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To Jeremy & Todd by Ralph
Interesting Shoe notes...Naot by LaurieF
Advice about exercise by F.S.
Advice about exercise by F.S.
Julie by Liam
tendinous by Jillian
post op pain by peterug
DMSO - your opinion by VelmaK
What are good options? by AR
Orthotics and exercise by ChrisM
hey by flawless
For Marie by Denise
Questions for Dr. Donner and Dr. Wander by Chewlet
Authenticating users by Scott R
Are there any trained dieticians here??? by Richard, C.Ped
michelle, how u doin hon by james e
hallux rigidus by pam m
Pedorthist/Tarsal Tunnel Question by VelmaK
Tarsal Tunnel syndrome and Hypothyroidism by katrina
Spasming Toes by Juleen
simon_b by pschworm
fixed - let me know by Scott R
Pain I'll Have To Live With? by Brandon M
Nerve Innervation/TTS decompression by Laurie C.
Hallux Limitus by janice M
heel spur by frank h
U.S. Economy by john h
Relocation of nerve? by Theresa
Baxter's nerve: diagnosis methods? by simon_b
Question for Jeremy about Drew shoes by Theresa
What does the healing feel like? by kris
walking by marti
pain for months by BIG JOHN
Islamic terrorist stir pot in Lebanon by larrym
orthotic for cuboid syndrome by Lori
Keller Procedure on Video by john h
5th metatarsal stress fracture by Joe R.
Stretching by bill l.
Dr Wander, Jeremy by Todd
Sprained ankle by Mrs Poddy
Bunion Surgery Video by john h
The China Study by Susan
when all else fails? by linda m.
Orthotic in Air Cast by Juleen
Green Day: "Working Class Hero" by marie
painful heel spur by frankt
Yet another cortizone question by Bill K
pain management for failed TTS surgery? by linda m.
RSD or Osteoarthritis or what? by Catherine D.
Tarsal Tunnel by Carl
stupid question by marti
Plantar fasciitis by Diane D
ABC shares COVERT plan for Iran and today.... by marie
Long Term PF Histroy Fred S for Dr. Wander by Fred S
Cortisone Shots by Kat
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics Trial Report by Anne S.
Jeremy by SusieL
Carter should love GW Bush... by Susan
Diagnosis of Plantar Fascitis by JessicaG
problems with posting messages by Scott R
tarsal tunnel exercises by mermaid4619
I have to tell you all - I'm feeling great! by Kate
We're not the only ones with high gas prices! by marie
How is humanity doing? by marie
better than a night splint by Amy
Tingling Foot by Carl K
heel pain/arch pain by suzip
My favorite radio host - Michael Savage by Oma Z
Post-op Fusion? by Chewlet
pain in top of foot by kalman548
pain in top of foot by kalman548
Re: by john h
Shoes for pool/Going barefoot by VelmaK
tal surgery?? by mary m
Neurology Consult for Foot by Juleen
TTS and casting? by Lisa
Military Records ONLINE - Thank you Marie by Oma Z
top foot specialist or clinics in the USA by Theranchskate
For Dr W and Dr Z - Sprained Ankle by Mrs Poddy
Success by Martin R
LindaW by kjewell
New problem by stacy1075
wearing crocs by Sandy P
Very complicated "bunion" surgery by hicksychicks
Keith Olbermann - Special Comment (05/23/07) by Denise
cheilectomy by maureen p
I'm home for the summer and healing up! by MariaM
Freibergs by Cobyj1222
Fusions by Chewlet
triple arthrodesis surgery by mariaM
Can LED Therapy cause cancer? by wampum
Acupuncture and PF by Rodrigo C.
orthotics in Philadelphia area by jasonshapiro
Silicone Dynamic Orthotic Trial by sandra l
heel spur by Delma j
plantar fasciitis by Arlene G.
More Core stuff by David G. Wedemeyer, DC
MBT - long term use by LauraW
postopp by Mary
Quite the fashion by Ralph
Capt Hogan by john h
Sheehan gets shat on by dems by larrym
need advice on RSD in ankle - please help by Rekha
Plantars Fascitis 1 1/2 years by Debby
carpal and tarsal tunnel syndroms by kathy s.
