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dr zuckerman by john h
Medrol dosepak by Pauline
Birks,Bikes,Beach,..... by ChrisO
Information by Pauline
ART - Helen by ChrisO
report: Dr. R's FABS by ChrisO
BobG - nite splint by ChrisO
Rebellious PF suffer by Jo Anne T
Rebellious PF suffer by Jo Anne T.
Strassburg Sock by Pauline
Jumping nerves like a disco !!!!!!!!! by Laurie R
depressed/trying to cope by Beverly
Appt. today by Pat M
forgotten story....and perspective by ChrisO
11 weeks post ossatron by GinaC
Please tell me about EPF by Beth n
I am not alone by Nancy S.
Healthtronics by john h
My Pod Visit by Pat M
John W left HealthTronics? by Scott R
Bizarre-ness of the Day...... by ChrisO
some interesting info......to all and Dr. Z by ChrisO
Making ends meet by Bob G.
cheap sandals vs inserts/easy spirit shoes by sherri mc
Ibuprofen dosage by Barb T.
"Oxycise"? by VickiJ
Heel feeling better but... by Pat M
Encouragement by Libby
3rd Sonorex treatment today by Astrid Bierworth
breaking in orthotics by DavidB
The "shots" rut by Susan S
Well my question now is... by cindyp
Trip to the surgeon - hairy legs and all by wendyn
More than coincidence II by ChrisB
Taping and Ankle Brace by Sweetfeet
pt for pf by pookie
Aquajogging by pamB
Ossatron Treatment next Thursday by Mary J
to john h by Nancy S.
Ankle Brace by sweetfeet
Pre-fabricated Orthotics by Carl T.
Arch reconstruction Surgery by Pat
OssaTron/Healthtronics by john h
some success- by ChrisO
German ordered Birks by chris B
Knew it couldn't last by Pat M
need an artist....... by ChrisO
Hey Robin, did you get well? Where are you? by Beverly
can it snap? by TaylorC
i think i'm better? by scottak
I hope I haven't blown it! by Astrid Bierworth
Ossa Tron or others by Pauline
Hope this helps by Bob G.
info please-sandal, soft sole. by charles t
one more piece in tts/pf puzzle by alan k
Taking my heels to Florida by Nanafitz
arghhhhhhhhhhhhh............... by ChrisO
Arch strain by Angie
Rolfing by Pauline
wendyn hairy legs and all by dfet
tips on icing and nightsplints? by sherri mc
ART - First Session by Sweetfeet
ART by Barbara
pills and shots from PODS by Dakota
treatment - ESWT by iris
Mail-order birks by chris B
question about a cast by Lori K.
12 Weeks Post Ossatron by Nicole V.R.
PF Disability by Barbara S
going to have Orbasone done in L.A next tues by rekha
PFT's by ChrisO
Rolfing by Pauline
PFT update..long post by VickiJ
Massage sandals by Angie
footwear - found something at Costco! by Helen
What a week!!! by Pat M
Tingling in Toe by Ann G
inserts........again! by ChrisO
turning the corner by Hank C.
first visit to a Podiatrist by Sinead
Is it time to get more aggressive? by Beverly
Getting over pain... by Bob G.
Question for David L by Duane E
I see no cure in site by Robert L.
PFT's by Sweetfeet
Anyone know about pilates? by Suzie
It's Over, Had Ossatron Treatment by Mary J.
pain cycle, fear, et al. by ChrisO
What does atrophy in the foot mean? by cindyp
Rolfing update by Pauline
changing pain by Lori R.
5 months after surgery.... by Rene M
5 year foot pain being helped by A.R.T. by cindy S.
Scheduled for EPF surgery by Diane
Dear David by Jonathan
back of the heel bone spurs by linette k
new shoes! by truffle
Shower shoes by Kim B.
Tried stretching... Questions by Beverly
2 weeks post ossatron by Scott D
Scott, I hate to be a whinner... by Kim B.
