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message board roll-over by Scott R
RSD by Tracey A
My heels are killing me by Joyce S
Elliott...Why not a standing EMG? by Monte
julie by michael b
julie by michael b
Allan by john h
Cost of eswt by dave
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery recovery by Bob K
Movie stars or famous athletes by Monte
in defense of BG CPed by elliott
Acupuncture by Louise
Electroacupuncture VS Acupuncture by Kathy
bunion surgery by kathy
Help-first timer. by Lisa P
hey sean for my part i'm sorry about all this by paula
p,s, by paula
Glenn X: How are you doing? by Jan W
ideas for TTS web site wanted by Stevew
My heels are killing me by JoyceS
N'ice Stretch made my problem worse by Jay F.
Walking & Shoes by john h
Questions About Surgery - Please! by Ron B
TTS message board..ron B needs help by Carmen
Dr. Ed by D.Thomas
To: Nancy S. by Necee
for Necee and other bird watchers... by Suzanne D
Break in period for Orthos? by Mahatmelissama
Thinking of you, Laurie... by Suzanne D
used night splint? by paula
so many paulas by paula
Dr.'s by Carmen
Surgery Advice by Christine F
Thanks for including my picture, Scott! by Valerie S
Question for all of the doctors... by Crystal S
Feet Vibrating by D.Thomas
icing by Nicole K.
Dr. Ed or Dr. Z by Josh S
Rate your Doctor by D.J.
Me not reading messages by Scott R
Anybody cured this problem successfully? by Lisa P
Surgery Option by Pam B
Greetings - and an extra note to CarlW by wendyn
Heel Pain by Carol F
some more thoughts about driving people away by paula
swollen arch by Melanie P.
Carmen having a FIT over POD's office! by Carmen
Necee's Birthday by Maureen S
Tendanitis in ankle by lindy t.
PF epidemic/Bay Area ESWT?/BS reimbursement by Larry H
Types of physical therapy by Renee H
Carole C., how are you? by Suzanne D
It's good to no you are not alone.... by Christy D.
leg length discrepency adjustment by Sandy H.
really bad days after really good days by rebecca h
I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!! by Laurie R
What has this site become? by Dan L
Ick blah poo by Carmen H
foot pain by ginger walton
dr ed by paula
Re: by Carmen H
Suzanne by Carmen H
heel spurs by JERRY B
...thoughts on getting along by Suzanne D
trying to understand my feet... by Suzanne D
julie by paula
assatron by denise f
PTTD and Surgery by Charles C
Help ..need ideas by Liam
An unfeeling arrogant Orthopedic Specialist by Kathy G
new jersey and nancy by paula
exercise by paula
julie by rebecca h
Ruptured Plantar fascia by Kathy D
weird isreali mine boots help us? by paula
Dornier got FDA approved last week by Sue M.
Jade by john h
what is this treatment: NSAIDS? by bob n
childs foot pains by Heather E.
night splint and heel lift question by paula
Spousal support by Kerri P
Thanks for noticing me by Valerie S
Free Birk Inserts by john h
Suzanne by Carmen H
Off I go... by Carmen H
heel pain by stella h.
Just got back from picking up orthotics by Carmen H
Products & Services & Advertising by John h
How about a regimen trial? by Monte
New orthotics question by D.Thomas
Report by Mahatmelissama
New Birkenstocks, and Suzanne, Thanks!!!!! by Carole C
Heel Spurs....??? by Barbara J.
auto immune? by paula
hey monte by paula
"fake" Birks? by JoAnn Fl
Floridas vs Arizonas by Carole C
The answer to the Economics problem by alan k
Running and heel pain by Angela J
Can I make a suggestion by Monte
PF pain and other illnesses... by Suzanne D
Michigan temperature conversion chart by Valerie S
Mayo Clinic by Renee H
birkies take the plunge by paula
after surgery by barbara m
REPLY by barbara m
Plantar Fasciitis by ellen F
also other treatments by barbara m
Pain behind toes by Jen S.
