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Chronic PF/AS, considering orthotics [again] by cam
dads feet by KuRi
just had eswt 2 days ago by george
TTS by Brenda S.
Rothman Institute in Philadelphia by Joe B.
seeking professional advice by marie
Doctors, please help!! by Todd
Cost of ESWT by Jane
Dr. Z- Sonny from Bayshore by john h
crutches by Ron M
Good Feet Store Arch Supports by alexandraa
empathy by LillianS
Fallen arch after EPF surgery by Orfie
Heel Spurs by KimH
question to Richard C. Ped by fernando
Dr z....back pain and PF by fernando
mortons neuroma by Shelli
crutches by Ron M
21 and SORE!! by Kim O
almost completely healed by Michael C
What they don,t want you to know by Kevin
Natural cures by Kevin
plantar fasciitis and return to running by Jill
Terri - how did the Baxter's op go? by chrisb
Mourning Pain /crutches by RonM
bone rubbing by Whitney
Heel Spur by Shawn O
des: Re' Pamelor by Geri
brooks shoes by susan o
To John h by Ralph
Suzanne D by Kathy in Ky
my post epf pain is unbearable by jeannie m
orthotic question for Foot Doctor by jeannie m
Gluteal Overstretching? by Jan P
Warm Up and Cool Down by Carole C in NOLA
PF in both feet by Jaz
Formalin scepticism by Ellard
Morton's Neuroma after EPF? by Orfie
Plantar Fasciitis by mike
update by DavidW
Neruomas by Ralph
night splints ! Are they a must to have? by RonM
night splints ! Are they a must to have? by RonM
Leather or suede Birkenstocks? by Sylvie C
To Richard: Brooks shoes by Buck T,
cardio chair exercise by Terry
Ossatron and posterior heel spurs by Cindy H
Great Deal on Birkenstocks! by Kathy in Ky
Severe foot pain by Richard L
foot pain by bj
Orthotics and Foam Inserts by ED
orthotics casting? by LillianS
Foot Surgery a possibility? by Desiree E.
now what do I do? by Thorts
I need a second opinion from the docs. by jim
Shower Chair by Dorothy
Taking advantage by Ralph
tendonosis vs partial tear need help please by jcam222
Heelbillys by Leopold
After 1 1/2 years, what has worked for me. by Clerky96
COLD or HEAT? by jim
Neuroma surgery? by jim
Low dye taping?? What is it? by Tina H
To John by Ralph
plantar by bosco
maybe not plantar fasciitis? by cliffgarz
Recovery from TTS Surgery by kwbmom
Pain Site by john h
Orthotics AND Motion Control Shoes?? by DUD
healing time by sore foot
Are heals "ok" by kate
improvement by JudyS
Need a good foot dr. near Berkeley, Ca by jenniferjuniper
San Diego Update by elvis
Burning! by Nicole K
ART with rsd by Terry L
Message Board Should be fixed now. by scott r
For Dr Z. about Subtalar Neutral Position by Jan P
PF-Both feet by Jaz
Orbie is FDA approved for plantar fasciitis by Dr. Z
treatment triad by Scott Mc
Treatment Triad by Scott Mc
Heel and arch pain both feet by Vic M
Re: Burning Heel by Terri
To Nicole if your Heel is Burning by Terri
This makes headlines WHY???? by Ralph
Anti-inflamatory? by Judy V.
