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Recovery time... by Jennifer T
The Book by scott r
My wait is over, thankfully :*) by BrianG
Heal pain by Kate
Necee by Carole C in NOLA
Foot Pain by Glenn
Dr. Dr. - give me the news! (-: by RACHAEL T.
Requesting assistance re: Insurance Appeal by Andrew S
Heel pain from running...not sure if PF by Bill P
ESWT progress by David G.
Berkinstock shoe inserts, anyone? by JK1
Plantar's Wart by Dotty R.
To Dr. Lee by Pauline
drooping big toes by paula
Insomnia again by wendyn
pain on top of foot by paula kelly
New pain - sensitive to pressure by Andrue
foot pain extereme by bonny jones
peroneus brevis tendon by lenore r
Brian J...anyone re: Nerve entrapment by Pete R
Taping.....What sort by Pete R
How long can you walk / stand ? by Pete R
https://groups.yahoo.com/group/FOOT_CARE/ by D. S
The Plantar Wart by Don Scott
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics by Errol H
Suny/ Mal Practice Insurance by john h
healing by jane w
Dry Skin buildup on heels by Debra S.
Dr Z -- 2nd ESWT by Mar
vitamin C - a simple cure? by scott r
Anyone know a good doctor in my area? by Susan L.
Which came first, PF or TTS? by EKC
Any real treatments for TTS besides surgery? by JJC
To Elliott by BrianJ
plantar fasciitis and bad shoes by Chris
Congratulations Carole!! by Necee
heel pain /scar tissue by trish e
2nd ESWT today by carolyn f.
Calf pain.........new by Ashley S.
foam by paula
Orthotics for feet by Sunny Jacob - Bayshore
DR Z., Question about tts therapy? by Bruce M.
July is fading fast!!!!! by Necee
~~Bird Watching~~ by Necee
Re: Surgery survey by Necee
surfact peeling following toeprint whorls by Allen C
pain on bottom of both feet by jerry brown
ESWT In N. Calif. by Robert H.
V.A. for John H and Brian by J. King
Hi Pete by Kate
Dr. Baxter Appointment by DJ
foam by paula
ruptured disc and foot pain by kelly
2nd ESWT yesterday by carolyn f.
Great Doc for ESWT on East Coast. by carolyn f.
What a charming house, Carole! by Suzanne D
capsaicin cream by ScottW
Is surgery necessary on my right first toe? by laura
Possible Treatments by Lara T
Foot surgery 5/21...still in pain by Lee Ann R.
New to pf by margie p
TRIED EVERYTHING!!!!! by Roseanna H
To Carole, Re: wallpaper by Necee
foot treatment by nelson smith
Breaking the Arch by Julia Z.
Back on the road of recovery by KathyB
New Here and lots of questions etc by Carrie
started wearing SDO by Mahatmelissama
tarsal tunnell/lump on arch by vicki d
MRI by Barbara S
scott r by scott r
Plantar Fascitis by Tresa R.
looking for cork heel inserts by carol n.
for Margie P... by Suzanne D
More questions Nerve block by Carrie
Average time by Carrie
Working out by Carrie
Shoe ? for Docs by Carrie
7 months post-op and still in pain by sherry s
Ankle Spurs the same as Heel Spur? by Jan G
Left Big toe larger than other foot? by Gary Q
question for Carole by margie p
Question for Carole by margie p
PF and TTS by Jane T
Massage Therapy by Lara T
Massage Therapy by Lara T
EPF and Accessory Navicular Surgery by Caroline C
dr ed,? by paula
Ulcerative Colitis and P.F. by Peter G
Docs --Heat vs ice -- post ESWT by Mar
"you're so vein" by elliott
Water aerobics by Carrie
Dr. Ed by D.Thomas
What can I do about my heel pain? by Barbro V
a bone in my foot by Tammy S.
