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Nucleus corns by Janny
Pinnacle vs. ProTech XL PowerStep by Dr. David S. Wander
Plantar fasciitus by VonB
Great site arab reaction to 9-11 by larrym
recovery time by Lindy
Are you following the 06 campaign trail? by marie
Jeremy - Spira footbed conclusion by Bill K
A light at the end of the tunnel FINALLY!!! by monica
rupture of plantar fascia by terrinurse
DRS. pain and travel by kconnell
Pulling sensation in arch (Dr. Wander) by AmberK
plantar fasc. tear and heel spurs....etc..... by Gwen C.
Cryosurgery for out of town patient by Dottie
Cryosurgery Mortons Neuroma by Kathy
Judy's gone~~~I'm sad by Necee
air america to declare bankruptcy by larrym
DR Z. Completely different second opinion by ann
Vote Vets: Send them to Congress by marie
5 Years Later There Is No Memorial by marie
https://www.waxiomworld.com/ by Oma Z
Heel pad atrification by gms
chemo side effect by shiptar
An NPR report of interest by Jeremy L
tarsal tunnel surgery? by skiippy
Some interesting information by john h
Kathy G. by Necee
Has anyone been to the Mayo Clinic for TTS? by Pat R
Shoe questions by Amy
Dr. Z, re the sarapin by stephanie a.
for the doctors by Terbear40503
Myelogram results by kconnell
Results seen after RSWT by AmberK
PFers in common by Bob G.
B12 injections and plantar fasciitis by NanSea
TTS recovery by kelly C
turf toe by Jim J
Rise Up Together: Musical Politician by marie
achellies tendon hell by samh
achilles tendon heel spur by Marie C.
Question for Jermery/Drew women's dress shoes by Theresa
Rowing with PF by AnneL
So who's next? by marie
Had my post-surgery follow up by MariaM
ART by Lisa
SoftWalks shoes? by Auntie
PF A Guessing Game by john king
Jeremy what about Drew 'Desiree"?? by Theresa
Kumfs by Amy
Ladysport PW minor by Amy
The Truth About Hell by Denise
rsd by lorraine
interesting by LaurieF
To Dr. Z (Shockwave) by AmberK
Dr. Z. (Shockwave) by AmberK
Tarsal tunnle by Haley
Anterior Posterior Tarsal Tunnel by john
Tarsal Tunnle by Haley
Insertional Achilles Tendonitis by Bob
Gas at the pump by john h
not getting better by calmom2
Failed Brostrom repair of ATFL and CFL by MUF
Foot Discomfort by LauraM
best shoes for pf by calmom2
is this normal by calmom2
Whitehouse Revision Of Terror Provision by marie
post cheilectomy exercises by Laura G.
mbt shoes by Dr. Pearl
Need advise by donna d
Taping ... Can it contribute to discomfort? by Roger
Bryan W -- Finally updated my story by MariaM
Lump on plantar fascia by Joseph G.
Jeremy, THANK YOU and a question... by Suzanne D.
Plantar Fibroma and ART/Graston by AmberK
surgery by kelly C
High voltage therapy for PF by KatherineW
steindlers release by julie c
More surgery - with nerve wrap by MUF
Dr. Wander by MUF
RN's dispensing medication in kentucky by Dr Andrew
dispensing meds to patients at point of care by Dr Andrew
Noat and Keen shoes, The Good Feet Store by jean vb
Drz and Dr G. by Ann
Chevez is a fool by marie
Israeli F-16 up close by john h
A good musical to see (very funny!!) by Lisa
Long term wearing of Night Splint by Theresa H.
