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Mallet toe surgery by runbabyrun
Prime Minister Brown Praises Obama by marie:)
Republican Strategy by wendyn
Comfortable shoe for post neuroma by Gina G
No Wonder by Jen R
plantar fasciitis and toe ache by jaim
low dye taping for cuboid syndrome by cluz
Soft Tissue Anchor & Kidner Procedure by Pepper
Can Tarsal Tunnel cause lateral foot pain?? by CJ
When do you know when ESWT is right for you? by Chris K
Help me please.......I'm in so much pain by Terry
TOPAZ surgery by Ben A
Both Feet?? by Mandy
Hallux rigidius by Lisa B
Which is the best off the counter orthotic? by Andy
Plantar Fibromas or ganglion cyst? by rosej
9/11 by marie:)
haglunds deformity by maria g
Pain in arch after shot for heel spur by PB
Injection by Darlene
Injection--- more information by Darlene
7 month TTS post op, severe swelling by vivib
The most attractive people by john h
injection - follow-up to Dr. DSW by Darlene
Banning Pit Bulls by SteveG
Dispelling falsehoods about Obama by Dr. Ed
Little Rock, Gas, Storm by john h
Icing and meds by Chris K
amount of time for icing by lurker
Skewed results by BrendaM
Kelly L by LindaW
Sesamoid Pain by erinb
The Russian Factor by marie:)
Question about cherry juice by Annie418
For folks of a conservative bent by SteveG
Tina Faye and Sarah Paulin by john h
Hallux Rigidus/Cheilectomy by Richard
Is Infrared or LED dangerous for the eyes? by Mark
Question on a PF stretch for Dr. DSW by georges
Dr. DSW- injections follow-up by Darlene
Thank you Dr. DSW! by Darlene
Funny videos by wendyn
Concave bone lesion by DonnaM
Z-Coils by Norm G
Sand walking by Norm G
nerve entrapment surgery by Margaret
Swelling and pain in foot by kwajgirl
Botox for PF Pain by Hilary
any new contact info for dr. ed? by JGL
Blackberry by john h
PF Update and shoe question by Janice F
Oil by john h
Plantar fibromas by Hugh C.
Upcoming Foot Surgery by MelB
Pain in feet now pain in right knee by penniell
MRN vs MRI by JillM
Deep massage good for PF repair??? by JillM
Looking for data by jean d
OK here we go in Michigan....vote caging? by marie:)
Night splints really work by believer
Botox/morton's neuroma by Nancy
swollen ankles by audrionne G W
Attn:JillM re: MR neurograph by JBaxes
tarsal tunnel syndrome by KELLI ALLISON
polls, polls and more polls by marie:)
Best line today............ by marie:)
Why McCain will not win the Rust Belt in 08 by marie:)
Acid-A-Cal by Telmig
Islam, Mickey,etc by SteveG
Bridge Loan by john h
Introduction by Dianna D
Surgery this Wednesday by Mandy
Question on mat leave by wendyn
Nerve support formula by Rob Wilson
Lyrica/Tarsal Tunnel by bkmaz
freidbergs infarction by jenny
It's official.............! by marie:)
Dopie by Jeremy L, C Ped
362 by chrisnc
PF turning into something else? by BrendaM
Walking with Arizona Brace by Dee M.