Should I attempt jogging? by wannarun
question for Dr. Huppin by jeannie m
orfie by jeannie m
Heel pain in both feet by Matt R
ART with rsd by Terry L
Relief for heel spurs by intriguemeplease
Has anyone else had this experience? by Ralph
Mayo Pain Center by John H
3rd band on plantar fasciitis by lisa h
ESWT in 2006 by John H
heel spur surgery and Denise by Nita
Re: To KR if you arch is burning by Terri
Led/Cryo/Splint-WOW! by Oscar
Paying Dr's to post via advertisements? by Scott R
Treatment Triad by Scott Mc
night splints by cathyr
Undiagnosed tarsal tunnel syndrome by Brian
To: Elvis/ Hupppin by Dr. Zuckerman
100 Years Ago by Richard, C.Ped
Orby picture at Dr. Z by John H
Pictures of Orbie and Dr. Z by John H
100 years ago by John H
Teaching aerobics w/ Plantar fascitis? by Holly
mephisto helen by jeannie m
high arches and orthotics by jeannie m
tragedy by Ed Davis, DPM
brooks again by susan o
What should I expect after PTTD surgery? by nessed up foot
To Dr. Z. by Ralph
Stair climber exercise by Kathy in Ky
Finally , New Orthodics, molded to my foot by Cyndi
Can The Pain Be That Bad??? by Linda
Neuroma pain by Mariann C.
in place of athletic tape???? by marie
Dr. s TTs specialist in southern california by brian
plantar fasciitis causes? by tes
foot pain by Cindy Coan
Airlines Gurrrrrrrrrrr by Ralph
re-injure by Ron M
those spring coil shoes by Ron M
post epf by Ronnie
Attn: George- Questions by Sondra
Big toe problem by Terry M.
Question for Richard by Terry M.
Surgery or ESWT for heel spurs? by Luke M
heel spur & ultra sound by eyerada
help decide about sugery by michelle m
test by scott r
where does it hurt? by goose
what kind of shoes for a bab by annette k
Can Plantar Fasciitis cause pain in the toes? by Sheila B
ORBASONE by vince
Cell phone scam??? by LindaV
Cyrosurgery by Maureen
Biomechanics & ligaments by Scott Mc
ESWT ON BOTH FEET????? by chase
tarsal tunnel syndrome by Mary G
cortisone shots for children by tina h
TTS,on below knee amputee by Scotxl
PF or stone bruise ? by nwo
Can I really run with these??? by Claire
Treatment for PF by ladybaser
PF & Long Plantar Ligament by Scott Mc
Biomechanics & new orthotics by Scott Mc
Biomechanics & new orthotics by Scott Mc
Orthotics by Sondra
Is there such a thing???? by Ralph
Powerstep ProTech FL by dweintraub
Heel Pain Constant by TJL
tts and surgical repair by Princess
14 months of Plantar Faciitis by dena
Losing a beloved pet by Kathy in Ky
Robert j Sanfilipo questions by brian
robert j sanfilipo question by brian
Surgery by KerriinAK
Dads In Podiatry by Donald Iain Scott
Ligament involvement in PF? by Scott Mc
foot pain by Cindy Coan
Plantar Fasciitis by Janis M.
Skating after 9 days by Oscar
PF and exercise by sandy g
PF and exercise by sandy g
magnets by Rachel C
z coil by fj
Cold Laser Therapy by lara
To Kathy G. Re: your beloved pet by Necee
What nerve is it??? by Ralph
Night Splint-Wow! by Jaz
going without orthotics by jeannie m
PF & ? of surg. by eyerada
looking for MORE suggestions--thanks! by marie
question for orfie by jeannie m
Foot pain by Doris
Birkenstocks by Vanessa
best shoes for orthodics by marie
New Orleans by Kathy in KY
weird question about anatomy by KellyS.
Dear Carole C by Dorothy
How my plantar faciitis healed. by Helena
toe pain by celia r
Continued Problems after ESWT-What Is Next? by J J
john h by denise h
walkerswarehouse.com by JudyS
looking for friends by scott
Condo by john h
Achilles Tendonitis or Heel Spur ??? by James
Carole by JudyS
Orthotics: The best thing to go? by JJTomson
heel pain/ football by matt
heel spurs on back of heel? by Rebecca O.
Plantar Fascia Rupture by Marci
The injection for the heel spur and the pain by Diana
HELP! Pain in the ball of the foot! by Ivy Easterbrook
pain meds info needed by JG
Thinking... by Dorothy
second pf surgery by lisa h
To Carole C. by Necee
Thoughts on FDA by elvis
EPF question again by Ronnie
International take on PF by Rebecca O.
