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Dorothy - thinking and flying by wendyn
had my first shcokwave session today.... by david
had my first shockwave session today.... by david
Mac users by Linda V.
Pain in Ball of Foot by cathie w
I have a question about RSD by skully
PF and orthotics by Kaye M.
Safe exercise for PF by Julie
ScottR - new post: Safe exercise for PF by Julie
Help wanted with my email programme by Julie
Achilles Debridement surgery by Tbone
Kathy, Suzanne, Carole, Dorothy, Judy... by Julie
Shockwave by Terri
Would wearing a boot help my chronic pf? by Jane
Foot/heel by ShelleyFitz
intermittent tinels sign by Amy
WalkFits - no more pain! by Sher
PF by Darlene
Sleepers with good support for usage at home by Sid
Wendy by Dorothy
heel spurs by linda
Dorothy, re my computer by Julie
Foot sizes and ring sizes???? by Linda V.
Am I the surgical winner (loser?) by Messed up foot
Julie by John H
Julie Outlook Express by John H
Eat less milk, etc. to help with heel pain by BarbH.
thought of you all yesterday! by Carole C in NOLA
Asking again..help from Mac computer folks by Linda V.
cortisone shots...need advice by mike
Cancer Patient by JC
Facing 5th surgery on left foot by Karole
Martha's Being Released by Elyse B
Plantar Fibroma by Diane G.
Favorite Junk Food by Susan
A Poll by Dorothy
Prednisone for PF and TTS by Bam Bam
incision sore by lisa h
incision sore by lisa h
Pls recommend best orthotics & sources by Mary De
Dr. Zuckerman by Fed Up Also
incision sore by lisa h
Sitting at a desk all day. by Terri
fascia release in office? by SamS
My PT's Approach to TTS by Darlene
ScottR..Moderator by Linda V.
Clarifications by Scott R
Plantar Fasciitis in a diabetic by Kathleen B
eswt by liz
I'll try again, question for Dr. by Robert B.
Greetings! by Suzanne D.
something in my diet? by david
20 years of jpain finally ended - ASTM by Kim S
To Elyse by Julie
heel spur treatment by injections by susiem
Anyone notice that today is 03-04-05? by Kathy G
Malt by John H
MRI's and PF by Terri
question for Dr. Wishnie by elliott
Mastectomy Bill in Congress by Julie
numb feet by cathy b
I need your help finding a good shoe by cathie w
Dorothy, come back! by Bob G
N'ice Stretch Night Splint For Sale by Lisa G.
surgery? by Amy
TTS by maureen
Alternative to Birkenstocks?? by Cindy J.
Accupuncture by jenniferjuniper
Interesting website on TTS testing by Darlene
Alternative to Birkenstocks?? by Cindy J.
Surgery Update by Rose
Surgery Update by Rose
riding boots by carola
S.P.L.A.T.T. by GT
Using Initials for words by Ralph
toe next to big toe (Arthritis?) by jspacylady
considering epf surgery by Jim
considering epf surgery by Jim
Altered Gait and TTS symptoms by Darlene
cryosurgery for PF by jenr
cryosurgery by jenr
Gas Prices by John H
Tipping...what do YOU do? by Linda V.
thyroid/PF connection by marre
Have a great week! by Ed Davis, DPM
heel pain by Joyce G.
5th Surgery/Cacalneal Nerve Removal by Karole
what to do? by hopeless
Cuboid Pain? by Chillie
Fasciitis or fibroma by Kaye M.
Moisture on Big Toe and Ball of Foot by Keith
Bone Spur on the backside of my heel by Allen
Othopedic Dr. Opinion by elvis
Advisory Opinions by elvis
Cane for support by Claire R
ESWT after knee replacement by susiem
Prices by John H
bone scan by Bam Bam
Calcium or Ezorb for heel spur relief by C.J.