Message From The White Horse Souse by Denise
Restricted Blood Flow to legs/feet by john h
PF Exercises cause Shin Splints? by Jen F.
Welcome back Hope by Ralph
Toe question???? by Denise
Question for Jeremy by laruemc
Cryosurgery in San Francisco area by Patti
SDO Trial Report, 5-29-07 by BrianG
Walking Out of Iraq by john h
Taping for PF by AlexK
Stress Fracture in The 5th Metatarsel Bone by GW
lapidus fusion vs. youngswick procedure by riki
The China Study by Bob G.
Maria M Calle me please! by Brian A
Fusions by Chewlet
Pedorthist/Tarsal Tunnel Question.Jeremy too? by VelmaK
7 Weeks Post Op by Laurie C.
For SusieL re: Denver pedorthist by Julie B.
Is it PF? by JG
question for Dr. Wander by jasonshapiro
gastroc slide questions by theresa g
ALine insoles by jasonshapiro
RSD by LindaW
It's Suzanne D's birthday! by Kathy G
PTTD, toe deformities, multiple surgeries by Becca
massage and plantar fasciitis by su t
gastroc slide surgery questions by theresa g
Thank you, Marie! by Kathy G
TMJ and Acupuncture by Kathy G
Peripheral Nerve Specialist for TTS by VelmaK
? for Dr. Wander or Dr. Z by Juleen
Plantar Fasciitis by CoraR
Stiff feet? by Jennifer
The Guy With TB May Sue??????? by john h
Have a job by LindaW
ASTYM works to cure chronic plantar fasciitis by runner347
lateral column pain by ConnieN
foot drop secondary to casting post surgery by pattik
Warm sensations, Vascular? by Jane
plantar fasciitis by debk
Idea for runners with P.F. by Ellen J.
Ruling out TTS by Juleen
One more study by Ralph
To Lisa by Ralph
immobilize after PF release? by Lori
4 caught trying to blow fuel tanks @ JFK by larrym
So what are we going for in Iraq? by marie
Crutches or cane? by Linda P
immobilize after PF release? by Lori
immobilize after PF release? by Lori
SDOs Dr Kiper by Bill
My sons feet by Marty S.
hyperkeratosis plantaris by Carole m
heel pain by michaelw
hyperkeratosis plantaris by Carole m
please excuse typos - vision issues by Kate
Vision problems and Lyrica by Kate
Third peroneal tendon surgery by ElizaB
Think Gas Prices Are High by john h
Question for Dr. MK by Fred S
Brief outcome results for ASTYM by runner347
Why do they hate us? by Dr. Ed
Newly Diagnosed by Misty
Fracture by GW
plantar fasciitis by darlene s
Toe Pain by shellann
SDO trial update by Dr. Ed
Downunders question for Jeremy by jasonshapiro
US Arab, Jewish Communities Share Peace Goals by marie
Type II diabetes meds under fire by David G. Wedemeyer, DC
Israel Shows Interest in Syria's Peace Ideas by marie
Neuro symptoms -- check your sweetener by Dr. Ed
Determining TTS cause by Julie B.
I have RSD - what can be done for foot drop? by Not Giving Up
Politicians and One Billion by john h
D-Day by john h
Cryo and Stump Neuroma by PatS
Newbie looking for advice by MrsV
How much is ESWT treatment? by Mike
Surgical Release of Achilles Tendon by Dr. Steve B.
test by Scott R
Are you ready to make the sacrafice? by marie
PTTD Stage 2+ by Bobbie W.
toe nails by KathyM
Toe Nail Bruising / Falling Off by CiCi
Another Downunders question by Bill K
? Dr. G. by Juleen
Walking cast by Eric Olsen
Successful story I hope? by LindaH
spur locations by steph
Hyperpronation surgery? by Alex H.