accupuncture by carolynlt
partial detachment by ROSEW
TT Release by Tina
Laser therapy/Shockwave therapy by Mayday297
MRI Report by CalGal
Laser therapy/Shockwave Therapy by Mayday297
Surgical Problem? by CalGal
PSC by Julie Y
TTS Surgery in October by Amy
Cuboid fracture by horners12
Mortgages by john h
home bound by Carlene B662
night splint by chrisnc
Ohio unemployment rate 7.4 and climbing by marie:)
Biden's list is impressive! by marie:)
Yoga for plantar fasciitis? by Lisa
Outlook on Federal Intervention by john h
Qualifications To Buy A Home by john h
Activity after Achilles surgery? by Julie Y
Running shoes for Walking by Hiro
After surgery by AndreaM
The Canadian Economy by john h
Saucony ProGrid™ Hurricane 10 by Mitch
blog by chrisnc
nerve pain after PTTD/Osteotomy by skenny
subtalar fusion by jonshelly94
Shooting pain by Jim
Speculators Role In Fuel Prices by john h
Broke my Talus bone in left and right foot by Jen
bad fall after tarsal tunnel surgery by Kristi
Palin by wendyn
Bailout, Where are the most foreclosures? by john h
nerve repair by David
Foot pain coming from back? by Nancy
polls, polls and even more polls by marie:)
Hung Jury in Cat Killer Trial by marie:)
Night Splints by Wendy
A better shoe? by Chris O
PF by Diane D
Can anyone answer this?? by Tina
heel spurs problem solved by GAIL M.
orthotic tolerance by cc4
I need help by cat
Senate and House Committees by john h
charcot by ann j
new MRI result by Jen R
heel spurs by john rudowski
Why do my heals itch? by MichelleW
heel spurs by john rudowski
Which unit might help cystic acne? by GlendaS
Help with long term effects of pain med by dena g
Plantar fasciatis by Herb C
need backless shoes but also have pf by neil b
BirkenStock Arizona sandals by Mike
finally finished school by LindaW
P. fasciitis/ spurs--rt. heel by Bethany
flat insole for extra cushioning by Ann
Stock investing is a Scam. by scott r
Can you withdraw your money today? by scott r
One Week Post Op by Mandy
presidential tracking site by marie:)
PF & Treadmill by Chris O
hyaluronidase by ThankU
foot arch pain by mr clean
Nitropaste for pf by Sandra L
Barney Frank by john h
~Up Date on the MRI Results~ by Tina
Haglunds Bump by debbie2401
Has this ever happened... by Audrey
The Debate by john h
Tiptoe solution? by bdbox
Fractured Sesamoid by MikesFoot
Bumping ankle bone by ADancersMom
Shock wave therapy by DianaT
Topaz Procedure by Janice F
Heel itch by miraz
Presidential material?? by Susan
Referral follow up by Nancy
McCain pulls out of Michigan.............. by marie:)
no relief after PF surgery by DarlaR
Who, won, done? by wendyn
Birk - soft footbed vs. hard by Chris O
Severe itch INSIDE heel by kathy may
Peppermint Lotion by Leila
What is wrong with me... by Diane D
toes hurting by phyl
Democrats in Canada may tip election by marie:)
2 separate Jone's fractures by tootseug
spurs from sesamoid by julianne
spurs from sesamoid on bongion by julianne
Verdict on cortisone? by AnnB
Prolotherapy???? Helpful???? by Jillm
Very sore and same pain by Alex G
eswt locations in MA by RIsa
Mortons neuroma by cvd
Re my husband by Annie Y
extra piece of bone below ankle bone by kathleen
Oil by john h
Wendy, winning, Iraq, etc by SteveG
Dr DSW a little info please by laurafj1951
RE: second toe by ejp79
nerve entrapment? by Sandra L
Plantar muscle ? by Ally
correction **** by Ally
orthotist by susanc
Cryosurgery for nerve pain in heel by amyb
tarsul tunnal or not by george
082 by john h
PLEASE HELP!!! pain is sooo bad.. by DarlaR
treadmill alternatives by Jen R
social security disability by cliff i
Problems after surgery by Aaron
McCain by Susan
Debates by john h
Need to find a specific brand of shoes by anaite de la cruz
All You Need To Know by john h
How to neutralize motion control by Tai
More Bank Failures In Our Future by marie:)
Shoes for hallux rigidus that come in widths by David H#9824;
Top bones of feet hurt by stephanie
Election by Dr. Wedemeyer
race baiting by Susan
Plantar Fasciitis surgery in 2 weeks by Maureen in CT
Lateral Foot Pain by LisaW282
Crutches and night splints? by squashpup
Race For The Cure by john h
sesamoid by wil h.