Orthotics by john
Question for Jeremy/Custom Made Shoes by Theresa
Recovery from Ankle Fracture by Mess
finally done! by Jen R
PF and running? by amandaP
What is an LMT? by Theresa
Tom Harkin Dem...what a fool by larrym
Dr Tina by know them
Lou Dobbs for President by marie
None dare call it treason by Dr. Ed
1000 clerics from the religion of peace said by larrym
Question for Jeremy or Richard NB 587 by Cheryl M
What would you do? by DawnT
DR. Goldstein- How are you doing? by kconnell
Aiken Osteotomy by Callie
Second post-surgery follow up by MariaM
I like my new shoes by Amy
Who's hot in 06? The race is on! by marie
Insoles for Flat Feet by Jan P
First ART treatment by Lisa
planter fasciitis medication by Mike R
Is he dead? by marie
very dry feet(bottoms) by dca
How to know if I have a dropped metatarsal by Scott S
Night Splints & Metatarsalgia by Annm
Jeremy/interesting article about Crocs by Dr. David S. Wander
MRI by john king
heel spurs and arthritis in toess by robert
Girls- your oppinions please by kconnell
Notre Dame WINS!!! Oh yeah! by marie
Icon of the Democrat Party by Dr. Ed
could we please keep the subjects surgery by Joey
DR. TINA by know them
Is ART okay on a TTS foot? by Theresa
Harold Ford Junior by marie
Republicans for Strickland!!!!! by marie
Attention: Scott Roberts-our moderator. by kconnell
BC/BS colonoscopy coverage by Lisa
The Netroots Hit Their Limits by marie
Cause of Tarsal Tunnel nerve entrapment by Reesa L.
Foot Pain for 3 months by pbowman
The weather is beautiful, and life is good. by kconnell
Plantar Incision for Stump Neuroma by Carol
Alternative Treatments for PF and TTS by DoctorChecker
Pictures by Necee
Navy boots cause heel spurs by Warren Gordon
PF symptom question by georges
I got the boot on! by MariaM
Itchy Heels by kas
outside ankle pain by micki quier
To lighten this board by Ralph
Foot Pain by nsec30
New pain different foot. by kconnell
Annm how are you doing? by kconnell
Burning/tearing feeling in heel by Brian
Update by monica
tarsal tunnel. by carmen
Osteotomy by Scott S
test by David S.
Go seek a docter by David S.
Rice answers Clinton by larrym
PF & Heel Spurs on bottom of heels by scooterpi
ESWT and insurance by Terbear40503
Ultarsound by David
Waldies on Sale by LaurieF
Powerstep por by LaurieF
Allergic to shoes now! by kris
SOS re Wendyn by Julie
Dick Morris on Clintons act by larrym
enough is enough by meg s
question for Jeremy by Anne S.
Important matter by Ralph
back to work by kelly C
neurologist. by carmen
Giuliani Rips Bill Clinton A New One by marie
help, please by scooterpi
Morton's neuroma surgery by Gina G
Survivalist Pop Quiz by Scott R
judy in PA by MariaM
sural nerve appt, any info suggestions by scott from england
orthotics for medial knee pain?? by jeannine8
Are Waldies or Croc cold in winter? by Jan P
Recommendation of shoes? by racheldg
TTS Question(s) for Dr. R. Parker, DPM by Linda52
PF and Pronation by AdamR
How's Katie Couric doing on CBS Evening News? by marie
Dr Ed? by Lisa
NB / RYKA by marie
Global Warming Charts by Scott R
backpain and tts how many of you have it? by kconnell
ART-Baby step good news!!! by Lisa
To David Wander/Foot Drag by sandy g
Recurrent peroneal tendon subluxation by MUF
Need some cheering up by MUF
where are you? by Jenny H
What is important? by Kelly L
Not convinced we're changing the climate.... by Auntie
ScottR by marie
why do we post here anyway? by Scott R
Global Warming Fact or Fiction? by marie
5th met fracture by MJ
What is Wrong With This Guy? by marie
Is this for real? by Ralph
When did this happen by know them
MUF, info on nerve wrap please by Pat R
sub taylor neutral by alfons bedoya
ECSWT by alfons bedoya
bone spur wrapped by achiles tendon by wanda b
I walked! by MariaM