Insurance by John H
some places to donate by john h
Heel pain on the side? by Orfie
boston area suggestions by jeannie m
ScottR by LindaV
bilateral plantar fascia release surgery by LaVonda P
FEMA Director by john h
gasoline supply? by scott r
Donation Relief Concerts by Richard, C.Ped
To John Want your opinion by Ralph
I'd prefer Olive oil by Ralph
Ossatron and "O" by Ralph
Chiropractor visit by Ralph
Plan for Peace by LindaV
Question by john h
treatment for PF by bandi1214
Summer reading...with a chill by LindaV
Katrina by Scott R
Pain killer patches by Ron m
Relieve pain patches by Ron m
some e-mails I sent to several of you by Carole C in NOLA
Question for Dr. Z by KellyS.
Carole by Bev N.
Department of Energy Gouging Link by Richard, C.Ped
Fractured Heel Spur by wandab
Let's blame the French by vince
San Diego Update by elvis
List of Katrina Aid Resources by marie
More for thought by john h
inside information by Ed Davis, DPM
tts by ElleL
The worst by Ralph
Not so brave by Carole C in NOLA
The Hurricane affects even people in NH by Kathy G
Carole, please let us replace your Birks... by Suzanne D.
Miscellaneous by john h
Life after Hurricane Katrina by DonnaO
Military seems to now be in charge by john h
Scott R by Dorothy
Morton's Neuroma by jim
Ivy Easterbrook by jim
The commission by Ralph
New Info by Dorothy
Overload by Dorothy
Good Article by Dorothy
Tina H by Dorothy
Work programs by Ralph
More Thoughts by john h
Hopeful by Carole C in NOLA
Katrina: an article in today's Observer by Julie
Katrina: another article by Julie
heel pain by DianeR
Mortons'Neuroma surgeries by Robert R
LOOTING by vince
Closed bases by john h
Dr. Ed your info was right by marie
Casinos and former military bases by Ralph
Theft or Heroism? I say hero! by marie
More by john h
constant severe foot pain in arch by anne
RSD after neuroma surgery or stump neuroma by MelanieB
Carole They are letting folks into your area by marie
Orthotics are nothing without decent shoes by Claire
Movies by Dorothy
AICT by Patti H
limbrel by marie
Woulda , Coulda, Shoulda by Ralph
Fascitis by Sonya
Update From Covington VfP by marie
HEEL PAIN by Penny
Feet by John H
question for orfie by jeannie m
how do you deal with it? by michelle m
calcium build-up by 69_shovel
All This Yelling by Dorothy
God's wrath?? by Necee
More Pain by alyceb
another take on hurricane by liboralis
swimming with plantar faciatis by Rachael M
Some Past History by John H
N.O.'s own Evucation Plan Not Used by Ralph
They knew in 2002 A good read by Ralph
St. Bernard Parish info. by Ralph
Active Release Therapy - any suggestions? by Rachael M
my biloxi pictures by scott r
crazy pain!!!!!! by Debbie
Intense Heel Pain by Amy B
store or web orthotics ideas by jeannie m
High intensity Vs Low intensity ESWT by Robin K
High intensity vs low intensity ESWT? by Robin K
Journey to the New Orleans area by Carole C in NOLA
The line of responsibility by John H
Where are the busses by John H
lateral heel pain after surgery by Ann
orthotics help! by Amanda
pf gone gone gone///// by george
Letter for insurance company by Sondra
new orleans - finally an honest assessment by scott r
Interesting aside re: Hurricane Katrina by Kathy G
MRI inconclusive RE capsulitis by Todd
Healing Time Frame by Dennis D.
