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lee enthusiastic by scott
To Branton @ Santiago h.s. by cindy
N E suggestions on a really good shoe by Mike Cockerell
Is having a hard heel after surgery normal? by Eric
any help for a new pf sufferer by dee mira
PF Surgery Technique by John Holt
Re: dansko update by Jim Spangler
Looking for good tennis shoes..Please Help by Jim Spangler
Does earlier postings continue to help? by Karl
Re: Thanks, Dianne for your comments by Peggy
Re: Peggy, a note to you, from Diane by Diane R.
Work related PF and Impairment Rating by Brenda
Re: 5wk post op conventional PF surgery by barbara,CA
swimming tips by jill
Taking over my life by Kelly L
Anyone had success w/Neurontin for burning?? by cindy
Re: Kelly, please read by Janis, MA
Trigger point therapy by jill
Iontophoresis to reduce heel spur size by Gina
Re: Bicyling therapy for PF by Angel
Shoe Prices by Kristen
Small changes can make a big difference by elizabeth
Details re:EPF surgery? by Jean
Where I got NB shoes for $40 by Kristen
And they have a Web site! by Kristen
Do night splints work? by Melissa
Training for marathon by Noelle
Help with Psychological effects of PF by Dave
Does alternating ice/heat treatments help PF? by Jan Bowman
surgery and long term results by Sue
severe charley horse type cramps by Jane
dr. stephen barrett recommendation? by cindy burdue
Re: Heel Bursitis and Fat Pad Loss by cindy
Re: sclerotherapy aka prolotherapy by cindy
Re: surgery??? by cindy
acupuncture and acupresser by Dafia
RE:How long is recovery? by Joe Tocco
pf-glucosamine by nan
Custom made Birkenstocks by John M
Re: Mail Carriers and heel spurs by JIMEL
Glucosamine & Calcium by Shaira
18 months later progress by Kevin
Vitamin B Complex by Sherry
Imitation Birkenstocks? by Dolores
post-op report by cindy
Diffuse PF pain vs. acute pain at heel by Douglas Padian
Losing weight with PF by suzanne
Seeking help losing weight with PF by suzanne
Plantar fascitis by Doug Daniels DMD
Cortizone shots? by Bonnie
pf/heel pain by Carol Pehrson
chiropractor adjustments to the foot by Stacy
post op by suzy white
Re: shoes/Birkenstocks by S. Glasgow
Birkenstock Arch Supports by S. Glasgow
Has night splints worked for anyone? by Joe
plantars fascitiis by Teresa Jones
Basketball Shoes and Heel Spurs by Al Freitas
Has anyone tried DMSO to treat PF? by BJ
newbie by Shauna N.
How to deal with a hectic job? by Lianne Normand
going to doctor for plantar fasciitis by Kenneth Roy
How about second surgery? by Gavin Stokes
heel spur with swollen foot by Jacqueline Pontius
dampness and PF by Marcia
heel spur surgery by Bobby Sapp
Are Heel Spurs and PF the same thing? by Sherry
test by scott
Strassburg Sock? by scott
Rest and PF by Gina
Birkenstocks and Birkenstock inserts by jill
Surgery for pf? by LindaG
I Need a Dr. in NY by Paul
Heel Spur by Margaret
Birkenstock Help by Dolores
no relief by Trudy
Waterproof Birkenstocks by LindaG
Is anyone running again with PF? by Margaret
Conventional PF surgery last Thursday by Lyn
Re: Operation by LindaG
Magnesium and Copper help, but Calcium hurts by scott r
Elastic ankle brace as Sock alternative (?) by Regina S.
burning feet by Nancy
Help for my PF PLEASE by Amy B.
Count'R-Force Arch Brace by Karl
Re: good shoes by Derek Wall
Losing weight and PF by Douglas Padian
Diet and PF by Douglas Padian
Acupuncture For Plantar Fasciitis by Francis Hunt
Any experience with Shock treatment for PF by Mario Wilkowski
Mephisto shoes by Lynn
new to the bbs on heelspurs by Nancy Snyder
More info on Mephisto shoes by Lynn
More info on Mephisto -- completed by Lynn
Warm weather may be the trick by Karl
Has anybody tried a cast? Did it help? by scott r
Runners & Time Off Due To PF by Karl
Anyone tried an Antioxidant Complex by Pamela
3 wk post op partial release by Lyn
PF AND Heel Stress Fracture by Margaret
PF AND Heel Stress Fracture by Margaret
EPF Surgery Results for PF by Margaret
Lousy, condescending attitudes of Doctors! by Sharon L.