ESWT and Horses-Docs? by Carmen H
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis by Jean M
flat feet, fallen arches, what helps??? by Mike
5 weeks post op - now ankle pain! by Sarah T.
Wet Feet by Laura T.
New to foot problems, question re diagnosis by A Clark
foot pain after ankle fusion by carolyn o
Big Toe Pain by Deborah F.
Doctors...? on new orthotics. by Carmen H
Random Thinking by john h
surgery by Wayne H
PF surgery locations and success stories by Mike S.
Judy and Thermostats by john h
Surgery- by Gail B.
surgery by Gail B.
Little Girls by john h
sit on a ball? by paula
post-op 10 weeks by wallyh
I am scared....... by raving_cutie
Who owes the company Dornier ??? by DR Zuckerman
persistant foot pain by Margaret M
Surgery or ESWT? by Paula S
Night Blooming Jasmine by Carole C
Autoimmune? by A Manoli MD
possible achilles tendon injury? by ellyn c
rocker boot? by paula
Cheaper new balance site cheap shipping too! by Carmen H
wide shoes by GS
extra wide shoes by GS
Carmen, I forgot to ask... by Carole C
Glenn X by Carmen H
Julie/Nancy S and Ducks by John h
arch supports by Karen R.
Dr Z Dornier charge? by Bill E
Birthday thoughts by Carmen H
Alternative treatment? by NancyH
Trip to Dr. Z's for more zaps by SteveP
Laurie, by Tammie
Shower Shoes by Carole C
Ducks by JudyS
North Face Targas by rebecca h
Went to Wal-Mart and it doesn't hurt !?! by Carole C
MRI diagnostic ability? by Gregg W
Hi , I am still here ... by Laurie R
Read message by Marie P
morning pain by Marie P
to Scott R and Nancy N (exercise ball) by elliott
...finding out flu is something like PF! by Suzanne D
tilt board by paula
after surgey by barbara m
Shoe question by Monte
Welcome forgetfulness by Julie
PF....interesting observation. by Normb
has either of these ever happened to you? by elliott
achilles tendonitis by paula
Birkenstock Website by Danielle L.
Elliot - More Questions & Direction by Ron B
Flash card reader....... by JudyS
ankle (fractured) by Emily Perez
Is it me? by JudyS
How many cortisone shots? by Paula S
Another test? by Monte
Adjusting Birkenstocks by Carole C in NOLA
Foot Pain Identified by GaryZ
scraed to find out! by dora
Burning, Tingling and Aching Feet by LorieB
Night Splint Use by rich
Osteoarthritis by Analyn B.
back of heel pain, won't go away by DougF
Searching for some info please by Mike M
Joining the club... by rich
Ice scrapers....... by JudyS
To Tammie by Pauline
Post ESWT 2 days by John M
new pics by Scott R
Foot pain after exercise by BartS
Heelspurs.com medical bookbag? by D.J.
TTS/PF by Jana
agoric systems by scott r
Ruptured Archillies by Bede J Drieberg
aftre surgery by barbara
Recovering from Tarsal Tunnel Surgery by Beth D.
North Carolina Girl by Carmen H
ESWT in Australia? by Matt W
EPF vs Minimal PF release by Mike S.
I am doing better! by Mahatmelissama
Exercising with heel pain and other questions by Judith A.
ESWT vs. EPR by Steve M
Orthotics Question Again by D.Thomas
Dr Z and Dr Ed by Carmen H
2nd toe joint pain by Freddie V. Smith
Pain by Roger f
What data has Healthronics collected already? by Pauline
Pauline/eye problem by John h
Q esp for docs re: TTS and irritating shoes by elliott
one foot longer than the other by Pat M.
othotic by paula
Shoes/Dr. Z/Richard/Anybody by john h
ESWT Feb 5th by Monte
update on me - had my 6 wk post op visit by Sarah T.