Get out the noose... by Ed Davis, DPM
Husband's progress after surgery by Heather
Please help! HEEL SWOLLEN and PAIN by Jenny
Any doctor adress my deltoid ligament on MRI by brian
TTS and pregnancy by Rachey1969
Elbow connected to foot bone? by Dorothy
Tendonitis and Tendonosis by Dorothy
bone spur===heel spur?? by heather
Now its John Roberts fault by liboralis
Article and Research from a Florida Reporter by John H
tts and pf in both feet by kelly l
And now for something completely different by Dorothy
Considerations Down The Road by John H
The Donald by John H
Plantar Fascitis by MarilynH
viva Mejico! by Ed Davis, DPM
Bi-lateral Tarsal Tunnel Symdrome by Linda51
Jeff Rich contact information by question to Richard
I am far from being a John Dean fan but.... by Ed Davis, DPM
Some may end up in a better situation by Ralph
Finally! A voice of reason! by john h
Always interesting source by Dorothy
New Orleans and the Levee System by john h
California Levee System by john h
Drive your Chevy to the Levee by john h
Chevy to the Levee once again by John H
Myofascial Release by P.W.
Myofascial Release by P.W.
Board Conservatives Question??? by marie
want to help by vince
icing by marie
adjusted orthotics by jeannie m
free poker online by free poker online
Money lost by Ralph
To Vince See if you can get on. by Ralph
National Geographic by John H
thanks Richard by fernando
to MARTI by fernando
On FEMA by Dorothy
Another Healing Question by Jan P
John's question by Dorothy
Help...suffering from PF by KEVIN ER RN
update from Friends in NOLA by marie
heel pain and bendy toes by NickiG
5th metatarsal nerve root by Rose
FEMA fake director by liberally
When should I run again? by Claire
Burning pain after PF open surgery by Linda C
Chiropractors and heel splints by Kim
comments that somehow disappeared by vince
Looking for Dr. Biehler by findbiehler
Botox A for pf pain by Dr. Z
FEMA made my PF worse by Buck T.
inflammation after epf by Karen N.
Pain meds by Margie
Working out with Plantars Fasciitis by osorio1
TTS by nycsweetie312
A world upside down by Dorothy
GREAT shoes for PF by Rachael M
Dress shoes by Molly
can mri detect scar tissue by brian
Birkosports...H by Rachael T.
Orthofeet good shoes? by zeb
What is considered a large neuroma? by Todd
BRILLIANT! by Dorothy
The Titanic of our Era by Julie
PF or Heel Spurs? by P.W.
The Virtue of Happiness by Ed Davis, DPM
Pain after neuroma surgery by jim
Egoscue Method..Pain Free by Rose
which insurances cover ESWT? by KEVIN ER RN
From a Helicopter Pilot by john h
PF/Thyroid by Catnut
Interesting volunteer situation by Necee
party poker freeroll by party poker freeroll
party poker bonus code by party poker bonus code
"America will never be the same" by Julie
detroying AMERICA by vince
so painful by deb
pacific poker tournament by pacific poker tournament
free texas hold'em by free texas hold'em
10 days after surgery? by jim
Do You Also Defend This? by Dorothy
Chicken or Egg? by Angela R
Recognizing The Right's Efforts on Katrina by marie
no more political posts - vince by scott r
How about this? by Dorothy
Catagory V Hurricanes by John H
Why are we limited to searching 30 records? by Todd
Very cute/funny photos by JudyS
Shoes my orthotics wil fit in! by amandap
debilitating heel pain by Sue H.
problem link by JudyS
free online slots by free online slots
play slots online by play slots online
slots game by slots game
Recent Crash of Greek Airliner by John H
What is happening in Arkansas by John H
Arch Brace by Hazel
to richard - accredited facilities?? by fernando
Orthotics by Karen b
how to stretch by Jane
Symptom Question by Dorothy
heel pain by gillian s
Cortisone Injections by donald Iain Scott
Is this web site slow? by Scott R
On a light note - Paul McCartney by Kathy G
Strengthing arches by Ralph
craps by craps
ruptured achilles reconstructive surgery by Robert L.
can you explain by michelle m
Walking after Neuroma Surgery by Lesley
just venting by marie
numbness in ball of foot by Wanda
tarsal tunnel surgery by ruth
Question for the ladies by Ralph
plantar fascia surgery by Pamela D
San Diego Update by elvis
If you have Arthritis by John H
Carole from NOLA by Kathy in Ky
CHASE and ESWT? by LillianS
Safe Exercises for PF (posted by Julie) by Molly
to RobertCarol by fernando
online poker by online poker
party poker by party poker
sharp pain-top of foot by Kaye M.
