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PF and feeling depressed... by Diane D
exploravision question about feet by Teddy_Bear
Schwanomas (spelling?) by SBarnhill
Foot Solutions? by Carrie
What's next for me Big Toe? by William C
Big Toe Syno by William C
What's next for me Big Toe? by William C
EPF General Anesthesia by Jana
weakness after gastroc lengthening by julie c
Pelosi's guy flip flops by larrym
Upper heel pain for my 9 year old by brianb
John H do you this guy? by larrym
heels itch by Fabio
Panic by Pauline B
Vacation by Dr.Goldstein
First timer.... by JP
Surgery and Cold Feet by Andrea
Broken foot advice? by Stacey
Anyone had the lap band surgery? by JG
Karen - Your neck surgery is coming up soon! by Kate
Toe Pain by HowardN
Cryosurgery combined with ultrasound imaging by Ralph
What happened to John h.? by Ralph
Foot Fusion, questions. by Karina S
Pain one month after Ingrown toenail surgery by Ashley
Good Outcomes? by Jane
Heel Pain by Joni
Can anyone relate? by Diane D
plantar fasciitis by sandra l
achilles surgery and PF by bratbird
plantar fasciitis by sandra l
OUUUCH!!! by mac
blue toenail by angela
Aravon shoes - the sale continues by LaurieF
Hello again by Diane D
Do I have Plantar Whatsits!? by Bob J
My doctor said he can't help anymore! by jim
Iontopheresis by SK
Car Ice Skating In Seattle by Denise
Flame Warriors by marie
twinging since yesterday by LindaW
muscle spasms/PF/too much stretching by james n
2 subtalar fusions much pain by dee james
Question by Dorothy
Post EPF and scar tissue by Jana
Active Release Therapy by Jo
One week post op by Kate
To Hope by Ralph
plantar fasciitis by sandra l
Chiropractors provide ESWT by Ralph
High Tarsal Tunnel Zone by Elisheva
cortisone shot by laura
Best Wishes Karen! by meg s
Jimmy Carter interceded on behalf of SS guard by Dr. Ed
What's next for my Big Toe? by William C
Peripheral Neuropathy and TTS. A second site? by William C
Do I have I Planter Fasciitis by frank the cab
Plantar Fascitis and proposed study by sandra l
Frustration by Richard, C.Ped
heelspur surgery by Dale C
The very first Tarsal Tunnel Theme Song! by Kate
Has anyone tried accupunture? by louise
reference for heel pain, nerve entrapment by dr g.
Please help by Carolyn
test4 by scott
ATTN: Dr Z by Dr Kiper
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics-Trial by Dr Kiper
toe burning & pain by cheers
question for exercisers by Anne S.
Custom orthodics... which shoes to use? by Alex
Meg by KathyG
dexamethasone by RachelC
why can't I walk? by rachel r.
To Meg: congrats on new grandson by Dr. Ed
Isn't Democracy beautifiul...... by Dr. Ed
Who's Paying Attention To Detroit? by marie
Rollar Coaster Week..... by marie
Courage of Albanian Moslems.. by Dr. Ed
Bigger Army will cost $70 billion by Denise
put on anti inflamatory pills for a month by lee a
With support gone, Bush stumbles on by Denise
Divergent opinions on Jimmy Carter by Dr. Ed
Surgery Tomorrow and Nervous! by mcurnett
For Dr Ed from Jim by jim
stump neuroma by Pat S
cryosurgery by Pat S
Lindy and Karen - time for you to check in! by Kate
Lesser metatarsal osteotomy by Scott
Chuck Hagel Is On Fire!!!!! by marie
Left Leg by NIcol
MBT shoes by Jane
Neuroma - Some Relief by Dorothy
Hiking shoes by Jerry C S
1 year post planter surgery by melanie
1 year post planter surgery by melanie
b12/folate by lynn
Hillary's Brother in doo doo by larrym
all the latest news about asthma by Erinlee
deformed foot by Glenda J
SDO trial by Dr. Z
Dick Cheney grins about oil. by Tim M.
