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Image-guided surgery ?? by BrianG
calcium suppliments for heel spurs? by Marie C.
Need possible answer to foot pain by Kelley W
Itchy heel problem by Angela R
Wal-Mart on the weekend by Richard, C.Ped
SAS - A great company to work for!! by Aly
Old timer here by Carmen H
Cyrotherapy for pf by Dr. Z
Plantar Faciitis & LEDT by Steve S.
Observation by Pauline
Heel Spur removal by Sandra K
far infrared by markb
Burning in Arches with PF by Steve
Other causes of PF by Sher A
School Christmas Programs by Kathy in KY
Cortizone... by Lorinda N
Let's be careful out there by Scott R
cortizone shots by Dolores E Young
A question for Ellen by Aly
Will the REAL Doctor Please Stand Up? by Dorothy
not heel pain by Darcy
dr wander by QUINCY
Todays Laugh by John H
Cortisone Question by Dorothy
Stress fracture after tendon surgery by matts
bone spur on heel by Shale L.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! by Pauline
Front foot/Metatarsal region pain by Rachael T.
Steve G. by Rachael T.
Rachael T. by Steve G.
Metatarsal Region & front foot pain... by Rachael T.
Metatarsal Region pain...Richard Cped by Rachael T.
neurofibroma rt foot by gail g
Night splint & Morton's neuroma by chrisb
tts from taping? by joey glenn
Steve G. by Rachael T.
Steve G. by Rachael T.
Brooks (Steve G) by Ron B
Taping by Ron B
Happy Holidays& Update by Tammie
Dr. Z can you answer this? by Sara Y
Christmas Lights by Necee
Be Nice.... by Scott R
Age by john h
Long Toes by DeborahW
Chicken soup by Carole C in NOLA
To Julie re your recent response to Scott by Dorothy
6 weeks post 2nd ESWT and a ? by MollyH
just me checking in by bluestella
What did you call such a sack growing up by John H
your opinions pls by rsk
Seabiscuit question by Kathy G
Front foot pain/Metatarsal region by Rachael T.
Metatarsal pain & thoughts.... by Rachael T.
Helle Comfort by Romu's (shoes) by Molly H
Good news for Birkenstock fans - they're IN by Julie
Are both injuries related? by Cindy N
To Dr. Zuckerman by Pauline
Anybuddy try these foot spa's? by Liam
The best posts of the week by Scott R
Great product to keep surgery area DRY by Dave C
What are your favorite forums? by marie
ankle sprain by Lee
How Much Pain Are you In??? by Michael K
A cheering thought by Julie
To Scott by Pauline
Changes that have worked for me by Nigel
Back/Hip/Foot Connection by Joe B.
Carole, how were the lights? by Suzanne D.
Julie...... by JudyS
ESWT University Studies by Jane M
free Powersteps for the asking... by Suzanne D.
free Powersteps for the asking... by Suzanne D.
small miracles.... by marie
Jen L by Rachael T.
running realated plantar fasciitis by ilyas
To Dr.Z by Molly H
Severe Plantar Fasciitis by Pat S
Anyone ever on Indocin anti inflammatory? by Carolyn
Different symptoms? by Curt B.
Merry Xmas by john h
Surgery Jan.02, 2004 by jeff s.
Thank you Dr. Z by Carol D.
What's your favorite Christmas Movie? by Kathy G
EPF Recovery Time by Charles G
Suzanne D by Ron B
Should I pay for ESWT by Cameron H.
