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heel pain by Brenda F.
Admission by Julie
Re heel spur by Nicky Reid
Plantar Fibromatosis by Todd L.
Back of the heel pain by Brad M.
1st Step Pain a requirement for Surgery by CarlW
Bilateral retrocalcaneal bursitus help by Matt H
Healing on the fly by Mick B
For Peter R and Phil by Ed Davis, DPM
Do I really have plantar fasciitis? by Carol Ann W.
Happy Winter to you all by wendyn
Snow in September by Dorothy
Important Announcement!! by Dorothy
The geese are back !! by Necee
I have an admission too..... by Richard, C.Ped
Should I stop PT? by Bonnie
Post TTS surgery question? by Ricky J.
To Sharon W by Marty
What do you want from socialized medicine by BGCPed
interesting site by john h
MSM Experiment by Aly
Going to the dr for the next 2 days by stella
Heel Pain after Achilles Tendon Repair by Asif H
Achillies Tendonistist by Kristie R.
Achillies Tendonistis by Kristie R.
Achellies Tendon Lump by DawnS
time off by Ed Davis, DPM
time off by Ed Davis, DPM
ATTN: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy by R C
Nonweight Bearing VS Weight Bearing Study by Mike W
to: shockman by Peter R
Another view from Britain: by Ed Davis, DPM
surgical recovery by JohnT
Healing by Rachael T.
A window into the brain by R C
Iraq: A Federal Judge's Point of View by Bonnie
The Whig Party and Gen. Wesley Clark by Phil
Have any moles on your feet? by Sharon W
Terrarium photos..includes turtles by marie
Foot and ankle melanomas by Sharon W
Basic questions about dornier by Buck T.
Safe hamstring and calf stretches? by Buck T.
Plantar Fasciitis by Margo
hello by JudyS
pain on side of foot by Katie C
Sacrum, leg, heel and bunion pain by Jane R
Sural Nerve Entrapment? by Sniff Y
Back to Surgery by Chad H
plantar fasciitis by diane t.
active release tech. - what should I expect by AndreaR
Flexor Hallucis tendonitis by Sue S
Therapy during post-ESWT healing? by chrisb
Hillary-Foot Massager by john h
MRI DONE by stella
Rough day in NC by Sandra D
3 Months Post-ESWT; Questions for the Doctors by Mary M
Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes! by mpeterson
SDOs - six month update by Andrue
I knew I was right by john h
can get better by peter f
I love your sight!! Some advice?? by Jon W.
My sister in Annapolis got flooded out by Kathy G
Can Ossatron be repeated? by Shell D.
X-Rays for Dr. Z by ZaneU
Does this sound like TTS ? by Theresa F
pf questions, hypothyroidism a link? by Lorinda N
Breaking in orthodics by JM
Antoher orthodics question by JM
achilles tendonitis by Heather A
debridement by Heather A
plantar fascitis by Heather A
prevention of scar tissue formation by Stacey
Which foot disorder do I possibly have? by Kelly
Seaver's disease by dianna k
Where is everybody by Peter R
To: Dr Z by Peter R
Need Camera advice/help by Dr. Z
Plantar Fac and more suggestions? by CarolAnn B.
Reduce walking by how much to speed healing? by NigelT
having the surgery by Rochelle
PN and PF by BevN.
Photographs from California....... by marie
orthopaedic physician by NigelT
Something profound from an old friend by BGCPed
A.R.T. by Al
numbness in toes after nail extraction by Kate M.
metatarsal pain by carolyn s
very frustrated!!! by stella
Where do I go from here? by debbi a.
post surgery by Lee
To Dr. Davis by Pam S.
navicular tuberosity by Erine F
Help for shoe idea by Anita C
This is what I eat to lose weight (photo). by Max K
New internet worm by Kathy G
Plantar Fibroma + Orthotics by Terri N
Painful Heel & Ankle by Mary B.
article about mesothelioma for Sharon by marie
Exercise and appetite by R C
foot pain by Bill B
HeelSpur by Bernard M
Foot Itch by Shelly F
leg cramps/blood clots by Kathryn P.