Barack Obama is he or isn't he? by marie
tarsal tunnel?? by ABC
Pronation and TTS by Theresa
Unusual burning pain by stefani h
Just curious-can I ask you all your ages. by kconnell
Donkey cons by Dr. Ed
Enron-gate by Dr, Ed
Pain after surgery by Angelasand
Pain after plantar fasciotomy by Angelasand
some advice for new sufferers by Abe (lemonfeet)
Jeremy, re Skechers by Julie
A series of questions for Dr. David S. Wander by John Doe, MD, DPM
Question about use of cortisone by Johny
What worked for me..... by Jennifer W
this is how dems handle their pedos by larrym
morton's neuroma by mercedes a
i just had the surgery for planters by thomas jones
Yoga DVD by AmberK
Question for Dr. Zuckerman or Dr. Wander by cici
Best Doc in USA to Perform Surgery? by Eric
Al Gore's Earth in the Balance --- fraud by Scott R
The New Ice Age by Dr. Ed
Hollywood Millionaires and the Democrats by Dr. Ed
Rep. Joe Negron Will replace Foley by marie
Brooks Ariel by Lisa
Bush Calls Kenneth Blackwell a NUT by marie
Hot Feet by AmberK
Tens Unit by Theresa
fifth toes are lifting by pinkytoes
Plantar Fasciitis by kayp
tts-numbness by delphine s
acupuncture? by voter
Wound Healing by Scott R
Since when is this illegal? by marie
Atrophied Heel Fat Pad After Cortisone Shots by ellenk
TTS and surgery by Gerry
tarpal or tarsal tunnel...the same?? by scottg
back into a cast I go - but not for TT by MUF
metatarsal bones by keekee
Top 10 dems and how they were handled by larrym
driving by Terbear40503
The Funny Thing About ip addresses by marie
Dr. Parker? by Dr. Goldstein
should i have surgery? by plantar faciitisheelspur
Shoe Recommendations by Michelle G
Will be beginning Graston PT by autumn
Political culture of corruption by Dr. Ed
Heel Spur Treatment by Diba
Conclusion by judy
Possible fake blog to get Foley?? by larrym
Wound Healing by scott r
I thought my TTS was cured--was I wrong? by Janine
Fracture of Calcaneous by frature of eel
web site speed by scott r
Surgery for Tarsal Tunnel by GinB
surgery o repair shattered calcaneous by frature of eel
More democrat anti semitism by larrym
so happy to be getting better by calmom2
Numbness in ball of foot and last 3 toes by Nicole
Plantar Fasciitis by Jerry C S
Enough with the name calling by Dr. Goldstein
Foot pain by Jason
Dr. Parker by Anne S.
Double standard by Dr. Ed
Democrats urge Kansans to vote illegally by Dr. Ed
Every vote should count... by Dr. Ed
terrible foot pain by nopdyoung
I am kicking butt! by MariaM
Wound Healing - VEGF for PF by scott r
Judy, I'm a little confused? by Dr. David S. Wander
Had to send the Keen Astorias back. sm by Auntie
continued PF pain - what next? by JB
What to do?????????????? by Lindy
Wow! This has got to stop! by Kate in Cali
What happened to the ART board? by Kate in Cali
Dr. Rob question by Lisa
Should you suck it up and do it? by Janine
Another Curious Question For The TTS Group by Linda52
For Parker review by Dr. Z
Amazing article (at it was for me) by Jeremy L
question by stephanie a.
Good news for Republicans in Iowa by marie
Keeping an Eye On Indiana by marie
The Foot Blog (www.thefootblog.wordpress.com) by The Foot Blog Staff
h by scott r
Dr. Parker RIP by Prahatap Patel
MARIE by Dorothy
Jeremy - A Question by Dorothy
Fracture in toes and foot by sarah228
End of A Revolution: Washington Scandals by marie
Come one Parker by Agitated by site doctor
ca orthotics CAUSE achilles problems by NB
not an underground test by know them
apology to all COWS by know them
Growth on the top of my foot by jimj
Dr. Z - Follow Up Question About Best Doctor by Eric
Graston - ? for doctors or input from others by georges
American Cancer Society and Boy Scouts...sm by Auntie
This is fun: Can I start a thread?!!! by F.S.