Richard C. Instaprint footbed casting ?? by alex.
looking for friends by scott
Loading speed by john h
can anyone explain by michelle m
Flu Shots by john h
plantars fascitia surgery by v hewitt
Reducing Scar Tissue by Claire
Huffman Technique by csalbers1
Pain on top of foot by Orfie
Sis heading to LA by marie
Blast From The Past: A&W drive-in by marie
Help for internet users with poor vision by Ed Davis, DPM
Satellite photos by JudyS
Foot Pain- Desperately wanting a response by Shari G. of L.R.
stubborn plantar fasciitis (2 yrs) by Nrm
yoga & heel spurs by Lisa C
walk fit orthotics (as seen on tv) by Sue H.
plantar fasciitis by gloria m.
plantar fasciitis by Geoff
ART/San diego Update by elvis
plantar fasciitis by gloria m.
post surgery by Celia S.
ART question by Amanda
ScottR, loading time by Ed Davis, DPM
need opinion by john
Where are the docs? by Shell D.
Loading speed by john h
Effects from pain by Buck T.
OK - Here's a new one for you by messed up foot
gastroc recession/gastroc slide by michelle m
Shooting pain just from squatting? by Daisy
baccarat by baccarat
heel spurs by Ron M
seven card stud by seven card stud
ART thread deleted by scott r
Why such varying pain with ESWT? by Claire
Evacuees Arriving in Arkansas From Houston by John H
Albert Pujolus by John H
Elvis's ART Progress by HilaryG
San Diego Update by elvis
I just had ESWT by dave b.
Screwed Up By Surgeon by Kaff
Is the Tarsal tunnel test accurate? by sapphiregirl
Texas storm by Buck T.
Ralph by elvis
Texas storm 2 by Buck T.
heel spur surgery? by reggiev
Donald Iain Scott by Claire
Best Wishes, Buck T. by Suzanne D.
penis enhancement by penis enhancement
Batten down the hatches!! by Necee
Question for heelspurs readers by Dorothy
Kathy G and Ralph by Dorothy
Bird Flu by Ralph
Cortisone delivery system by sandy g
Heard about Foot Fitting Orthodics? by Dawn
Good info by John H
New PF treatment from the Twin Cities by Laurie
Ouch Ouch Ouch by John H
PF again! by maryannso
Houston by john h
what to do now? by marie
prophylactic? by sean
diabetes question by Terri B.
Steel toe boots by Mark S.
Pain on the foot by Orfie
A little far out, but food for thought by Ed Davis, DPM
Helle Romu's by Grandma Judy
Ariat brand clogs by jeannie m
Rain is on the way by john h
TTS homemade ice pack revision.. by brenda s
walking cast/boot by Alisa R
Severely painful feet by Alan Fenton
heel spur by Carmen
neeed some comfortable shoes by denise h
LillianS Just wondering how you are doing? by DeniseHB
medial calcaneal nerve entrapment by sandy g
cramping in feet with PF surgery? by Shell D.
Recovering fro surgery by KerriinAK
foot trauma by Karen Mc
burning and acheing lower legs by delores miller
surgery by JanS
Storm Work Questions by Dorothy
Aftermath by Necee
? for Julie by vince
strengthening the muscles in the feet? by Kay
moderator.... by scott r
Neuroma treatment options by Todd
Foot Cramps by mother2525
orthotics referral san francisco bay referral by janehukill
Noticable Difference by Ralph
Posturing by Ralph
tts/surgery by calla
ART Update by elvis
thanks dr wander by marie
How soon back walking? by rick
the high-arched people (Jeannie?) by RobertCarol
Plantar fasciites by Jacqueline M
Oh Sorry Claire by Ralph
Bauerfeind Globoped heel relief shoe by sandy g
TTS - What Gives You Relief by Linda51
Calf stretches by Steve
Requirement to become a C.Ped? by Ralph
total rest for plantar fasciites by LaurieK
Chronic posterior heel pain by Mark Bradley DC
Paris by JudyS
Impact method worked by kaon
C.Ped at Foot Solutions store by Ralph
Achilles tendinosis by Jack F
Plantar's Fasciatis by Jill D.