Another waste of my time by cindyp
Sharp pain in back of heel by Damon
One year surgery anniversary by Lori S
To David L. by Trish
scott: still a huge lag by alan k
ART THERAPY - Positive Feedback by Sweetfeet
Dr. Rompe - Meeting in Germany Announcement by Scott R
My orthotic keeps shifting! by dannielle d
just found out by Sue
Rolfing update by Pauline
Sonorex update by Astrid Bierworth
cortisone shot by john h
Dr. Z, please...... by ChrisO
question about Birks........... by ChrisO
Thanks so much! by Sue
complication with ESWT by Dr Weil, Jr.
International shockwave meeting by Dr. Weil, Jr.
New Night Splint user--so far, so good by Maura L
Vioxx Warning by Susan S
Almost Healed by Maria W.
Running & Bicycling by Sid C
TENS unit with acetic acid by Scott R
I think I have PF by Mother Med
stretching by ChrisO
Making heelspurs.com a corporation by Scott R
Dr. Zuckerman: Orbasone on tennis elbow by Barbara
Can anyone translate by wendyn
Self Massage and Toe Jumping by Sweetfeet
ankle brace by Davidb
PF and losing weight by Barbara
Question for Matt L by Karen K
Podiatist's Window: Time wounds all heels by Bob G.
Personal Trainers from Mike W. by Dr. Zuckerman
One Week Post-OssaTron by Mary J
One Week Post Ossatron by Mary J.
Now I want to know this by cindyp
Shoe, shoes, ouch, ouch by Kim B.
Two days post-op:EPF by Diane
Heel Spru Surgery by Prudence
one week update by iris
Suggestions anywone? David? by Astrid Bierworth
Good News/Bad News ...Decisions by Beverly
Pain is back by Trish
Manual Transmission Affect on PF? by Phil in Richland
Ouch! by Truffle
Practical self care options (long post) by Mike W
update on orbasone treatment last tuesday by rekha.s
Is PF without any heel pain a possibility? by phils
what excercise? by Lynda A
knot on tendon in foot by Jan R.
Hot tub water jets by Pauline
Mike W by Lynda A
TTS by Angie
New Section for PF Book by Scott R
Sonorex Video on Web by Scott R
A Quick and Easy Foot Massage by Bob G.
What Next?????? by Colleen G
Some Heavy Reading by Scott R
My foot slows down my trip...bummer! by Beverly
cold contraption by ChrisO
Something to think about? by Elise M.
Ibuprofen Cream by Pauline
TTS Sufferers by Angie
First night (first night spling) by Pat M
Athletic tape by Angie
report on second orbasone treatment on 5/30 by rekha sharma
tts,emg, hi! busy busy busy(long) by dfeet
Question for Dr. Zuckerman by Pauline
OssaTron Gang Update by Scott R
Dr. Zuckerman by Colleen G
New heelspurs.com feature by Scott R
ice-heat-ice by Sue
NightSplint Sales by Bob G.
Going for additional sonorex treatments by Trish
It's Gettin Better All the Tiiiime! by Sweetfeet
Orbasone Patient Survey by Dr. Zuckerman
Orbasone Patients Survey by Dr. Zuckerman
Orbasone Patient Survey by Dr. Zuckerman
Chiro=CYA by ChrisO
survey by orbasone patient survey
survey by orbasone patient survey
plantar fascia defined by Scott R
Ever had lipstick on your foot? by cindyp
Response to AlanK re: Water Testing by wendyn
Pauline --- question re your South African PT by Steve P
Well the days are getting more lovely by cindyp
One week post op - EPF by Diane
Ignorance is EOM....... by ChrisO
FDA approval of the OssaTron - when? by Paul M.