Me the snowboard instructor...again by Jane
Need Ossatron recs--please help by Melissa A
hey john h by BrianJ
calling the docs...see message below (nm) by Carmen H
Doc question: Longterm use of ankle brace? by Beverly
Free Orthotics by Victor M
Medrol Dose Pack by PerryS
Doc question...Night splints by rich
beverly, about your ankle brace? by nancy s.
is it possible to over stretch? by dora
Tammie by elliott
TTS diagnosis turned out to be beriberi by Shelley G
Rebecca H., how are you? by Suzanne D
cortisone injections by Brenda B
cortisone shots in both heels by mik w.
Grandma's Shoes by John h
fractured metatarsel? by Danielle O
discalced by paula
Congratulations New England by wendyn
One foot or two? by Mary
Searching for alt. treatments. by Rich R.
Shane, I left something out by Shelley
I Think I Already Know the Answer by Jack W.
missing child...... by JudyS
Wed is Surgery day by Pam
Ruptured Plantar Fascia by Kathy D
Ruptured Plantar Fascia by Kathy D
recurring tarsal tunnel pain after surgrey by Brenda M
ESWT - how many sessions? by Louise
Baxter Report by BrianJ
PF humor........ by JudyS
Having Surgery..Any Advice or Tips? by Ken A.
Standing exercises question by Sandra
Doctor referral/recommendation?? by jdimiceli
power step inserts by Jeff B.
Just got home from 1st ESWT by monte
Had ny 1st ESWT Treatment by monte
Better with time???? by Christine F
accpuncture for pf - does it help the pain? by dora
Re: by monte
SSI or SSD questions.... by Crystal S
I need legal advice!! by ryah h
heel tumor by EileenW
SAS Shoes by Mary L
maybe it's the shoes, not the orthotics by elliott
Congratulations New England! by Necee
Big News Story in Texas! by Necee
Heel spurs by Wendy
Elliott Help me find by Tammie
New pain associated with PTT? by Jean M
HUGE sale at Walking Company by Carmen H
dress shoes for a pf sufferer? by sam c.
Doctors by Carmen H
To Ron Please read by Laurie
HUGE sale on Walking co. shoes by Carmen H
Any one have Dr. Kiper's SDO Orthodics? by Henry C
Help!! by Ken A.
FDA & Dornier by John h
Would like doctors opinion on Dansko Shoes by rebecca h
Snowmen** by Necee
heel pain by kim m
achilles tendon problem by Bud W.
heel spur stopping me from pro football by Lori B.
Got my Footsmart Archbraces by Normb
ANIMAL Lovers please read by Carmen H
Computers acting weird!! by Necee
haglunds deformity by Bernadette W.
My dearest Elliott, by Tammie
uh, docs, about that 90% figure by elliott
Achiiles Problem by Lorrie
Seen primary today by Tammie
Plantar Fasciitis by Mike G
Sorry, not funny by Shelley
Ankylosing spondylitis by Julie
Horseback riding and heel spurs by Hill H.
Carmen by rebecca h
talked with dr. by barbara
poor shaq by Sandy H.
Laurie - Just for you... by Ron B
let it snow......... by JudyS
Minimal PF Release by Mike S.
Shape of orthotics by Renee H
My Pod told me..... by Carmen H
I'm enjoying a day off work!!!! by Necee
Dr. Z. or anyone else by cindyp
interesting read..... by Carmen H
metatarsal pain by chrisc
Hi there by Sebastian
Monte by Carmen H
2 weeks psot eswt by John M
posterior tibialis by Dawn M.
Web site for exercises... by Carmen H
A site with info on TTS by Carmen H
Tammie by Carmen H
Carole C by Carmen H
On relaxation to SteveW and Julie by wendyn
Carole C by Carmen H
Richard & Shaq by John h
post-surgery question by DW
Rebecca by Carmen H
hello this is carmens husband by Carmen H
Tammie, I did the circles on the foot diagram by Carole C in NOLA
Plantar fasciitus by John k
Walking on Concrete by Francis G
time off to heal by nancy o
Resuming activities by Lynn W-W
achilles tendon & calcaneus problem by John S
Success Story by Bob G.