Athletes with PF by BrianG
25 Rules for being a Good Republican by Denise
BITE BIOFIT 2T shoe by GolferinMD
Another golf related question by GolferinMD
another disappointing app. by LindaW
surgery maybe needed by Vicki
10 Good reasons to vote liberal democrat by Denise
Surgery? Options? by Jen M
please help, burning feet by michaelj
achilles tendonitis by jim
oh, it's peace not apartheid by scott r
Quick Update: Goodness, I have been so busy! by MariaM
Cyrosurgy in Texas by Don L
any hope for fat pad atrophy? by tb
what can be seen w/a mri of the feet by april m
Peace Movement hurt by Jane Fonda by Kathy G
How much of a mark up is ok? by Ralph
Night splint chafing? by Kelly C
great site for Bush bashers by larrym
ART/Has it made anyone worse? by Theresa
Ankle fusion vs replacement by peggyl
How To Tell Republicans From Democrats: by Denise
Hypoglycemia and foot pain by Jo
tarsal tunnel - home ultrasound by tb
Warning: Beware The Toilet In Japan by marie
Desribe the heel pain by Lara
ankle and foot pain by james correll
what has helped... by Jana
Jeremy by Anne S.
Kerry joins Iran at Anerica bashing fest by Dr. Ed
Mark Daily killed by IED in Iraq by Dr. Ed
What really happened in Yugoslavia... by Dr. Ed
Chronic post surgery pain by malgosb
Marie by Dorothy
Surgery at a Dellon Institute by Ralph
moral conundrum by larrym
recovering from tarsal tunnel surgery by HC
3 Helicopters lost in Iraq since Jan 1 by john h
heel cups, arch supports ?? What has worked?? by Linda D
My turn to whine.... by Kate
Eventually able to Stop using Splint? by Roger
Eventually able to Stop using Splint? by Roger
What has it cost you? by Bob J
Air America losing Franken by larrym
This could be helpful? by kate
Semi Rigid orthotics vs. harder plastic ones by Theresa
To Mike D./Any progress with feet? by Theresa
Big toe pad by William C
Questions re TTS and PTT by JohnA
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics have helped me by Gene
Question - Dr. Wander and others by SteveG
foot pain by Rebecca D.
Radical Islam by john h
To: Jen by JB
Sen Biden racist attack on Obama by larrym
Question for Dr. Ed by Esther H
It is not just Americans by john h
Sesamoid by andyw
Driving after Kidner Procedure by jodi
Cortizone injection when seen the doctor by Tina M
question about daughter by sharonk
Contemplating Extensive Foot Surgery by GTree
unexplained golf ball sized swelling on foot by Zoey
prediction by scott r
neurontin? by HC
neurontin? by HC
Surgery and Cold Feet by Andrea
New York Area Ankle Specialist by donnas4girls
success rate of exogen 4000+ by Jon D
Anyone have nerve damage after foot surgery? by lisan
Cryosurgery in DC by Cathy H
Average cost of custom orthotics by Steve
Foot Surgery by Mechelle
Surgery scheduled! by stacy1075
Anything else to try??? by cami m
cortisone shots?? by pato
A question for the doctors by Kelly L
If They Build It Someone Will Fly It by john h
mortons neuroma by Brian
mortons neuroma/protherapy by Brian
Brazile Thinks Gore Might Run by Denise
Shoe Observation - Naot by LaurieF
Mossad nailed Iranian nuke scientist by larrym
Quick question for Jeremy by DavidW
Post-op heel spur resection pain(x4 months) by AEM
Bilat TTS, heel spurs, and plantar fascitis by Deb C.
Kate are you o.k? by karen
Who has diabetes? by karen
neuropathy by TommyD
Sununu breaks track record....... by marie
tts surgery. by Hayes
. by Hayes
Orthotics Custom by Beryl N
PF in the news by Dorothy
Jeremy-Question-Vasyli orthotics by SA
question for Dr.goldstein on non union by Jon D
Achilles tendinopathy by Jan R.