Merry Christmas to you all!! by Necee
merry xmas everyone by bluestella
Tape and other supplies by John H
leg pain by cooper
Snow !!!!!!! by Necee
check it out by Dan
Christmas by Necee
different kind of foot pain by jimmyr
TTS Syndrome by Rose
Christmas by JudyS
heel's spur laser treatment by octavian stan
heel's spur laser treatment by octavian stan
Wierd ESWT in Nicaragua by Helen K
Very hesitant-please help by Shelly S.
metatarsal stress fracture by Helen K
Stress fracture pain even in boot cast by matts
TTS sufferer, 4th yr after surgery by Mary
marie??? by bluestella
heel pain after EPF surgery by jenna
tss and rsd by cooper
Is there an end to plantar fasciitis? by jennifer w
Shelly S and Cameron by Ron B
How was Christmas?? by Necee
Handicapped Parking????? by Rose
heel spur by George C.
orbasone extracorporeal shock wave by nelson j
Vitamin C for pain question/success stories by Carolyn
I'm thinking of getting a kitten by Kathy G
heel pain by Lynn W
5wks & still in sever pain by Ashley
stitches by Faye J
massaging the tarsel areas? by Buck T.
a new shoe to tell about... by Suzanne D.
question about tts? by terry g.
marie quetion for you by qunicy
Almost 8 weeks post 2nd ESWT by Molly H
Post Op Pain by Victoria M
Strassburg Sock by Andy O
TTS and PT - anyone have success? by Debbie D.
MSM and Coenzyme Q10, I'm healed by Kathy L
Vacuum Cleaners HELP !! by Necee
achillities tendonitis by PAul W
Symptoms come and go by Jenean T
PF cast on foot by jen
Happy New Year by Lee
Heel cushions-- helpful? by Arthur K
Cats and vacuum cleaners by Ron B
dr wnder please by qunicy
2 Years After ESWT by Robyn C
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! by Necee
Tarsal Tunnel and Plantar Fasciitis Surgery by Cindy C.
My Doctor Never Told Me About ESWT-continued by Pat D.
Trying something else by Dorothy
entraped nerve by witten
Shields Of Strength by John H
First Things First by Dorothy
prolotherapy by Laura S
Dods and vacuums (again) by Ron B
Could pms hormones be causing my pf????????? by Heather
Don't even know where to begin... by WendyM
PF as a seceret weapon......... by marie
What brand of Coenzyme Q 10 ? by Kathy in Ky
Catching up...... by JudyS
Kathy - about cats by JudyS
cold induced nreve injury dr z or wander by quincy
Is this a new gimmicki? by Pauline
About all this house organizing..... by Kathy G
scar tissue by Robbin
The best to you! by Lari S.
German Birkenstock site by Lynda S.
wheelchair/crutches by jen
WOW! Such great reading... by Suzanne D.
John H! Calling John H! by Dorothy
complications arising from hammertoe surgery by maribeth
11 weeks post ESWT by cherlyn Z
Additional orthotics by Don J
I NEED ADVICE!!!!! by Shell D.
Damaged toe-nail matrix---possible to fix? by D
Thanks for your quick responses by Leah
Qustion for Carole of NOLA by marie
Arthritus / planter fasciitis/ calcaneal spur by Debbie P
Nancy S. by Julie
Diabetic Neuropathy by Dorothy
To Quincy by Pauline
Remedy for colic? by Richard, C.Ped
Foot sore by Gail D.
Tenotomy for hammer toes by Mike S
My New Years Message by Pam S.
Can I walk after EPF? by Shell D.
Can I walk after EPF? by Shell D.
plantar fasciitis and neurontin by terryg
sore foot by lindaT
stretched too much again for pf by Buck T.
one leg too long by donna s.
Husband heel Spurs-extreme pain x 5 months by Gina K
To Wendyn by Pauline
A little humor, for the teachers and mommies by BrianG
test by JudyS
Remodel photos by JudyS
Suzanne's cabin by Necee
sprain ankle by kellie
back pain still there by Barry W
To Rachel T by Dorothy
For Heather by marie
heel spurs by debbie f
3 weeks post-op TTS surgery by Tammy
cast getting loose! by jen
Kumfs: ? for doctors by Kelly
A new type of pain med, from snails !! by BrianG
Went to pt yesterday!! got in!!! by bluestella
Plantar Fasciitis recovery by Larry T.
MSM Tired Of the Pain by Michael K
Careful with yoga if you've had pf surgery by Buck T.
