Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Message Board Threads

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the news by pala
New taping method? by BrianJ
codes by Bev N
Strident by john h
ESWT by Bev N
United Healthcare Insurance by Dr. Z
To: Nancy S. Re: Moose by Necee
Continued Heel Pain and PF by Lisa L
Neuroma by Sue R.
to all those who have been concerned... by Suzanne D
numb toes by melissa g
Experience does matter !! by Dr. Z
ESWT by Bev N
Complicated Case Update by SteveWG
question for Marie E and PT by lauriel
Nuerotin by diana
ED by Bob R
How are you doing today, Marty? by Sharon W
A gene controlling who feels more pain?? by Sharon W
Who feels more pain? by Sharon W
Who feels more pain? by Sharon W
Jessica Santillan is critical by Sharon W
Heel Pain by Ruth V
HEY, MARTY by Sharon W
Question for the pedorthists. by Ed Davis, DPM
Any UPS drivers suffer from TTS? by Craig
paula, how are you? by nancy s.
Lump on Achillies tendon and side of heel. by MP
Carole by Bev N
Question for the folks with RSD by wendyn
HLA-B27 re:Complicated Case by SteveWG
Can we all please just STOP now?? by Nancy N
Tarsal tunnel syndrome by Monica B
Dr. Rompe reports on ESWT placebo effects by BrianG
Walking on cast! by scott
And on another note by wendyn
Medical Marijuana by Pauline
Marty, How are you? by marie e
The birds are back!!!!!!! Hurray!! by marie e
Pedobarograph assessment by Pete R
Tae Kwon Do Injury by Ted S
Pain after endoscopic surgery by Trudy
wow.... by Carmen H
plantar fibromotosis by david r
fluid drain by Marty
a poem for Nancy S. by Suzanne D
Foot pain that won't go away by Jason J
Pain in and under toes by Terri T
Nerve blocks? by Ricky J.
tennis foot injury by RobertB
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease by john h
Powerstep Inserts by Cammie
How did it go at the doctor's today, Marty? by Sharon W
Heel Pain by susand
Heel Growth and Pain by susand
Foot and nail fungus by Claude A. Brown
Dr Ed -- Russian Stim by Mar
Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy surgery by Marcia
Judy says "Hi, everybody!" by Carole C in NOLA
Final post by Orson
Nerve block by Terry Z
Ignoring the trolls by Carole C in NOLA
Runners for cement floors by mary w
Does RSDS result from TTS? by Ricky J.
Stretches for Heel Pain by Tess
Showering with a cast! It can be done. by Jan H.
location by chris moir
help! by chris moir
medial pf and tts release by Marty
who is best trained to make inserts/orthotics by Angela S
Question for John H by BrianJ
For Jim C. re Bush court nominees by Leon S.
plantar fascitis by frans
plantar fascitis by frans
For Marty - continuation from Social board by Sharon W
Once and for all by Pauline
eswt - activity limitation post treatment by Rose.M
Lumps by MP
pain worse 11 days after shot by mike G
ESWT Trial published in JAMA 2002 by Jan Rompe
A good book by Kathy G
A pain in the toe by Kathy G
Corns & callouses PAIN !!! ? by JoAnn
Almost three weeks post op by dave r
TTS and ESWT by Rose.M
Foot spasms by Alyssa G
Iced in and sick! by Necee
1st day back at work by Marty
Forefoot varus by R C
Ed by Julie
arch pain (but not near heel) by julia
ESWT w/ Ossatron Treatment Tomorrow by Scott Reeves
C.PED Needed by Marty
Scott -- help needed on the ESWT board. by Ed Davis, DPM
Toe Nails by Nicholas L
Life Just Isn't by marie
looking for videos by Christina Davenport
Seavers by Lisa S
Wendy by carmen
Neuroma injections by John A
PF and slight toe tingle... by Brad C.