Which Shoe for PF? by Dennis C
ART experience by AndreaR
I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help! by Kathy G
Hello again....... by JudyS
Condelectomi bilateral by Andra C.
Deceptive journalism strikes again! by Sharon W
ESWT by Al
When will I be able to run? by Chris B
When will I be able to run? by Chris B
questions about having your PF released... by David B
Shave the spur, don't touch the tendon by Matt H
Imagine by marie
Question for/about Dave R by BrianJ
injections - healing or masking the pain? by anne
Re: Post EPF recuperation by Kim S.
I'm repeating OssaTron by Shell D.
What about this? by BGCPed
~~~Polls~~~ by Necee
MRN by Scott
Follow Up by Dorothy
Is this a heel spur? by Nikki T.
Democratic waffle waffle waffle by BGCPed
Rumsfeld on Iraq by Bonnie
heel pain by Kelly T
pain in heel only by Merry E
Foot Levelers Orthodics???? by Rose
Doc Martens by Molly H
Atypical Plantar Fasciitis by JerryT
MRI results by stella
ovrlapping little toes by jeff
going for 2nd treatment tues by David B
Insurance Pay for EWST? by David E
Yet another view from Le Continent by R C
Achillies tendon by Kathryn P.
My Foot pain by Cathy O
question - john h by R C
Thoughts from the mind of Babs S. by BGCPed
Calling Dr. Ed by D.Thomas
Active Release by Bonnie
Plantar Fibromastosis Surgery by John L
Food, Family and Holiday Traditions by marie
Sport injury to heel by ShaunnaO
8 months after the Ossatron Treatment by Jerry F
PF and disgusted by Kelly
Help please by Fran
pre surgery questions by boaz
RE: Achillies Tendon by Kathryn P.
Flat Feet by Alan T
for Peter R, Scott's edict by Ed Davis, DPM
Why to Birks work? by AngelaC
Why do Birks work? by AngelaC
Pre-tests for ESWT. by Yasmin
Pre-tests for ESWT by Yasmin
mm by jjj
Pre-tests for ESWT by Yasmin
mmm by jjj
nn by mmm
Pre-tests for ESWT by Yasmin
That's fine with me ScottR by marie
A thought by John H
Gabitril/ tiagaine HCI verses Neurontin by angelas
The facts? by JudyS
Priorities by John H
A question about a foot strain by Storm chaser
New Info. by Dorothy
Who ever got rid of this one, THANK YOU! by Sharon W
for Carole C. by Julius
Conservative Message Board by Bonnie
Good morning from England by Julie
Pre-tests for ESWT by Yasmin
Question for Julie by BGCPed
Donald O'Connor by marie
Louisiana! by Carole C in NOLA
Great ice cream by Ed Davis, DPM
love fest or hate fest by Phil
ED!!!!! by JudyS
Judy!!!! by Ed Davis, DPM
Judy!!! by Ed Davis, DPM
Judy!!! by Ed Davis, DPM
Judy!!!! by Ed Davis, DPM
Re: by JudyS
new troublemakers by Scott R
Ed!! by JudyS
jjjj by uuuu
Probs on emailing question on site by Yasmin
email by Ed Davis, DPM
email by Ed Davis, DPM
Humor by AngelaC
4 1/2 months post ESWT by Molly H
long enduring ankle pain by corey w.
healthronics getting sued by Scott R
CPED in Northern Colorado?? by Molly H
Heel Wear Different Since PF by Ersten
tts surgery! by boaz
Active Release Therapy / A.R.T. Update by Aly
To Aly by Dorothy
Aly! ART! by Dorothy
A question to DOCTER Z by Storm chaser
Mountain Climb by John H
Heat IS incredible! by Sher A
Using a walking cast (cane walker) now by Kathy
treatments for TTS by Manda C.