The Walking Company Inserts by BenLee
Excellent video of Islamic debate by larrym
Topaz by Sharon B
recognize speech by Scott R
THAT'S IT I'VE HAD IT!!!! by stacy1075
Radio Host Michael Savage Joins Al Franken by marie
mcurnett....info please by Pat R
cheilectomy by Arby
yet another problem:ugh by LindaW
FIGHTING THE "BLUES" by sandra l
P:S: by sandra l
Has anyone tried Mephisto shoes? by Mike D.
Update on pelosi's greedy plane demands by larrym
Jay Leno, Letterman, Etc. by john h
Possible Chrisman-Snook 2 weeks away by Kate
DRX 9000 by JimM
severe heel pain after TT surgery by HC
Jimmy Carter...at it again by larrym
Question for the Doctors on RSD by jim
83 by dr g.
Marie, how is your nephew? by Kathy G
ESWT for fluid retention? by maureenr
shoe inserts by schmuttis
john h and huckabee by Dorothy
John H and Huckabee by Dorothy
john h and huckabee by Dorothy
SORRY!! SO SORRY!! by Dorothy
PSSD? by Suzy D
To Suzy by Ralph
Cortisone shot by Jade
Gastroc recession by Impressed
John King-How are you doing? by SA
Second surgery Scheduled? by mcurnett
Triple Arthrdesis by DML
Know Them's posts by scott r
Need Shoe Recommendation Have TTS by april m
Letterman Humor by john h
Accessory Navicular / PTTD by TAP
FHL FDL neurits chronic? by Sparano
93 by Dorothy
heel spurs by gail
Does anyone want to hear my crazy story? by Ginny
How 12 Billion Dollars Vanished in Iraq by marie
Recovery after Surgery by Sarah
t by scott r
Obama by marie
To Everyone by Ralph
Patients Complaints About Doctors by scott r
anterior compartment syndrome after epf? by dr g.
Understanding TTS by Amanda
Also new to TTS; seeking advice by CatherineS
Triple Arthrodesis by DML
Broken Heel develops Bone Spur by Terri
1st MTP Fusion by Chewlet
Dixie Chicks Up For Album of the YEAR by marie
To Dr, David S. Wander Triple Arthrodesis by DML
foot injury by margarita
Bilateral Big Toe Implant Surgery by Terri
Arches cramping when I swim by Terry M
Kate; how are you doing? by LindaW
James Watson (DNA dude) speaks out by scott r
ESWT Information by Angelasand
Linda by Kelly L
I have never been this busy in my life... by MariaM
To Jen by SA
TTS and Cryosurgery by Jo
To Ralph by Kathy G
UGH! by mcurnett
Ruptured Plantar Fascia by Hazel
Ralph? Who or what is he? by curious
We're finally going to get some snow! by Kathy G
question for DR Goldstein by jim
Neurontin and TTS by Amanda
Obama drug use by larrym
Abraham Lincoln's birthday by Dorothy
big toes by jenny
Endoscopic plantar fascia release by smcatharine
Stitches by JB
MORTON'S NEUROMA by nedsandoval
Hey Geri, where you been? by mcurnett
herniated cervical disk by lorraine c
Disappointing Morning Surprise by Yanni
To Ralph and Everyone!! by Hope
heel spurs by pipino
heel spurs by pipino
bone to pick with anti-evolutionists by Scott R
To Dr. Ed by DML
foot pain that seems unexplained by Carolyn M
foot pain that seems unexplained by Carolyn M
Obama slams already starting from DOWD!!! by larrym
Pain in feet by ChrisW
Question regarding sutures by JB
The Arts + Social Commentary 101 by marie
To Scottr on Valentines Day by john h
Dixie Chicks by john h
TT Pain Free Day - a declaration! by Kate
radical metarsal surgery due to severe RA by sheila p
Our Troops are not political chew toys by marie
Neurontin and TTS by Amanda
Boards attached to feet! by mcurnett
Newly Discovered Anne Frank: Otto's letters by marie
Political Board by Kathy G
To Hope by Ralph
Any Dr. please look at these MRI results by AEM
Brooks Ariel Shoes by Lisa
An interesting perspective on Obama. by Dr. Ed
warning judy by Scott r - moderator
new moderator: Dr Wander by Scott r - moderator
Winter wonderland question by JG
I think that I am starting to get nervous by Kate
Cryosurgery for neuroma by DP
Brooks Radius? by SA
Neuroma / Ganglion Cyst by TAP
TTS diagnosis, but pain is in outer ankles by LauraK
tts surgery. by Hayes
test by Dr. David S. Wander
Would Federalism work in Iraq? by marie
confused about orthotics-help, Jeremy by Julie B.