Birkenstock Shoes by Al
Cut back on sugar by Pauline
Diabetes News Item by Dorothy
Toe by Kim K
question by cfh
Diabetes - Something Else by Dorothy
Diabetes - Something Else Part II by Dorothy
OK..What ever happened to Melonie? by marie
Sale Pending sign going up soon by Kathy in Ky
To Suzanne and Kathy G and everyone else by Pam S.
For Carole C by wendyn
Haglunds Deformity by RickB
heel spur surgery by laura 0
tendonitits/tenosynovitis by PEYTON HARRY
heel pain by jim
another view on coffee ! by Ron B
What could it be? by Lori S
To Dr. Zuckerman by Jeremy, Kim
For Richard CPed by R C
Severe pain after hiking by Linda H.
Subtalar joint effusion by Juby
Weight by john h
Weight by john h
Doctors in Texas by Buck T.
When is surgery needed by Janet G
To Dr. Zuckerman--steriods & ESWT by Buck T.
full length varus wedges RCPED by James
To Dr. Zuckerman by Pauline
sore tender right heel.. by gary b
We have an option by Pauline
Heel pain and burning in both feet by Barbara B
Pain after surgery by MaryC
To: Suzanne D. by Necee
I feel down by Joan r.
PLEASE HELP! by Jeremy
Can surgery amke TTS symptons worse ? by Claire
Had PF surgery December 12th 2003 by Dave C
Dr Z ( calcium-citrate) by Ron B
long toes by maryd
Thank you very much for your concerns. by Jeremy
Why don't you check this web site. by Jeremy
Bunion surgery by Darlene
subtalar joint effusion by Juby
new x ray by jen
One Week Post ESWT by Holly H
Michael K pain management question by Buck T.
Asking doctors for help with pain by Buck T.
To Jeremy by Dorothy
Where to find aqua joggger? by Pam S.
BIG FOOT by Thabani
TO dr. Z by Nancy F.
Point of Injection pain by Lorinda N
For Dave C Post Surgery by Bud P
Will my plantar fasciitis come back? by Jeremy O.
dr z or wander surgical debridement by MEMI B
To one week post ESWT by Buck T.
Neurotin by john h
Wendy by john h
Pauline by Ron B
anti-inflammatories by ehren
warm/cold sensations by ehren
young folks with tts by ehren
MRI by Nancy F.
Need some recommendations for running shoes by francesc
Question re. Exercise Bikes by Aly
Just got my FootTrainers in by JamieS
scar from platar neuroma removal by carolyn s
scar from plantar neuroma removal by carolyn s
Plantar Fasciitis by Joann Walters
I was wondering how you actualy use the Tape? by Joan r.
Breaking in orthotics by Lynn M.
Ground Zero quilt by Necee
Top of foot pain? by Lynn M.
Leukotape by john h
Pain-Meds-Depression by john h
Ossatron vc Dornier Device by Chris vst
Exercise Following Surgery by Laura
Dr. Z by Pauline
big improvement 10 months post ESWT by Jeanne S
I really need some advice...PLEASE HELP! by LauraR
What a day by Joan r.
xray images ... how bad do these look? by Matt H
what about sonocur? by Dan D.
tts-what do i do? by ehren
Round three with the exercise bike by Carole C in NOLA
Heidi's first portrait! by marie
is it possible for an 8 yr old to have pf?? by Heather
tts by joy g
surgical debridement or tenosynovectomy by sammy p
Taters by John H
Just trying to catch up on his sleep. by Bob G.
surgery in 2 weeks by rsk
surgery questions by rsk
Achilles Heel Spur surgery by Sue T.
plantar fascitis/spurs by lilace p
Dr. Z (insurance) by Ron B
Impressions by Diana
fasciitis vs fasciosis by Jackie H
topiramate by John K
physical therapy by bluestella
Scuba Diving and PF by Anne H.
Scuba diving and PF by Anne H.
A Good PF Story (Fingers Crossed) by Rudy C
dr z where are u? by sammy p
Physical Therapy Questions.... by Rose
orthotripsy recovery by pennyh
eswt failed?? by Jeff
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Necee! by Suzanne D.