What method is best for recovery ? by Lisa S.
Re: calcium magnesium by Ashley F (Sydney)
Footsoother & other machines by Shaira
Re: Report him to the AMA ! by Janis, MA
Foot grew two sizes after pregnancies by Sandra Chatellier
Nut Case by Marie
Re: Ligament shrinking and contracting by Ed
Is the new arch brace a sales ploy, Steve? by John
Pain due to scar tissue after PF is healed? by Karl
4wk post-op conventional PF surgery by Lyn
Why the left foot?? by Marie
Can planar fascia be stretched? by Ric
Unusual Symptoms: is this planar fasciitis? by Ric
Does anyone have any regrets about surgery? by Evelyn
PF started in right foot, now in both feet by Kristen
What is Lateral Column Pain? by Greg
new product link by scott r
oops by scott
Will I ever get back to my walking program? by Margaret
Some older messages deleted and NEW PICTURES by scott r
Nerve Damage To Both Feet by William Ripple
Failed EPF Surgery by Richard O Lundeen DPM
Re: SURVEY: Caution on Cortisone to Melissa by Diane R.
No morning pain and need help by John M
What Dosages? Glucosamin/Calcium/Magnesium by Denise
Re: NSAIDs by Ed
Doh! Ignore the typos, please. :( by sherri
Vitamins and Plantar Fasciitis. Do they help? by scott r
going barefoot and birkenstocks by Will Martin
Newly Diagnosed with PF by Judy
Newly Diagnosed with PF by Judy
Avoid barefoot indoors ! by Sherri
What does food grade mean? by Scott @ heelspurs
Need help editing my detailed comments page by scott r
possible Cotizone side effect? by ken
DMSO as a topical anti-inflamatory by Janet
Pain from Custom Orthotics??? by Viv
Re: Cortisone Injections - comments by Barbara Davis
plantar release surgery by randall beltran
Pain mainly in the arch of foot by Brenda
Bee Venom Therapy by John M
Anyone heard of the F-Scan? by Cindy
Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis or What??? by Tony
True! Dont wait too long! by Sherri
PF and Injury to Calcaneous by Don Rainey
Try new alternatives-- what I've done: by Sherri
plantar fasiitis by Lynn
TENS, Standing EMG/NCV for Nerve Entrapment by Judy
3 months post op PF surgery by Lyn
Plantar Fasciitis surgery in Britain by Michael Pagan
yeah, sometimes knees and ankles hurt--- by Sherri
sorry bout that.... by sherri
post op PF surgery and New Balance shoes by Scott C.
Ice pain by Mary
The F-Scan was incredible - and very helpful by Cindy
What makes the Birkenstock shoe better? by Barb Zimmer
Anyone tried Birkenstock Noppies? by Kristen
Arch support. . . by sherri
Heel spur nightmare by DaNita
i'd bet theyd be comfy at the beach, but..... by sherri
Plantar Faciitis by TJ
any feedback from glucosamine users by missy
Do the Imitation Birks work as well? by DENISE C.
Has anyone gone to a Reflexoloist??? by becky mcilvaine
Birkenstock inserts by Barb
Re: Stretch, Stretch, Stretch by Jim
Metatarsalgia & P.F. by Sue
Insert For Shoes by Shaira
birkenstock and persistence by eileen
Orthotics from an HMO by Kristen
it took me amonth to get used to birks. . . by Sherri
Do I have Plantar Faciitis? by Mike Laurer
Shock treatment for heel spur pain by Marti
Thanks goodness for this site :) by Diane F.
PF ruptures by jeanine
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Lynn Fanning
Inserts for open sandals by Mary B.