NSAIDS and Healing by BarbaraS
nobby sandals discovery by alan k
Trip Ruined/It tore/Came Home on Crutches by Beverly
Birkenstock inserts by scottak
massage sandal caution by alan k
The OssaTron Score to date by Scott R
When should I stand again? by BarbaraS
weather must be good everywhere......... by ChrisO
Survived 3 days in Disney Land by PattyS
betula birks by Sue
"Name That ChrisO", update by ChrisO
Contest clue.........#1 by ChrisO
I saw the doctor.. both feet torn... by Beverly
Never heard of this one. by cindyp
In a name.............. by ChrisO
Help find this Dr. by Pauline
How is it going, Trish? by Astrid Bierworth
frustrated.... by Sue
An idea for beverly by Dr. Zuckerman
Pod in Dallas by Martha B.
A quick and easy way to lose weight by Bob G.
PF Class of '99 Valedictorian Vote by Bob Gayle
foot pain at the base of the toe. by chris k
podiatrist visit today by Astrid Bierworth
long time sufferer finally found a forum by Larry D
pf by Diane
First Pod visit by Brenda K
night splint is looking good!! by jill t
The total story by cindyp
Well, I Took A Long Walk.... by Sweetfeet
First trip to PT Re Laurie by Lori K
This & That by john h
more stuff...... by ChrisO?
Clue # 2......... by ChrisO
skunks need names too..... by ChrisO
and the winner is........... by ChrisO
To Bob Gayle by Laurie R
On a cloud ... My Good News! by Beverly
Question about Betula Birks by PattyS
3rd Week Post Ossatron by Mary J.
identity crisis...... by ChrisOJudyS
Long suffering BRIT by UK Mark
10 minute run this morning by Astrid Bierworth
to Beverly, it's a long post by Rosie A
orthosis by john h
Heel Pain by Bob G.
Should I create a seperate message board? by Scott R
Great Vacation by chris B
Can you have nerve entrapment but not TTS? by Beverly
Odds and ends :-) by Kim B.
Encouragement by Elise
Has anyone heard an update from Brent? by Pauline
Weight Lifing question by Kimpy
twinge in my foot by Lori E.
Running Shoes by Pauline
I Guess I went Too Far by Sweetfeet
Foot impression by Charles T
to Beverly by Rosie A
I need your shock size or shoe size. by Beverly
YIppeeee I graduated.... by cindyp
Youch! by Debbie C
I'm responsible....... by JudyS
Welcome to Hayden........ by JudyS
Scar Tissue by Pauline
CraneoSacral Therapy - Any Results? by Mary Trisky
more Sonorex for me! by Astrid Bierworth
MY First Good Day by Beverly
Heel pain extending to ankle. by JWR
go it alone by dks
Harachis................. by JudyS
update - made a decision by SuzanneK
what was he thinking?! by Hank C.
Night splints-Who,What When Where?? by LarryH
USA Today article by BillC
Losing hope ...... by Laurie R
elbows atb Jeff. by David L
I need a distributor for ibuprofen cream by Scott R
message board search hint by Scott R
What else is there? by cindyp
Pain relief by john h
Old news by john h
Pre-molded Orthotics by CARL
partner by Frans
SPURS and EWT by Gwenda
Gotta do something... by Pat M.
How much damage done? by Pauline
Starting a new job Monday by Elise M.
Vioxx by Pauline
Surgery update (long) by BJC
Custom Orthotics by Linda
........subject?....... same ol' by pookie
Shock Wave Therapy? by dks3405
Punch the Monkey and Win $20 by Bob G.
Back pain and foot pain and note to John H. by wendyn
Pain on the outside of my foot... by Troy
FDA panel meeting by Karen K
custom made birkenstocks... by pookie
Identity Crisis....again! by NancyS JudyS ChrisO
taping- has it helped anyone???? by rekha.s
What about cortizone pills? by Beverly
don't forget the massage and ice!! by sue g.
Dr. orders Ionaphoresis with dexamethazone by Pauline
Ankle hurts a bunch... by Pat M.
Where are my Birks? by KarenK
ossatron by john h
What's left? by Pauline
You could help---FDA panel meeting by Pauline
Just to make you smile (a valiant attempt) by wendyn
Update from a new sufferer by Theresa R
Timeline on German Birks by KarenK
Birks by john h
question for David re: sonorex by Kathy
Birks for sale on QVC by BJC
Last (5th) Sonorex treatment today by Astrid Bierworth
I'm new to this site and confused! by Sue R.