EPF surgery by ElishaJ
help im confused by P.J. M
Ganglion cyst and plantar fasciitis by Scott R
Dornier vs Ossatron by elvis
metatarsalagia vs tts by johnn
Powersteps? Superfeet? Black???? by Rose
Sofas by Necee
TTS caused by PF? by Bam Bam
Nail infection by Madhuri
are prescribed orthotics really necessary? by Missy
Running and orthotics by Tina H
Dornier vs OssaTron by elvis
ESTW by Terri
Lower Leg Walking Casts by Terri
to: Fed UP by vince
Zingas Paper Showing 94% by elvis
flour poultice by john k
levitra by health
Predictability for favorable outcome by Ralph
How long for recovery? by Elizabeth
Just a question by Ralph
ATM FIXED MY HEAL PAIN by garabedian
Dolorclast taking over! ACFAS convention. by Ed Davis, DPM
Greeting from the ACFAS convention by Ed Davis, DPM
My last straw---Can't take anymore by KELUS
metatarsal out of joint by Rose
Tests to identify problem(s)-diagnosis by KELUS
Tarsal Tunnel & Varicose Veins by BobL.
Tarsal Tunnel & Varicose Veins by BobL.
plantar fascitis for 5 MONTHS! Please help! by Melita
running when not in pain by mike
It's snowing - again by Kathy G
"help is on the way" by Eddie Davis
Vaccum Cleaners by john h
sore bottom of foot, near the heel by laura
Plantar Faciitis Surgery by Kendra
For Judy, what is a blog? by marie
heel pain by sak
pf by sak
pf release surgery by sak
pain on top of foot from fall by vikki
EPF by elliott
How do I go about finding a doctor... by Matt P
PF Surgery - Big Mistake by CarolE
Dolorclast Response by elvis
metarsocunieform problem by ray
Pain in Heel- Doesn't fit typical PF areas by MDD
Q for Richard, C.Ped by elliott
MRI by Terri
laser therapy by James M.
Ice or Heat for TTS?? by Dave R
Disability by skully
Walking Cast for PF by Terri
A couple of songs I like by marie
Considering EPF by Shannon S
Stop the madness by Mike C
Foot Trainers by Shannon S
ibuprofen cream by mike
Update on My Plantar fasciitis R.foot by JB1947
Plantar Fascitis by SandyS
Theta-Orthotics by SandyB
orthotics by bethl
an alternative view of ESWT by elliott
Gait Analysis by Helen
Professional Opinion by Robert B.
Foot pain in the ball of the foot by Avid Skiier
Any personal experiences with ESWT? by Walkingirl
Aloha by Dorothy
Aloha, two by Dorothy
Question for a friend about neuromas by Ralph
What's next??? by dixie
EVA for orthotics --- Richard? by Buck T.
To Fed Up by Ralph
A question to Dr. Z on ESWT by Terri
Pf - Tight fascia and tendons? by Danielle M.
Question about soles of shoes? by Mike M.
graphite plate question by Mike M.
SDOs success by Dave
Shoes with rockers? by Mike M.
Brown Eyed Girl....Van Morrison by marie
Tennis Elbow by AML
Foot odor by Wayne A.
Walking Cast? by Shannon S
How I view these Boards - not that you asked! by Kathy G
Squeaking Orthotics by Kathy G
Looking for a husband? by Elyse B
Terry Schiavo by Elyse B
MBT shoes by Jill H.
cardio with PF by jmccall
Outer foot pain by David Cataldo
Brooks Beast -- for Richard by Buck T.
OssaTron Cost San Diego by elvis
Update need by Ralph
pf-surgery by marlas
What kind of Dog Are You? by marie
neuroma by JudyS
Dr. Pearl Question by Dr. Z
to: Ralph re: update needed by vince
Pain inthe arch of the foot by Dennis
P.F.surgery and a droped metatarsal by ray
prolotherapy by Cathy G.
Shoes by Terri
Swimming by Terri
Shoe Recommendation by Terri
FOR: Judy M, Ketamine treatment by BrianG
Sinus Tarsi Implant by Jubi
Living Wills By State by John H
U.K. Living Will by John H
Schiavo case, part of a larger issue by Ed Davis, DPM
plantar fascial release by renee l
New product..sort of a night splint by LindaV
Elvis by Ralph
We must be like herding cats......... by marie
Lateral side of heel pain by shirlzo
Good Training shoes for PF by Mark
Another place you can get a living will by Kathy G
Found your orthotic posts Richard by Buck T.