Torn Fascia by john h
PSSD testing in Northern California by VelmaK
TTS & Cryo/Baxters Entrapment? by VelmaK
U.S. officials back off Iraq progress report by marie
851 by Rob Wilson
Update on my PF surgery by Sr. Mary Catharine
Jailhouse swinging door for Paris by marie
possible nerve entrapment by jassol
Post Op Question about lower calves by Kris
PF without morning pain? by JimS
back of heal semi numb by hank
hopefully I am healing from RSD by Rekha
Pump Bump by J Bond
PF..TTS..or BOTH? by ChrisM
Causalgia need to put into remission by Catherine
heel pain by Rod
Diagnosed with PF by justwantnormalfeet
Joe Liberman by john h
RSD?? by Esther
TTS Surgery on the horizon by Dottie
161 by Kelly L
hi guys/gals (thought i'd update) by james e.
KEENS & other modifiable sandals by VelmaK
Endoscopic Decompression by Misty
Broken open by Haley
walking on the beach by Lisa
Recent surgery by Lori T
Morton's Nueroma Post Pain by ArlonC
neurontin causes heel pain? by Scott R
4 yrs of Plantar Fasciitis by Alex
ASTYM in the library of terms by runner347
Dr. Ed by LindaW
Silicone Dynamic Orthotic Trial by sandra l
ESWT used in treatment of wounds by Dr. Ed
ATTN: Julie-- RE: yoga pain by Dr Kiper
Cryosurgery for Morton's Neuroma by Akor
Still suffering with my ankle......... by Mrs Poddy
Some Looming Problems With Ethanol by john h
Today's Military Commanders by john h
Recommendation in NH by Sandy D
Pigeon Toes and limping in a 8 yr old by Droja
Dr. Kiper by David G. Wedemeyer, DC
PF/Toe issues by Kayte
Heal Pain by sparkymelissa
achilles tear by CHARLOTTE
tingling in shin by Lori
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics Trial Report by Anne S.
Lateral column pain by keti
Consider this- by john h
ESWT was wonderful for me by ckrcelich
Crosley circa 1940 by john h
constant aching feet by jaye f
Statins by scott r
interim question by Juleen
SDO Report - 6-14-07 by BrianG
Options for Ledderhose by heybhouse
night splint by ChrisM
Pain in the ball of my foot. by Lindsay M.
Scar Drainage, what to do??????????? by LindaW
Swimming? by lwahl
plantar fibroma by kareval
scar itching- how to deal with? by Kris
PF/Stress Fractures by Nancy P
Need Shoe Recommendation by Sherrygb
90% sucessful out for patellar Tendinosis by Dr. Z
Plantar Fibroma by kareval
Ultraviolet/sunshine exposure and health by Dr. Ed
Hallux Rigidus by Julie C
swollen feet and hands by SharonC
PSSD testing expectations/questions to ask by VelmaK
Cryosurgery for TTS by Cryoman
Cryosurgery for TTS by Cryoman
Over stretching a cause? by lwahl
Low dose anti-depressant by lwahl
Finn Comfort footbed types by JenniferA
Bauerfeind Viscoped insoles by Bill K
General Questions about TT by vivib861
Croc knockoffs.... by Liam
Shoe Question by Maggs
Barefoot Science by Maggs
cryotec in Ausin area? by buck t.
heel pain by ALberto 1473
Subtalar Fusion by Unsure
KellyL by LindaW
return of TTS symptoms by Lori
Surgery revisited by Dr. Ed
test by scott r
PF by john h
morton's neuroma by Kathy G
Doctors..could I have a response by gem
Prognosis after TTS decompression by Cryoman
?? RE: Saphenous Nerve Entrapment by kjewell
Dr Wander by Todd
earthshoes by terryh
plantar fasciitis by tamcoolidge
Hopefully PF is behind me by Dorothy N.