To ScottR , gremlins on the site by Ed Davis, DPM
TTS/Neuritis?? by Stacey
scar tissue fromation following epf by Stacey
massive amount of heel pain by jackie t
TTS and EWST by Cindy
weird commercial on tv for neurotrin?? by stella
TTS surgery scheduled 10/3/03 by Lari S.
Stationary Heel Pain by Tim H
ESWT 2nd procedure done sept 30 by David B
How much Vitamen C is recommened? by David B
Seaver's Disease by Carol C.
Treatment Triad by BarryD
4th Accupunture Treatment by Mahatmelissama
Does ESWT Work? by Zach M
use of crutches by frank h
Flat feet treatment by Joe B.
Fibromyalgia and PF by Shell D.
You people should go seek a Docter by David Foster
Any one else have a problem at airports by Susie
something to share... by Suzanne D.
Has anyone tried this stretch for PF? by AngelaC
Pins Out by LeeH
Hydro Beds by Necee
Z Coil Shoes by Necee
chiropractic for tts ? by john carl
BirkoBalance and BirkoMotion inserts by HilaryG
treatments by Pete
mm by nn
Hallux Rigidus by Mel
Treatments by Lily Rose K
Achillies tendon/RSDS by Kathryn P.
Question for Dr. Z by cherlyn Z
What about neck strain by Joe baxter
Penny F. by Terry D
Pre-tests for ESWT by Yasmin
symptoms of tts? by samuel adam
Endura Tape by josh s
Equinus of unknown origin by josh s
tts injection? by samuel adam
OOOPS! My postings are backwards. by Tessa D.
ankle pain...? by Rachael T.
For Lari S by BrianG
How long before I see results from ESWT? by David B
step stretch? by Kelly
Please read message by Kathryn P.
ESWT coverage by Medicare? by Greg F.
Muscle Stimulator by john h
ESWT 8 months post surgery by lauren
Bump on top of foot by Laura G
Casting of feet by Jeane H
Question for Suzanne D. about shoe insoles by Dorothy
Home from TTS Surgery by Lari S.
cavus foot deformity by lisa b
Plantars Fasciitis? by John G.
Active Release Technique by Bonnie
different ESWT technologies, my experiences by Patrick M.
question for Sharon by Stacey
Re: Interesting!! by Rachael T.
Haglund's deformity surgery by Cindy J
By the way, Stacey by Sharon W
success stories by Dan D.
Surgery prior to ESWT by Tony G
Oh hurray! Missed You All! by marie
red sox . . . cubs . . . john by nancy s.
Pain inside ankle. by BLEDSOE
Anybody want to trade feet? by wendyn
Graston Technique by BrianG
TTS Surgery Recovery, Day 2 by Lari S.
A few good ones by BrianG
Answer to John King- mil service by Lari S.
Sorbathane heel insert by Rachael T.
Brian G- meds by Lari S.
Pam by Lari S.
Putting Toes Into Hot Water by Dorothy
arch pain by Amy M
Cortisone shots for basketball by MarkL
Re: by Peter R
Re: by Peter R
New feet for Wendy! by marie
FDA and Ebay by John H
How to lose weight :) by Bob G.
Running and PF by Bill L
heel spur, siatic nerve - dura tightness by Curb I.
Radiating Foot pain by Tricia G.
Heel Pain / Accupuncture by Sandy C
2" heels are helping!! by Kay S
What happened to this post by Phil C.
What happened to this post? by Phil C.
Physical Therapy - Mattes Method by Erik C.
Drudge by Dorothy
Pain Free ESWT in Canada by Al
Back of heel nodule by Gregg W
Hooray for new topics! by Aly
i have big feet!!! by gigli .f.
oxygen bars by nancy s.
supination by Joe B.
SAS, New Balance, Birks ????? by Dennis C
looking for nominees by Phil C
Dr. Eddie Davis: by Kathryn P.
Exercises For Plantar Facia Condition by Joanne C.
To Monte by Pauline
Real Censorship by Dorothy
Numbness by Terry D.