To Janet C by Laurie R
Attn: Dr. Z!!!! by Carmen H
heel pain by Marci
Surgery Decision ?? by Gregory E Sturm
Presistent PF by John k
Ossa Tron by Sue B
calluses by Sylvia T
Julie, thanks for the poem... by Suzanne D
Paula, are you still walking in the pool? by Suzanne D
4 days post surgery by Pam B
Jose Olathabal/PF? by john h
I was just diagnosed with TTS!! by Tina V
Plantar Fasciitis and Multiple Sclerosis by Karen K
Repeat question...please describe by Carmen H
orthotics by Ross
I've tried everything! by Tammi Q.
To Tammie by Laurie R
pain on outer edge of heal by Debbie G
Worker's Compensation by John k
Success for Howard by john h
Burning feet by monicar
My insurance co paid by Carol
Dr. Reynold's Jade Cream by ScottW
Surgery Scheduled for the 28th by Ken A.
heel pain by Debbie W
laser surgery for plantar fascitis by barbarak
Tingling during dorsiflexion by Deanna B.
from one thing to another...Help! by Suzanne D
tarsal tunnel by Cathy M
Please does RSD mean it is in my head? by Tammie
howard by John h
question about foot massagers and heating by Lisa L
John H a peom just for you! by Carmen H
hello again by Tina V
Figure Skating by Necee
new bath mat by JoAnn Fl
To Suzanne--- How is the Bird population?? by Necee
3 Monthes post surgery by Anthony P
Hello everyone=( by Mike M
Mortons Neuroma and Heel Spur on same foot by Jack M.
Post of Visit by Pam B
STRETCHING - question to all... by CatherineL
Bone Spur of Back of heel by R. McGehee
cortizon shots by Bill C
tarsal cohesion by e wlcek
Calling Elliotttttttt!!! by Carmen H
how to u dx this rsd stuff? by Tammie
I will keep this short but TY by Tammie
walking on concrete followup by Francis G
There is a very successful solution to PF by Sean
*Valentine's Day* by Necee
I just had PF surgery!! by Carmon S.
Pain comes and goes by Jay C
Have I atrophied or do I have scar tissue? by Rudy C.
Don't count on it!!! by Necee
Is surgery really a bad option by Liz J.
its working for me so far by john
Valentines and Presidents Day Holiday weekend by Carole C in NOLA
Orthotics- Are they worth it for PT by SHIRLEY K
Pins and needles by monte
ESWT on the Local News by Glennx
Are certain foods to blame? by Susan D
ESWT - FDA versus non - FDA approved. by Joe T.
Elliott, and others post TTS by Maureen S
post haglunds deformity surgery heel pain by Ron A
unbelievable skating outcome! by Carole C in NOLA
New Plan by D.Thomas
Post- Op Day 7!!!! by Carmon S.
GREAT visit at the PT today by Carmen H
p.s. by Carmen H
Tips for new people- by Carmen H
ESWT in Atlanta by Carmen H
Question for Wendy (wendyn) by Carole C in NOLA
heel pain after exercising arch muscle by Allison S.
Night splints by John k
Found a new kind of shoe today by Shelley G
Yikes...posted to wrong board :+( by Shelley G
Dr. Scholls - - Suzanne, this might work by Carole C in NOLA
Hey Pam, Please read my post! by Carmon S.
Dornier epos visits Dr. Z in South Jersey by Dr. Zuckerman
When to start stretching and strengthening by Jody H
Anyone had ESWT twice? by AnnaB
slip on to wear with orthotics? by GS
For Suzanne - a suggestion by Kathy G
e-mail address to just one person by rebecca h
New sudden & very sharp pain by Ed C.
Please help - Thinking of going to Canada by Guy R.
My goodness....what's going on here?? by Carmen H
Contrast Baths by Carmen H
Julie by Carmen H
Dr.s by Carmen H
Bluegrass anyone? Suzanne? Wendy? by Carmen H
Fearless... by Suzanne D
My best friends foot..... by mrobison
raisins soaked in gin? by Bill D
Tammie by Julie
Complete rupture of achillies tendon. by Kathryn R.