Cuboid Pain? by Chillie
Steel Shanks by Terri
Asics GT 2100 seems to help me alot by No Surrender
Great Mat for your feet by Rose
minimally-invasive treatment for sciatica by elliott
droped arch from p.f.surgery by ray
Suffering from 8 months now by Rama
To Fed Up by Mar
Supinator & Brooks Beast by Vern
Little Toe Problem by LeeO
Fed Up Also is loosing his/her grip by SteveG
Fed Up Also is loosing his/her grip by SteveG
Just Had TTS Surgery by AliciaGA
Insurance question by vince
Hot feet by Neville S
Hot feet by Neville S
answers? by milley
Planter fibroma questions by Don
A Wheelchar As A Treatment Option ?? by Terri
cryosurgery revisited by elliott
More pain after ESWT by betty
Not receiving any help by Trudy
Foot-pain Folks by wendyn
Tarsal Tunnel Surgery not done high enough? by Kim
Guess you have to by challenger34
Happy Easter by John H
Interesting Product by John H
epf verses open fasciotomy by milley
sonorex for tenosynovitis by Amy
pf hs & tt surgery all at once by Delrea
Area of pain changed by pickle3
Reflexology by Norm
Change in the area of pain by Don V
Small Fiber Neuropathy by Tina
cryosurgery by Casey H
Foot Pain by Scott M
tarsal tunnel symptoms by renees
024 Pain Reliever by Michael
New here by Delrea K
solution for pain by Liboralis
viatril-s by rsk
Does anyone know where i can find sas shoes by Kristi G
Insurance type question by Richard, C.Ped
Brand of Gluscosimine by John H
eswt after 2 epf's by milley
Question about Birkenstocks by Ralph
Morton's Neuroma by Chris C.
Nothing Seems to Help my Pain by Robin F
What is my pain by Scott M
to: Kathy G by vince
Infrared heating pad by patches
new ortholics after p.f. surgery by ray
Some tips after 4 years of slow improvement. by Sandy H.
Why is standing such a problem? by Matt P
classifieds by milley
Cocoa Beach Florida anyone? by Shell D.
hot burning feet by am
Brookstone/Tempur Pedic Slipper Shoes by BenLee
RSD question by elliott
Poor John H by john h
Heel-That_Pain inserts by Lee V
Still having problems by JADO H
Some interesting number crunching..... by Ed Davis, DPM
My second ESWT experience by Nicole V.R.
Cold new shoes be part of my problem? by Debbie
Healthtronics selling out by john
how long before tts entrapment is permament by skully
Credit card scam? by JudyS
Ankle Taping by Todd
Anodyne therapy? by Margie
Different pain after an injection by Dixie F
Question about Neurontin by Robert B.
has anyone tried Spira shoes? by elliott
Hey folks, my modem is slowly dying....... by Kathy G
Pope by Ralph
Cryosurgery Dr W by Mar
new ortholics re-done by ray
To John h Back Pain question by Ralph
Weight Loss without Walking or Running by FB
I feel great - but my feet hurt. by JADO
heel spur and bare feet by penG
Question for elliott, discussion subject... by A Manoli II MD
new security is in place - FINALLY by Scott R
baxters nerve by Amy
Re: by JudyS
Plantar Fascia Surgery by Steve
Michigan State by JudyS
Road building by JudyS
am i recovering ? by zg
EMG TEST by JorgeB.
jigglin george by jim e
Steve G. by RACHAEL T.
Metatarsalgia by Erica
about that driveway Judy by Necee
pictures by Necee
Plantar Fasciitis by Nugget
Outer heel pain by Mike B.
Terrible TTS results. by Dr. Zuckerman
Kathy G....you back in the mode? by Linda V
Orthotics by john h
New Balance 925 by Hazel
How Sweet It Is!!!!!!! by Susan
Just an update by Lori S
compromise by JudyS
shoe inserts for back pain by Sandi L
How much is too much stretching/massaging? by CA D.
Haglund's deformity by Lori B.
Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS by Heather M
PF Update by sak
Ruptured fascia??????? by gimp leg
My leg is getting smaller by milley
heel spurs by candice
To Mike S or anyone who knows about this. by Ralph
Physical Thearpist I am using by John H
Alcohol sclerosing injections anyone? by Shell D.