Two & Three Strip Taping by john h
cuboid syndrome by Jay S.
causes of TTS by lauriel
heel pain by Cheryl
Walking on the Sides of My Foot by Mary
Plantar Fibromatosis by Matilda G.
To Aly, Steve and Annette by Pam S.
stepped on cast ouch!!! by jen
Thx for your help, Julie by Pam S.
advise needed by Dave
gout by Mike B.
SDOs by Rachael T.
oops, I forgot by Rachael T.
Toes by Monty Jacobson
surgery by Kennedy Hospital
dr z Arizona Ankle Brace? by sammy p
onset of pain - slow or sudden? by anne
Help! Can someone give me a suggestion? by David K
Elbow Tendinitis by Chris T
Observation by Pauline
Taping by Ron B
heel spurs by Carol S
Back of the heels by Arlene G.
EPF surgery by Shell D.
How do you sleep with the night splint on? by francesc
Chiropractic manipulation of the foot/ankle? by edgar
loner second toes by pam w
No more medical treatment!! by bluestella
callous on metataursal by Ellen R
Feet by Julie
Patient assistance program for Neurontin by Mary
Dr Z by Ron B
SDOs by Rachael T.
yoga stretches by rekha
Captain Kangaroo died... by Suzanne D.
Healing time for one bunion, big toe size. by Phuong Le
eswt for post tib tendonitis? by sammy p.
To ESWT or not??? Seeking advice! by Mary R.
Anywears shoes cured me! by Lisa G
success butdiscomfortwhiledriving by carolyn
How far can you walk / stand ? by Pete R
Snow has changed to ICE by Kathy in Ky
To Ron T. about working in PT by Buck T.
still looking for a diagnosis by Debbie G.
SuzanneD by Ron B
To Wendyn by Kathy G
To Larry T -- working in PT clinic by Buck T.
sclerosing alcohol injections by Tammy S
Relapse Strategy by Robert J
Cold Laser Treatments for TTS? by Don S.
week 4 of cast by jen
Cold Laser Treatment for TTS? by Don S.
tumor regrowth by Locks C
Brian G. just catching up by Lynne C.
Help with Diagnosis! by Debbie G.
A funny story about computers you talk to by Kathy G
Pain near cuneiform, metartarsal and numb toe by Tashia B
burning by ehren
calling any doctor!:( by ehren
My insurance covered Eswt by Lauren
Local vs full anesthesia (Dr. Z or others) by Chris vst
shoes for PF? by Lisa S.
my first injection by anne
Thinking of Wendy today... by Suzanne D.
Post EPF surgery by Shell D.
success stories by ehren
PF, TTS and ESWT by Tera
Here goes nothing - going for ESWT by Colleen K
Sandals for PF? by Mary R.
Padding on top of orthotics? by Mary R.
Posting Guidelines by Scott R
Non-Surgical Treatment of Neuromas? by Lynn B
space occupying lesion doctors please by sammy p
We've hit the big time by Lari S.
retrocalcaneal spurs by Matt
plantar fasciitis by Linda
taking a short vacation- by Dr. Z
I saw some SNOW !! by Necee
New method of pain control by BrianG
shoes and PF by Lisa S
Julie -- what was your regime to combat pf? by Buck T.
big toe arthritus and spurs by charlotte j
type of doctor by stacey
sudden heel pain by Carol C.
incision troubles by Terri
Is it better to push or baby after EPF? by april l
ESWT todat by rsk
Socks by Carole C in NOLA
just bought anywear shoes by Ron B
Plaster Cast for TTS? by Debbie G.
US Marine with Neuroma by Eric
Diagnosed w/ PF & Heel Spur - need advice by Emily E.
For Suzanne by Julie
Success of Mike W's Foottrainer by sammy p
fracture right oscalsis by barb w
Hi again this week! by Rachael T.