Please STOP And Elliott DONT LEAVE by Tammie
Cooooooold Bath-You guys need help by john h
repost for docs.... by Carmen H
good picture of PF by Carmen H
Liz J Taping by Rick R
Good or bad results with ESWT by Linda A
Oscalsis by Moritz Percy
saw a new dr. by wendyg
post surgical pain by marlaine a
Wow! Rough Weekend?... by rich
tss pain by bill
Walking by John k
Feet Hurt by John k
Pains in leg ? by JoAnn Fl
A Most Unusual Event by john h
John, Nen and Judy... by Stephanie S.
Dr. Zuckerman - I need some information by Henry C
Uncooperative insurance by Maggie L.
Massachusetts Physicians by Mary Beth S
Metatarsus adductus by Marla Hammett
metatarsus adductus & gastroc equinus by Marla Hammett
heel pain by Pam B
Achiles Plantar Spur by Lynn L
going away for a ten days by DR Zuckerman
Very interesting website by wendyn
Love my Powersteps by Richar G
burning pain with tarsal tunnel by Katrina T
Plantar Fasciitis by Dawn Holmes
Good quote to ponder... by Suzanne D
Finn Comfort Shoes by Timk
Feet ache standing... TTS? by EKC
EPF Post Op 5 months; PF going away by EKC
Alan/Dornier Settings by john h
tts/surgrey 2/26/2000 by trish e
Neurologist in the Washington D.C. area by D.J.
Should I have surgery? by Rick
calcaneal spur by PERNELL GARRISON
painful foot!! by kenna t
Okay...everyone.... by Carmen H
Aaaaaah by Carole C in NOLA
Surgery Scheduled for March 15th...YEA! by Mike S.
fractured metatarsel by Danielle O
here I am again by Clara from Sweden
Another site to view... by monte
No PF for 8 months!! Feet feel great by Joe
Healing after Surgery by John k
One Week till surgery by Ken A.
Post Op Update by Pam B
heel bumps by Tom W.
What a Day! by rich
Ron? Did you see Dr. YU? by Tammie
Julie by Tammie
Question Dr.? by Tammie
Carole?Site did not work? Or I did it wrong by Tammie
Oh Canada by wendyn
Dear friends! by Clara from Sweden
"Good Feet Stores" by greg o
shoes for PF and heel spurs by Sara M
Inflamed bursa by Linda C
Wendy by Carmen H
Larry Bird by Carmen H
Healthtonics by dave
Link to Ann Landers site by Carmen H
Pain by John k
Is is time for PF surgery?? by Shane
Have you ever felt, by Tammie
Walking on Concrete by Francis G
as if one foot isnt bad enough by Anthony P
new balance shoes by Jane
do you have pf in one foot or both? by Jane
Plantar Fasciitis by Linda C
Has anyone ever tried a arthritis creme? by Jane
PF and Caffiene by Jane
Complications after surgeries? by Melissa V.
Complications after surgery for heelspur by Melissa V.
Achillies tendon by Kathryn R.
severe heel pain by john
The heel pain book - for Scott by Julie
SSD by John k
For Dr. Ed Davis, www.footlaw.com by BrianG
It's Been One Year Since Surgery... by Scott2
hi Dr Davis..question about diability rating by wallyh
thanks girls by john
Dr. Davis..one more thing by wallyh
I am thinking about you Ron B by Tammie
TO TAMMIE by Laurie R
Ice scrapers by adam p
Heel Spur by Norma
ESWT Possibly covered by Carmen H
Fasciculations with tarsal tunnel syndrome? by Rachel C
plantar fascitis and fibromitosis? by tj
Valerie by Carmen H
sudden lateral heel/midfoot pain by Karen T
Losing weight..has it really helped? by Jane
Laurie by wendyn
OK, True Confessions time..... (grin) by Carole C in NOLA
thanks by Pearl T
Powerstep by Phil L
foot pain by Tiffany Larson
Considering ESWT by Kim B
ANyone seen Dr. Dellon? by EKC
Need a good doctor - Go to Baltimore by Henry C
anti inflammatory drugs by Pam B
special birkenstocks? by Harry M
Ruptured achillies tendon by Kathryn R.