The limits of aid by Dorothy
ART Update by elvis
Acupuncture for Tarsal Tunnel by DonnaH
long term PF by Jill H.
Yuk Yuk by Sir Lawrence
Please Help!!!! by BLF
More feedback for my daughter please by Tina H
bunion by Fifi
Paris by JudyS
Toe Pains by LawFirmFeet
What kind of EWST? by LaurieK
The Raven by john h
When do I go off advil? by rick
Haglund's Deformity by dave p
Birkenstock Clog Sizing by Jan P
plantar facitis by DiStar10
Foot Block for ESWT by Ralph
Robert Carol.....finally saw Jeff Rich... by fernando
Other pain after surgery by Orfie
PF Success Story by sak
Exciting time for baseball in these parts by Kathy G
peeling sole of feet by Ervin
ART Update by elvis
hurts by heel of left foot
Naproxen vs. Ibuprofen by Orfie
To Doctor Rob- by Tina H
Tiger Balm??? by LindaV
Online Community by cwk
the lavac strap by paulinajf
ok, let's try to "change subjects" by scott r
To ScottR by Dorothy
ESWT by Pat
heel pain in both feet by Fawn C
swelling by paula s
anyone succesed with ESWT? tell me, please by Sandra.P
Degeneration of the fascia?? by Sandra.P
Plantar fasciitis by SamS
Mortons Neuroma by Margy. P.
Trigeminal Neuralgia by seabyrd
Hot burning feet by Jan s
To Jim-Neuroma Question by Orfie
TTS &Lower back pain by Jorge
America Thanks Neil Young! by marie
Chargers vs. Patriots by JudyS
PF tear with toe tingling by sasbass
mri by Terri
Naming babies by Kathy G
Dr Z, is EWST right for me ? by fernando
Night splint by sandy g
JohnH and Dr Z's following by LindaV
Injury causing plantar fasciitis by NC-ATTY
Richard C.....pain breaking in orthotics by fernando
Pes Cavus Deformity by Jack E
Question for Dr.Rob by HilaryG
Types of eswt? by Mark B. DC
plantar fasciitis by julie
fracture by John S
Fibro Mytosis by John King
ART Update by elvis
I finally decided to do ESWT... by Rachael M
Does casting of the feet work? by James in ky
To Dr. Sanfilippo about ART by Shari R
does casting work by James in ky
Budweiser Clydesdales by John H
Plantar Fascilitis by Szoo
To Dr. Z - questions about ESWT by Rachael M
Help please re diagnosis by Margaret B
Pf surgery post op 5 weeks by Paul N
Anyone from British Columbia? by Trudy
Cloudy about diagnosis by van850
Cryosurgery by iiicms
Marcy by John H
question to Robert J Sanfilippo by fernando
Success Rate of Tarsal Tunnel Operation by Dee
Big Toe Pain im out of ideas by Josh
Dorothy...a new Curious George movie! by Suzanne D.
small painful bump on back of heal by drwinky
ART - Can you describe the treatment by DavidW
Update on my progress by DavidW
nerve block suggested by pain clinic by sandy g
Walking has helped after 5 years of PF by NB
Painful spot on heel by John B
Is there anyone in London with PF? by Pilar L
My little Heidi is all grown up now! by marie
4 days since PF and TTS by Robert B.