EPF and Accessory Navicular Surgery by Caroline C
ESWT discharge information by Sandra G.
possibly free ESWT!!!! by elliott
For Margie by Steve P
JohnH by wendyn
Arch pain by Sandra G
Orthodics after Accessory Navicular Excision by Jennifer T
Day 3 post-ESWT by Lee
My Family Doctors Adventure by john h
fott is worse by margie p
foot by margie p
DMSO by Edna I
APMA National Convention by Ed Davis, DPM
heelspur pain by TONY L
back of heel bone spurs by Betty G.
Finished treatments in Vancouver! by Jan M.
Burning Feet by Mar
Orthotics bother my ankle; TTS? by JJC
Dr. Ed by D.Thomas
NEED INFO ON POST-SURGERY.............. by cindy e.
What happened to the Thomas Heel for P.F. by Pauline
A note on my progress by Andrue
Future of ESWT in North America by Sunny Jacob - Bayshore
TENS Unit? by Chad H.
Sons feet are slanted in by Jonnie
Doc's or anyone - Orthotic's by Pete R
arsel Tunnel Syndrome by Steve G
To, Dr David Lee by Pete R
Horse Book - did you find it? by RACHAEL T.
How to sell a car? by Nancy N
Severe Ankle pain by MelissaP
peeling feet (and hands) by Tricia G
Good Morning by Tammie
painful, swollen feet by Mark A.
TTS help by Rich S
Stuck on the tip of my toes by JENNIFER P.
***Garage sales*** by Necee
swollen foot by Clare
RSD by Rachel W.
treating bursitis and tendonitis by paula
What is wrong with me by Rachel W.
faulty board -- attn : Scott by Ed Davis, DPM
PF but with questions by Carrie
shock treatments to the heel by Linda
Why are there no refunds on Orthotics? by Pauline
Hello to everyone! by Suzanne D
Footprints shoe stors in CT. by julies
I need help with orthosis subject by Dr. Zuckerman
eswt in Virginia by Sandra B.
Severe Heel Pain by Dean J
Severe Heel Pain by Dean J
article in today's Baltimore Sun on PF by elliott
ESWT questions by Katie
PF and PTT? by Katie
"Julie's stretches" by Julie
Nancy N - about your new Honda by Kathy G
TTS by Barbara S
Wearing SDOs today in Finn Comfort Shoes by Mahatmelissama
Had Surgery 2 Years Ago by Amy
torn planters fascia and running by Maureen SC
Metatarsus Adductus-Adult by Audrey
foot dr vs.nerve dr!!!!! by wanda m.
stupid weather by wendyn
All this talk about cars....... by Necee
Back to work!!!! by Necee
Doc's / Anyone by Pete R
To Wander Re: Orthotics by Pauline
Heel pain from sports injury by rhys miller
***Tammie*** Your in my thoughts by Necee
TTS/Posterior Tibial neuritis/PF by jane t
tts/neuritis by jane t
Dr. Baxter's Opinion - Nerve Entrapment by DJ
OK - I've really done my feet in! by Kathy G
Knot of Henry by john h
Translation please by Lara T
Historical information by Lara T
Diagnosis by Lara T
Surgery indicators (and non-indicators) by Lara T
PF question by Elizabeth Gbur
6th WEEK POST-OPT PROGRESS (smile) by Sondra B
ouch!!! by shanl
Suttle but there arch pain by Brian herrick (scattass)
Julie--Lake George by Nancy N
tired feet!! by Necee
sprained ankles by Rachael D.
Pain in outside side of right foot by Jobo
Currently in a Cast! by Dee G
Ron P - a decree by scott r
Numbing of toe by Kathryn
Getting rid of callous heel skin by Dennis
Painful heels by Barbara F
new source for ibupprofen gel by Betty G.
what if surgery didn't fix the problem by Sue A.
Haglund's deformity? by Roddy W
mystery solved: spider bite! by Suzanne D
walking boot cast by paula
soft tissue heel bump by K Smithson
Planter Fascia by Gail Jahn
R.C. - a question? by RACHAEL T.
Siemens Sonocur approval, Dr. Davis ? by BrianG
Handling pain and depression by Christine B.
painful heal when putting weight on foot by stevel
Inflamation by john h
Loose rubberband feeling in Fascia? by Carolyn F.