Dangerous by wendyn
Dr. W by Sandra L
Hiking? by Mojave
Dr. Wander by Sandra L
how long how long till the pain stops by alyssa Padin
Baxter's Nerve entrapment by TerryB
Dr. Wander by Sandra L
Bunions- could this help the pain? by Glenda S
sandra Moore by SandraM
Cortisone Shot in Both Heels - Nitrous Oxide? by Robert
PF release surgery questions by Ront
Kris G by Kris
Heel Numbness after Os Trigonum Excisions by Kevin
ESWT Doctors by AnnB
Matt Roloff in Iraq by marie:)
The Ohio Factor by marie:)
Obama web site by Dr. Z
An interesting link on rumours by wendyn
Sandals or Shoes by James
Plantar Fasciitis by Kay
sesamoid bone missing by kim
Severs Disease by steven
Broken Toe??? by Cthyberg
Baxter's Nerve by Jen R
The Time Has Come by john h
Pain Control by john h
Peers NOT Profs influence Student Views by marie:)
Lose the Weight, Lose the Pain? by Mojave
dr. dsw by laurafj1951
Severe Pain on bottom of foot... by JuLeen
26 year old with PF by Natalie
Sitting by Mojave
Very Active 29 with PF for the first time... by Keekee
Really Really Cool by john h
Torn Plantar Plate and Neuroma Tips? by spunspek
Funny by marie:)
Are NB621 Decent? by Liam T
PF or Tunnel by Brenda G
Cheilectomy with osteotomy by johnc
Last Debate by judy
Lost padding on heel of foot by Sharon
ESWT Clarifications by AnnB
Cryosurgery on lateral and medial bands by PaulF
my foot is soft by Painful foot lady
metarsalagia. by Jess
Pain After Cortisone Injection by JErickson
John McCain and his old pal G. Gordon Liddy by Susan
Ohio rules in favor of voters! by marie:)
Dr DSR PLEASE by laurafj1951
torn plantar fascia by william
Stump Neuroma by PaulF
Peroneal Tendon by LoriP
McCain: For ACORN before he was against it by Susan
Nice pic from today! by marie:)
A question on American income levels by wendyn
icing vs heat by Chris K
Complications of elevated Sed Rate by Krister672
across the top of my rt.foot by gretna
ice vs. heat by Jen R
Shoes for plantar faciitis by ikecarter
Linda by Kelly L
Colin Powell :) :) :) by marie:)
Torn Ligaments by Nick A
surgery of 2nd metatarsal by toni M
Bursae/bursitis by christinek
Inspiration by Ben
Recession in full swing in 27 states by marie:)
Navicular by Ally
Question for Jeremy by Natalie
MGUS related neuropath by carolynlt
need help/ideas for pain till ESWT by catwomanlv
heel pain in just one foot and iam a diebetic by douglaspd
peripheral neuropathy??? by theresa g
Keen women's shoes? by Jennifer L
Oil still falling by john h
592 by laurafj1951
tts relief and meds by grets
Exercise with plantar fasciitis by kfdavid
peripheral neuropathy??? by theresa g
surgery again! by christyw
surgery again! by christyw
sorry by christyw
heat,massage,ice by christyw
intense burning and itching heels by arat
heelspurs by ken dill
792 answered your question under 592 by laurafj1951
Does this warrent a 3rd opinion? by Tina
Real heros of the McCain Campaign by marie:)
heal seats or orthotics ? by Lynn
Little Rock New Anchor by john h
MBT Footware by john h
What can you see on an MRI? Inflammation? by Jillm
A passing thought by john h
too soon for pt? by christyw
The Age of Aquarius by Susan
Subtalar Coalition by Melissa N
Dr. DSW...splint vs. sock by Jen R
how long for eswt to work? by dave
Stress Fracture at the insertion point by Jeff G
Kinder procedure post-op by Lisa M
Planter Fibroma by Ruthie 49
Planter Fibroma by Ruthie 49
post tts 6 months by kac
Recommendation for cross-trainer? by Oliver L.