Nutrition and healing by Dr. Wedemeyer
Type of inleg by Eric
Heel pain by Dawn S
Ledderhose: in the mean time... by heybhouse
ESWT side effects by vinayc
activity after removing of tibial sesamoid by anav
pttd surgery by stu p
post tibial tendenitis by bluemist
Muslims,ACLU, and Michigan by john h
Cortisone Injections by victoria h
foot pain and swelling by Larluvu
Dr Z by Todd
time frame to repair nerve? by Juleen
New Yorkers dominate 08 by marie
June 20, World Refugee Day by marie
Polluters by john h
3 weeks post op . by wannabewell
tarsal tunnel release by theresa
blue soles? by emma g
Coal to Liquid by marie
feet and legs by sandra
looking for the old poem on pf by Nancy F
I think my dr. is nuts! by theresa
metatarsal pain by thomasina g
Heel and ankle pain and foot spasms by AllisonG
Cryosurgery for Atypical PF-- Is it possible? by HilaryG
How's Monte? by HilaryG
Dr. W. re: I think my dr. is nuts by theresa
achilles tendonitis and heel spurs by Ann M.
What can I do to prepare for surgery? by Nora n
cyroanalgesia for plantar fibromatosis by edna o.
shoes together with thicker inleg by Eric
Financial Motives & PSSD by VelmaK
Plantar Faciitus surgery by Jim S.
Alternative Treatments by SharonC
Heelspur/planters fac/arthuritis in ankle by madmae
Pain Aid by john h
Lateral Calcaneal & Other Nerve Pain by LisaK
Long Term Use of Lipitor (Statins) and TTS by Cryoman
it's baaaaaack-bilaterally dang it by Kate
Swelling by Juleen
are ncv reliable diagnosis?? Please help by chauncey
Doctors strike, death rate drops by Susan
baxter nerve? by theresa
Dr. Wedemeyer by Juleen
teen heel pain by pearlk
Global Warming Test by john h
John Kerry wants opinion/information stifled by larrym
What is the German Website for Birkenstocks? by Libby
U-Tube Mac or PC by john h
Bledsoe PF sling-bilateral by Kate
new stock tip - AAPL by scott r
Concluding Comments of the SDO Trial by BrianG
intense deep itching left heel. by carole838
Hmmmm...Cheney Subpoenaed???? by marie
Thank you Senator Lugar! by marie
toe nails by nicole m
"Concluding Comments of the SDO Trial by Anne S.
big toenail by mb911
Plantar Faciitus Pain by Sarah Jorge
very bad pain in knees and ankles by Candice D
Different exercises? by JimS
talon navicular joint fusion by marianne
dropped metatarsel by kim h
Creating Synthetic Forms of Life by marie
what does a metatarsal bar do? by theresa g
plantar facitis by brenda
Iraq strategy geared to U.S. pullout by marie
Religion of peace, spreads more good cheer by larrym
Question for the docs by Todd
Dr Goldstein by Todd
foot atrophy and shortening of the femur by Maria
Chronic heel pain: Is it plantar fasciitis? by markb
heel spurs in both feet by wendin
heel spurs in both feet by wendin
Question for Dr. Z on osteotomies by Dwight
severe pain after hitting ground hard by Marc L.
S1 spine nerve or TTS - Dr. Goldstein by Cryoman
TTS? by Juleen
foot pain by conniec
Second Opinion? by Danielle C.
heal pain by heybhouse
Dr Wander by Todd
sinus tarsal implants by Charlotte
KellyL by LindaW
Just had surgery by Norm G
which operation should I have? by Lisa R
Kiropracors and PF - my cure by Soeren Denmark
Cleaning incisions by wannabewell
Question, what is considered a successful by Todd
Heelspurs by Linde
DC Madame to release records by marie
Following the money....... by marie
Al Queda in Iraq by Juleen
Cryosurgery for planter fibromas? by Bess
tenosynovectomy by Linda H
DRX9000 - Company fined $100K by Oregon A.G. by Oma Z
Sesamoid removal and mpj fusion? by Laura D
Shoe Question by Alva O
Can reduced big toe joint motion affect gait? by Dr. Ed
PF and spinning? by amanda
Post Op by Misty
Multiple treatments for Baxters nerve pain by Dr. Z
heel pain by gary
heelspurs by misty
mortons neroma by joann b
mortons neroma by joann b
mri for mortons neromoma by joann b
Vacation by Dr. Z
cortisone shots by nick
second ankle microfracture by lannij
Dr. W re: Achille's tendonitis by Julie B.