For Dr Z re: ESWT for fluid retention by maureenr
RSD by Jillian
GOP Losing Ground Over Iraq by marie
Muslims Cutting little Childrens Heads by Denise
investments by Scott r
Are Cortisone Shots worth it? by Jade
The first TT Pain Free Day was a success by Kate
Heel Spur by Beach
War Tapes by Denise
Video Israel Doesn't Want You to See by Denise
Software frustrations by Dr. Ed
video, proud warriors of Allah by larrym
PF & LAS VEGAS TRIP by sandra l
To Hope by Ralph
Massage Therapy by S Martin
We lost by Scott r
To Hope by Ralph
tts surgery. by Aaron
bone spurs by Denise Gillen
Plantar Fascia Release Surgery by Tina U
Scartissue by John
foot by dchernock
orthospec by Dr. Pearl
Which New Balance shoes are best for PF? by Todd
ESWT question. Help :( by Keti
torn tendon surgery by Pam
Is there a foot counterpart? by Ralph
Brooks Ariel by Amy
John Howard stays the course: by Dr. Ed
Muslims blow up over 20 bombs in Thailand by larrym
To Dr. Ed by DML
Achille's tendon reflex by Julie B.
Achilles Tendinopathy help please!!!! by Amy
PF pain returning in pregnancy? by rekha
Getting close! by stacy1075
To Everyone, Subj:Dr Kiper's SDOs by jim
Thinking of another shot, advice please by Esther H
TTS surgery a Success by Nicole
Can you believe this! by mcurnett
Extreme foot pain need help for cure by Dupont1
Odd reason for tarsal tunnel by Kara
Seeking YOUr help :) by Craig
Researching DRX 9000 by REilly
Obama panders to Hollywood by larrym
Right Wing Organization We Need To Watch by marie
Continued Heel Pain by TAP
Ralph by Dorothy
GOP Donor Up On Terrorist Aid Charges by marie
Clinton Urges Iraq Pullout begin in 90 days by marie
trauma-induced PF? by jumpingmatt
Jeremy - A Question by Dorothy
ankle surgery by clark
tts/vericose by tts/vericose
Hate Site by Conservatives by marie
Sorry Ralph by Hope
Considering ESWT by tiff
Herniated discs by Lisa
Palestinian and Israeli Radio Connection by marie
Rock on Al by marie
Injured Foot by PrototypeV
PSSD by Julie
Question for Doctor Ed by josh s
UPDATE on EPF surgery by Sr. Mary Catharine
Ionophoresis by Angelasand
My husband's unsuccessful surgery by Erin
Endoscopic Surgery by tlr
The orthotic trial by Ralph
Unresolved foot pain by David K
Migrating foot pain by budappraiser
Little Birds by marie
Massage & Ice by MassageGuy
I had ESWT done by Michelle
coalition by Sara G
Scott, science support circumcision by larrym
Oh, they're like Crocs! by mcurnett
what happened to DMSO roll-on by LV
All systems are go for Monday surgery by Kate
Romney has a great idea by larrym
The uncounted American casualities in Iraq by marie
Bilateral foot pain by Terri
having tarsal tunnel by pcoleman
Birkenstocks for Plantar Fasciitis by Jennifer
onward christian soldiers.... by Scott R
Osteochondritis Dessicans of Right Talus by Amy W.