Just got a walking cast--any tips or advice? by Gina
Easy Spirit Anti-Gravity Shoes by Carol Dunn
MRI of the foot: is it useful? by Irene in TX
Power Align insert by Shaira
Birkenstock inserts by Barb
Mephisto shoes by Maha
what to avoid doing with PF?? by becky mcilvaine
Re: Here is the # of the Ecco Shoes I bought by Shaira
I have suffered with PF by Phil
Re: Just bought more shoes! by maha
Orthotics Strategy by Maha
Pain at the back of my heel by Ryan Chase
Xray by Joseph
superfeet by kirby
Advice needed by Diane F.
planning to have surgery soon by Robin Odoom
forefoot pain by randall beltran
everyone is scaring me.... by lilhurrica
Which Birk insert? by Maha
test by s
Specific audience here. . . by sherri
'arizonas' are popular.....and inserts by Sherri
Old tired feet but no longer alone by FullM00N
Advice for a newly diagnosed PF sufferer. by Laura
I don't want to stop... by Amy
A cast to rest my foot???? by DaNita
Teachers with PF by Gypsofilia
Support Group in SF Bay Area by roz
The hunt is on.... sigh... by Diane F.
Do magnetic inserts help? by Marsha
Weather related? by Shaira
Just Got The Word I Have Heel Spur! OUCH! by Cyndi
New to the site. by Trudi
Having a bad foot day? by LouSue
foot locks up when walking by Merlyn
Need recommendations for new running shoes by Marc
PF as well as Nueroma's by Terry Ferris
Re: What's a Tens Unit??? by Shaira
Been there, done that by neeraj
Going to see a Rheumatologist by Doug Padian
Re: ...-do i have PF?? Sounds like it by Shaira
Trip to Birkenstock store by Diane F.
Lateral Column Pain??? by Lucy
another try at pain relief with steriods by DaNita
I'm almost convinced that EPF was successful! by Melissa
Steriods not working feet still HURT by DaNita
Cataflam by Denise
Other Helpful Alternatives by Karl
re-new balance sneakers by lilhurrica
I had arch pain TOO. by Sherri
My achy foot "POPPED" by Kismet
use of hot/cold gel pack by Bird
How do you spell relief... by Diane F.
a cheaper and very effective insert.... by Sherri
Cured?? by Rita
Have any diabetics had PF surgery? by Kathy
Re: Troll who charges money by Shaira
Re: Shaira - YOU GO GIRL ! by Geri
test by scott
3rd test by scott
PF-I need help ! by Cyndi
Baltimore Birkenstocks by Barb
Podiatrist vs Orthopedic by Kathy
Its Been a year now by Suzy
I prefer podiatrist for insurance reasons. by Melissa
Re: Why I Like Cycling by Shaira
Re: PF Seems To Move by Shaira
stretching exercises to help PF by Carol
Glad to meet another cycling enthusiast! by Rhonda
Give us an update on your condition by Rhonda
PF Magnetic insoles by Carol
More Women's shoes by Maha
Oh, noooo! by Sherri
Good advice... by Sherri
Heel Spurs by Sharon
Why does icing make my foot swell? by Rhonda
Too early for surgery by Rhonda
Only able to wear them in bed by Rhonda
Night Splint Experience by Kathy
Birkenstocks Which kind?? by carol
DYNO Splint by Debra
Re: I've Never Worn Cycling Shoes by Shaira
Pain specialists and a drill by DaNita
Is this a last resort? by Rhonda
Skeptical about magnets by Rhonda
Calcium supplements and PF by Rhonda
Thanks for the information. by Carol
Re: Same shoes until this spring. by elizabeth
EPF totally successful! by Melissa
Magnetic shoe inserts by Carol
Re: Heat does it for me too by Diane F.
help running shoes or walking shoes by lynne
Re: This helped me! by becky
Who did your surgery? by Rhonda
Great advice by Rhonda
heel spurs by eileen robson
Re: OUCH! Debra, thank you! by Alyx
Laser surgery for heel spurs by carol walker
EPF by carol walker
EPF is endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. by Melissa
using wheelchair for total rest by Janet
My formula for best relief in years by Kelly
Did you get both feet done or one? by Rhonda
Which part of your arch? by Rhonda
Endoscopic Plantar Facsiotomy by Rhonda
Re: Buy them! by Diane F.