Birkenstocks ? by Angie E
Dorothy????? by marie
heelspurs by Yevone L
Superbowl Sunday by Kathy G
Possible virus and what to do!!!!READ! by marie
ESWT sceduled for 2/3/04 I'm canceling now! by monica g
pain by sad lady
Ignore him by Mark L
True Facts by Mark L
True Facts by Mark L
Trainers / sneakers by Pete R
More effective Bromelain or MSM by sammy p
Can someone help sith explaination by David D.
ESWT Side Effects Questions by Lauren
pf and sesamoid pain-please advise by rekha
Dr. Z, Dan D & Others by rsk
A PAINFUL WALK :-/ by sandym
foot pain post ESWT by Anne D.
Even in football by Pauline
The Patriots Won the Superbowl! by Kathy G
Change my mind AGAIN...surgery tomorrow... by monica g
Subtalar issues by Steve M
Does weather changes seem to effect your TTS? by Ricky J.
Dornier with full IV by Chris vst
are orthotics equivalent to taping the foot? by rekha
Torn Fascia by Lorinda N
Dr z??? by bluestella
Going for 1st A.R.T. treatment today by David B
Necee...Suzanne, kathy, carol etc.thanks! by Carmen H
To Julie about yoga by Buck T.
What id dorsiflexion? by Buck T.
ESWT put off AGAIN... by monica g
complications post triple arthrodesis by michele g.
APMA and ACFAS Joint Policy Statement by Ed Davis,DPM
Thin heel pad tissue by niels l
still in cast by jen
curious about opinions on docs plan by Lorinda N
Supination and motion control shoes by Dara G
Dr Wander by sammy p
ESWT & Anti-inflamatory by rsk
recommended shoes by Anna V.
Numb big toe by Joe B.
NEW LOW CARB ORTHOTICS!!!!!!!!! by Richard, C.Ped
To Julie again about yoga by Buck T.
ebay users caution by john h
PF by Pete
heel pain by Kathy B
8 weeks post tts surgery questions by Margie B
A.R.T. what it is..... by David B
T To Ron B about yoga by Buck T.
An update on my sister by Kathy G
Calcaneal & Navicular bones by Pete R
Leukotape by john h
torn tendon by Deb D
ESWT & torn plantar fascia by Maureen W
TTS ?? by johnquil
new to me heel pain/whinning runner by LeeAnn S.
Water exercises for pf? by Buck T.
Jeff S....you out there? by Terri
TTS surgery and still feel pain by Christine S
Just had Dornier Epos (Dr Z. please see) by Will B.
Red Foot from TTS? by Debbie G.
2 Years post op and still in pain by Linda
Dr Wander could you respond to 2/5 post by sammy p
TTS and working poll by johnquil
soft shoe by Faye J
Heel Spur Toward The Achilles Tendon by Robert T
CT cream? by Barb L.
7 months post surgery by Rose
"medial calcaneul neuroma" by Jill
help to find a doctor by colleen P
numbness and heel pain after tts surgery by Margie B
New style - Birkenstock Architects by Kathy in Ky
Cramping by Terri
Stretching the Tarsal Tunnel by johnquil
Rigid or soft orthotics for tts? by Waycove
To Dr. Z. and Mark L. by monica g
1 Week+ Post Op - Calf Pain by Mike
7 months post surgery by Rose
PF and foot massage machines by MaryB
General Questions About Surgery by Steve
Fat pad atrophy by Terry D.
Birk insoles by Sher A
Rest as a treatment for PF by Kamal S.
thump and tingle - two types of pain? by anne
MSM...not helping yet by Judi S.
What to try next? by Steve R
Dr Wander or Z please by sammy p
Haglunds and ESWT by Jeff R
ankle movement by chrisb
Great News! by Terri
recovery time after heel spur surgery by Nancy B
complications afte heel spur surgery by Kim
TTS Surgery April 2002 by Barbara S
I've had sesimoiditis for a year and a half! by Amy B
Heel shock treatment "I need an answer by Sara Stevens
Vital copper therapy cream by ROMO
bonespurs by greg w.
To Dr. Z by R.T
tarsal tunnel help by Casey H
Lyprinol - Anyone tried it? by rsk
ankle pain???? by Rose
Taping by Sandy H.