Plantar fasciitis and the lower back by Julie
Dx'ing TTS by Juleen
Islamists global war against Christianity by Dr. Ed
Open foot wound by Christy
Open foot wound by Christy
Post ESWT by JillianS
Alcohol Injections VS Cryo (for neuroma) by Jenna
PF and emotional stress by Carol A
Prolotherapy? by Carol A
First MTP Fusion by Chewlet
ESWT and PF by jansereyb
Re; PF & Nutrition by Dr. Wedemeyer
? More Surgery? by debbie
questioning more surgery by debbie
Metal Stake thru shoe by Juleen
Will Ralph Nader run in 2008? by Dr. Ed
Jeremy - can you comment on this study by Amy
Predisposing Activities by Norm G
Plantar Fibroma too big by Tammy in Georgia
Plantar Fibromatosis and Surgery by Heidi K.
Cryo VS Alcohol Injections (for neuroma) by Jenna
to scott or anyone that can explain this by Eric
mcurnette by Kelly L
Marathon running 4.5 months after ESWT??? by Marleyoli
upcoming surgery by cara
Iran Slows Uranium Enrichment by marie
House Democrats top 100 broken promises... by Dr. Ed
? For Dr. Wander by Chewlet
plantar fascitis by Gerry
great toe injury on Tango dancer by hilary
Pope Benedict XVI Does It Again by marie
PF and weight by Sally C.
No free lunch? by Susan
Toe pain by Kellie
To the Docs by Jen R
Stopped pain meds-cold turkey????? by mcurnett
Sheehan going for Pelosi...cool by larrym
Cause of PF - question for the Drs by Amy
How to decrease TTS pain by Juleen
Senate GOP Blocks Longer Leaves For Troops by marie
Al-Qaeda Present but Not Accounted For by marie
Relief at last! by Heather
Heel pain by jflo
fallen arches with bunion by maries
Heel Spurs by Linde
Conservatives ok With Degradation of Women by marie
failed by Maggie
Cheilectomy by ShellyH
Tinel's Sign by Laurie C.
Burning on back of foot by John M.
Next steps (pardon the pun!!) by D.R.L.
alcohol shots for TT? by lwahl
Juleen re: TTS by Dr. Wedemeyer
Brief happy note - Cute Shoes revisited by LaurieF
New docs? by Dr. Ed
Morton's Neuroma by john h
Up date and unbelievable tale by meg s
wound by David
Advice on the sandal to buy by Johnny chan
Podiatry Arena by DFellner
burning soles of the feet by tomdee
question for docs on ankle stabilization by dr g.
PF release surgery by Eddie Jones
full thickness tear of brevis tendon and SLE by flyball
Jeremy - Newton Running Shoes? by JM
heel pain by valerieb
pain from rsd by rsd
planter faciitis-does casting help? by lej
failed hemi great toe implant by colleen
Stopped using pain meds cold turkey - UPDATE by mcurnett
Clinton/Edwards 2008 by Jim
Religion and politics by Dr. Ed
Leaving Iraq by Lucas
How long? by Misty
Question for Jeremy by Terri
Need Pain Meds by Ulla
Ron Paul Warns of Staged Terror Attack by marie
Last resort by codyweber1990
Hillary, Edwards & Obama on Iran by marie
Unilateral PF by Rodrigo C.
Funny but true by john h
Are you a sheep, sheep dog, or wolf by john h
Unilateral PF by Rodrigo
Getting much worse by Yanni
heel injury by Jane P
crazy muslim lib video by larrym
Immobilization, weight bearing, success by Yanni
ha ha by Susan
Two failed subtalar fusions by Jon D
surgery by Haley
Post Cryo Pain by malgosb
Update by Kate
Prolotherapy by Lakemom
Thinking positively by lwahl
TIme off Inbetween by Misty
Supplements by Brannonj
President Bush discusses Iraq by Dr. Ed
Windlass Mechanism by TinaH
Michael Vick by marie
Plantar Fasciitis and casting the foot by Lisa
cryosurgery question by malgosb
Sudden Onset of Heel Pain by Kiell E.