Social Activism vs. Pacifists by marie e
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" by Suzanne D
Plantar Fasciitis??????????? by Ken M
Question for Carole C in NOLA by JoAnn
score one for the good guys.... by Ed Davis, DPM
To all by Julie
USA Today by john h
Guidelines for Success by marie
Back of the Heel Spurs and Golf by Steve S
Arthrodesis Fusion by Pat S
Hi Tony by Dr Z
I found something great for our feet! by Necee
Tarsal tunnel by Carey
4 Wks. Post-Op by Sharon F.
Student Appreciation Week was a hit! by marie
Judy S was here yesterday by Steve P
cortisone injection by Ellis R
I need a doctor. by Pat S
lateral column syndrome by franscott
A break from the heavy lifting by Leon S.
Dansko shoes by Marty
Posting for forefoot valgus and cavus foot by Marty
Dave how you doing?? by Marty
Quiet American by Dr Z
What country(ies) are your ancestors from? by marie
9 weeks post ESWT by Shell D
32 with pf for over a year...please help by Krsitie R
Z-coil shoes - warning by Ed Davis, DPM
Need a doctor in New York to do ESWT by Krsitie R
Need a New York doctor to do ESWT by Krsitie R
interesting article on capture by BGCPed
botox for feet??? by Carol D.
nerve testing by Gloria H
neuropathy pain by Gloria H
HELP need advice in PAIN by Mona
Heel Pain by Sherry
Dealing with pain six months after surgery. by Clint M.
Podiatrist vs. Orthopedic foot speacilist by Clint M.
ESWT by Bev N
left foot better by peter f
Swollen foot after broken leg: by Michael Y
Turkey by john h
RE: Fascia measurement by Mar
ESWT and night splints by Rose.M
Surgery by Jessie W.
I played golf on Saturday! by lauriel
Cleaning lady when we suffer from pf. by Nancy F
PAIN need HELP by Mona
03-03-03 by Necee
leg cramps by Celia
Treatment for ruptured fascia> by Sharon B.
Judy on NBC Today by john h
muscle spasms and PF by Diane
Life after ESWT by Mike P
both feet? by Cindy M
Unhealthy Shoes? by Chelsea H
Drs, what other txs can be done? by Mary Y
What Birks do you guys like? by Richard, C.Ped
Top of Foot Pain by NancyN
What isfoot drop? by Nancy F
Anyone hear of Tayrn Rose shoes? by Nancy F
can PF/heelspur turn into TTS? by Lolly O
Is is true that TTS never gets better? by Lolly O
Tearing of fascia by DebraN
Any orthodics suggestions?? by lauriel
EMG by Jessie W.
GAZELLE super duper ultra elite ...bad? by Lolly O
Nerve conduction tests by Bev N
Calcium as treatment? by Pat S.
why I havent had one?? by Sherry
An update on me...for those still interested by wendyn
bilateral heel pain by Mike B.
painbottomofleftfoot by barbaras
Dark Toe nails by maritza m
Cracked Heel by mary Rakestraw
pf misdiagnosed for 2 years by Jana Busby
Heel Pain by Randy Kumar
Pain base proximal phalange on walking by peter f
Im in so much pain - it has to be the shoes! by lauriel
post eswt therapy by John S.
question by danielle b
RE: Another ESWT question - just curious by Mar
RE: Insurance Appeal by Mar
look at this, he called him a minion by bgcped
Sneakers by Karen G.
Carole, how's your vacation going? by Suzanne D
My experience (so far) with TTS by Kristi O.
had cast-need surgery? by Maura W.
had cast-need surgery? by Maura W.
Studies on long term relief from TTS surgery by Pam S.
Neurontin-long term consequenses? by Lolly O
night splints for TTS by Lolly O
Neurontin-what does it do? by Lolly O
TTS-will it heal with out surgery? by Lolly O
At home recovering by Valerie D
BG by Marty
tarsal tunnel failure by Shelli
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery by Jill
ESWT questions, amount, voltage suggestions by Janet J
BGCPED~question please! by Rachael T.