Question for Dr. Davis by JG
Twisting of feet postion (duck feet) by saeed
post epf footwear by jeannie m
Shutterfly link to pictures by Necee
My P.F.pain is on the move by Ralph
Stress causing Thyroid problems by Cyndi
and then there was one by elliott
Heel Spurs by Gwen
slow migration to a new website by Ed Davis, DPM
Newbie: PF from an ankle injury? by spring
Stretching for atypical PF and combined TTS by Heather M
Neurontin by Jorge
Richard - Orthotics Question by Joan M
iMovie Theatre / The Beatles Directory by marie
Aircast by JADO H
Ankle Fractures in Children by Curious
Cuboid? Dislocated toes?? by Rose
MicroVas or Anodyne Therapy by Connie Moody
Test by Kathy G
Charles and Camilla and Julie! by Kathy G
interesting news... by Suzanne D.
Cubiod? Dislocated toes? by Rose
stairs??? by Chloe
Integrative Thermal Imaging by Rose
unexplained heel pain by sophie123
pilates by jeannie
question for april by jeannie
Dumb maybe-but it can be done by Elyse B
I'm Baaack....... by Kathy G
New Balance 925 by Hazel
Runing or Cross Training Shoes?? by Rose
Is there any hope? PF, TTS by Maria
New Balance + cause of Heel spur? by James_et
Plantar recovery time? by Marathon man
would 1 doctor answer this question please? by milley
supported shoes by Jill H.
rupture of plantar fascia by Monica Knight
Wanna hide your age? Forget it. by elliott
please doctors, answer my question by candice
Need help........Please by CarrieM
Need help-Please by CarrieM
Electric Foot Messager by elvis
Question for Richard, C.Ped by Terri
cryosurgery by Casey
What should I do? by Holly
Muscle biopsy? - doctor said it was NOT tts by Kris
How long should I wait to see doctor? by Sandra
A strange experience at the Mall by Kathy G
I decided to hold off on surgery by DonnaG
pf right heel by george
For John H. by Susan
night splints by Cay
nature of my injury? by Margy L
Math, of course by Bob G
Surprise party by Necee
plantar fasiitis by onely
TTS in BOTH feet by Rachel G
Heal/Arch Tension by Snowboarding Goat
Plantar Fasiitus or? by onely
Heel pain by Nicolle
Coffeemaker by JudyS
Exercising with PF? by Lani T
Richie Brace? by Robert B.
"Lost" - not me - the program by Kathy G
easy stretching by KP
Question by Terri
Taping by Terri
Ultrasound by Terri
foot oder by lea
The Food Channel & Paula Deen by Kathy in Ky
foot problems by amber
Aggravating this condition by KP
ESWT for Achilles tendonosis by Achilles
right heel pain by Anne
Wasting time.... by Richard, C.Ped
Suzanne D. by Kathy in Ky
accupuntcher by george
TTS, PF and bursitis by Sarah
hips being out of balance causing PF by ginamarie
orthotic woes by Cathy C
pf in left foot by Ronnie
April in Little Rock by john h
Post ESWT question for Doctors by Sharon B.
How long to heal after ESWT? Please tell me! by DavidW
Prolotherapy??? by ejack
what would you do??? by ejack
Achillies Tendon by Kathy R.
nerve damage from surgery by DeeJS
Website for neurontin for low income by Margie
foot spas by peng
ART worked for me by david b
Heelspur healed thanks to the Cub by Damith
Post surgery - need advice by tlg
Laser Massage Therapy by Duncan
Surgery on Friday by Timron
The right PT after ESWT or surgery by Buck T.
Free Photo/Image Hosting Service by marie
Need Advice--Cortisone? by Marre
yest by pete
Little toes swells and leaks then loose skin by Pam G.
Periostisis and PF....a connection? by Linda V
After all this and I still have pain by Pam
TT release by Andrea
new diagnosis to add to PF and TTS by messed up foot
Losing my job? by Ted
Neuromas - OTC solutions? by Lynn
Do NOT Order from OrthoticsDirect.com!!! by Kobi
heel pain by prodgers
Do I have any hope to stand? by Ted
ESWT for athritis,bursitis and tendonitis? by caulie
Hell bump by XjennnyX
pediatriac nail fungus by meg
Do I need to be diagnosed? by bhasse
Tarsal Tunnel and Plantar Facisitis by Yarbroough
Shoes by Peggy M
Shoes by Peggy M
Planters Fascittis by Jade O
Guess what I found out? by Kathy R.