question for David W and MBeck by Kate in Cali
Dr. Goldstein-tts surgery by kconnell
question by shamilah
3 wks after surgery by Tony
No morning pain by runfast
crutches by DawnT
NYS Audit by AJ
Request to block Dr Parker by scott r
possible baxter's nerve entrapment by jassol
possible baxters nerve entrapment by jassol
footpain by MikeG
takin lyrica for tarsal tunnel is this right by kimb
can cryo cause nerve damage by kimb
todd where are you? by judy
Pain with Graston by autumn
Connection between korea, clinton and nukes by larrym
shoes that contribute to plantar fasiitis by ShazminK
James Baker on the Daily Show by marie
Is it as Grim for the GOP as MSNBC Asserts? by marie
kconnell - when is your surgery? by Meg S
McCain puts Hillary in check by larrym
Dr Z, advice please by Esther H
Scott R is now Gilligan by Gilligan
opinions on podiatrist visit please? by Susan L
Has anyone seen Jesus Camp? by marie
What Next Dr Wander by Hoping
Has anyone tried cryosurgery? by Gerry
Some happy news! by Kathy G
Uper Leg pain by john
radial tunnel?? by calla
Question for Dr. Zuckerman by Dr. David S. Wander
Getting pregnant with pf by AmberK
eswt by john king
UH-OH Sandy Burglar document thief by larrym
This is creepy...Blackwell touring with by marie
Post-Fasciotomy 4mths by LizM
Dem leader caught slimey land deal by larrym
To: Know Them or anyone else by Dr. Z
New shoes are wonderful by Susan L
shocking censorship must stop by larrym
Powersteps from a Canadian source? by Angelyne
Mark Warner announced he will not run in 08 by marie
Rove & Bush Wanted Foley to stay by marie
ask by champine
TTS pain by dusty c
eswt treatment by mimic
This isn't very nice! by marie
unsolved heel pain by vond
All-purpose good non-athletic shoe? by AliceG
A Democrat for the 2008 election... by Dr. Ed
3rd try to fix peroneal tendons is this week by muf
right foot is shot by Steve P.
Hard Day For Republicans by marie
uh-oh is this bad? by Lori
Lyrica and Tegretol by Anne G
Hey guys, what happened to M. Beck by Kate in Cali
contrast treatment Dr Wander by John
MOOOOOOOORIE identified by know them
Tramadol HCL 50 mg by Nicole
This one is for JohnH. Our resident Hero! by marie
New Rule for the Island of heelspurs.com by Gilligan
Social/Support board? by kconnell
Ultrasound in Treatment of PF by Gilligan
Dr Parker - let's take a vote by Gilligan - moderator
drx9000c by mickey
Another place to purchase New balance shoes by LaurieF
Found something that has helped my PF by Dan O.
Pain and the weather. by kconnell
Miracle Treatment or New Job? by Roy22
Update on Fred by meg s
burning of the arch to the toes by Cheryl R
increased foot pain after surgery by willizzy
posterior heel spur by CindiD
Vibrating foot baths by Toni
Success of bone growth stimulation by meg s
Large dem supporter funds terror by larrym
More GOP Investigated by marie
sharp pains by calmom2
After Cast Is Removed by sarah228
TTS by Terry P
Heel numbness by Lainey
Dem leader Reid, yet another ethics slip by larrym
this is what the truth is by know them
Elaine T by calla
Orthotics question for Dr. Parker by georges
Surgery in May, Disneyland in October by Esther H
Question for Jeremy by Susan L
US In Discussion On N. Korea???? by marie
New pain, I think my tts is getting worse. by kconnell
daughter's pain by SteveK
Will Democrats have a shot at the Senate? by marie
Acronyms by MJ
squeeky orthotics by Lisa
Enough votes - Dr Parker by Gilligan - moderator
New Method of Dealing with posts by Gilligan - moderator
Orthotripsy Management Co, Marietta, Ga by Dan B
My three week update by Todd
Opinions by Susan
question on cortisone injections by Audy
cryo or not to cryo for PF by Tracy
The burning is back more than ever by Lindy
ledderhose disease by joyceh
pain right above arch by Legs
heel pain by Sue
question about ART by F.S.