Military personal by Pauline
ankle pain by Abby
Happier without orthotics by peter f
Dupuytrens contracture??? by Carol D.
jones fracture update by scott
BGCPED~Question Please! by RACHAEL T.
plantar fascitis by terry b.
Birkenstocks inserts for heel spurs by Marty
Pain Management Exam by SteveWG
Iraq and 9-11 by Ed Davis, DPM
RSDS by Mar
Heel Spurs by Denise F
Bush Press Conference by Leon S.
Is everyone here FAT? by Rick
Another Buerger's versus Raynaud's Question by Kathryn B.
device comparisons by Ed Davis, DPM
Recovery Post Op by Nina F
Hardware removal and fusion by Nancy
Heel Pain by LindaM
Regarding foot tapeing by George M.
A message for the Doc by Linda
story time by marie
nearly arrested in Pompeii by peter f
plantar fasciitis at base of toes by peter f
been a long time by Kari B
Ankle Question by Robert
bunyons by Mike
how much ibuprofin is too much by tammy y
tarsal tunnel surgery by Perry K.
oregon or cal doctor by Scott
no shipping charges in STEROIDS by isnan
Update: No PF for 3 years. Feet feel great. by Joe L
Birkenstock shoes by Beverly
RE: Insurance Humor by Mar
Minimal pain so far by Valerie D
TTS exercises by Pam
RE: RSDS by Mar
Foot pain by Robert
Bob Dole vs BillClinton by marie
BGCPED - Question again....? by RACHAEL T
Orlando Florida Danskos by rebecca h.
John H. by Dr. Z
tts by Mary Y
Ossa Tron use for plantar fasciitis by Julie K.
I need to vent yet again by Mahatmelissama
Plantar Fascia Atrophy by RolandR
Skiing injury to heels by Dave
marty -question on NB shoes by lauriel
Mail Carrier with heel spurs by camille t
heel spurs by dennisw
Planta Faciitus by Barbara B
Doctor's Recommendation by Brian K
recovery x 2 by trish e
Plantar Fibromatosis by Carol D
4 weeks post surgery by dave r
Courage and Pain by SteveG
Starting a rumor by Pauline
7 mos post tts surgery. STILL IN PAIN! by Scott D
rash by ED KELLY
looking at getting surgery by orionh
Bilateral hallux ridigus by Marie
healspurs and good feet arch supports by melsm
Cheilectomy surgery for Hallux Limitus by JohnV
heel spur- shots by Susan G
plantar faciitis by Dennis T
Sclerosing for Neruomas by Pauline
foot pain by sandra k.
Can ultrasound exacerbate PF? by Andrea M.
Help I really need new running shoes! by Leslie D
Capsulitis caused by cycling? by Alley C
TTS both feet...walking casts? by Lolly O
Can ESWT be used to treat TTS? by Lolly O
Can ESWT be used to treat TTS? by Lolly O
Search for My Famous Sister-in-Law by R C
Anti-war protestors by Ed Davis, DPM
bunionectomy by george
Lateral side edge of heel pinch by Paul H
Realistic recuperation period from PF Surgery by Debbie W.
A.R.T by Scott G
tendon on the bottom of my left foot hurts by j c
Fourth week post ESWT by Rosemary
Numb toes? by Bobby W
Brush with the famous by Richard, C.Ped
ruptured plantar fascia by Bob B
Othopedic specialist or Neurologist? by Bobby W
ESWT at Bayshore in Toronto by Kamal S.