One foot by Melissa
name of my surgeon by Melissa
Congratulations! by Melissa
Ecco has helped too by Martha
Re: My formula ..... by Janis MA
Re: Here's a website with photos by Denise Q.
Birks -- Stick it Out ????? by Denise Q.
cataflam by lilhurrica
night sock I made, it helped by Lou
Thank you Re: Buy them! by julia
Birkenstock sandals by julia
everything works about two days. by daniel
Hydroxycut for weight loss and steroids by Scott @ heelspurs . com
chrondroitin Sulfate study update by eileen
Question about night splints by Carol
Re: Evening Primrose Oil? by Shaira
Does Anyone Know About DHEA? by Shaira
do not have to be custom made by Melissa
Re: Heel Injection by Nancy
Thank-you Melissa by Carol
Should PF sufferers use rider machine? by Bridget
fluid retention and pf by lilhurrica
Re: Link between PF and Tendonitis? by Kathy
Birkenstock Retailer and Repair Shop by Tony Grady
heel fat pads worn out ve PF by Janet Lee
Just diagnosed with PF by Carol
Steroids by Maha
High arches and Hot painful feet by anita
Hiking trails with Plantar Fasciitis by Andrea
Re: Doctors and Birkenstocks by Tony Grady
Birks are good...rubber platforms better! by Kristina Maiwaldt
how long does it take before it gets better by Judy Maton
Re: why get rid of orthotics? by Kathy
To Annette: Re: heel fat pads worn out ve PF by Sue
UFO/night splints by Kristen
Help needed to decide what to do. by Lora Tope
Need advice on orthotics by Debbie Walker
Everyone's condition is different by Rhonda
Not so sure I answered your question by Rhonda
No longer lurking by Galend
Thanks! by Kathy
Trial and error by Kismet
BIRKS, BIRKS, BIRKS... by Diane R.
Plantar fasciitis by Pat R.
Re: orthotics iffy by Gina
Re: no pain in a.m. by Gina
Indiana Birkenstock store by Bridget
Indiana Birkenstock store by Bridget
Diane: What dosage for Cal/mag. by Carol(Ont.)
More Pain After Using Arch Supports by Carol(Ont.)
Will try again in a few days by Carol(Ont.)
What are knock-offs? by LindaG
Re: ECA on dejanews by Maha
PF by Pat R.
Re: Knock-Offs and Lands End by Lisa Chakan
Chiropractor by Janene
new therapy for PF by Kathy
doctor is talking about diability for me by DaNtia
Good Luck! by Tony Grady
re. "Chair Dancing" videos by Bridget
Re: Walk! by shari
Re: More on Active Release and my PF problem by Ruth Morrow
pain by Judy
Re: Other Pain Common by Tony Grady
Where do you buy night splints? by Sue Braddock
walking on a golf ball? by Vicky
Tarsal Tunnel (update) by Lynn
Medicines to heal, heel pain by K.N
Re: ARE YOU KIDDING ! by Debra
New therapy for PF by Kathy
Re: Forgot to give you the phone # by Debra
Easy Spirit by Renee'
Rough heels by Carol(Ont.)
Hummmmmm by Diane F.
Exfoliant by Rita
Icing and OTC anti-inflammatories by Kristen
Thank-you by Carol(Ont.)
Winter Problem! by Diane F.
Re: Dr. Scholls by Diane R.
Capsaicin (chili pepper) cream for PF pain by lisa
A Note of Thanks by Lydia R.
3 in six months by Melissa
Re: Dr. Scholls Heel Cream at K-Mart Pharmacy by Diane R.