ESWT and returning to running by Dee M
Cortisone & my vacation... An update... by CatherineL
swollen feet and ankles by Franca G
Heel Spur Maybe? by Dale H
broken tiblia by elizabeth p
pain in toe by ann B
Encouragement by John L.
Peeling Feet by Rachael B.
Part 3 ESWT today. by Carolyn F.
Iontophoresis without proper footwear. by Daniel C.
Monday smiles and chit-chat by Carole C in NOLA
Bunion Surgery by Holly C.
VENT Airport thing by Mahatmelissama
7 weeks post op. by kay
Ossotron Approval for PF by FDA by JocelynA
what is it by Gina
NOT a spider bite; the saga continues... by Suzanne D
Hope you have a great vacation Wendy!!! (EOM) by Necee
My Hubby found something strange by Necee
radiating pain up leg by trish e
A mysterious malady, this PF by Dan M
Surgical options by Michael E.
To Dr. Joe by Pauline
3rd ESWT yesterday by Carolyn F.
Current cost of ESWT by Pauline
Back from Lake George by Nancy N
Repost Dr please answer by SheriLynnC
post tib by paula
Something for Carole C... by Suzanne D
Finally getting some relief by Chad H
Regis has PF !! by BrianG
Hallux Rigidus by Janet A
**Happy Belated Birthday Tammie!!* by Necee
4 pair; Orthotics still not comfortable by EKC
I could just cry by elliott
Bunion Surgery by Holly C
Question for doctors by jenny
Pictures online for taping? by Dee G
Heel Spur by Michael
ESWT on July 2nd by Cindy B.
Bilateral hallux rigidus by Janet A
Ankle Pain by Mary H
Giving up by Kristen B
Orthotics by Pauline
To Brian G. - Sonocur info on FDA Website by David L
tape for taping? by Carolyn F.
post mortons neuroma op(scar problem) by tom h
Bilateral hallux rigidus by Janet A
nerve block injections for rsd and tts by sue m
feet by Diane
Gangolin Cyst by Carla M
short wave therapy by trish e
A BAG OF BONES by Dr Dennis Kiper
3 surgeries and no relief.. by Susan H
Re: wrong size shoes by Necee
I am in agony! by tcp
Re: Pain by Necee
Need help to find......... by Ashley S.
More swelling with orthotic and brace by matts
Acuscope by Carrie
Bextra for Post-Tib Tendonitis? by jdolnick
Vascular, not just plain TTS? by JJC
Why pain when resting? by Andrue
Kathy--I'm off to get my new car by Nancy N
Golf ball for PF by Cary S
Relearning how to walk stopped all heel pain! by Jan W
Ricky J - TTS or PN by Shelley G
my "anniversary" with Heelspurs.com by Suzanne D
another one for our Vets... by Suzanne D
Bilateral hallux rigidus by Janet A
Athony's update . by Anthony P
John H and other online bidders? by Nancy N
Ankylosing spondylitis by Rachel W.
Contact by Carol R
OTC Inserts by dan
Relearning how to walk stopped all heel pain! by Jan W
is this pf now? by Jean M
Finding Relief! by Melissa K
My Interesting Case History by Lee M
for Elliott... by Suzanne D
Moldable orthotic by Noreen H
Greetings from a most relaxing vacation by wendyn
The business of medicine by Sunny Jacob - Bayshore
Dornier Epos study (cont.): calling Dr. Z by elliott
I think it's starting to get better by Rachel W.
heel spurs and knee pain by Mark H
Foot trainers by Pete
heel spurs below achilles tendon by adrienne
Dr. Services online, great for people in pain by Bo
Perspective by margie p
are orthotics waterproof? by elliott
Arch Brace worked for me by Alicia Trevino
How long to try inserts by Dan M
To Elliot by Pete R
SDO's by Dr. Kiper by F.H.
To: Elliott Re: Previous RSD Discussion by Janet C
Bilateral Hallux Rigidus by Janet A
what kind of tape for taping? by carolyn f
Extracorporeal ShockWaveTreatment by Lori L
PH getting worse. by Jim C
How do I tell if i have a heel spur by Charles C.
eswt by dave r
Biofreeze by Karen G.