Kate: Happy thoughts sent your way. by karen
Good luck to all who are having surgery soon! by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Economics 101 by john h
Rice Like Obama by marie
Need a Dr. recommendation- S.F Bay area by rose
John H by Dorothy
healspurs by con d
cped vs podiatrist by jasons
New shoes for all my TTS friends by Kelly L
MortonsFoot.com by jasons
PTTD / Accessory Navicular by JuLeen
Sore Feet on the bottoms by Nancy
Kudos to C.Peds by Julie B.
hmmm what does this mean?? by lynn
planter fasciittis open surgery 32 month ago by raymond
32 month old planter fascciitis open surgery by raymond
Cysts in my tarsal tunnel by tmgumball
question about New Balance1122 by F.S.
Insurance won't pay for orthotripsy by Michael
.preemie baby girl, 2 yrs old. by Doris B.
was preemie baby by Doris B.
Bilteral Toe Implants by Terri
side effects from cymbalta by LindaW
Al Gore's dirty energy secret....TRUTH by larrym
Just found this board! by Brian W.
???????? by mcurnett
stretching by jasons
Alive and well after surgery #10 by Kate
Shoes for Tennis by Vern S
Pelosi already failing campaign promises by larrym
Neurontin use and EMG/NCV by Julie
heel spur pain--surgery suggested? by Deanna
open plantar release surgery by Tina U
Had Surgery This Morning! by KatK
CPed by sandra l
lyrica by sherry
question about the PSSD test by F.S.
Dr Wander(Sesimoids) by jim
What's going on in the stock market? by marie
low arch by jasons
RSWT vs ESWT by BMiler
air france thwarted hijack by larrym
Barefoot Science Inserts by brian k
Taxpayers fund Kent St terrorist by larrym
Hard Lump On Foot by momof2nicks
welcome to ala-ssippi by scott r
How long? by Ralph
To Ralph by Hope
Osteochondritis Dessicans Rt Talus by Amy W.
A Quote for You by Dorothy
Where are we? by Dorothy
Best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis by Kayp
IFC by sandra l
austin 900# lady by know them
Bob Woodruff's show by Kathy G
Looking for ortho/podiatrist in Boston, Mass by AEM
Would a doc please read this? by Kate
Heel Spur or Achilles tendonitis by FlynnM
post EPF surgery update by Sr. Mary Catharine
Video of voter fraud in Fla ? by larrym
FOR DR. g by For Dr. g
Sounding more alarms by Dorothy
95 by dr. g
Arch muscle support? by KellyC
Make time to read by meg s
larrym by jim
self-terrorising in gaza by scott r
In terms that I can understand by DML
Sesmoid Fracture by rileyb
Bus Accident by marie
tts surgery. by John
severe heel pain by kateb
There's one in every group... by Kathy G
GPS system by Ralph
The End of The Conservative Movement by marie
Over Did It - Do Not Recommend by mcurnett
LED lights by scott r
Linda by Kelly L
Question about Cavitation and ESWT by Confused
Another quick update! Hi everyone! by MariaM
Please take a look at my previous post? by mcurnett
Diagnosis of TTS by CatP
Family to Understand???? by mcurnett
To John King by Theresa
Cuboid pain makes orthotics intolerable by Lakemom
Post TTS Release SX and physical thearapy by Kris C
Brownback ascending... by Dr. Ed
Pain Management?? by mcurnett
Earth Shoes to Jeremy...Come in, Jeremy. by Jamie
Why? by Ralph
gangolin cyst on top of right foot by may
I was fitted for orthodics today by Todd
PF as an Autoimmune Disease/ Arthritis by HilaryG
Large bump 6 months post gastro. resection by A2063
postop update by terbear
Last post! by stacy1075
Casting for orthotics while standing up?? by A2063
Tingling Toes at Tarsal Tunnel Release by Rosie A
EMG/NCV vs. PSSD by Julie
JAMA looks at calorie restriction by Scott r
swollen foot by becca l
Ankle question? by Hope
the correct shoes? by Tammie B
What no Libby verdict discussion? by marie
excercise by Austin
Shoes - Crocs by DeborahL
How is everybody doing? by mcurnett
Light Therapy Post Polio Patients by Sunshine1