Over The Counter Orthotics by John H
How long do I need to be off from work? by dixie
Swelling and Both feet by natashah
Advice for my daughter,please by Tina H
ESWT by john king
Sesamoid Bone Pain by Painful foot Julie
major pain by ashleyj
Plantar Fasciitis by tammydelorey@yahoo.ca
Normar by John H
Ossatron ESWT by dorim
JM Orthotics? by eric
Home slippers with orthotics by Alicia
Steven Wolff by Ric McElvin
We got a new washing machine by Kathy G
heel spur by Lugene G
ScottR by Susan
reliable TTS information by arnold
Night Splint Users - Any Recommendations? by JoeA
Can ESWT wreck your heal? by RyanT
Simple strecthing treatment! by Paulo Leitao
Foot surgery doesn't work! by Paulo Leitao
Update: My ART treatment and taping. by Ted
Max Kleven by Kevin Mangan
lymphedema and a nerve impingement question by messed up foot
Nerve release with plantar fascia surgery by ouch, ooch!
cyrosurgery by good
Plantars and Dealing With Employers by CiaraG
Orthotics by CiaraG
I feel bad by Larry
Ultra Sound by Cyn D
TTS Release 4+ years ago.. swelling now? by eileen
Tarsal tunnel-tens unit by Betty D
'Two feet-one hand' syndrome by jjames
shoes by Lynda
Thank you Dr. SanFilippo by Ed Davis, DPM
Plantar Fasciitis by Mark
Shoes that have a rocker sole by Kathy M.
To Richard-- great new orthotics by Buck T.
plantar fasciitis by jigger
two heel spur by barbara
Plantar Fasciitis by Healthy_Soul
lipoma pathology by milley
FDA & off-label marketing by john
ESWT by patty h
Allied Orthotics, Moorestown by Robert B.
Achilles Tendon Lengthening by Sher C
kidneystones by sharon
The Ghost of Tarsal Tunnel by Tobyb
Posterior Tibial Tendonitis by Ed
Plantar by shrub
heel spurs by Help ABUQUERQUE
Generous reward for shaggy dog by Bob G
Dwyer Osteotomy by milley
sharpe stabing pain by Palina
FLAT FEET by peng
Heel Spurs by Pat I.
Had first Sonocur treatment today by Dori M.
medicare coverage for ESWT by Pati
Help for steel toe boot wearers? by raeifo
Trip to Orlando, FL by Angela P.
New article from Austria by Jan R.
shoe help by Casey
TT surgery and Physical Therapy by Andrea
major foot surgery proposed by Kim R
PF: Misdiagnosed or "morphed" ?? by Scott Mc
For Those with PF by marie
haglunds deformity,pump bump and spur by reneep
advice for a neurology apt. by Sarah
Recovery of Morton's Neuroma Surgery by cathie w
Recovery of Morton's Neuroma Surgery by cathie w
toenail confusion... by Gh0ce
What was your first new car? by Kathy G
Insert Advice by KW
Documenting My ESWT Beginning 04-28-05 by Walkingirl
Good Article. by Joe A
Foot pain from night splint? by Amanda
Inserts by KW
1954 Buick Special by JudyS
ESWT for Achillis Tendonitis and heel spurs by David D.
walking cast more harm by Bam Bam
For TinaH - Crutch bags by AmyM
Plantar faciitis by Nel
Tarsel Tunnel by me
My birthday by Julie
Help Quick!!!! by L.G.
ESWT Last July by Holly
Open Plantar Fasciotomy by Kat C.
Diminishing Fat Pad by sak
Idiopathic toe walker= short achilles by Jaime
4 months post ESWT--My report by Connie H.