Order Custom Insoles Kit by Maureen R.
Newly Diagnosed with PF by Kris P
Plantar fasciitis/heel spur by Brenda S
Morton's Neuroma Surgery by Ruby K
Misdiagnosed heel spur? by Gerald W
What about a ESWT treatment offering on Ebay? by Pauline
Please remember... by Suzanne D
PF getting worse by Jim C
ESWT by adrienne
it's been a while by michael b
ESWT in the States or Canada by Annette
Tammie....where are you?? (NM) by Necee
Laurie... Where are you (NM) by Necee
Anxiety - the cause of PF??? by ScottW
DMSO, Cortisone, celebrex by Jay in Atlanta
foot problem keeping me from my dream. help? by Cameron E.
Stretching by Jim C
Medial Column System; Rothbart by josh s
new Nancy N pic by Scott R
Fibromyaligia by Rachel W.
new Necee pic by Scott R
international cuotomers by anderson roy
international costumers by anderson roy
the neutral hip by Sandy H.
Has anyone tried Bextra? by Paula G.
heel spur back again by sheri m
insurance costs: let's talk about it by elliott
Pain in lower leg and ankle by Sheri M.
How Often Do You Have To Buy New Shoes? by Shaira
Baxter, Schon or Hamilton by DJ
Biofreeze by Melissa K
Anti-inflammatories by Dan
Re: by Jim F
painful feet by Ruthe
deep foot pain by Ruthe M
Nerve entrapment by Pete R
PF Symptoms by Pete R
Anti-inflammatories, redux by Dan
Peeling Feet by Julie N
Swollen Feet, but no pain by Don
Good Shoe????? by Tonya
Weight, Health, Longevity by R C
Jim C (PF getting worse) by R C
Subject for discussion by Pauline
90% Insurance coverage for ESWT by DJ
Heel pain by Patricia M.
Thank you, John H.... by Suzanne D
Amfit Orthotics??? by Shirley W
What is Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? by Judy/AZ
corpal tunnel syndrome by JEAN G.
Plantar Fasciitis by Debbie K
I am starting to regret having surgeries. by Linda
Why Dr. Z treats heel pain. )))))))) by Dr. Zuckerman
Have been to two foot doctors so far.... by Judy/AZ
heel falls a sleep by chris
Failed TTS release by Margie
DJ by F.H.
Adhesion hints... by Jennifer
Surgery for PF? by Trudy
could this cause tts by bill f
Sorry for unplanned triple posting by Julie
to Tammie by susie
heelspurs.com changes by Scott R
newsletter request for comments by Scott R
To Shirley by Julie
Could 35 minutes on StairMaster aggravate pf? by Kim R.
The shoes I bought by Shaira
Powersteps Insert ....question? by elaine
would a stiff hip be connected to my P.F? by Ellen J.
foot injury by Joan R.
Response to Ed Davis by Robert Ray
Heel pain by Bob F
San Francisco - labor day weekend by scott r
Searching for treatment in Ohio by Tom S
Ingrowntoe nails by Anna K
PF, treatments, shoes, meds and more by Kim R.
TTS, pain medication, pregnancy by JR1
TTS; long term relief? by KCE
Response to Pauline for name of my orthotics by Kim R.
Get real orthotics from a podiatrist by Marc S
Nerve problems by Mike M
A mystery by Dan
Hallux Rigidus by Linda A
Am I "obsessed" with my foot pain? by JJC
Haglunds deformity vs. syndrom by Elaine J
Planter Fasciitis in both feet by Bernice M
Good Shoe???? by Tonya
Question for Elliott by D.J
price of an ESWT -treatment in US/Canada by Late M.
Swollen Feet by Tracy H
lumps by Annette G
patient-owned ESWT machines by scott r
Foot peeling by Jay
Thank You by Mary H.
New Balance 854 for sale by Lisa D.
NB 854's for sale by Lisa D.