Numb toes by Bobby W
inserts/athletic shoes do damage??? by Lolly O
RE: Scooter news by Mar
achilles tendonitis shoes? by dave
Tarsal tunnel syndrome\plantar facititis by Mori C
MRI Results by Ted S
ESWT Treatment Any noticable difference by Pauline
IRS Deduction by IanJ
She's Alive!! by Necee
how ironic by BGCPed
Physical Therapy treatments? by Lara t
ART by Lara t
debilitating pain in middle of forefoot--PF? by Paul K
3 weeks post op, doing good !! by Marty
3 months post surgery - and some advice by lauriel
spained ankle by Renee V
the artist's voice... by marie
kathy g, thanx for your very kind words. by cindyp
help with soreness by Terry Z
Now for some of your favorite ice cream by marie
Light Reading by Jimmy Carter by marie
sclerosing injections by JohnA
RSD Sufferers (and others) read this... by carynz
RSD sufferers read on... by carynz
What Next? This is horrible. by CHRIS M
Hiroshima Peace Museum by marie
removing splint too soon after surgery by Tammie
Heel spurs by Traci P
Physicians for Social Responsibility by marie
ESWT? by Phil W.
post pf release by Sharon F.
removing splint too soon after surgery by Tammie
What do you all think of this? by Sharon W
With respect to political discussions by wendyn
Heel surgery difference by Mike P
peroneal tendonitis by verity
great PF and TTS? exercise by lauriel
Note to Kamal S. by SteveG
Survivor by Pauline
supination question by bill b.
Foot Pain & numbness by Bobby W
Rumsfeld by marie
Elizabeth Smart recovery by Leon S.
History 101 by john h
Foot Pain by Kenneth P. Kelly
cold laser therapy by Scott G
SURGERY POSSIBLE????? by marie
Has anyone tried fish oil supplements? by Kathy G
neurontin by Bev N
Messsage to Scott Reeves by Rosemary
Rachmaninov or Rock and Roll by marie
Special pedals for cycling with PF?? by peter f
What does TTS surgery consist of? by AngelaS
Tony Little's Gazelle by Cyndi T.
More but different pain after ESWT by MegK
crazyness by Dave
greetings from the PF problem child... by cindyp
steel toe boots by Bev N
e.s.w.t. by doreeng
Neurontin---helps heal or not? by Lolly O
Neurontin---helps heal or not? by Lolly O
Dumb__ Dixie Chicks by Mahatmelissama
A gift from a student by marie
Who armed Iraq? by Ed Davis, DPM
RE: Collagen/Scar tissue by Mar
an accident waiting to happen by Leon S.
I had ESWT 3 days ago by Sherry
Terror Alert Code Red and Schools by marie
Scott Scott Scott by JudyS
I tried Electric Muscle Stim. For TTS by AngelaS
Funding of the antiwar movement by Ed Davis, DPM
rehab after pf surgery by Sharon F.
Can you help ? by Mike M
Tom Dashle ? by BGCPed
Lets Roll !! by Necee
Knot on heal by Benton M.
seavers disease by Kay K.
60 year old Grandma by john h
Hollywood Brain Power by john h
ionto by Bev N
mystery pain by Kelly S
this is a good one by BGCPED
cortizone shot for heel spur by DarlaC
Confusing Symptoms and Nerve Studies by Elizabeth L.
Going at it alone by Ed Davis, DPM
Soldiers' Point of View....our allies report by marie
grassfire.net by Ed Davis, DPM
eswt treatment center in SF Bay area!!! by rekha s
24hr Heal Pain *back of Heal* by jim s
Tony's speech by SteveG
as the worm turns by BGCPED
Runner - who doesn't want to give up by Dave
Peace as viewed by Ike by Mason
some information, take it or leave it by BGCPed
BAD FEET by kevin S
pain at the back of heel by mary b
food for thought from our president's father by Mason
Tight Budgets by marie
This is a good one by BGCPED
Recovery time for a cheilectomy by JohnV
4 weeks post op by Marty
The bombing has begun by marie
ESWT next week by Jeanne S
Finding wide enough shoes for my orthotics by JO P
Scheduled for Plantar Fasciotomy by Terri S
Stark Laws by Ed Davis, DPM
Recovery time from PF release by Terri S
foot spur and a cortosine shot. by Derek
English point of view by Judy A
Are we hurting? by Necee
Old Orthotics by Ed R
Springtime is near by Necee
Neuromas by SteveWG
Credit Card Fraud by john h
jones fracture by scott
Defense Budget by john h
ESWT for tennis elbow, the OssaTron by BrianG
Killing the nerve??? by Barbara E
Something I want to point out post-eswt by Dr. Z
SAS shoes are great by Cyndi T.