Miracle of miracles (not) by Pat M.
3rd night at work, not too bad by Elise M.
my new birks hurt my feet.......help! by pookie
Question re ART and Rolfing by IreneM
How do you when you can dance again? by Sweefeet
Am I a canditate for Ossatron? by Steve L.
4 week update by iris
Long-time sufferer by Skyking
for wendy by john h
painful heel and feet by d.p.thomas
Doc says NO BIRKS??? HELP by Kimpy
Dr Z: My socks arrived. Thanks! by Beverly
52 Weeks Post OrthotripsyŽ Synopsis by Duane E
Achilles tendonitis, in both feet by Nancy S.
Anyone in the UK? by Melody
Orbasone procedure. by To Scott R.
Be Gone by Bob G.
new search capability by Scott R
Beverly --- How much progress have you made? by Steve P
Anti-inflammatories by Pauline
Has anyone tried Healthflex orthotics? by Sue R.
SAS shoes by Wendy
Plantar Fasciitis by Jim
catching up....... by JudyS
misc. catching up ... by JudyS
more misc. catching up.... by JudyS
Birks with lowest arches???? by Pauline
Bromelain safe with Blood Pressure Meds? by Pauline
4 weeks post orbasone/pain off an on!!! by rekha.s
I want a vote from this board. by Dr. Zuckerman
Orthaheel? by Melody
ESWT questions by BJC
vioxx by maria
To Dr. Z by Pauline
calcium for cramping by Nancy S.
hope for tarsal tunnel syndrome sufferers by alan k
Fin Comfort brand shoes by SandyS
Radio Frequency Lesioning by john h
orthodics after surgery? by caryne
New Calf Stretch is helping PF by Rock
Anxiety on the rise by Pauline
2nd Pod visit and some rest by Brenda K
What is it with the vacations??? by Stephanie S.
Time wounds all heels by Bob G.
Dr Z/ nerve block by john h
Cyro-cuff- great for icing and foot pain by Dr. Zuckerman
post- three weeks orbasone patient by Dr. Zuckerman
Cheap ProStretch by Joel K
For Barb T by Melody
To MikeW...... by JudyS
tarsal tunnel surgery and nerve release by timo
Scar tissue by Rosie A
Flexibilty survey question. by Scott R
To Dr. Z.... by JudyS
bromelain/dizziness by JudyS
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis by Christian S.
How am I doing? by cindyp
Sonorex treatment in Vancouver by Chris B.
10 min. run this morning by Astrid Bierworth
Vioxx and Doctors by Pat M.
Laurie! by wendyn
Achilles Tendonitis rehab by JHF
Two weeks on my feet........... by Elise M.
To Rick R./Scar Tissue by Rosie A
cryo-cuff by john h
Patient Progress Report and Tracking by Scott R
Questions, nerve blocks? by cindyp
Force vs nonforce chiro by IreneM
Ossatron for John W. and others by john h
To Mel - Birks in UK by Truffle
Birks-Orlando-Sale! by Sue G.
Kim, how are you doing? by Beverly
arch spasm.... by JudyS
tts please help with more info by timo
Finally getting some relief by Pauline
ESWT Patient Tracking in Place by Scott R
5 weeks post op - EPF by Diane
Note to Dfeet and Laurie R and Alan by wendyn
elavil for pain control? by rekha.s
Day 3 after surgery by KAREN S
Low thyroid connection & undermedication by Ardell R.
nerve imflammation post surgery by Barbara P
Re: Hi Gang, Sorry I've been absent. by Kim B.
Recovered! Do I try a bench class? by AprilP
to Scott - re patient progress reports by Astrid Bierworth
I'm going shopping for birks and need advice! by Sue R
no miracle cure but-- by john h
New Doctor on this site- Dr. Kent Biehler by Dr. Zuckerman
New Doctor on Site- Dr. Kent Biehler by Dr. Zuckerman
Heel Spur Removal by Jean W.
what about the stepper??? by Jane
Is EPF the right thing for me??? by Merrie Q.