I am offering $249,000 by Dr. Z
FOOT PAIN by Janet
mortons neunoma by CarolB
Pain Med Withdrawl by Mandy
Who Becomes President by john h
graston by Sandra L
John H/MBT shoes, etc. by Dr. DSW
plantar fasciitis by rocky
30 Reasons I Am Voting for Obama by cwk
orthotics and pf and hallux limitus by sadfeet
We are almost there by john h
Sacro-iliac joints and MBT-shoes by Peggy H
Obama has plantar fasciitis by DR. Z
is this normal? by cw
is alot of pain normal 5 weeks after surgry? by cw
McCain's ties to Palestine group by Susan
Ossatron vs Dornier by LindaM
Free Report on Neuropathy by StElmoQn
More Race Baiting! by tammy
An Admirable Campaign by judy
Re: For Susan by tammy
McCain and the Internet by judy
Arizona is PINK on CNN by marie:)
Re: The Truth! by tammy
Dr. Z makes history- this one is great. by Dr. Z
foot pain after suryery by LolaS
My pessimistic Saturday morning prediction by wendyn
Dr. DSW (Accessory Navicular Bone) by claude
I Finished My List of 30 Reasons by cwk
Shoe suggestions by Chris O
heel spurs by Lola
plantar fasciitis or a nerve issue? by calebr
Recycle Orthotics by Ryan
a bump on my foot by Jasmine L.
Post Surgery Recovery by Kris
Question about New Balance shoes... by tabitha m
Obama's warning to BIG COAL INDUSTRY!! by larry m
Voter intimidation in Philly by larry m
Trying to walk but by AndreaM
On behalf of Canadians by wendyn
Collapsed arch? Bunion? Allignment problems? by LALA
Congratulations from England by Judy A
Advil tolerance by Jen R
medical transcriptionist with heel pain by Normaj
America Won!!! by Susan
patriots think and vote by cwk
Journalism by tammy
Obama by john h
rst machines in toronto by 6 bone spurs
Side effects ESWT? by Elsa
5 months PostOp by StephanieS
can orthotics cause tendonitis? by Chris H
My feet by Maddie
dr dsw by claude
Only free from pain when foot is taped by cluz
we are in trouble by amazed
Morton's neuroma post surgery by Candy
Palin the scapegoat???? by marie:)
Dancing in the streets!!!!!! OH yeah!!! by marie:)
Fusion after nonunion. by Audrey
A question regarding proposition 8 by wendyn
Trip to the Shoe Store by Chris O
Morton's Neuroma Surgery Revision by Nancy
tarsal tunnel by Nita N
after surgery by monica
Foot injury by rusty
pain over large toe by tennis
Blacks and proposition 8 by SteveG
PF or Something Else by QZZZNNE
Localized pain by Lee
Obama and Nancy Polosi by john h
powerstep insoles by tony
filing complaint against podiatrist by ThankU
Insole/Orthotic or Shoe Suggestions by Kat
MRI Results by agnes
Making Progress by Natalie
incision site for tarsal tunnel release by cw
Plantar Fascitis - how I overcame it by Brian
413 by john h
Instep Plantar Fasciotomy by MelodyT
Laser Therapy by mayday297
Obama changing already ??? by larry m
Good Feet Orthotics by john h
Rocker Sole Shoe Recommendation Please by Dena
tissue therapy by ThankU
Comic for the day by wendyn
pf to heel pain by darren
Pain in the left foot..... by Tina
Obama accomodating BIG LOBBY !!!! by larry m
Plantar and fat pad by chris
nuclear bombs dropped in Thule bay in 1968 by scott r
Ahhrggh! by wendyn
cryosurgery for Kansas by janeb
Dr's in Albany, NY by QZZZNNE
Pain in big toe joint - bottom by BJD
Hallux Limitus Question by Barbara L.
shoe selection help, please by Kate T.