Detecting Morton's Neuroma before Cryosurgery by Jeff
skin flap by David
shoe help by Alex M.
3 days post op by Lori
Shots in the nerve or not in the nerve? by lwahl
Plantar Nerve Testing by Juleen
The Bear is back by Dr. Ed
cc joint fusion surgery by Lisa
Hip injury by Sarah
Lifting After TTS Surgery by Korda
Shoe Question- Jeremy by Jackie
DR.G by David
useful message board feature by Scott R
Does this make sense? by Amy
A unique birthday gift by Kathy G
Questioning my Doctor by ToniP
Growths on the arch of foot by HelenaM
Non-drug option for chronic pain by Dr. Ed
Tarsal tunnel testing by viv32117
Toe walking by viv32117
Baseball Coach Death by john h
sesamoidectomy - both sesamoids, same foot by Laura D
A little advice please by Kiell E.
Exercises in Executive Power Expansion 101 by Dr. Wedemeyer
posterior tibial tendon partial rupture by sandrasq
RE: Persistent Big Toe Synovitis by William C
TTS Surgery by Juleen
Doc Humor by Dr. Wedemeyer
Could my sudden heel pain be blood clot? by Lee T
KBR exec pleads guilty......... by marie
Bush at record low approval rate 25% by marie
DR. ED by Amy
Back of heels feel bruised by claymover
Democrats hand a victory to terrorists by Dr. Ed
U.S., Iraq & Iran Security Plan by marie
Goodell tells Vick to stay home! by marie
post op nerve pain by Lori
Hallux Limitus by JackR
tarsal tunnel help by c3c11
my feet are driving me to drink by BabsiQ
What else can I do for PF? by Dawn F.
Neurologist app. by LindaW
plantar fibromatosis by markb
Right Message Wrong Teacher by john h
General Patton Returns by john h
plantar fibroma by JillR
1 Wk TTS Post-op -- Doing Good by Karen D
My PF: I will beat this! by Cyn
The Housing Slump will last at least a year by marie
painful lump on bottom of heel by deano m
torn posterior tibia tendon by mlj
neuropathy by sharanv
RE: chronic sesamoiditis/taping question by William C
Was Pat Tillman murdered? by marie
hearing loss by scott r
Need a recommendation for Dr. in San Diego by Joanne
Phoney War--Worth Listening to by john h
Lump on Posterior Foot by Kelly R
parish and bell clinic by jennie f
Pain at night by viv32117
Hey everyone! by MariaM
U.S. Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia???Huh? by marie
Heartbreaking by MariaM
Tarsal tunnel - by Cecil L.
GOP Vote Caging, Gonzales and Fired Attornies by marie
Cycling Pedal Stroke..... by Dr. Wedemeyer
Liberals attempt to silence Fox news by Dr. Ed
Clinton legacy of corruption by Dr. Ed
sudden plantar fascia tear by scott r
Warren Buffett by john h
Post Plantar fasciitis surgery by Wanda G.
Why the CAM? by Misty
heel pain by Kella
Adultry May be the Republican Value for 08 by marie
Mirapex for Restless Legs Syndrome disclaimer by Dr. Wedemeyer
Post op problems by Norm G
Arkansas by john h
Plantar fasciitis and trigger points by Alex G.