reversal of pf surgery by cathie w
Please help me by caroline
Do I have PF? foot pain but not heel pain... by Chad
A good product by Ralph
thyroid/pf connection by catnut
Suzanne D- movie by Kathy in Ky
question for dr.Z by George
casting? by deb b
Post OP neuroma surgery by jim
Proper terms by LindaV
CarolNOLA by cwk
To John h Re. Back problem by Ralph
Cost for ESWT by Mark Bradley DC
best activity/exercise by Janice B
Shocking nerve pain in back of heel by kim w
Kathy G by Dorothy
Help for Chronic Plantar Fasciitis by AmberK
Night Splint by AmberK
Night Splint by AmberK
ART---Am I getting ripped off by AmberK
4.0 to 5.2 CM in 5 Month-Achilles Tendon Tear by Kaff
Tool Kit for Trouble by Dorothy
Scott R by Dorothy
Toe doesn't work after neuroma surgery by Jim
foot pain by KerriinAK
First Tx by Mark Bradley DC
Scott R by Dorothy
medicare eswt by Dr Ben Pearl
tingling in feet by Tonya
Experimental treatment by Dr. Z
pain meds. by KerriinAK
Problem by Dorothy
Physical Therapy by MineH
Plantar fasciitis by SilviaH
straightening out toes by Rita
a cute story by JudyS
ellen by JudyS
earthquake by vince
do i have to wear orhotics by AmberK
ART Update by elvis
Fraud by John H
Dr Wander and Susan by Scott R - moderator
question for foot doctors by KerriinAK
Dr Wander and Susan by Scott R - moderator
New Addition to the PF Book - please review by Scott R
Core Exercises by John H
Book by Dorothy
Question for Scott by AmberK
Error Messages by Scott R
John H by Dorothy
traumatic arthritis in both ankles and feet by Faith
Julie's Yoga by AmberK
Dorothy-Hell Strike by John H
Heel Spur/Plantars Faciitis - Recent sufferer by Roger
Birks and Ortotics by Roger
A Tax or Non Tax in London by John H
Dorothy by Kathy G
Pain still after ESWT by LW
PF: What are my options at this point? by Anne L
Low energy or high energy for Fasciitis? by Todd
Torn Extensor Hallux Longus Tendon (Big Toe) by jag63
Womens Slipper Recommendation by Robin in CA
Pain relieving shoes by Ron M
Numbness after PF pain is gone by Twin Mom
TTS caused by ganglion cyst now what? by Coach Joe
I thought recovery would be faster??? by Paula C
Scott - quinolone antibiotics by Susan
Friday Night Cat Blogging on Saturday Morning by marie
Jeannine - question about your recovery by swiss n
no morning pain - is it pf? by swiss n
Pain!!!!!!!!! by Paula C
To Margaret B by Pilar L
TTS saga by hertwin2
I won't bother you again-I promise. by Kaff
Pain meds??? by Paula C
antibiotic (quinolone) and tendons by RobertCarol
Kathy G...accupuncture update by LindaV
Recent Foot pain - Dr.Z or any other Dr. by Ruby B
Ellen revisited by JudyS
Back to work after surgery?? by Paula C
Plantar Fasciitis by Robert
The pain has changed, still PF? by Claire N
walking again by marie
15+ Years With TTS by Linda51
Michelle M Are you still out there? by Paula C
Can you read this? by Susan
Inflammed Tendons by Orfie
Achilles Tendinitis -- Incidence by elvis
When did you notice your PF starting? by Mandi
Surgery up-date - 2 weeks tomorrow by Robert B.
surgery on achilles tendon by Donna C
DRX9000 by Curious
Great shoes by Daisy
Ask the foot doctors by david G
heel surgery by mamapiggy
Cortisone Shot Heat by Meg S
cortizone shot did not work by Ruby B.
Dee by Dee
no help for my P.F. by john/m buko
heel spurs by Norma Buster
To SuzyD about swimming by Buck T.
Excruiating Pain by Tara N
Cryotherapy for TTS? by Geri
waiting for action..... by Ed Davis, DPM
What is Failed Neuroma surgery? by Todd
achilles protocol by Dr. Ben Pearl
PF by John H
Heel Raises and Toe Raises by AmberK
small toe extension by BEN A
Stress Fracture? by AmyE
question for sandy g by jeannie m
Question about Scott's heel pain book by Todd
Birkenstocks by susan o
Pain on the foot by Orfie
Neurologist by Geoff
exercise before surgery by calla
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