spur (calcaneal) by Judi B
Andy Rooney... I agree! by Kelly L
Corizone Shot by Jillian
Preventing TTS if you're at risk? by Susan
Special To Marie from John by john h
foot pain by frank k
hip, leg and foot pain by Joy
Foot pain after surgery... by Princess74
trouble taping...can you help me? by Susan L
test by Gilligan - moderator
Hoping to help someone by Ericka
just had ultrasound shock wave surgery by kathy b
custom orthotics by Jay
physical therapy by Dave
BUSTED: democrat traitor by larrym
Wound Healing Questions by Gilligan
Removal of neuroma by Gina G
How long does Cryosurgery last by Anne S.
Vacation Time by Dr. Z
Muf how are you doing? by kconnell
Marie, heres one for you!!! by kconnell
what the f..... by Audy
Purpose of people visiting the message board by Gilligan
To Hope by Ralph
293Re: what the f..... by Jillian
Dr. Wander and Dr. Parker by D.
Plantar fasciitis by Chrissy
The Worst Congress EVER by marie
Where is everyone by kconnell
"Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers" by marie
Dr. Wander by omc
Calf Pain...could it be PF??? by TMPL
Any opinions...please! by Pat R
Special To John from Marie by marie
Question for Jeremy/Arch of Drew Shoes by Theresa
Question for Jeremy by PJ
oral prednisilone for bursitis by NB
Casting Orthotics by MarkG
Help with filing appeal by Oliver L
Need answers please by Jillian
My navicular bone is shifting by AmberK
Scare a Liberal for Halloween by Dr. Ed
One way out of Iraq... by Dr. Ed
reoccuring heel pain by rich f.
MRI questions by DawnT
A Leader's Leader by john h
Pros and Cons of Cortizone Shots? by Natalie
Plantar Fascitis by Janet
metatarsel pads on feet by mary
Need advice on what to do now by Kathy C
Are you a capitalist or a socialist? by marie
Anoter liberal wants to stifle free speech by larrym
Who's who here? Conspiracy Theory by lulu
Democrats seek to expand consituency by Dr. Ed
Bush Sets up Timeline for Iraq by marie
Hastert Wants Out of the Foley Hotseat by marie
Wei patches by Dr Pearl
ESWT providers NY by Tarrah
DR. A. MANOLI by kb
desperate for new shoes by jassol
Physical therapy making pain worse? by autumn
test by JJ
exersize during the healing time question by Sonya H
Life is a celebration by marie
calla, are you ok? by Elaine T
Appeasing muslims gets you this by larrym
200 Active Duty Troops Have said...... by marie
Acne by elena
Strange by MrEye
Why do you want 3 pills? by helpman
Toning it down: Best Bob Hope movie line by larrym
Some muslim love for the ladies by larrym
Love my J. Rubio shoes for heel spurs by Carla
Can a shoe be like an orthotic? by Amberk
Heel pain by shaka. kh
Running Again by runningDAd
hallucis longus tendon by crystalb
Friday at 6am by john king
for fans of merrell clogs -- a winter boot by RobertCarol
To Dr. Wander by Ralph
To Hope by Ralph
To Hope by Ralph
Kidner procedure by Amberk
Question about Birkenstock please by NatalieN
Here's The Scoop On Republican Races 06 by marie
gastrocnemius slide by julie c
surgery questions!Muf how you doing? by kconnell
? for Jeremy about hiking boots by Bill K
question for Jeremy by Anne S.
Plantar Faciitis and Big Toe Numbness by Doug
Drs Wander, Goldstein, et. al preop prep by kconnell
ultrasound is it safe ? by bea b
To Dr Wander by sverre
Night Splints? by RustyAngel
Night Splints? by RustyAngel
Night Splints? by RustyAngel
Orthotics making PF hurt worse? by Dan O.