Dr WAnder by sammy p
Windows Users by Kathy G
10 days after ESWT by rsk
1918 Flu Pandemic by Kathy G
flowers for the living... by Suzanne D.
JULIE by BrianJ
Walking again in a soft shoe by Faye J
Pinky Toe by Shari P
foot numbness by Gary B.
Severe Pain in the back part of the heel by BillB
ESWT by Sammy R
Question for Dr. Z. by Dan D.
Ankle Pain/Arch Collasping???? by Nadine
Dr Z & Others - EPF vs Open PF Release by rsk
more foot stuff..... by JudyS
High Arch support by m. davis
Spenco Orthotic by Will B.
Pilates helped me a whole lot! by Ricardo Lugo
When would you go back to work? by Jeff H.
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by John S
Rest -- can it fix PF? by Kamal S.
Socks and PF by AndrueC
really sore feet by marty y
heel pain by Anthony Salomone
Thank-You by Barbara S
news from Carmen... by Suzanne D.
For Dr. Z.....lateral column pain by Jay S.
Finally good news by Lari S
Plantar fasiities surgery by Cindy H
Richard, C Ped by Lari S
bite orthosport sandals and Superfeet by IanJ
Success Rate for Tarsal Tunnel Surgery by Anita R.
Does TTS ever subside without surgery? by Anita R.
Heel lift for tarsal tunnel ? by Lucy
Ballpark cost of EWST in Canada? by Steve
Neuroma Pain After Surgery by Diana
Ankle pain...TTS???? by Rose
TO LARRT T by Mark L
Plantar Fascitis by Donna O'Neil
Better every day by Terri
Dry feet & Chapping by Theresa G
Thoughts and prayers needed by Lari S
All Points Bulletin... by JudyS
Stiff feet by Pete
New Dornier Feature by Dr. Z
still in pain and swelling by bluestella
excruciating burning pain-what can this be? by rekha
For scottr by Julie
UPDATE by David B
Where are the board monitors? by Julie
Yippee!!!!!!!!! by Necee
cast or surgery??? by Deb D
Question on Orthotics by Bruce H
Surgery to remove scar tissue by Sherry L.
What does PCT on Mri indicate? by Lucy
Pain Medications by john h
Cure PF by John T
Question for John H. by Dorothy
Dream come true... so far! by Carole C in NOLA
Sound May Replace Cancer Surgery by Steve
Low vs High Energy? by Steve
Pes Planus or Plantar fasciitis by Horace F
Question for Hilary G. or Ali by Dorothy
pilates by sandy h.
best way to clean orthotics? by Connie A.
Heel Injury by Jennifer F
Heel pain only while standing by Pam R
ESWT 2 Years Ago by Robyn C
Scott R. by Dorothy
Big Toes Problem by Connie
Help...I see my surgeon tomorrow... by Rose
Richard cped please by SAMUEL C.
Nerve Block as Diagnostic test for tts? by SAMUEL C.
ScottR by Dorothy
Dr Wander or Dr Z. by Don S.
Who wants to be moderator? by Scott R
time for a joke by Bob G.
What - no Valentine stories?! by R C
arthritis after surgery by Lee
Hawaii..... by JudyS
What my new doc said by rsk
Doctor will not respond! by Elly
Good tennis shoes for pf? by Buck T.
question for Dr. J. Rompe by elliott
Worst after injection by Renee S
Heel spur caused by hammer toe by Jack A
Dr Z by lauriel
Still trying new things by Paul B.
To John T. by Dorothy
Dr. Z question by Wendy
New Moderator Dr. Z by Dr. Z
nancy.s: sciatica by elliott
Plantar Fasciitis near the ball of the foot by RonB
richardcped please respond to post on 2/17 by SAMUEL C.
