave Therapy-? by Suzy D
Good Feet arch supports really hurting me by lyonsden101
JSB Orthotics Questions by Arch
2 weeks post op tts surgery by Dede Z
Pain from Good Feet arch supports by lyonsden101
9 days post op by vivib
New Crocs RX shoes by Dee
Shoe Question by K
Bush approval rating............19% by marie:)
Kidner Procedure - Post Op expectation by kinikia
Jeremy - thoughts on Richey & Co? by Alice G
Neuropthy by George S.
Metatarsal Liganments (top of foot) by Ellen D
Vitamin D Deficiency and pf by Tina H
new pain in ankle area by LindaW
Dr. Wedemeyer... by Kathy H
A doctor in Spokane, WA by Janet R
Dr in Spokane, WA by Janet R
Ralph Nader in, Lyndon LaRouche out by Dr. Ed
ESWT vs RSWT (UDWT) - Statement from Wolf by scott r
55 by craig
Orthotics and biomechanics by Julie B.
mortons neuroma by marilyng
For Jeremy the shoe expert! about Danskos by Jan P
Podiatherm by Elle R
a question for Jeremy re: orthotics by la aura F.
orthotics question for jeremy by la aura F.
post foot surgery by sspark
Arch pain by Mary Ann C-J
Glucosamine & heel spurs by beacher40
foot hurts by foot hurting please help
10 weeks post op...still have pain by Nursing Student/ Carla
LED belief verses LED science by scott r
Obama on all the issues and more by john h
quandry by maryk
Stump Neuroma by C-Rock
Advice on Creative Treatment Options by The_Great_One
Advice on Shoes & Inserts by The_Great_One
home birthing by scott r
kurzweil speech by scott r
fracture by Liz
TTS by angelam
buy APPL by scott r
Hallux limitus, cycling better than running? by MattS
New to TTS by eye2797
Suture Granuloma by Dee
New to tarsal tunnel by eye2797
rESWT by Dr. Ed
The Dream Ticket by john h
Question for Jeremy by Linn
internal suture problem?? by skoo
Bunionectomy by Little gal
Blue Feet by Susan B.
PF, foot pain, are consuming my life, HELP by Russ H
New Balance by The_Great_One
thread deleted by scott r
test by scott r
Painful lump on bottom of foot by hollycat
Flector Patch by Happy Feet
Speed of Light by john h
scar tissue removal by b-ball girl
cryosurgery for plantar fibroma by Julia F
Texas Senator John Cornyn on McCain team by Dr. Ed
Pins in toes by km
Foot pain by Jeff C
john warlick and light therapy by scott r
And the Clyde goes to ..... by Jeremy L, C Ped
cryosurgery for morton's neuroma by djain
Option(s) for sleeping by Juleen
something that looks like tumor by painthorse
severe pain in my left heel by Sheila P
heel pain by tleupold
$$$$$$ by john h
First Podiatrist Appointment Today - help? by jujubeee
Why Why Why Was I Never Sent to a Foot Doctor by jujubeee
Painful foot/ankle by Esta
Just Released - DRX Video by Rivera
plantar fasciitis web info by Fran
Dr. Z (scar tissue removal) by b-ball girl
Heel Pain Update by DanW
Drs..Stumper-Bio Mechanical Dr in Cincinnati by alice456
DVD HD vs Blue Ray by john h
Shoes by rae
The Cactus Cuties +++++ by john h
Question about CAM walker by Linn
McCain's Back Page Problem by marie:)
What are the Centrists up to? by marie:)
plantar fasciosis by scott r
Bunnions by Jen R
Nervous about Cryo by NurseJ
Canadian Health Care by john h
find doctor near citrus county florida by dr. in central fl
Daylight Saving Time Cost You More Money by john h
leg pain by c3c11
test by scott r
Dr. Wander by Anne S.
sesamoidectomy?? by Kathy H
Dr. Wedemeyer by Laurie C.
freezing up again... by b-ball girl
Who is the evil "Big Oil"? by john h
Subluxing peroneal tendons by ADancersMom
McCain Continues a Decent Campaign! by marie:)
dyna splint?? Is that the name? by Kathy H
Dr Wedemeyer -- neutraceutical question by Linn
Another TTS Surgery perspective by KTucker
Dr. Ed - Hyaluronidase by Dee
hate groups by scott r
heel spur or? by jenniferm
help by aimie c
Spitzer by john h
Tarsal Tunnel by Skan46
PF by Charles K
Scar size and positioning by Considering
07 by Don
how do you treat pf and tts at the same time? by melissa
steindler release by LesleyM
Anchor by Juleen
repost for Juleen by scott r
unsuccessful Kidner surgery by Thank U
Dr. Ed freezing up again by b-ball girl
Surgery in 2005 by mary l
Dr Ed - Metatarsal head shaving by alice456
Distal PF by ChuckC
shoes by Rhonda
15 girl with stinky feet and holes in feet by mike1974
Decalsify by Peg O.
Decalsify by Peg O.
collapsed foot by nancy c
PF possible in ball of foot? by Linn
5 weeks post TTS surgery by brianf
Why did Ferraro say Obama was black? by Jim
no hope by atwittsend
AchilloTrain Pro by Don
acupuncture is next! by tracys
What's up with Obama's crazy preacher? by Jim
NB 826 by Dr. Wedemeyer
PF: Done Everything except TOPAZ or Surgery by wondrwomn
Is it or isn't it???? by marie:)
Obama - a message of hope by Dr. Ed
supinator? by Kat
GOP Campaign Money Missing by marie:)
McCain Revealed by marie:)
Pennsylvania by john h
Post-bunionectomy: what is OK? by Kat
Bear Sterns by marie:)
USA Loses #1 Spot Due To Economic Issues by marie:)
What???? by marie:)
Is this the year of the third party by Dr. Ed
plantar faciitis by Candy R
toddler with hammertoe by Alejandra
Hard to Believe by SteveG
please give me some advice by ben w
What do you get? by Bob G.
lump in sole of foot by essad
Kelly L by LindaW
tarsal tunnel by c3c11
Plantar fasciitis, or something else?? by Sara E.
A very uplifting positive video - Beautiful by OmaZ
Is Massachusetts a health care success???? by marie:)
coming up on surgery by Monica J
Neuroma surgery 11 weeks ago by Gina G
For Dr. Ed by wendyn
2nd Metatarsalgia by NurseJ
steindler release by lesleym
Checking in--still PF-free! by KellyC
Pictures for the Docs! by denisea
Terrible Pain in Arch Want to Die. by Michael
Jeremy by Jim
Dukakis Famous Death Question by john h
numbness in toes and ball of feet by SusanC
Mother of the year! by marie:)
Could stretches be making my PF worse? by NancyB
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