Sick of reporters by Pauline
gastric slide? by mary b
Pay and Responsibility by john h
Neuromuscular therapy results by lauriel
Constant Tingling in Heel by Charlene C.
to John and Sharon... by Suzanne D
Anyone else have inner ankles sore? by Mahatmelissama
fifth week progress report - post ESWT by Rosemary
metatarsal area by carolyn c
pain after tts surgery by sharon f
The French Connection by Ed Davis, DPM
just having a bad day could use your help by marie
Heel pain by Angie
Thorlo socks by Sherry
This brought tears to my eyes by Steve P
Thorlo socks by Sherry
L4/L5 vertebrae by diana
Elavil and restless leg syndrome by AngelaS
Dry skin by Jill
Heel spur pain! by Sue L.
Ossatron treatment for plantar fascitis by Esther C.
Steroid injection in scar-DOCTORS by kay
On A Lighter Note (no war talk here) by carynz
rehab after surgery by Sharon F.
Mohez's 11 eswt treatments by Mohez
Taping for 'BAck of Heel' Pain by jims
heel pain by Diane B
to mason by pala
Can't find post on making casts by AngelaS
short message to Sharon by Pam S.
short message to Sharon by Pam S.
Eruption on big toe by Bob B
foot taping for heel spurs by marilyn A.
Taping by D.Thomas
antiwar rallies by Ed Davis, DPM
Forefoot and midfoot pain after trauma by Jerry O
History and Kennedy by john h
To Dr. Z......When should I come back by Annette
This is not about politics by marie
drs, question about my orthotics by Mary Y
Ed by Julie
Yasmin by Julie
To Dr. Z. by Pauline
About these boards.... by Kathy G
Im back to work by dave r
question for th doctors by dave r
jew baiting by pala
Michael Moore Oscars by BGCPed
marie by pala
Back by john h
A funny thing about hawks. by marie
How is Tex. Barb? by Pauline
Guidelines for by marie
Why I can't stand Doves by Steve P
Marrow Edema by Robert
For Julie by marie
What anti-war demonstrators found..... by Ed Davis, DPM
Who wants to monitor messages? by Scott R
For Julie: question about a yoga pose by nancy sc
heel pain help by prithvi
How we respond to each other's pain by Sharon W
Something completely different by Sharon W
Why is there such surprise? by Pauline
testing smileys by Scott R
USA Today by john h
My first ART session by HilaryG
this is a bit ironic by BGCPed
Hurray! by marie
test by john h
test by john h
Pain after my first ART session by HilaryG
Has anyone had surgery for flat feet? by HilaryG
Has anyone had surgery for flat feet? by HilaryG
way too cool! by JudyS
more fun.... by JudyS
Hey! by JudyS
Haliburton Contract by Leon S.
Freinds by marie
Committee by Necee
Parallels between war and surgery by Max K
sadlkjafsdfas by Scott R
to Brian G. by Suzanne D
Correction for Mason by Steve P
s/p surg plantar facisitis by mary A
Credit Card Fraud by Kathy G
To John by Kathy G
Surgery worked! by Sandy D.
Thanks by JudyS
Yasmin by Julie
Neurontin by Terry Z
Pain meds of the future ?? by BrianG
Morton's Neuroma by Nan D
just finding out I have TTS by Terri
Silicone orthotics by Rosemary
Morton's neuroma by Cheri A.
I cant bend my big toe ! by liz B
eswt by tammy s
Yasmin by Julie
Toes by Erica R.
5 weeks post op by Marty
Lateral pain post op by Jane
Fluidotheropy by Bev N
neuroma by tom s
PF by Chuck
Where can I find SAS shoes? by HilaryG
dellon by Scott
Laser Bunion Removal by Dianne B
6 month-long platar fasciitis by Katie W
ESWT by john h
heel pain by Laura W
Social page by Leon S.
wearing "flip-flop" type sandals by Ellen J.