Chronic Post Surgery Pain by malgosb
Radial Shock Wave by BMiler
foot surgery or kill the nerve by shelly
Incision sites - 6 weeks post op by mcurnett
Calf flexibility vs. toe flexibility by Glenn
Conservatives answer this....... by marie
Oh cool Fox Sports.... by marie
Lump/Pain outside of heel by bmg
Will America take up the Gates challenge? by marie
orthospec vs ossatron by rose
Surgery is over by stacy1075
Pelosi to make anouncement later today by marie
Bush tours Latin America by marie
Waldies by KellyC
What color cast should I get tomorrow? by Kate
Karl Rove by john h
hi Lisa by sara d
80% drop in insurgent hi-jinks by larrym
80% drop in insurgent hi-jinks by larrym
foot problems by denverdave
NO imaging with orthospec by know them
severe pain by malgosb
Lisa n Ralph n Catherine n Sara by Suzy D
heel pain/spurs/plantar fasciitis by BethA
Arkansas Pulaski County School District by john h
Re-assessment of Vitamin D needs by Dr. Ed
Do Birkenstocks help with PF? by PFsufferer
Morton's Neuroma; Surgical Options? by Tabathagk101
Obama pay parking tickets by john h
To Ralph and Lisa by Hope
Tinel's sign and significance by Amanda
Coulter Braces For The Storm.........maybe by marie
anyone try a nerve block first? by dawnl
Put TTS on the map! Spread awareness by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
DR Z by know them
Are Comfort Sko worth buying? by jassol
Hillary sings: Look away Dixie Land by Dr. Ed
where to get lediodes in different colors by joys
TTS & Beautifeels by calla
I'm breaking the rules! by marie
I had ESWT in Sept 2005 by Denise
hallux rigidus by penelope
Helping Disabled Vets by Dorothy
what is pssd? by jassol
PF release complication by Lori
What causes tingling/numbness in feet? by Chloe
Cleveland Clinic by D.
Any ideas what may be wrong? by Linda
plantar fibroma by LF
What causes tingling/numbness in feet? by know them
summer shoes for plantar fasciitis by deneen c
Orthotics and leg cramps by Phil
You need to watch "The Secret" DVD by Oma Z
i need help, i dunno what to do. by james e
Good days and bad ones by Julie S.
We're all here! - Re: I dunno what to do by mcurnett
What to expect after surgery? by smokeandashes
Cryo for Arch Pain? by HilaryG
Harry Belafonte audio, one angry dude by larrym
Harry Belafonte audio, one angry dude by larrym
I need a metatarsal lift support by Todd
another question, cortizone shot by james e
EMG/NCV by Julie S.
I had ESWT in 2002 by SusanS
Terry Schiavo's brother endorses Brownback by Dr. Ed
Doctor released me, now what? by Mary G.
Navicular fusion surgery by Timron
Tinel's sign after ankle bruise by J.
Flip-Flops for PF Sufferers by Yanni
fractured foot by Amy
foot pain by Marym
ankle fusion by 2005redsox
High Arch Support Shoes by SherieS
feet pain by Jean
Social Security Disability? by mcurnett
PF pain for months by Mattpat
Apophysitis? by Kelly L
to Dr Z and other docs by know them
Refered pain in Planter Fasciitis by Ben M
What's with these vets attacking vets????? by marie
mri results by ingrid
Third world ESWT? -- Question for know them by Dr. Ed
SDO - 3 weeks into my trial...long post by Roger
For those reading about orthotics, and SDOs by Roger
tts surgery. by Heather
tts surgery. by Heather
A couple of LINKS by Dorothy
Calcaneal Apophysitis by Beth S
Barefootin' by Dorothy
Equipment by Jared
nerves by John
frustrated!!! by Lisa
Shortest cure so far! by KellyC
Plantar fasciitis pain by Mattpat
peroneal and tibial sesimoids. by Jim
Republican Humor by john h
James - Is today better? by mcurnett
Social Security question - please read by Esther H
calcaneonavilcular coalition in the adult by Rebekah Chaney
What's in the mix? by Dee
DR.G. by John
amputation for foot arthritis?? by donovan
Sandals/dress shoes for metatarsalgia by Julie B.