Tarsal Tunnel Release and Progression After by Kris
shoe selection help, please by Kate T.
spurs by ally
Republican Party and a new vision by marie:)
PF and orthotics by Janey
TTS by Stephanie G
Four Star General Dunwoody by john h
Shoes Shoes by john h
GM may go under????? by marie:)
carbon graphite insoles by ThankU
Reply From New Balance by john h
injury by nancy
Brooks Turin by Vern
57 Senate seats and counting.......... by marie:)
Which insoles are better? by Jerickson
Kelly L by LindaW
Is it dangerous to walk barefoot ? by Dominic M
Send a postcard to the troops by Lakemom
ODG - Official Disability Guidelines by Dr. Ed
lateral heel pain by dave53
Now what? by Jerickson
Insurance Coverage of Podiatrist Services by EileenQ
After school finger by Mythitlybunty
GM Bailout by SteveG
Business by john h
Ruptured Plantar Fascia by Ira H
For Brune Teen Slut by bioloubcutbah
GM by john h
123 by john h
Burning feeling on achilles. Any ideas? by JillM
Teen bathroom strip by irretsteamymn
PF in 11 year old by Fred S
flushing pills by Jillian
ESWT with an injury by MargaretY
Thickening ever go down? by AnnB
test by scott r
bone spur by greg b
email From GM by john h
What Happened? by john h
Fabrifoam Pronation Spring Control by George
What is important? by john h
Ben Stein: "Reflate the Economy" by marie:)
Tarsal Tunnel Release by BJH
foot still swollen and purple by lindap
Proprioceptive Insoles by BRothbart
Kelly L by LindaW
Dr. Wander...another machine question by Jen R
ESWT for Achilles tendinosis by DR. Z
hallux rigidus by greg b
hallux rigidus by greg b
At Least Some Sanity by john h
shoe fit question by kate t
Chronic PF for 3 years--What Treatment Next? by AshleyB
OMG Peter Schiff was right by wendyn
RSD after Modified kidner?? by claude
ESWT just done! by myelverton
Great toe fusion by StaceyH
footpain by skaapkop
swelling on medial side of foot? by Dottie
Dolphin-safe regulations being weakened by Susan
Cryo surgery by sandra L
Function after achilles debridement by Nacy
More by john h
Increased pain following ESWT by Paisley
shoes to buy by rainmcd
Stretching by Audrey
My feet hurt so bad . . by Fran
nerve wraps in the tarsal tunnel by David
Obama was bought? by larry m
temp and color change after TTS surgery by MollyG
bone bruise versus bone marrow edema by kelly
Local shooting and Seattle's wacky media by SteveG
USA Today by john h
tts and depression by lynn
Riding along in my automoble......... by marie:)
ESWT near Michigan? by Michelle
Very interesting blogger by Susan
shoe inserts by dst
skin comeing off feet by mike
Cryosurgery by juliem
burning pulsating transient pain by wbok
cped by tonyreeves
hot feet & legs by hot feet legs
Hypermobility and plantar fasciitis by Nancy
War On Terror by john h
Parish and Bell (London) by christinek
Over the Rainbow by Susan
calcaneal-cuboid fusion by Audrey
capsulitis by cdemoss
Tarsal Tunnel and surgery by lynn
Dansko and Tarsal Tunnel by Jay
Eurosoles by Chris O
Shock wave for insertional tendonitis? by desperaterunner
EWST or EPAT for insertional tendonitis by desperaterunner
Recession began in December 2007 by marie:)
Canadian Federal Government by wendyn
PF won't stop hurting by juliec
painful corns by S.C.
Interesting Results From Cigna by john h
kim n, 11 yr old daughter by scott r
Foot Soldiers by baycaper
Yoga by AnnB
dansko clogs, open and closed back by kate t
dansko clogs, open and closed back by kate t
tarsal tunnel by Beulah S.