Bush blunders.....AGAIN by larrym
first metatarsal pain by patsycal
Democratic Led House Toughens Ethics Rules by marie
Britain Will Take Troops Out Of Iraq by marie
Posterial Tibial Tendon torn by DirkD
New cryotech web site: cryotech-int.com by Jim M
Heel pain and snapping in heel by annk
Republicans Lose Ground With Rural Voters by marie
Questions about case presentation by Amanda N
orthotic "casting" by theresa g
flat feet by mom
alternative exercise by wounded deer
Israel Gets a New Arms Deal......30 bil by marie
dynasplint for Post-op by Lori
Cryosurgery before Cortisone? by Jeff
Doctor's Eval-massaging the nerve. by viv32117
Cortisone Shot by viv32117
Cortisone expectations by viv32117
Republican Candidates by Jim
iraqis talk of al quaida killings by larrym
Plantar Fasciitis by Grandmother in NC
plantar fascilitis by monique
Just in case... by MariaM
Time for some fun 08 fun........Who are you? by marie
Obama by john h
foot pain by rob
feet pain by HelenP
Possible new indication for ESWT by Dr. DSW
More Obama Talk by john h
This should appeal to you Marie by john h
bagged a few more talis today by larrym
changing lifestyle by learnlove
pain in bottom of feet by Kathy Anglin
Are 08 Republican Candidates Youtube Weenies? by marie
Our aging infrastructure........... by marie
Airbus Crash in Brazil by john h
Heal Pain by Katie
35W Bridge Collapse by LaurieF
? for Dr. G or other physicians... by Juleen
other uses by jm
Mass air system shoes by JaneB
swollen foot by Sue
rupture of the plantar fascia by maz
Running Shoe Re by Hal J.
How much toe room required in atheltic shoes by John Chen
More problems.... by stacy1075
Children of politicians by marie
footmaxx orthotics by Paul Bunion
chronic achilles tendonitis by sara
PF and now a lump on my achilles? by Valerie S
#12 is over and healing by Kate
I still don't get the Giuliani wave........ by marie
Lump above ankle by Amanda B
humans age by learnlove
Dont Know What To Do by IN A LOT OF PAIN
Collecting Specimens for Microbiology by Judy, M.T. (ASCP)
Cryosurgery for Multiple, Tiny neuromas by Ian
plantar fasciitis by raine
Anybuddy try the Croc rx relief yet? by Liam
Dr. Z's Yorkshire Terrier by Dr. DSW
Heel Pain by T-Vo
Might have TTS by ScottH
Cold Laser Therapy by Hilaryg
diagnosis by E.P
pain in foot by bad feet
Pregnant with PF by AmberK
Heel spur causing leg numbness by soniac
Obama's Words Are Coming Back To Haunt Him by john h
Had both feet done now problems with one by LisaA
Jeremy by Amy
TTS and Steroid Injections by Laurie C.
Failed Allograft on PTT by Juleen
great 9-11 article dems or repubs by larrym
The Every American Insured Act by Dr. Ed
Fighting al-Queda in Iraq by Dr. Ed
Mulitiple neuromas by Jim
TTS worsens by wendyB
fluxuating symptoms by Amy
Coming Full Circle & Healing Differences by marie
Jeremy by Amy
tarsal tunnel by 222sany
toe Nails by Kraig
Iran improves treatment of women by Dr. Ed
Aftercare for Tarsal Tunnel Surgery by Linda
ESWT -- round two.... by Dr. Ed
Motion control shoes by Lakemom
First MTP Fusion by Chewlet
Natural highs that make you smile........ by marie
Marie Marie Marie by john h
Achilles reattachment by cristah
Questions about Tarsal Tunnel by cathyb
Kidner Operation post op pain by SabrinaR
? - Dr Ed & Dr. DSW by Juleen
Recipe Websites etc........ by marie
Tarsal tunnel or something else? by Jazzmo
Shockwave Therapy for PF? by dougg
mcurnette/lindaw by Kelly L
11 Google Easter Eggs by marie
plantar fasciitis by Diane S
recovery from pttd by joey
Foot Pain from Chemo drug Xeloda by MichaeleP
VoteMatch Quiz by marie
Jeremy...Nike Shox, Z-Coil, or Spira for PF? by HeatherW
10 yr. old foot pain by Tmars
Did You Know? by john h
?'s from Post Op Visit by Juleen
Scar tissue by stacy1075
Juleen/Dr. Ed by LindaW
Painful Orthotics by Kayte
help by bryan
Are you a flip-flopper? by marie
Who is editing Wikipedia? by marie
Foot Wear following TTR by Juleen
back of heel pain by pam
Money by john h
question for doctors by Amy
Humor by Dr. Wedemeyer
Post-op Guide by Norm G
Pain from foot surgery by ArlonC
Square Heel by nirel
European guy that gets it right, great vid by larrym
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