Looking for ESWT near Las Vegas by ShaneS
about ESWT by john
Recumbent Bike vs. Elliptical by Barb B
Different kinds of splints, casts, etc. ? by Dean H
plantar fasciitis by Donald C
PF SURGERY !!! by Mark
Thinking of you Suzanne by Necee
frature healing?? by Danielle O
Dixie Cup ice treatments by Carmen H
scheduled for surery by Jean M
Ruptured achillies tendon by Kathryn R.
ANYONE ever CURE PF????? by Mark
hello to everyone ! very cold here in Ky by linda a
Achillies tendon by Kathryn R.
Didn't I just buy a house??? help. by Carmen H
john h...what type of surgery by wallyh
Heel Pain by Karen K
Foot pain by Joe F.
EMG results were negative.!!!! by Tina V
seavers syndrome by Steve G
delay of ball of foot hitting ground by Sandy H.
chiropractors and footstrikes by Sandy H.
Nancy S. by Necee
2 days after by trish e
Heel spur by jojor
Doctors any input on the following article? by Carmen H
article by Carmen H
RonB's latest Dr. visit by eileenc
COVERED by Carmen H
Birkenstock dress shoes? by Dean H
North Face Targas by RACHAEL T.
Icing after ESWT by Gurudutt S
Nerve conduction studies by Sharon W
Quick question about nerves? by D.Thomas
New Night Splint $60 by Scott R
PF by John k
Cool Link for Babies by Richard, C.Ped
balls of feet by Donna
John H....how are you? by Cindy the reluctant Okie
tried new procedure for PF by Robert B.
tarsal tunnel syndrome by denise j
10 wks post op by Sarah T.
Laurie laurie laurie by wendyn
Johnh by AmyM
ball of foot by Donna
Please help!!!! by Kathryn R.
2 days post op by Ken A.
Anti inflamatory meds......2nd post by Pam B
Is Plantar Fascittis an injury by Troy
Re: by DR Zuckerman
Injection in my foot by Joe k.
Find a GOOD Aisian Medicine Doc??? by Mike S.
Re: by Carmen H
Rebecca by Carole C in NOLA
Phase 4 Orthotics - Comments? by Laurie G
balls of foot by Donna
pain by Carol
Re: by Carmen H
JOJO by Carmen H
mri results by wendyg
Tension on the plantar fascia by AmyM
Is it still planter fascia? by Kelli B.
Carole, Julie, Donna...shoes, knees and legs by Suzanne D
3 weeks Post - Op by Carmon S.
working on hard floors with PF by Paula L
Custom Shoes Questions by adam p
11 weeks post op--------- I FEEL GREAT! by Linda
hmmmm by Carmen H
When to start physio??? by Carmon S.
PF by sam s
Brian I need your help. by Kathryn R.
Pin Removal by Glenda H
Visitors by wendyn
BCBS Denial by Marc W
Boots vs. Athletic Shoes' by Rachael T.
Boots vs Athletic Shoes by Rachael T.
Olay/Ulay - attention Nancy N by Julie
Question for DR or anyone (TTS Diagnosis ?) by Tony S.
Direct connection between PF and TTS? by Sharon W
Cycling by Sandy H.
What kind of healing time did you experience by LoriH
breastfeeding by Erica M
Julie, Carole, Valerie...you spurred me on! by Suzanne D
PF Frustration by Missy
Travelling to Europe with TTS and PF by Sharon W
Trying to get caught up... by Necee
To Jean, **Lets talk antiques** by Necee
One week of PT by Ptrust
Suzanne by Carmen H
Crystal....JUST read your post by Carmen H
4 weeks post ESWT by Monte
1 month post op today by Pam B
Successful insurance appeal! by Karen K.