Valleix Phenomenon and TTS by Laurie
orthotic questions by theresa g
Lost my job by LindaW
Haglund's Deformity Sugery by JamesF
To Dr. David S. Wander, by Anthony W
Superior Extensor Retinaculum Inflamation by SEM
Any doctor please ans. by John
ttsand midial nerve by John
Unsuccessful neurectomy by Peggy B.
no feeling by ik
powersteps and athletic shoes by marie
I really need help. Swollen heel. by MariaM
Happy St. Patrick's Day by marie
Recoverying from Tarsal Tunnel Surgery!! by Nancy
Tarsal Tunnel and Tibial Nerve by Laurie
Long time no see. 10 months Post op by Monica
Please help by Tracy T
To Helen K. by Laurie
Infected, swollen, please help by stacy1075
Feet fatigue/tired; PF? by EKC
PF pain for almost a year by Mattpat
1993 by john h
Question for Dr. or anyone in the know by JC
Jeremy, what about Chaco sandal's heel pitch? by PJ
FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death by Denise
os trigonum by dancer
BURNING FEET by shughes
lump on tendon on bottom of foot by Lynn R.
Kirsten Powers blog....just love it! by marie
My PF Cure! by Olafv
Encouragement by Bob G.
Optical Casting by Dr. David
TTS by Sylvia
PF for 3 years by ryan gr
77 by bnm
For Jeremy: running shoes for sprained ankle by J.
This or That by john h
Late news on Walter Reed by john h
surgery question by ryanc
What's the normal recovery time? by Kris
Question for the Dr's and Cped's by David D.C.
heel pain injections by Dee
A neat tax program that's free! by Kathy G
4 year old talent by john h
Who makes narrow safety boots? by Bill K
This is getting old by john h
multiple neuromas by Jim
swelling by angela
Cryosurgery by aleksan
What kind of ESWT machine did you use? by Shawn
pf by Jess
I am making progress with ART by lauriel
Is this plantar fasciitis? by tgw0501
mri results by james e
Hallux Rigidus by RYork
physcial theaphy by debra f.
ganglion (?) on top of foot by AnnieC
Warts on Feet by Bonnie S
Timing of Treatments by BMiler
Plantar Fasciitis by Bee
update religion of peace by larrym
Hope by Lisa
ostenil injections/chilectomy by Anthony W
PF by john h
drug company perks for doctors by Susan
What Branch by john h
Statins by Susan
Can PF lead to Tarsal Tunnel by Mattpat
epf in missouri by meghan
The Turkish Army Is In Northern Iraq by marie
Anyone had success with a Second Shot??? by Yanni
PF vs TTS? by Esther Weatherbee
97 by april m
gore refuses energy pledge...hypocrite by larrym
Welcome home dems by larrym
Help Please!!! by Nancy C.
News of the Weird by Jeremy L
Tarsal Tunnel Diagnosis by DinaB
Ankle pain with PF by Mattpat
Post Op / Modified Kidner by Juleen
1 day post op by kjewell
Jeremy -Aetrex by Amy
PF or nerve problem by Julie S
Tarsal Tunnel or neuropathy?? by wannabewell
A Soldier speaks by Dorothy
Any Dr.s please answer by Dee
Statistics of TTS by Laurie
I'm not going to be posting for a while by Kathy G
About laptops - any suggestions? by Kathy G
James - How are you? by mcurnett
Post op TTS by Mary G
Jog or not? by Cory
Heel Deformation by dave1974
sandals by SusieL
painless cleats by Danielle
Lyrica-anyone by Lisa
Sesamoid surgury: removal of fibular sesamoid by barrysanta
Drs can you tell me by april m
Naot by Stacy
Rat Poison in wheat gluten by SUSPICIOUS
Sleeping with the Devil by David G. Wedemeyer, D.C.
Not sure about new orthotics by Chloe
Courage and pain by SteveG
birkenstocks by marie
Jeremy by Amy
Wrong Diagnoses by Alta P
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