Lari & Aly..& other photgraphers by marie
Respect? by JudyS
Clarifying My Position by Scott R
TTS Surgery Recovery, Day 4 by Lari S.
this is really looking bad by Ed Davis, DPM
Fat Pads by Olly L
Hopefully to change the subject by wendyn
Cortizone injections help/safe? by Lorinda N
Re Social/Support Board by Dorothy
Cortisone shot in heel. by Sue G.
To Marie - Photography site by Aly
Dorothy & Marie - nasal not foot by Lari S.
Three middle toes keep twitching. Help! by Stacey W.
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery 5 months ago by Denise
"clicking" noise in heel area by richard g.
Departures by John H
arch pain by Graydon J
Clarification of Terms by Dorothy
Breaking in orthotics? by francesc
Dorothy and Kansas and Toto, too by Dorothy
my quick two cents by wendyn
Guidelines for Political site by marie
Can I have A.R.T. after shock wave treatment by David B
Which orthontic is the best? by David B
I've been doing a lot of thinking... by Suzanne D.
orthodics and NEW sneakers by Jane
Capsaicin relief vs potential injury? by Firefeet
Questionable symphtoms by BarbL
Nancy S.'s advice Part 2 by Dorothy
Chastened by Dorothy
Tragedy in our school by Necee
Beginning Stretching Again by Ariane M
ESWT biometric review by dr ben pearl
Let's Vote by Scott R
Social Board Peace by Pauline
Pre Buchbinder by Donald Iain Scott
What tennis shoes should I buy? by Sue G.
Vote by Peter R
vote by those who have left by Ed Davis, DPM
Clarification from Crete by Julie
Forgotten? by JudyS
It'll be a seperate board by Scott R
alrighty then by Scott R
Scott's words by JudyS
I just ate lunch by Richard. C.Ped
testing by Ed Davis, DPM
Social and Other Have been swapped by Scott R
Awsome by john h
Social and Other Have been swapped by Scott R
Social and Other Have been swapped by Scott R
Social and Other Have been swapped by Scott R
Social and Other Have been swapped by Scott R
Awsome by john h
Social and Other Have been swapped by Scott R
Awsome by John H
test by John H
test by John H
To John by Pauline
My first post is for ScottR by marie
Feet!! by Aly
Ladybugs in Disguise by Dorothy
7 lawsuits against healthtronics so far by Scott R
flop of names, ScottR by Ed Davis, DPM
Schwarzenegger by R C
Confused... by Suzanne D
Dorothy Plays John McLaughlin by Dorothy
To Sharon W by Terry L
Will any New Balance work? by Sue G.
Chilean divorces by Sharon W
??? by John H
to Necee... by Suzanne D.
??? by John H
A $5 question related to Heel Pain :) by Bob G.
Great job Scott by Lari S.
Mortons Neuroma/ alcohol injections by tammy s
glossary by Bonnie
TO SCOTT R. by Dorothy
Sciatica by Dorothy
accupuncture treatment by Monica M
To Ed by JudyS
deletion privileges, ScottR by Ed Davis, DPM
My post is not a reply to any one person by Pauline
no more arguing or meanness in this SS board by Scott R
Re: by JudyS
Pauline ScottR by JudyS
Re: by Larry blanlot
Re: by Dorothy
Re: by Dorothy
A.R.T. by Al
Bad day at school...another car accident by marie
My foot is hurting by Larry blanlot
Where is the Docter when you need them!!!!!!! by Larry blanlot
Laurie R by johnh
Delete Request by Pauline
Speaking of cats......... by JudyS
EWST as followup to surgery by Buck T.
6 months to the day by Sharon W
Colored pencil sketch by marie
For Dorothy -- job exportation by Ed Davis, DPM
Away by Dorothy
Away by Dorothy
Walking cast for foot pain by Kathy
1 Week Post-op Dr, Check by Lari S.
should I do stretching exercises after ESWT? by David B
The Pope by Sharon W
Please help !!! by BrianG
Interesting by wendyn
For Suzanne by Dorothy
You might be a leftist if...... by Ed Davis, DPM
Sorry for duplication by Dorothy
Form letter of appeal, Dr. Z, ScottR by Ed Davis, DPM
Foot Trainers by Dorothy
tts injection by tommy masters
Pet Pics- My 2 Fila Ripper and Slasher by Peter R
This one is for Marie by Sharon W
Scott by john h
TO SHELL by Pam S.