Wellness Tips We Can Learn From A Dog by Bob G.
July 4th Feetworks! by Sweetfeet
Healthtronics by john h
ignorance is bliss............ by JudyS
Just checking in by Nicole V. R.
Night splints in the Uk? by AmyM
What I am wondering? by cindyp
PF and Bromelain by Terry
Music for my feet..... by TRC
Where does fascia connect to heel? by Kathy
ESWT by john h
What exactly is a "good" doctor???? by wendyn
PF Surgery on Wednesday 7/12/00 by Sharie
Cortizone Injections by Ann G.
Two 56 hour weeks, mandatory OT by Elise M
Dornier ESWT by Pauline
Follow up visit with Orthop Dr. today by Pauline
Arthro-7 by Wilma
Pain medication for PF by Sharie H
Continuing to improve... by wendyn
hand-holding......to Shari by JudyS
avoidance? by JudyS
How many here have stomach problems? by Kim B.
Started biking yesterday and feel great by Dolcelen
To Dr. Biehler---Why so long? by Pauline
New Surgery Tacking System by Scott R
Birks by Terry
Shoe support on a boat by Meredith F
There IS hope! by April
Location by john melton
Jabbing Pain by Ann
Strongest Man had PF and sill won. by Bob G.
I found a cure! by Bart A.
getting off foot, getting better by Ann G.
Pavement Matters by Rock
One Day Good--One Day Bad, Really Bad by Sweetfeet
Agony Lead to Appointment with Doctor by Sweetfeet
Not sure if I have pf. by Gay N.
looking for a good walking sneaker by Barbara M
I'll try anything.. almost by ChanaW
Birks Insert Advice Please! by Truffle
a new area of question...... by JudyS
PF and depression - pity party by Lori E.
Back to Square One by Pauline
PF Friendly Careers by Kim B.
update on my orbasone treatment- May 28th by rekha s
You know you have PF when... by john a
Orthotics by john h
How do Birks help?? by Melody
PF and life changes, Nancy -long by Lori E.
OK - just got my first Birks by ChanaW
I finally hit paydirt! Don't give up. by Beverly
Difference between POD and Ortho??? by Pat M
Help! Is it PF or something else? by KarenC
Healthtronics by john h
thanks by JudyS
Dr Biehler.......... by JudyS
Big Birks show on QVC by Laurie R
OssaTron by john h
New Birks-Ow! by June
To Dr. Biehler by Karen S
comfortable dress shoes for work by rekha.s
How wide are Birks? by Melody
Three Orthos in a Pod... by Bob G.
My PF story by Sam
My physical therapist is extremely wonderful by Nancy S.
Handicap Parking Permit -------- a reminder by Steve P
PF means Perfect Feet - My Story by Sharie H. by Sharie H. in San Diego
A new Treatment????? Has anyone tried it? by Stacy S
Just put in my notice by Lori E.
I'm not alone! by Betsy P.
Click here and make this banner go away by Bob G.
How to stop this obsession by PaulS
Ortho appt. by Pat M.
Another hurdle by KarenS
So now I am trying this.... by cindyp
OssaTron by john h
steriod injection by john h
Do any of you have a high arch? by Sue R
Am I the only one who's different? by Barbara
Birks vs. a raised heel by Helene M
My Knees are Killing Me by Wanda M
heel pain relief by gerald g
question....... by JudyS
What happens when it starts to snow? by Barbara
Is this normal??? by Stacy S
I feel almost 100% by PattyS
How much stretching/icing? by Sue R
Soft Birks by wendyn
Update on message by Stacy s
Healthtronic by john h
Strange question by Gordon F
My foot hurts, with a picture by Scott R
Mike Wilmot's new product by Scott R
Still Pain-free by Bob G.
New ESWT Pain Clinic open in Markham Ontario by Bayshore ESWT Pain Clinic
Has anyone had a flare-up more than once? by Sue R
"Bee Sting" by Susan S
Has anyone tried these products?? by Kim B.