What are my options? by Nancy
Getting rid of Plantar Fasciitis by Clarence B.
Ossatron Training-beware by DR Zuckerman
Help John H by DR Zuckerman
Dr Z e-mail by Monte
Feet Hurt by John k
Timing for scar tissue forming post-surgery by Matt L
great slip on shoes by EileenA
Boots or shoes? by Sandy H.
Good luck, Janet S. by BrianG
surgery for long-term plantar fasciitis by Anne W
Sometimes I just feel like crying by Mahatmelissama
An Excellent Website by john h
Progress by Jean B
Jade Balm by Sally C
Update by Dennis B.
Carole, have you ever tried the Birk inserts? by Suzanne D
Help~~New Balance or what?? by Donna M
Laser Treatment for Heel Spurs? by Walter F
Alternatives by John h
left leg 3/4 inches shorter by Roberta C.
SAS Shoes are great for troubled feet by George
Tammie has new pic up by Scott R
pain in ball of foot by Mike
ESWT therapy versus PF release surgery by Trish W
Hello World!!! by RonB
Ankel pain, and Heel numbness by Joan P.
Birk Sandels by John k
Super Blue Stuff by Jon E
Knots on the legs by wendyn
Morton's neuroma by Lisa
Question About Hard Leather Sole Shoes by Tony S.
seavers disease by liz t
Update on achillies tendon by Kathryn R.
Considering PF surgery by MicheleC
in or outpatient heel spur removal by Ed W
Do i have TTS? by Hari
Miki T by john h
Achilles Tendon pain by Dave F
How do I find out? Med Malpractice. by Kathryn R.
New PT tool for PF massage by D.Thomas
Big Thank You To All Posters by Ardee W.
weird site...tons of PF posts though by Carmen H
The deep blue sea..... by Carole C in NOLA
TMJ by Valerie S
MOBIC!!! New Anti Inflam. by KimScott
Help!! by Pam F
Glenda... How is your toe? by Valerie S
Need Advice on casting before trying ESWT by Ardee W.
Need Advice on casting before trying ESWT by Ardee W.
Need Advice on casting before trying ESWT by Ardee W.
Sore today by monte
Off to Branson! by Suzanne D
Iontophoresis for Plantar Warts? by Brad D.
on my way to ESWT but I have a question... by Sandra
foot pain by Yvonne L.
Found new arch support........ by Donna M
Dr Z??????????? by Jen R
ESWT machine manufacturers by dan litvin
Removeable cast / moon boot by Nicole K.
My doctor talked me out of the ESWT :-( by Sandra
Chronic PF by Ron S
Help! by Mike S.
spurs of the calcaneus by Margo M
Scar tissue question by Matt L
HELP! I'm going to Disney with PF!!! by Paula T
What variables increase the success of ESWT by Shari G
shoes w/ removable insole by Betsy W
bunion surgey.... by Jessica
piroxican cream by Sarah B
Response from FDA by Scott R
lump on inside of heel by Wanda C.
confused about FDA approvals by Ardee W.
Thanks Marci by Kathryn R.
is it tarsal tunnel by LaVona J.
Cast for TTS? by Lisa H
1 year March 20 by Betsy
Brain by John h
9 weeks post TT/PF surgery by Missy B
Just out of curiosity.... by Carmen H
2 and a half weeks post-op ANY suggestions? by Ken A.
Bayshore by Scott R
Plantar fasciitis by Kathy P
Rear of heel pain, is it Plantar Fasciitis? by Ted V. Kremer
Factors for successful surgery by John k
Heel Fat Pad by EKC
Foot-poly by Scott R
Having Bunion Surgery by Mary
Let Scott work on your computer by Scott R
Tiny knot on bottom of foot by carol w
Exercising while healing? by Carol B.
Back early from the sea by Carole C in NOLA
ask not what you can do for your country... by Scott R
PF causing knee pain? by Dana L.
pinched nerve in foot by jean G
A Step Ahead really is a step ahead.... by Shane
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