People need Ed by Kathryn P.
Changing the constitution by Pauline
We need Ed by Kathryn P.
Nobel Peace Prize by Sharon W
Marie - pictures by Lari S.
Time to let our guard down? by Ed Davis, DPM
Got concerns, write by Pauline
Arkansas Fair by John H
Surgery Question by liah
Wow! by marie
Yes, Sharon, that's it! by Suzanne D.
Pictures by Lari S.
Current Event and Debate site! by marie
Re: The school tragedy by Necee
Estrogen and nerve cells by marie
Ossitron Procedure by Sharon G.
Ed by Kathryn P.
heel spurs by Deborah H
tinels sign accuracy? by speranza
ice or heat for for tts?? by speranza
repeat Ossatron procedure by lizs
PF may never go away? by Sher A
Neuroma surgery - recovery question by Eric E
Hello again by Sandra D
PF and no relief by KT
Finally pain relief! by kay
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend eh by wendyn
Hannah by marie
.jpeg/Dr. Z by marie
Security Council Report/John by marie
election year talk by marie
Hatred looms by Pauline
ESWT question for Dr. Z by Ed Davis, DPM
foot by Ernesto luna
Foot Pain by Marie
Early Retirement from teaching? by Kathy
Proposed Dietary Supplement Bill by Pauline
Heel pain worse after an injection by auntkarb
Presenting Josi! by marie
orthotics hurt! by anne
who here is overweight? just wondering? by heather
Heel Spur by Cathy D.
Successful Surgery!!!!!!!! by Rose
Heal Pain by Rico
My kitty pics by Aly
bump below the inside of my right ankle by Tim C
Orthotics/Inlays...what's the difference? by Lisa V.
After ESWT, then what? by Glen C
Heel Spur that had become inflamed by Bill
MRI to diagnose nerve entrap? by chrisb
You puke, they pay by Pauline
PF by JimmyS
Waking up during surgery by John H
Talk to my doctors office today....... by David B
Photography field trip photos...Buffalo! by marie
Since I started wearing Alznner Orthorics by Sheila P
Disturbing trend - the need to vent by Sher A
Ossatron advise by Ben S
Going to the podiatrist is a waste of time by JJ
Suzanne? by wendyn
What do I have??? by Jacqui K
Smelly and Ugly by CaitlinB
Smelly and Ugly by CaitlinB
Question for Richard, CPed by Buck T.
Question for Dr. Ed by Joe B.
still in cast almost time for it to come off by stella
Other Information by john h
Healing Time by Tony G
heel pain by Cathy H
Puss filled bumps .... by celousW
Taping by BrianJ
Apology by Kathryn P.
To Shell by Pam S.
Need advice.. by Yasmin
Ankle pain and numbness by ed K
Blocking Spam by Pauline
ScottR by BrianJ
You probably won't post this either by JJ
Who determines orthotics> by Buck T.
48 hours post op by Chad H
Iraq War Swells Al Qaeda's Ranks, Report Says by Sharon W
Look who's in Iran by Sharon W
Oops by JudyS
Hilary-Help by Bonnie
Is this CLONING? by Sharon W
ESWT by Sharon G.
my heel feels like I stepped on a nail??? by sallie s
Heel Spurs by Blinda S
ESWT: treatment and insurance questions by Robin C.
Heel Electric Shock Feeling and itching. by SharW
Make 800,000 dollars in 3 months!!!!!!! by Lori D
Accommodations at Work by Mary M
Question for Dr. Z. and Dr. Ed by Dan D.
Try casting a second time? by R C
"The Fall of Iraq" (59 photos) by Max K
Advice on footwear - UK by Paul T.
Six Years Later, Doctors Still Don't Know by Bob F
Upcoming EPF by Laura S
Haglunds Bump/Deformity by Kathryn P.