Deep Fascia Pain by Pauline
Cured of Plantar Fasciitis!!! by Jeff H.
Another enigma by ChanaW
new shoes......... by JudyS
movement and healing? by JudyS
Bad circulation in feet? by Irene
ossatron approved by panel by johnw
Ossatron by John
Heel pain by Tracey Engler
for Shari........... by JudyS
Earth to Beverly . . . by FNancy S.
When does Dr. Zuckerman come back? by cindyp
CBS/Ossatron by john h
OssaTron Approval by Angie P
a girl with ugly shoes by lynn
orthotic pain by Caryl T.
Pain is now on top by Charles T
where is Dr. Zuckerman located????? by suzi
ossatron by suzi
Post-op advice needed: EPF both feet by T.Hurst
Have question for Gina C by Kathy
New Birks by Betsy P
Question for Dr. Zuckerman by KarenS
First pair of new shoes Yea by Pauline
ossaron in Atlanta GA????? by suzi
Pain is back by Bob G.
ESWT treatment locations by Scott R
Yoga & Stretching by Betsy P
New Balance sandals by ChanaW
Question re Foot Strengthening Exercises by Helen K.
PF great! Now I blew my knee! by April
strengthening and stretching, yoga questions by alan k
ossatron by john h
Pod visit................ by JudyS
ESWT progress reports. by Dr. Zuckerman
My last group of questions... by cindyp
Roller Blading by Mark R
Re: Sharie about my surgery by caryne
PF Remission / Flare-Ups by Rock
My experience with heel pain by Mike D
ossatron locations by john h
CPT Coding by Ted W.
Limericks: genderize as appropriate. by john a
Is all arch pain PF ? by Bruce J
PF OK, Knee better too, I'm forgiven again! by April
I'm Giving In--I'll Take the Shot by Sweetfeet
A certain person by Karen
In and Out of Pain by Bob G.
Orbasone survey by Dr. Zuckerman
bad stretching............... by JudyS
for dr z on fast fracture-healing drug trials by john h
Pilates, casts, and new wheelchair by JanC
Nancy, how are you doing today? by Beverly
Chiro by Sam
Have question, will answer! by Richard, C.Ped, O.S.T.
Getting Better after a Year and a Half by Carol A.
Darn this condition by Barbara
PT visit by JudyS
Wendy's new email by wendyn
There once was... by ChanaW
OssaTron--Anesthesia by Victor
Has anyone tried these products? by Barbara
after surgery by Susan G
Thought I was getting better! by KellyR
the world keeps spinning............ by JudyS
Help has come, I hope. by D
I think I have mentally given in... by cindyp
richard, cp by john h
FDA approval? by Amy
Orbasone here i come by john h
Ever have tingling sensations? by Jan
Orbasone Detention by FDA by John
Question for Richard C.Ped by AmyM
UCBL orthodics by suzi
Ibuprofen creme by john h
where is Becky??? by suzi
NightSplint named Athetis by Bob G.
OrthoWave Available in New York for FREE by Scott R
Patient Progress reports by Kathy Wicks
From WheelChair to Walker WOW! THIS IS GREAT! by Sharie H. in San Diego
Give your feet the day off :) by Bob G.
Sand/Water Shoes by ChanaW
To Dr. Zuckerman by Pauline
Message for Mathew Lerner by Dr. Zuckerman
ESWT Question.....Looking for answers by Kathy
Cyrocuff after surgery and or pain by Dr. Zuckerman
PF w/ flat feet by Beverly A
Photo Mania by Bob G.
internet connection still very spotty by Scott R
Anyone called New York by Kathy
Another gem from the john a pen by john a
Wish me luck. PLEASE!!! by Pat M.
pf and low back pain by suzi
Birkenstock by Barb T
pf and depression by suzi
In$ert$ YIKES! by D
OssaTron for tennis elbow? by Scott R
Hugs, etc. by JudyS
I'm psyched by Pat M.