HEEL PAIN by L.malins
The struggle agains defeatism over Iraq by Dr. Ed
Plantar splints. Sock or Box? by road warrior
orthotics by Pattimac
Question - shoes for home by NatalieN
How Arab Americas will vote by Dr. Ed
What rights do terrorists possess? by Dr. Ed
Democrats appease dictators by Dr. Ed
Jeremy-New Brooks models for Spring 2007? by SA
Democrat hypocrisy on Iraq by Dr. Ed
Jeremy by Anne S.
Dr. Wander by pattik
morten's neuromas by Pam S
Pompous Kerry insults soldiers by larrym
Pompous Kerry insults soldiers by larrym
spur in wrong spot by amys
Military.com Supports Webb in Virginia by marie
I guess McCain mad at Kerry also by larrym
Just came across this...(Dr. Wander) by AmberK
How long Should You Wear a Night Splint? by Yanni
Lyrica by john king
6 Senate Seats Now lean Democrat by marie
Accupunture results impressive by Susan L
John Kerry by Kathy G
Merrell Lats - jeremy L by LaurieF
Peaceful website by Dolores
Heel spur by DB
Dean says Kerry made a "blooper" by larrym
These soldiers support kerry by larrym
t's still the Iraq War by marie
Kerry's LAME apology, as expected by larrym
Meg, how are you doing? by Kathy G
Dr. Rob and others-TTS flare up-HELP! by Lisa
Case Histories by Scott R - moderator
Best shoes for PF by nozob1
best shoes for PF? by nozob1
bearing weight again -ouch! by MUF
constant ache by MUF
Glucosomine Study by MarkG
Opps Kerry did it again by larrym
Dems trade shots for votes by larrym
Hamas says vote for dems (this is no joke) by larrym
Kennedy helped soviets in 80 to slam Carter by larrym
"Call me" by marie
chiropractor cured my plantar fasciitis by john b
What never was targeted in your release? by kconnell
avicenna laser Class IV Laser by Theresa
The Feeling of a Healing nerve by Joey
Graston question by georges
A look at dangerous Pelosi by larrym
HTP (Heel That Pain) Heel Seats by mojaveman
Judge Rules Against Libby by marie
Video: Rep. Ford at JJ Dinner by marie
tts nerve focus-Dr.Goldstein et.al. by kconnell
PF: my experience by Anthony
Mortons neuroma by Lisa
I am confused Jeremy by Amy
heel spurs by Jill
Strawberries or Blueberries? by marie
I get to have both TT re-released by MUF
Richard Perle is back! by marie
Democrats lead GOP 4:1 among dead voters by Dr. Ed
Democrats fo after the felon vote by Dr. Ed
Question for Marie by Esther H
Orthotics in running shoes: bad idea? by J.
Cost of ESWT by BobbieESOL
After effects of Plantar fascitis by BobbieESOL
question for Jeremy - New Broks Ariel by NatalieN
Bush knew... by Dr. Ed
More on the Democrat's constituency.... by Dr. Ed
Dr Wander by Todd
I hope they didnt violate his rights by larrym
Anatomy Question by MarkG
Popliteal Cyst or Tibial Neuroma(Dr. Wander) by jim
New to board, just had surgery by Briarose
New to board, just had surgery by Briarose
To Maria-Did you have the other foot done? by SA
Arch pain--got worse after cortisone? by gymrat
Painful Corns by Roxy39
cortisone injection by Ann
early sign of lib victory by larrym
mortons neuroma by Lisa
North Korea Documentary by Gilligan
Life after PF by Mark
Walking Night Splint? by Yanni
From Freedom to Fascism by Gilligan
dr.rob "fibrotic buildup" by joseph
Dems couldnt handle connect the dot ballots by larrym
Anyone have Lyrica suddenly stop working? by MUF
Huffington post Exit Polls by marie
possible surgery by jennifern
planter facias by amy
Orthotics question and pain by Dan O
Gout like pain. by Ike
Time to recount the votes..... by Dr. Ed
Doctors - severe Metarsalgia My PT is stumped by Jerry
lyrica by suzi k
Symptoms of PF by Jerry
Caluses on the ball of both feet. by Marvin G.