Cal/Mag by Diane F
Thanks for info on night splints by Sue Braddock
test by scott
hj by hj
Thanks Scott by Kismet
guess...heel pain by Simone
test - where by scott
Lump in arch ...... by marilyn
Re: test again by Ruth
Looking for a chat by Jan Hartleben
Chat room was removed - few came by Scott
PF/Carpal Tunnel and spider bites don't mix! by Sherri the Tasty Treat
Try Active Release Therapy by Ruth Morrow
This message bd format confuses me by Sue Braddock
Re: allergic reaction to spider bites! by eileen
previous messages were moved to save space by Kristen
HELP! HELP! Plantar facia problem by steve
Dress shoes for plantar fascitis by Howie Attfield
UFO Night Splints by Sue
PF in Seattle by Merle
Dansko by Tammy Pruitt
Vicky, before having surgery by Rhonda
Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy Success by diana of Fresno
Stationary Bike Seems to Help by mary finley
Re: Second Epf by Scott
PF in Lakewood by LindaG
worried by laurie
Mixed emotions abound re this site by Shagui
PF can be a symptom in a larger problem by Rhonda
well... by laurie
May I join the club? by Arthur Diamond
Has anyone tried acupuncture with success? by Edain
PF seems to vary among people by Sue
Thanks for Birkenstock Source by Sue
Where do you get Teva sandals? by Sue
Re: flu symptoms and Daypro by Edain
Me, too! by Penny
The orthotic works by Jennifer
Sounds like a bad idea :( by Tony Grady
Shoes - iseads and questions by Denise
Birks helping! Some relief at last by Carol(Ont.)
Suggestions on physical activities? by mary in colorado
Suggestion for a good podiatrist in Denver by mary in colorado
Where to get Birkenstocks by Irene
Re: questions for Lisa by Laura
replace athletic and reg shoes often by eileen
Re: Read This by Dale
Plantar Fasciitis by Michael Pryce, MD
Anyone been to a physiatrist? by Roz
Standing ex-rays, MRI, EMG by Karlen
Anyone try ultrasound for PF? by Kristin
Teva's-not good for PF (so says the MD) by Kristin
Mixed emotions--second the notion by Kristin
only sandals and clogs?????? by Denise Stillman
Glucosamine and Chondroitin by Sue
Foot Reflexology Massage Machine by Sue
THANKS This is good to know. by Sherri
Welcome! by Sherri
An alternative to taping by Kathy
Glucosamine after or before eating by Rhonda
Pain relief with homeopathic ointment by Barbara Jordan
ultrasound for PF-question for Maha by Kristin
PF relapse and "boot" by Gina
Wide Running Shoes by Sue
Does a walking cast help PF? by NUCMAN
Hypnosis by roz
Birk Bonn style as good as Arizona by Kelly J
Trial period sounds great by Kelly J
PF pain not in heel by Debbie
Re: doesn't sound like pf to me by debbie
Spontaneous Recovery??? by Kathy
How to Make Your Own Orthotics that Work by Jay Evans
Plantar Fibromyalgia? by Tony Grady
electrodes & such by laurie
hmmm by laurie
physical therapist by Janet
Thank the gods I'm not the only one ! by Wode
Re: More on Cortisone by Jay Evans
Hang In there by Merle
Re: To Tony, regarding suggestion: P.F. by Debbie
Acupuncture, Micro Current treatment and PF by Barbara
Standing on concrete ! by JANET
standing on concrete by Janet
birkenstocks by Janet
Re: try everything before surgery by lisa
so what do you guys recomend? by jessie
footsoother by ellen
Orthotics and pain by Gina
spontaneous cure = shoes by denise
my advice ...its the shoes by Denise
Birkenstock sandals and closed toe by Lisa Chakan
so whats up with the shoes? by jessie
How much calcium/magnesium do you take? by sue
wow I have had 8 cortisone shots in each foot by DaNita
Clogs w/little bumps in them by Maha
Clark Shoes? by Sue
Quite likely PF by Rhonda
Spencos and tuli cups by Rhonda
What Is The Best Workout Shoe? by Josie
don't do it! it doesn't work! by Becky
Swelling of the foot by B. Whittall
Can't stand the pain much longer by Janet
Podiatrist Recommendation by Janet
how about an orthopedic surgeon? by Gina
Re: This is war. by debbie
thanks ! by Janet
calf pain-help me to diagnose by John Clark
I wonder if my Podiatrist is neglegent by Janet
Re: write me by debbie
doctors and insurance by jessie
EPF failed; what next? by Melissa
Mark McGwire's PF doc is in Houston by Sue
Why I got rid of orthodics by Rhonda
Very common for PF pain to move by Rhonda
Is this our life?? by Janet
Shower shoes by LindaG
Re: Yes, the same Kathy... by Kathy
"Stumbled" on this board-THANK GOD! by JoAnn
Probably not negligent by Rhonda
Has anyone tried yoga? by Mary/CO
I tried Yoga by Sue
Foot pain by Deby
Anyone ever hear of bone chips in feet? by Janet C.
anyone with pf in Atlanta? by Margie W.