New Balance 854's for sale by Lisa D.
Heel Spurs by Al A.
Calcium Supplement by AL
Chronic Pain after over 2 yrs. after surgery by Margie
EWST and recuperation period by Jenny Y
4 months post op Tarsel Tunnel Surgery by Barbara S.
dry cracked heels by Tina D.
Why isn't information getting out? by Pauline
Powersteps insert.......question? by elaine
For Scott by Dr. Marlene Reid
plantar fasciitis and driving by Paul S
from today's USA Today by elliott
Magentic Shoe Inserts by Kim R.
Pain is worse any ideas by Carrie
Massage by Carrie
Both Feet by Carrie
Orthotics by Carrie
Question for the doctors by Pauline
Shoe options for the work place by Ruth K
Article on Medial Nerve Entrapment by DJ
Frustrated with Orthotics by A Golden
Is ESWT right for me? by Susan H
heelspurs and yoga by mindyb
Nikken shoes by David
icepack by Ruth K
Accessory navicular surgery by StaceyS
a Pain Reliever That works.. by jack g
Have I got heel spurs or...what? by Ken W
Working out what to do? by carrie
Tender spots by carrie
Recently diagnosed with TTS by Lisa M
Another Article on Nerve Entrapment by DJ
Sonoccur Cost by john h
Swollen ankle by Peggy P.
Question for doc; Orthopedic Surgeon by Peggy P.
new Acetic Acid treatment by scott r
REST???? by carrie
Newsletter Responses by Scott R
pf and ? by christa c
Other foot problems ? by JoAnn V
Today's the day! by Carole C in NOLA
for necee by michael b
Foottrainer.com by Amy in Va Bch
Pain-free walking but can't progress further. by Ellen J.
ESWT and insurance companies by Christian D
Shoes by carrie
heel/foot/leg pain by Julie J
Lateral foot pain after PF surgery by Rebecca C.
Burning feet by Mar
Bunions?? What should I do... please help! by Belinda S.
update on things... by Suzanne D
heel spurs by shirley w
custom shoes by bob h
Surgery scheduled - having 2nd thoughts by Donna L
foot pain by karen f
severity/prognosis by Dan
Time and care heals without surgery by Barbara J
Heel Spurs - HELP!! by Linda F.
Plantar Fascia Release by BrendaM
For Ed S. Stretching by Julie
ESWT and lymphedema by orajean
Please Help Me! by Amanda B.
Foot surgery by Tracey A.
Ibuprofen Gel -- New Source by RalphP
PF,sore,knees,legl ength by Robert Ray
Severity/prognosis by biff
Orthotic-Friendly Taping? by Tom M
tarsal tunnel and MS by Ann E
TTS by Jane T
feet pain by mary
Dornier by JennyY
What kind of limitations??? by Selina G
TTS and MS by Ann E
help by Scott R
wendy's FAQ by Scott R
Orthotic survey by Pauline
chess anyone? by Scott R
tx for tarsal tunnel syndrome by Daniel C.
mystery clogs revealed! by elliott
Ibuprofen Cream by Ellis C
Pain keeps on by carrie
When you think YOUR feet hurt... by EKC
Anyone else using a wheelchair for TTS by JJA
former sufferer of PF with reoccuring pain... by AnnieP.
SDO's update by F.H.
great item for post ESWT heating by F.H.
4 Dimensional Ultra Sound by Pauline
i can cure any disease. by front doorr
For those that have overcame PF??? by Jim C
to carole by nancy s.
Danskos? by Shaira
heel pain by becca b
Birkesntocks by carrie
Work ? by carrie
Night Splint by carrie
Sandalls vs running shoes by carrie
Swimmin by carrie
Sites for surgery photos by Dianna B.
Joseph Seibel shoes by Kim R.
DMSO by Kim R.
virus alert by Scott R
The ups and downs by carrie
bicycle by diana
Rachel by F.H.
Questions for the Doctor? by Jim C
PF without spur, negative MRI by RalphP
seeing is believing by front doorr
Footpain/orthotics by Faye T.