Pain! Drs please help! by my aching feet
Advice by SUZZANNE
achillis tendonitis by mardar
going from Merrell to Alegria clogs(Jeremy?) by robertcarol
Cryosurgery for plantar fibroma in DC area? by Jane
pain on top of foot - need help by Laura M
SSI, by papared56
Cycling/Rowing Machine by Fran
Z-coil shoes by George
Pressure Relief Insoles from New Balance by donnan
Nerve entrapment by ellen
I think the pain is back by Amy
bump under ankle by amy
Sole nerves by Adriana vV
Foot pain by Ja38632
struggling with PF by jean
I get to meet Michelle tomorrow! by Kate
Type of Doctor by SUZZANNE
Sandals and Orthotics for Jeremy by Jan P
Subyalus Fusion/Workmans Comp by JPM
Letter from a terrorist by wendyn
Is it time for TT surgery? by Patty
Chaco Trail Shoes by Chris O
Obama's team by marie:)
Shoes for rigid high arch with PF by Mandy
Heelspurs & FLAT feet?!? by Kurt
Obama by john h
Tear on arch of foot by Celeste
Please say it ain't so by john h
plantafacia surgery by David
O.J. going away by Dr. DSW
Shoes for rigid high arch with PF by Mandy
Blagojevich by Rick R
Heel Pain by Robin Murphy
Is this going a bit far???? by marie:)
going back to work by SueW.
It started from the inside out by angies
What next? by Discouraged
Franken or Coleman???? by marie:)
morton's neuroma by sylvias
"Bauer bump" by Peter H
walking backwards by Jen R
plantar factiatis/heel spurs by madre b
Broken Heel Spur by MRB
Hallux Limitus - what is the urgency? by Ellen D
spinal decompression by cici
EPF by Terry
Dr. Z by Paisley
Mortons Neuroma by Sandra K
non-union by scott r
non-union in 1st metatarsal by scott r
Podiatry or Orthopedics by RandyB
Three months pain free by Charlotte
Physician Referral for Bunion Surgery by DonnaK
local anesthesia and ESWT by Curious
Arch supports losing effectiveness by Chris O
dislocated big toe? by DinaG
What do you think of this Bernie Madoff? by Susan
Thank you Canada! by marie:)
kind of interesting by Susan
Hallux rigidios by Georgiann
"Progress" in Iraq by wendyn
Bush: Iraq war is not over, more work ahead by Dr. Wedemeyer
Pantar Plate Tear Neuroma....Doctor by Beau
ligament sprain by raymond
The Shoe by wendyn
Effectiveness of ESWT for arch pain. by Aaress
planta fascia heel spur by b y
Hallux rigidus surgery by Georgiann
fascia release by ront
Exercising with heel/ankle pain by mayday297
Good News Thread by marie:)
Downside of ESWT by LindaM
Achilles Tendonosis ESWT by Tamim
Ossatron by Tentatively discouraged
Prolotherapy Healed Me! by Timothy
Senator Franken.............bulleya by marie:)
next step please help by monica
Heel pain longer than one year by msm
Merry Christmas or Whatever by john h
Morton's Neuroma by Dee9009
Governmentium - a newly discovered element by Susan
Neurostimulation Therapy by Tina
Mid-portion Achilles tendinopathy by Jan R.
Jeremy: MBT Shoes? by HeatherW
Running and Plantar Fasciitis by Barbara
cheilectomy by sue patton
question about shoes for Jeremy by Amy
A Silver Lining by wendyn
arthritis in toe joint by Georgiann
Soreness in calf muscles by Alex G.
tts surgery by suec
TTS recovery by Krister6
nerve damage by Haley
653 by Ryan
Neurostimulation Therapy for TTS by Tina
Toyota by john h
scar tissue by ront
Scar Burning and Stinging by sherri
To Cheer Up Your Day-It did mine by john h
Oil Prices by john h
Cross-Country Skiing & PF by Chris O
Hallux valgus/rigidus-arthro by Adriana
sprained ankle - plantar fasciitis? by KellyH
What Are We All Most Concerned About? by john h
How Much Is To Much by john h
nerve daamge by Haley
Dr.DSW. by Haley
Foot Surgery Mon., Dec. 29th by JuLeen
Merry Christmas Politicos! by marie:)
Sugical wound won't heal by Tbird
Who Is The Most Admired by john h
Current Most Admired--Gallup by john h
Cryosurgery treatment for PF? by Ira H
Standing vs Walking by CallieC
Orthotics question by Lillian
Sharp Pain by Marie
post cheilectomy infection? by miruca
Keith Gurnick by Keith Gurnick
Foot pain by RachaelK
RSD by sewcase
dynosplint for the big toe joint by Georgiann
Shoes for Big Toe Joint by Georgiann
vericose veins on soles of feet? by Dottie
Success rate of Tarsal Tunnel surgery by Ginny
263 by Beulah S.
tts surgery by Beulah S.