HIGH ARCH FOOT PROBLEMS Richard cped please by KOBE
phase 4 orthotics by karl mann
Heat Treatment by Scott O
Referral by Terrance L Blazona
Brian or anyone by Tammie
Questions.... by Terri
An interesting article on pain by wendyn
More winter photos of Crete by Julie
Heal Pain by Mike P.
update on foot by jen
Neuroma between 1st and 2nd metatarsals by RonB
Can RSD Spread? by James
North Face Targa by Dorothy
to Rose by april1
Ron B. two of us?? by RonB
Question for Dr. Rompe by Ed Davis, DPM
I delete the entire thread by Dr. Z
surgery questions by robert
Neuroma Pain is back after surgery.... by Rose
Blood Type Diet by Pam S.
Jan R, Elliott, and Dr Z posts by Scott R
Active Rel. Ther. John T??? by jon
Julies Yoga exercise for tts? by samuel c
New posting Rule, double-blind by Scott R
new posting rule, double-blind studies by Scott R
Casual Shoes for work by samuel c
crutches or walker? by chrisb
PF Pain by Pete
Surgery by Pete
Was it anybody here?????? by Pauline
Stress Fracture after surgery??? by Amy M.
Aloooooooooooooha! by JudyS
JULIE's book by Dorothy
Knee pain by Mike M
Crete, Hawaii by Ed Davis, DPM
heel pain by diane H
What is the newest treatment for Neuromas? by RonaldB
Queston for Dr. Rompf by Dr. Z
to Scott R or is it ScottR by elliott
Heel spur pressing on nerve by Lisa M
Treatment with Michael Young by Pauline
Plantar pain by Dave W
Which doctor should I see by Renee S
The nature of the site by Dorothy
new here, questions by Michelle S
Very scared and tierd of the pain by Marcia
Is there hope? by Chris I
Pf and posterior tibial tendonitis....... by Linda L
heel spur by Mary Beth B.
EMG NCV for tarsal tunnel by samuel c
Ossatron vs. Dornier, part 1 by elliott
Scottr by Dr. Z
Insurance rejection - HELP!! by Bob C
message to terry d by chrisb
Ossatron vs. Dornier, part 1 by elliott
Stress Fractures by Amy M.
To Robert J. and Anyone Else by Dorothy
ESWT Treatment by Holly H
Cost of TTS surgery by Steven L.
Suzanne by Julie
About Pauline's Posts About Michael Young by Dorothy
top of foot pain by KathyR
~~~~Howdy~~~~ by Necee
UPDATE - post plantar incision, TTS, CPN by Sheila S
Well look who made the big time!!! by Richard, C.Ped
Anyone here from Canada? by Renee S
Hallux Rigidus by Paul B
Michael Young Email by Robert J
nerve entrapment by Sheila T
Stress Fractures by Amy M.
Outside foot pain with heel pain by Gina
Heel Spur/ PF by Sharon C
Monica Seles Feet by Dorothy
voodoo by chrisb
To Necee about your Alaska Cruise by carynz
Post Surgery Big Toes by Connie
ingrown toe nails by katharine m
policemans heal by mel c
sex and tarsal tunnel? by samuel c
spasms by Chris I
Home again home again........ by JudyS
Spelling Question for England by Dorothy
Numb Heels by Louann
floor mats for Mexican tile in kitchen by Pam S.
RFL again by monte
New link of interest: by Ed Davis, DPM
Dr Z by Patty P
For Dorothy by Ed Davis, DPM
Who Knows? by john h
Need Help with inner ankle pain by Julie
extra large pinky toes by victoria p
Living again, finally by Terri
What is this? by JudyB
great deal of pain in left foot by Colleen E.
Mortons Nuroma Pain by PatrickY
ganglion cyst on FHL by Megan W.
FHL Tenosynovitis surgery? DR Ed by samuel
The "Movie" by Kathy in Ky
Hagler's defromity by cynthia h
photo by JudyS
Is this plantar fascitis? by K
Terri by Faye J
to: scottr by MARK L
Floor Mats by Dorothy
Pain under heel by Pand G
for those who are stll in touch with Sharon by marie
Softball shoes by Renee S
A doctor in NYC? by Jen
Need help here by JudyB
to the doctors by scottr
blocking obnoxious posters by scottr
Hello again! by Rachael T.
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