Possible cause of PN by Marlene L.
Just had my secong eswt at Dr. Z's by dave r
Questions for the Doc. by Peggy
lump in foot by Anna L
Desperate over lateral foot pain by Rebecca C.
Plantar Fasciitas by Bob
Differences in ESWT machines by Mike P
Living with this Pain! by Rebecca C.
HELP !! by Dan R
Shoes by Sondra Smith
A.D.A. Workers rights by BrianG
Numb/tingling sensation in toes by Kim R.
~~Labor Day~~ by Necee
Sleeping big toe by Kim R.
"Sleeping" Big Toe by Kim R.
Question for the experts by BrianJ
plantar fasciitas by sherry T
SHOES by Jeanne F
broken/bruised little toe? by amanda
Stinging and Burning pain by Mary
I know someone has the answer here...... by Kim R.
Haglunds deformity 18 months later by karen f
swollen painful heel by arthurl
Question for Docs and others by BGCPed
ESWT / Podiatry Regional Australia by Don.S
questions ? by Robert Ray
ok nnow what does this mean????? by carrie
Shoes by carrie
where do i buy this stuff ? by pala
Change in symptoms - still PF? by Andrue
Leg Cramping by Noreen
ANY IDEAS?! by Dionne C
Neuro Gel by Sharon W
Leg Cramping by john h
foot pain-radiates into calf-numbness by mary m
New Achillies Stretch by Leon S.
Prescription drugs to rub on where it hurts by Sharon W
Calf pain from orthotics? by biff
bone ?pain in foot, ankle and calf by mary m.
before and after surgery by JuneT
Lateral Column Syndrome by Robin F
Just diagnosed and have questions by DMS
ESWT, success stories by Cary S
Feet Peeling by Shan E.
ankle tendenitis and heal spur by Mary L
fibrous corns by martha p.
PF/ poss TTS tx-please advise by Carol E.
For June by Sharon W
broken toe by Jan G
Clara (in Sweden), how are you? by Suzanne D
Lateral column foot pain by Dr. Z
Hello from Carmen... by Suzanne D
How soon should running shoes be replaced? by Carole C in NOLA
SDO's update again by RACHAEL T.
TTS Relief - Nothing works! by Lisa H
Loking for a sneaker by Momika
Using ESWT for pf? What if tts is a problem? by Cindy N.
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Sugery 9/19 by Mary K.
Click in my foot when I walk by Edna I
Popping on the outside of foot when walking by Edna I
lateral ankle sparain by pala
What are the symptons of tendenitis? by Edna I
ankle by pala
PF vs achilles tendonitis by carrie
remicade by fquezada
Just when by carrie
ankle an kle ankle by pala
ankle an kle ankle by pala
To June by wendyn
PF, complete rest?, prolotherapy by Jean P.
PF? Too long without treatment. by Bill T
To June T. by Missy B
heal pain, numbness, contemplating a trip by RachelW
Howdy! by Necee
Dang Flare Ups...and How do I go to Europe? by Mahatmelissama
Update by CatherineL
TTS/PF by Jane T
time till walking post-TTS release by elliott
should i have the operation??? by julian .p.
heel pain when not walking by Pat H
Plantar release ... by Anthony F
Something to look out for, just in case by Carole C in NOLA
Evotron by Mark Emeny
Heel/Tendon pain by JDUB
Planar fasciitis release by Ann-Marie
heel pain by Jean P
yoga for the morbidly obese by elliott
ankle by pala
My test results. Help?? by June
rest for PF by Jean P
I am getting slightly oh so slightly better by Mahatmelissama
MRI vs Diagnostic Ultrasound by RalphP
Where is the porta pedis? by BrianJ
Need good sandals by Sue M.
Dexamethasone treatments by carrie
Surgery didn't help..heelspurs have returned by Rebecca C.
Attention Jean P and Jean P!!! by Julie
Now what? by Mike M
Difference in ESWT machines by Sunny Jacob, Bayshore
What to do while waiting for Dr appointment by Vicki W
Steriod Tape by john h
Ultrasound ? by Pete R
question about recovery by kay
For Suzanne :*) by BrianG
No ESWT after plantar fasciotomy? by Melissa B
Spreading little toe sideways... by Barbara E
Planter Fasciitis by Ashley R.