To RICK on Taping by Dorothy
Recent Prevention issue by Dorothy
Anodyne Light Therapy by Dorothy
ESWT for Heel Pain by Dorothy
TENS by Dorothy
TTS PAIN by Chris B
ESWT and post orthotics by Buck T.
advice please, should I find a new dr? by David B
2 different diagnosis by Speranza
? by Thatoneguy
To Peter by wendyn
Rush hour traffic?Not here......... by marie
Anyone try Barefoot science? by Liam
Saudi schoolbooks under the spotlight... by Ed Davis, DPM
2 week post op check by Lari S.
New New Balance model by Ed Davis, DPM
This should be on "Other" by Dorothy
step stretch by Kelly
Correct Shoes by Cathy C
for Richard Graham, CPed by Morgan W
Orthotics question by PamCK
Ed, 'meanness' by JudyS
moderators by Scott R
acupuncture helps neuropathy by MK
Insertional vs Proximal Plantar Fasciitis by Glen C.
TTS surgery and incision by Melissa
contacting scott by Scott R
PF but no heel pain by Theresa F
Bad shoes led to toe problems by L. Goetz
mean posts...the solution by Scott R
Not good news.. tts is back!! by stella
? fro Brian Graham, CPed by Morgan W
Hot Water Soaks Helpful? by Jim H
The so called rice treatment by DR PEPPER
House slippers? by Sher A
Re: by Richard, C.Ped
About Postings by Dorothy
Devoid? by JudyS
had surgery 5 months ago have tts again!! by stella
Berkenstock shoes by Mary Jane K.
Why is this board called "Oh Ed?" by marie
Imprimis by Pauline
update on student by marie
Back to politics...IISP by marie
Sharon...new drug approved for Alzheimers by marie
Man found who planted box cutters. by marie
inmates running the asylum by Phil C.
mess by Phil C.
Botox for Heel Pain by LionelO
ScottR by marie
Really hopeless? by wendyn
Mother Theresa the musical by Pauline
Food Fight by John H
Food Fight by John H
Man, I have no idea what's going on here! by Kathy G
I have no idea what's going on here. by Kathy G
Bothering Scott by John H
The Gift by Pauline
Re: by Ed Davis, DPM
deleted post by Ed Davis, DPM
deletion rule, ScottR by Ed Davis, DPM
BGCPed by Ed Davis, DPM
I am so confused by Pam S.
Must be bad if you need to sneak into China by BGCPed
what happened to the misc board? by BGCPed
pain on side of foot by lilly r.
So now what? by marie
Winning against heel pain by Bob G.
Have TTS just had surgery 3 weeks ago by Doris K
Surgery by Doris K
picture of actual nerves in foot by Scott R
post tib tendonitis? by pallifrone
Scheduled for TTS Release 12-16-03 by Rhonda
Footlaw.com by Jay Grife
What's the best inset? by Scott R
have tts after having surgery may 22nd by stella
Foot Surgery Recovery by Jess T.
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome At A Young Age by Sue D.
Pain Medications by John H
TTS workmans comp by Faye J
ESWT Treatment by Cheri G.
dr z???? by stella
How long to feel help from foot trainer? by Judy B
Question for the DOCS by tammy s
cryocuff dr z by stella
Orthotripsy by Mandy G.
Orthotripsy by Mandy G.
Birkenstock German Site by john h
10 Miles First Day by Ron H
Good Running Shoes by Ron H
To Aly by HilaryG
dealing with pf discouragement or depression by nancy s.
Suggestions for post surgerical duldrums? by lee
Suzanne by John H
A New Treatment: Radiation by Scott R
Vitamin B supplement by pallifrone
?'s about a surgery off for 2 weeks?? by David B
Richard PED. by pallifrone
Plantar Faciitis by RobF
Post ESWT - pain returns by Rose
View on Aging by Bob G.