Why so many women here? by scott
I was wondering the same thing by Sue
Thanks for your answer by Sue
bone chip in ankle by Melissa
took one dose then could not take anymore by Melissa
Hormones possibly responsible by Rhonda
hormones/pituitary tumorr by Janet
family/friends with PF by Janet
Re: maybe heel spurs by eileen
Weather Connection by Kathy
Minnesota View by Kathy
Pituitary tumor by Janet
Texas weather by Janet
Car accident by C.J.Mitchell
disability/Doctors by Janet
Re: How many women are 45-50+ with PF ? by Diane R.
Massage your own feet or use a therapist? by Rhonda
I believe I could write a book by LindaG
re: other "related pains" by Kathy
Re: differences in men and women by Margie
orthopedic clinic in Cleveland area by Janet C
Re: Found a Foot Law Firm on the Net! by Shaira
Re: Pain on top by debbie
Women and pain by Becky
all your messages have been a big help! by kay
Let us know if the estrogen helps by LindaG
Massage by LindaG
All of the above by LindaG
PF while on estrogen Linda? by Rhonda
Arizona sounds great! by Kathy
Went to doctor by C.J. Mitchell
Me too by Diane F.
After stopping estrogen (hormone therapy) by LindaG
Re: currently receiving ulttrasound therapy by vicki
side effects of anti-inflamms by lilhurrica
iontopheresis....Janet and Crew .... by laurie
relief from alfalfa? by Debbie
pf,disability,and Life by Suzy
Liquid calcium by Rhonda
Message Board by Diane F.
Address and keeping track of funds by Scott
subscription fees by scott
All money sent must be considered a GIFT by scott
On second thought - Subscription Fees by Scott
Why a GIFT? by scott
Message board operation by Ryan
Scott, you seem angry by Janet
Pain in achilles tendon area and near ankle! by Rhonda
Barefoot Walking Helps? by Ron
GOD I HOPE SO! by Jessie
Shoes by Kathe
entire bottom of foot extremely swollen by Elise
Pain not better by C.J. Mitchell
Scott--another possible option by Gina
self and wife suffer foe 2 mos. w/ heel pain by David Buckley
https://www.feethurt.com by DaNita
Never go barefoot! by Rhonda
Spencos by Rhonda
I just got my second cortisone shot by Michele
Suicide by Rhonda
I commiserate by Elise
Good ideas. . . And rambling by Sherri the Whiner
Back to doctor today by CJ Mitchell
Suicide by Cindy
Yes, it's possible, to both questions by scott
Mephistos or Birkinstocks?????? by Janet
Dear Roz by Janet
Re: suicide and depression by debbie
Teaching and PF don't mix! by Melissa
I tried Delphi, and advertising.... by scott
Any home treatments for heel spurs? by Christine Ferro
Are there any PF tennis players out there? by Wilson
Re: This Site And Advertising by Shaira
i am miserable heel pain ! by carlene
hmmm, why no messages on Sep 17th? by test
Stretching, Icing and taping by Barbara
In search of inflatable shoes by Charles
Re: OTC inserts by Kismet
bottom of foot hurts by jesse
What have you tried so far? by Cindy
Anyone tried hypnosis? by Cindy Burdue
Re: Here's one by B.J. Dunn
I tried on some Birkenstock sandals..... by Janet
cushi-heel by Bea Klug
other symtoms of pf by donald lau
golfers with pf by donald
Any connection between PF and Lymes' disease by Elise
What is Active release therapy? by Gina
thanks by carlene
Re: acupressure too by debbie
St. Johns Wort by Bea
Two weeks in pain by CJ Mitchell
Qi gong by Cindy
Re: tarsel tunnel release by jeanne cockerill
YOW Burns like heck if your feet sweat! by Janis, MA
Re: God, I found someone like me by Peg
Just Diagnosed by Jaye
Me and my heel spur. . . by Jack Monahan
heal spurs on both feet by nancy
Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy by Richard O. Lundeen DPM
Explaning new board by Scott
Is anyone out there? by Cindy Burdue
Thanks, Scott by Cindy
My experience with this horrible problem by Mike Parnell
Old Format by Barb Zimmer
I'm glad your back by DaNita
just bookmark or add to favorites this page by scott
Dr. Barrett and Dr. Baxter by Kelus
In pain...What do I do next?? by SHELLY
custom shoes? by elise kaplan
Re: recovering from surgery by eileen
Coping... by Janet
What is ossatron treatment? by linda
Walking Is A Pain! by River Dweller
Back to work in 4 weeks good luck ! by DaNita
Arthiritis & Osteoporosis Center by DaNita
Ossatron site by Karlen
Pain by Susan
My orthotics keep sliding forward! by Drew
Ossotron is ... by Scott
Response by Ken C.