For Yasmin by Julie
Two years without pain by Bob G.
orthotics by Cheryl M
questiond for my doctor by tammy s
Hello and update from me! by Jill P
2 days post-eswt/ pretty sore by rekha s
I think I have PF by Laura A.
Plantar fasciitis by tina
Heel pain from netball in left foot by Kylie M
RE: Happy Doctors Day! by Mar
Running with bone spurs by Christine J.
Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction or TTS? by Debbie W
chronic plantar fasciitis by debbie c
herbal meds by Bev N
Took my first walk this week-end! by lauriel
Clogs and Crutches by MK
exercises for calves by SteveG
FDA review of medical devices by Ed Davis, DPM
Question for Dr. Z by Shane
Facing TTS-how long is recovery really? by Sue E.
falling arches by carol s
Heel pain-again by Deb S.
bottom of foot infection by Victoria
TTS by Barbara H
TTS, surgery recovery and running by DixieH
exercising with plantar faciitis by brenda l
rescue by john h
recurring heel pain by Deb S.
Recurring heel pain by Deb S.
Dr. Ed by Dr. Z
regress and dissapear on own by daveys
Re: Social Board by Necee
To Bev by Pauline
ESWT by john h
used N'ice Stretches night splint for sale by Scott R
Hi Everyone Remember me ???? by Laurie R
question for Dr Ed regarding porta pedis by lauriel
Fibroma causes and effects by Eric H
Orthotics in Iraq by john h
Wish me luck. by marie
heel spur by Dee
Well, look what's back! by Leon S.
heel spurs by Dee
EWST - Australia by Kim Johnstone
Stupid Question about ESWT by Mahatmelissama
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by darah
How long to wait until having bunion surgery by Louise J.
tight sore heels! by tammy s
Suzanne** by Necee
TTS of PF? I'm not sure by HilaryG
PF & cortisone shots by Catherine S
Chicago conference ?? by BrianG
Fluid in Metatarsophalangeal Joint by SteveWG
Another treatment option? by SteveG
More information on this treatment by SteveG
Jessica Lynch by john h
Topamax by Bev
ankle bone bruise by Cory G
For Yasmin by Julie
wife's pain by keith w
Has anyone tried Apex shoes? by HilaryG
Spring by Bev
First Flowers reporting from northern Indiana by marie
4 surgeries now T.T.S!! by G ROGERS
Question for Richard by Mary Y
Loosing range of motion by Mike J
Baghdad satellite photos by Max K
10 days post ESWT by Jeanne S
TTS or PF?? by HilaryG
When to get a second opinion...any advice? by Debbie W
New to PF by Don S
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery by Pat S
Main Muscle in foot by Pat S
Foot Muscle Implants by Pat S
Questions Not Answered by Pat S
study re; high arches in the army by Ellen J.
OK, ladies..... by Carole C in NOLA
Birk question...? by RACHAEL T.
Footmax by Rachael T.
Surgery in the U.K for Hallux limitus/rigidus by liz B
Footmax & Birk questions & thoughts by Rachael T.
Suzanne...... by JudyS
arches in the feet by clay
NCV Test by HilaryG
Question about ART by HilaryG
how do I get this pain to go away???? by c thompson
Regressions during post ESWT recovery period. by Rosemary
compression socks and neurontin by cooper g
John.... WWII museum by marie
bargain birkenstocks by Kathy K
Exercise by Julie V
foot pain by debbie c
returning to work post ESWT by tammy s
Happy Feet/ Here to Stay?? by Bev
Pain in the outer ankle and in bottom of foot by Ava
Question(s) for Dr. Davis by SteveG
I want more cortisone! Is this is abig risk? by Mahatmelissama
Lowa, Columbia, Theresia shoes by HilaryG
Flattened arch after PF rupture by Debra H.