Burning and Freezing by Margaret N
ESWT questions by Rhonda
A.R.T/Trigger Point Therapy by LARA
Searching on this site. by Aly
Active Healing Report by BrianJ
When Autumn arrives....the pain eases up by Necee
Heel Pain after orthotic adjustment by Joe B.
finally got neoutrin by stella
Bunnions by Si Carney
MRI Scan by liz B
No posting with aliases by Scott R
Stitches come out tomorrow by Chad H
Advo Bulk Mail question by Pauline
Great weather, sore feet, whine but no cheese by Carole C in NOLA
Re: by Dr. Z
Trying something new by Kathy
I need help for my Mom please..... by Lauren S.
has the boot worked for anyone? by heather
natural remedies anyone heard of this......? by Lorinda N
Achilles Foot Pain post-surgery by Carolyn J
Injecting collagen by Pauline
English podiatists not amused by ESWT.. by Yasmin
She Review by john h
Fitting orthotics? for Richard, C.Ped by Buck T.
more bad news!!! im going insane by stella
Post No More About Dr Ed by Scott R
Heel spur surgery by Judy A.
Custom Orthotics by Theresa F
future complications Plantar Faciitis by Lanier M.
Fall Foliage by Necee
Interview with God by John H
cronic pain after bunion surgery by La Verne D.
plantar fasciitis/2 yrs & nothing helps by Gail M
Myers-Brigg's by wendyn
numb toes and feet/toe pain by Gail H.
Myers-Briggs by john h
Can you do the Stairmaster with PF? by Tisha A.
My A.R.T. provider gave me the boot! by Aly
ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis? by Cari C.
eswt treatment by mitch b
My lucky day by Carole C in NOLA
Tatoos Templates and Tape by Adam P
Hi so good to see you all HAPPY by Tammie
Kathy/MSM by marie
MSM by marie
knot on top of foot by Deborah S.
osteomylitis by zohreh
I did the surgical deed! by Rochelle
Dorothy, how are you? by Suzanne D.
TTS Surgery Questions by Rhonda
? for those with high arches by Morgan W
What I found out today about washing windows by Kathy G
Can heel spurs reabsorbed back into the body? by Yasmin
Do not post anything in response to the troll by Scott R
PTTD Stable After 22 Months by Charles C
test by Scott R
test by Scott R
ultrasound for PF by cosette
test by Scott r
test by Scott r
test by Scott r
test by Scott r
test by Scott r
remember to let your clock fall back by nancy s.
heel pain when not on feet by E. Jane Adler
Black sky...... by JudyS
playing ball on the beach by JudyS
surgery following plantar rupture by Michelle F
Sky photo by JudyS
for Lynda S. by nancy s.
spoke too soon.......... by JudyS
Things that cause setbacks by John H
Peter R by Scott R
Tight Cast by Chad H
It's coming.... by JudyS
hmm, can't post on the social board by Carole C in NOLA
Ibuprofen Creme by DonnaM
heelspur pain / bumps? by Lorinda N
Plantar faciitis by Julie C.
Suzanne by Kathy G
This is what I thought the board should be by Lari S.
Plantar Faciitis by Patti R
resuming exercise by Christine
Fire in Simi by lee
USA Today-OxyContin by John H
Judy by John H
A debate without end in sight by Sunny Jacob
hi everyone by Ellen J.
Nerve Involvement? by Joe B.
lll by Judy S
Guess who's had a baby???????????? by Necee
Suzanne by Necee
baby, football, etc by JudyS
banning of posters by anonymous
Swelling below inside bump of ankle by Andrue
Bone/Heel Spur by Donna
Horrible scar tissue after surgery by Amy B
aly: a reminder by nancy s.
stretchhing the fascia by R C
Found a good map of fire locations by Carole C in NOLA
My own share of problems by wendyn
Hello Board by BevN.
Burning Feet by Dawn S.
oops by Ellen J.
running and tts by dave s.
Welcome home, Nancy and Bev! by Kathy G
update by JudyS
Chad how are you doing? by marie
Muscle wasting and atrophy by BOB
Nerve pain after surgery by Margie
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