Night Splint and Achilles Tendonitis by Rock
Ibuprofen gel....... by JudyS
More research is needed by Barbara
Repost ; Question for Richard C.ped by AmyM
seeking a fully adjustable night splint by andrew r
N & J, by Popular demand............. by JudyS
I got the answer -- thanks! by andrew r
Re: N & J by JudyS
Re: Isn't that funny... by Kim B.
Blonds have more.............air? by JudyS
A Logbook is a very useful tool. by Rock
A very good idea, Rock.......eom :) by JudyS
Re: Hi, John by YokoS
PT by JudyS
Big toe by AmyM
Orthowave FDA trials by Barbara
I need help recovering from Heel Spur Removal by Jean W.
Re: Dr. Z. Cyro-Cuff? Please elaborate. by Kim B.
Re: It's understandable Beverly by Kim B.
I used Homegrocer.com, They are Fabulous!! by Kim B.
Re: A few more points to add. by Kim B.
Panty staples? by wendyn
Re: Sick Chicks by Kim B.
Returning for one last look! by Connie T
Hope to head to Chicago soon by Kathy
Re: I second Dr. Z's reply by Richard, C.Ped
Re: Thank you ... Doctors, by Kim B.
Dr Z patient reports by Scott R
Had to amputate, sorry by Bob G.
ESWT by JudyS
minor triumphs..... by JudyS
west coasters.......... by JudyS
Re: Southwest by Kim B.
Re: Southwest/Attention: Kim by Beverly
42 and crutching it by Pat M.
It hurts by wendyn
Nancy: Re: 42 and crutching it by Pat M.
Wendy Re: It hurts by Pat M.
Karen Re: 42 and crutching it by Pat M.
Our solar system really does have a star! by Barbara
How do you prove it's work related by KarenS
Re: Good one, Nancy :-) by Kim B.
Personal Foot Trainers by Randell P
My letter was read---maybe I helped? by Pauline
PT by JudyS
John H. Re: Jury Duty by Sharie H. in San Diego
Re: Amen, Sister by Beverly
Re: Another thought.. by Beverly
Re: Afoot Afair... by Kim B,
Kickin' Hubby With the Post Op Boot! by Sharie
I can empathize by T. Hurst
Free file space at heelspurs.com by Scott R
password removed by Scott R
Scott's task list by Scott R
Rock & Aspercreme by john h
Re: To Tenderfeet by Kim B.
fixate on pleasure and progress by alan k
METATARSALGIA by Denise St.George
Re: A Few Questions by Kim B.
Re: Scott by Kim B.
Re: Suspected Heel Spurs by Kim B.
how to edit wendyn's FAQ by Scott R
Tenderfeet, your post hit home with me by Helene M
Plantar Fascia Release Operation by Frances D
Birks by Terry
Helen by Kim B.
taping by maria
Re: Helen & Kim by Beverly
Dear David by Jonathan
Re: would that be footcare@home.com? by Kim B.
Re: forgot to mention by Kim B.
Heel spur surgery, any comments? by Essence
Moleskin Memories by Bob G.
I'm ready, maybe, sort of... by Pat M.
EPF by Jean
that was crucial info Bill!!! by alan k
Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendonitis by MattL
ESWT Report by john h
oracle database offer by Scott R
smelly feet and birks by alan k
Here's the stretch by MattL
How would describe your pain by MattL
Re: taping-Rock & Sandy by Rick R
creating web pages by Scott R
Orthowave FDA study by Barbara
footprints by SuzanneK
Beverly - Birks General Store in San Antonio by SuzanneK
Re: John..... by Essence
TTS - FAQ - MRI and follow up on me by wendyn
Dr.Zuckermen- No wheelchair-YIKES! by Essence
What kind of pain meds? by Essence
ossatron by sandraLa
ESWT Progress Reports by john h
Nancy editing the "book" by Scott R
Pain Level by wendyn
Aircast question by Nancy S.
dr z by john h
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Anyone with pf considering become a pod? by T. Hurst
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