Ossatron in the Netherlands by Roelinde
night splints-do they work? by michelle
Yes night splints helped with morning pain by Kelly
Gel Inserts by Helen
Ossatron study in Atlanta by Margie
Re: Orthotics worked for me! by Robbie
Re: Try Full Length Inserts by Robbie
Positive results with inserts! by Robbie
Two Yrs/Two surgeries later and 10x worse! by Patricia
Hydropedes Gel Inserts by Helen
Need advise, is this PF? by Bonnie
Castor Oil ???? by CrabbyAss2
Ossatron Treatment by Ken Copen
How About Strengthening Your Feet? by BEEJ
Ruptured/torn fascia? by jay
Ossatron will provide info... by Scott
Ossatron Treatment by Axel
Just Testing by Scott
Testing Again by scott
Calcium/Magnesium ratio? by Sue
Is "Powerstep" the brand name? by Sue
Testing Again by scott
Vitamin B-12 and folic acid helped me by Douglas
thanks for responding by lisa
act quickly and seriously by Lisa
Stair Stepping is bad. Use bicycle. by Scott
Surgery for PF and TTS by Jeannette
Re: Think carefully before Cortisone Shots by Bobbie
Thanks by Sue B.
Re: Ice to relieve swelling and inflamation by Elise
Plantar Faciatis by Lori
Does losing weight help by Bunny
I Just Had PF Surgery by Marianne
Ouch, My Aching Foot... by Lisa
Re: Advice from fellow runner. by John
vitamins by Barb Z
do i have p.f? by marie
Possible Alternative Therapy by Mike Micallef
Re: are podiatrists quacks? by lisa
Re: why so long? by Lisa
I'm still big on Vitamins by Scott
Overweight contributes to heel pain by Scott
Ossatron by Scott
Birkenstocks? Naots? What are Mephistos? by Sharon
My first visit to the podiatrist by MIKE
addendum to earlier message by MIKE
I found You! by Jude
Re: cushiony inserts/orthotics that work by Mary Jane
What's a ProStretch? by Sue B.
I think stationary bike irritates my PF by Sue B.
Cortisone Helped Me by laurie
Stretching-does it really work? by Kristin
another Ossatron (Canada) patient posts by Scott
Surgery Repost by Scott
Birkenstock Repost by Scott
Another Birkenstock Repost by Scott
I have done it all by H.Collins
glucosamine, is it for me? by morris
What kind of nerve block? by jay
Surgery Again? by suzy
Back to aerobics thanx to acupuncture by debbie
Take a chance on a 3rd pair of orthotics?? by Gina
Nightsplints - are they worth it? by Bobbie
Re: Strasburg Sock by John
Orthotics by Mark Berman, CO,C.Ped
Re: nerve conduction results by Nan
More Surgery Reposts by Scott
Fat Pad Atrophy Repost by Scott
More Birkenstock Reposts by Scott
Glucosamin and Chondroitin sulfate Reposts by Scott
Acupuncture Repost by Scott
Orthotics Repost by Scott
A Question about Morning Pain by Bonnie
Superfeet orthotics by Fred
still in pain and getting worried by roy
Does Superfeet have more than one orthotic? by Sue B.
Nightsplints from Biodex by Sue B.
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Chat room by r0y
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what are clogs exactly? by janine
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