Needing Guidance by Michelle V
Adistar cushion vs Saucony Grid Triumph 5 by sverre
pain in the ball of foot by MitziC
Sinus Tarsi Implant by Kimberly K
Recurring peroneal tendon pain!!! by Jillian H
Is it PF or a heel spur causing my pain? by Ira H
How do camwalkers work? by Clayton B
Posterior Heel Spur by Joannr
Franken by john h
Tarsal tunnel pain? by Mary
painful heel by Arlene
chelotomy by Georgiann
bilateral TTS? by Cameron B.
pain on back of heel by pam g
Varicose Veins & Plantar Fasciitis by Gayle R
2009 by john h
chelotomy surgery by Georgiann
Happy New Year! by Jen R
massage ball by sverre
nvodjazdombyfu by ovzoluhr
toe nail removal by loislane
Dr. Wedemeyer by Laurie C.
lesbian squirting orgasm by lesbian
ibuprofen and breastfeeding by Zoetje
Question for Jeremy by dlthomas
Dating 101 Rule #1 by john h
John H point of view Gaza by Dr. Z
cheileotomy and phalangeal osteotomy by rm
carbon nanotube update by Scott R
TTS by Ryan
Dr Wander - Metatarsal issues by Goaskalice53
Identifying and rubbing out scar tissue by Alex G
many questions about tts by anneb
Predictions for 2009 by marie:)
Heel is ice cold by Zkhan
pain in last 3 toes and top and side of foot by sherryc
TTS by Ryan
New CIA Chief by john h
Jeremy: Reebok "On the Clock"? by HeatherW
Just had Major Foot Surgery by Miranda Rose
tolerance(?) to antiinflammatories over time by theresa g
Linda W by Kelly L
how do cam walkers work? by Clayton B
tolerance(?) to antiinflammatories over time by theresa g
Leading Democrats Not To Pleased With Choice by john h
Plantar rupture by mikec
hylauronidase injection success rate by bball girl
That would explain it.... by Amy
Peroneal Tendon Subluxation by AnnShh
Roland Burris Side Show by Rick R
C. Kennedy by john h
What to do Now for chronic plantar fasciitis by MarkL
Such a Thing As No Help by Monica
What ails me? by MikeRollins
Post Plantar Fascia Release Surgery by Chris T
Dellon institute doctors by Amanda
Powell endorses Obama service initiative by marie:)
toe sprain by older not wiser
insoles by Dia
Why Israel must stop Hamas by Dr. Z
Historical Maps of Palestine-Isreal by cwk
time frame for orthotics to work by Ginny
01 by Ryan
A question for Dr. Wedemeyer Lumbar MRI by lynn
medrol pack? by F.S.
medrol pack? by F.S.
my 2 year olds foot by shaquannag
feet by shirley w
Stimulus Package by marie:)
Podiatherm vs. Cryo-Heat or Ice???? by Jillm
Is Dr. Ed still on this board? by Kathy H
Is It Plantar Fascia? by Zkhan
heel pain/nerve block by katty
Population by john h
More proof of hamas using human shields by DR. Z
tts-after surgery by Stephanie G
To Dr. Wedemeyer by Ryan
Oil Prices by john h
Strassburg sock to give away by Sofia P
Heel pain not the norm by Jeninpain
Dr.DSW by Monica
Hagund's Deformity by Fiona
Earth Shoes by Jessica
ESWT by Don
Timothy Geithner by john h
New Balance 1123 by Kirk
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