Good morning! by Carole C in NOLA
X-rays by RachelWoolly
Difference in ESWT machines by Sunny Jacob, Bayshore
I am testing my computer by Dr. Z
Insert in one foot only by biff
Suzanne D. by Carmen
egsima? verse fungus? by susan M.
PN by J. King
pain in left foot by jhardesty
How long will PF last? by Jean H. P.
PF cause of hip pain?? by Cary S
Painful area on side of foot!!!!!!!!!!! by Melissa M.
Will walking and weight loss help? by Janet H
Bunions by Annette Nemeth
ankle bone spur by diane
Painful feet, hard to walk by Ruthe M
Ann-Marie, we care ! by BrianG
How Long Will the Nightmare Last ??? by Kim R.
Shoes by john h
ESWT Business Model by john h
"Good Feet" Store and Arch Supports by Kim R.
Todays Dr. appt. his thoughts, by June
MRI vs. Diagnostic Ultrasound by RalphP
Plantar Fasciitis by Leonie M
How Painful is the Cortisone Injection ????? by Kim R.
Plantar fasciitis or Plantar Rupture? by Kim R.
Jumping Rope and heel pain by Tess
interesting article on ESWT by elliott
ibuprofen gel called DEEP RELIEF by Mahatmelissama
Different Heel Pain by Doug C.
who's tried PK 5? eom by Carmen H
It Did Not Hurt ! by Kim R.
lump in foot arch by Dee
How is MAR today?????????? by Carolyn F.
~~9-11~~ by Necee
This /must/ be a good sign by Andrue
Broken Fibula possible cause of PF? by Susanna W
Healing by Carrie
New orthotics by RachelWoolly
Music for anxiety and pain by john h
tendinitis with heel spur by Edna I
ESWT In Michigan by Pat W
I suggest using foot trainer! by Jay B.
Post ESWT by Mike J
Plantar Fascia release surgery by Cary S
What worked for me by Walker
Neurontin for PF by margaret r.
Eneslow Orthotics by Peggy
knee pain by Jake
Tarsal Tunnel getting worse/Neuroma? by Ann L
sesmoiditis by Nora G
Achilles Tendonitis by Don.S
orthotics update by FH
I am out of here/Scott by john h
ALFA STEM? by Tammie
Accessory Navicular by Andrea K.
PF and elastic ankle braces by DMS
I guess I am lucky! by Selina G
Ann-Marie, how did it go? by BrianG
Just had surgery by Gail R
Dr Ed and others PF and TTS : surgery for PF by Jane T
insurance/medicare by Deanise D
Re stretching exercises by Maxine J.
3 Weeks after ESWT treatment by Jean P.
Heel pain- I still don't know what I have! by Paul O' C
painless back of heel spurs by Magdalene T
Children and plantar fasciitis by john d
tarsal tunnel. Job related? by William
Plantar fibroma by Patricia B
Unknown emails by wendyn
Plantar Fascia by Larry J.
heel spur? by Kim
HELP!!!! by Justine L
Pod Recommendation by janet f
D N L T R by Kim R.
Rachel Wooly by Carmen H
Early onset of PF by Bruce F
Insurance Coverage by John O
Swollen from inside arch to inside ankle by RachelWoolly
Sharp pain in middle of arch by Michael K
My Fear of Airport Secuirty lines.. by Mahatmelissama
heel spur surgery after effects by Joyce
Fractured Sesimoid by SusieH
Dr Ed by Jane T
Peeling Feet by Angela B
Calcium-D for Heel Spur by Ghasem
Aetna has denied covering ESWT by Scott D.
update on Bastad clogs by elliott
plantar faciitis by Chad F
Help!!!! by Angela
Have painful heel spur--Is ESWT for me? by Marta
Melissa by Carmen H
Phase IV Orthotics -- anyone used them? by Trish S
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