Orthotic for one foot? by Terry Z
10 days post eswt-pain starting in other foot by rekha s
A stubborn case of Post Tib Tendonitis/TTS by Bill
Sore on arch by DeeH
RE: Pulsed RFL by Mar
tarsal tunnel syndrome by Tammy S
Can thin people get tarsal tunnel syndrome? by Pat S
Gout with tarsal tunnel syndrome by Pat S
Change in symptoms by HilaryG
Sensitivity of the foot by Yasmin
bunion w/joint injury by SandyK
Ben Gay seems to help by Lolly O
Has anyone had luck with BEN GAY? by Lolly O
Is plantar fascia nonelastic? by JenL
I'm New and Need Help by TJ
16-year-old with PF by JanP
Good Feet arch supports by Pam Le
Flattened arch after PF rupture #2 by Debra H.
**A walk in the wildflowers** by Necee
To: CarynZ. by Necee
pain from starning by GaryJ
MOre evidence of lack of awareness by lara t
A question need answer plz! by carlos
Neurontin by Bev
pain relief ????? by Tom C
RFL by Mar
John H by BrianJ
Pain meds, helpful information by BrianG
A question about exercise and TTS by Pam S.
Footmax by Rachael T.
A question about exercise and TTS by Pam S.
pttd and tendonitis of achilles tendond by sue s.
PF pain base of 5th metatarsals by peter f
Surgery next? by rick m
Dislocated cuboid after heel spur surgery by Jeanne
Anniversary Report by R C
ESWT by Karen L.
Cheilectomy updates by JohnV
USA Today by john h
calcium deposit under achilles tendon by Karen L.
test by Scott R
Therapist by Bev
Standing foot pain by Heather D
feeling heat in my heel. by Anthony R.
Feet and back problems by Rosemary
Plantar Fascitis by Elizabeth C.
healthtronics and healthsouth by scott r
PF surgery by George W
prolotherapy by BrianJ
planters fibroma by Emma W
Flat Foot by James
Foot Spur and Flat Foot by James
Heel Pain by Sandy
CNN Expose by Leon S.
Cheilectomy update, day two by JohnV
Cheilectomy surgery update by JohnV
Happy Feet/Here to Stay?? by Bev
Active Release for TTS? by HilaryG
Active Release for TTS? by HilaryG
small toes by wendy
Photos by HilaryG
TV Coverage of Lynch Return by Leon S.
Sandals by john h
TTS surgery-both feet? by Liz R.
Therapist by Rachael t.
not pf, but nerve pain, side of foot. by Janine P
Physical Therapy by HilaryG
Cortisone shot fot TTS by HilaryG
Just being silly! by Kathy G
Surgery by BFreedman
Running and gout by Ray b.
2 weeks post eswt by rekha s
rolfing by vicki a.
New here - question about heel pain into leg by pw
10 weeks post surgery by dave r
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Surgey by Thelma Graham
Dr. Davis and Dr. Wander by Debra H.
To Dr. Ed. by Bill
Re: by JenL
Question(s) for Dr. Davis by SteveG
Do this sound like plantar fasciitis? by Erin D
scared need info by Marilu H
Today was a magnificent day in NE! by Kathy G
Lands End Sandals by Trudy
The forgotten country -- Lebanon by Ed Davis, DPM
heel we go again by Erin H.
question about TTS and MRI results by Pam S.
USA Today by john h
Walking Cast Pain by amy. I
chronic pain & more.... by Rachael T.
Chronic pain & more by Rachael T.
post op bunion surgery by marlenem
More Fun and Games! (Another Cortisone Shot) by Mahatmelissama
Birkenstocks--what kind do you buy and why? by Lolly O
Birkenstocks--what kind do you buy and why? by Lolly O
Birkenstocks for PF/HS--what kind & why? by Lolly O
Logical Next Step for TTS/PF? by Lynn
Tax deadline!! by Necee
running with heel pain by Molly F.
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