Does anyone have S.A.D? by kconnell
Fusion of subtalar joint by Tina E
PF pain shifted? by NatalieN
Economic News by know them
PF pain change by renee
Pain Since April....diagnoses not clear by PennyF
Anti inflammatory....Safe? by PennyF
Becoming illegal by Gilligan
cryosurgery by Kathyh
Cryosurgery - Post Op by bariumdose
Dems elect hate monger in Minn. by larrym
Are there some sore loosers here or what? by marie
Considering Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis by charlottet
Doubled my Lyrica by MUF
MRI came back - torn ligament in spine by Esther H
Update on foot by NIcole
Radio Frequency Lesioning by Nancy F
What do you think of ........ by marie
Swelling by john king
Wondering where you all live? by kconnell
Tell me about acidacal by Jenefree
Back devices by backtrac
Heel Spur-Back of Heel by jc33
KellyL meet me by Lindy
Thank you Veterans ! by BrianG
So glad I found this site by jodi r
A view of our election from overseas.... by Dr. Ed
Meet the Dhimmicrats... by Dr. Ed
After reading this, I'm scared of surgery!!! by Jen
Any specific recomendations for me?...... by emandbri
Maria M - good luck! by MUF
Good Luck Maria! by SA
plantar fascitis in a young girl by nichelet
Traders make odds on next President by larrym
Is this Hillary/NY voter stat true? by larrym
Opinion wanted on foot photo. by Roy22
A good explaination of Paleoconservatism... by Dr. Ed
Bootcast(Air Cast) For Broken Foot by night eagle
Dr. Goldstein by Anne S.
Compund Fracture of tibia and fibula by steff
Running through PF? by Jorge
athletic shoe life expectancy by marie
Dr Rob Help by Lisa
endless heel pain, no help from doctors by connie j
continued pain after subtalar fusion by Jon D
The World Has Not Ended by john h
Back from Surgery #2 by MariaM
Dems alraedy canibalizing each other by larrym
Jeremy - still no luck with sandals... by NatalieN
How Does One Live With All The Pain? by Linda
Painfull cist by Meso
Can powersteps cause hip pain? by Andreas
help by sheryl b.
Great story from Iraq by larrym
Recumbent Bike by Janine
Rubin tells dems to raise taxes ALREADY by larrym
ankle pain part of PF? by amanda
Next Step...next painful step by Yanni
Jeremy - Atlanta by Richard, C.Ped
Question...bunion...pain by PennyF
eswt by john king
Nice article Julie by Esther H
Dr. Rob's "mouse side manner" by Esther H
Dornier Trained Doctors by CH
Dr. Wander, can kids get gout? by Kelly L
bruising of ankle by brigitte
Thread deleted by Gilligan
plantar faciitis by Paul R.
Dem leader Ried may get nailed soon by larrym
almost unbearable end of my rope by Sonia T
Numb foot after injury by ninjagirl
Pain after surgery by Sonia T
Hi Its been a long time. by monica
This stinks. by MariaM
To Hope by Ralph
tarsaltunnelp/fsurgery by Haley
tts surgery. by Jennifer
Have anyone heard from Michael by monte
considering cryosurgery by tess
Omigosh! I'm so glad I found this site! by iturn3
Heel numbness by Katherine F
Daughter Revisited by saktax
chronic heel pain by plf
tarsal tunnel surgery by Haley
goldstein et al, sans wander by pattik
Night eagle how are you doing? by kconnell
PF or TTS? by renee
TTS by Kathy
Flexable feet by Ralph
tarsal tunnel surgery by Haley
cons more charitable than libs PROOF by larrym
16yrold, surgery on both feet? by momB
tts surgery.I by Anne
Heel Spur by maccassi@mac.com
pain on the outside of my foot by Lindy
another new pain by Lindy
Safety boot question by Bill K
P/F RELEASE by David
Recommended type of ESWT for achilles by B. Miler
P/F RELEASE by David
Maria M. How are you doing? by kconnell
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