ESWT/conditions and treatment by wilnermedical.com
heel pain by Karen C
A compliment and a little bit about myself. by Ron
Avoiding NSAIDs before ESWT by Lila
cortisone shots by sore feet
Helpful website for all your foot needs!! by WhiteLily17
Dr. - have you heard this before? by KW
BS warning about the Good Feet store by Ron
heel pain for 4 years by GloriaO
What's the best running shoe for PF? by edentru
Long term PF by john king
what type of anethesia(spelled?) by Jane
happy birthday julie by tina h
to amy and kathy g by tina h
Doctor thinks I need a full lift on my shoe by Ralph
heel spurs by Janet M.
arthritis...what does it feel like? by Linda V
third eswt by george
Good store to check out - Bay Area by KW
Masai Barefoot Technology by Hazel
prolotherapy after eswt by Dr Ben Pearl
M Neuroma by jim n
Best diagnostic test? by KELUS
to Dr. SanFilippo by Ed Davis, DPM
For Richard by Elyse B
good results by jimmy r
ESWT success stories by elliott
Torn ligaments by Necee
iontophoesis by B.B. H
Do I have PF? by GhostRunner
Cortisone better and less expensive than ESWT by Jan R.
Dr. Z Post ESWT - What Stretches, ect by Walkingirl
diagnostic nerve block injection for TTS by Debbie
heel spurs by k
High- versus low-energy by Jan R.
Foot Surgeon In Florida by john king
question for Dr. Z by messed up foot
plantar fasciitis by Jean
magic insoles by Dr. Ace Rabinowitz
Heel Pain by sharoncarson
Joke for John H. by Necee
Post surgery question by Timron
Dr Kiper's orthotics by JanP
Infra Red (aka) Anodyne Therapy -- Any value? by Scott Mc
cause of position of foot by judith
Tarsel Tunnel help by me
Tape advise by Larry
Big toe pain by Andy Rose
Best Biking Technique after ESWT ??? by Walkingirl
A board in trouble -- help needed, ScottR by Ed Davis, DPM
disappointed w/ recommendation by janS
What about injections for heel spurs? by LINDA J.
Heel and neck pain ! by Constantin
Painless lump on inner ball of left foot by Julie M-G
Happy Mother's Day! by Suzanne D.
achilles lengthening by J Vetland
Haglund's Deformity by CWS
Arch support for sandals or clogs? by Ann E
Chiropractors and feet by Terri
Lump by Natale
Heel Pain and Squash by Jan Mertens
Is Sonorex ESWT worth it? by Dori M.
Pain in the arch by RRR Trail
hole in foot by mel20burns
A mission for someone....ScottR by Ed Davis, DPM
Moving Pain by KW
Did surgery go bad?? by Sandie
retro calcaneal bursitis by janeth
Arch Strain by Terri
Pregnant for the first time with PF by Kristie
Pregnant for the first time with PF by Kristie
Pregnant for the first time with PF by Kristie
Pregnant for the first time with PF by Kristie
Pregant with PF need orthodics by Kristie
new orthodics for biomechanical problem by Kristie
Calf strain by michael e
Update on my condition by Nicole V.R.
calcium deposits by kim f.
Good news for patients with arthritic ankles by Ed Davis, DPM
good news for patients with arthritic ankles by Ed Davis, DPM
I'm 66 by BettF
I'm 66 by BettF
Prolotheraphy by Kristie
bone spurs by jeff
New Orthotics and My Feet Ache by Joan M
Going to vist my sister in Annapolis by Kathy G
plantar facitis by Kathy
TTS steriod injection by Crystal
Providers in the Hollywood L.A. area by David D.
abnormal gait from plantars wart by Donna
ESWT and nerve related foot-leg problems by Suzy D
Tarsal Tunnel by Karen F
anyone else unable to work?? by Ali
Taping by Terri
Bunion? by ED
KP and ESWT by Ted
update 5/11/05 by Ted
tumor in the foot by ana
Article in Pod Today by Ted
epf surgery by Ronnie
Update on my condition - Not so good? by DavidW
Dr Richard's Softer Orthotics? by JanP
seasonal foot pain by Dee S
ESWT/Canada Article by Elyse B
Walking-Running Shoe Size by John H
Relationship of Back to Tarsal Tunnel by Looking for Answers
Calf Muscle by Looking for Answers
Nuroma by Sherry D.
TTS in both FEET by Karen b
ESWT Didn't work for me by Linda
ESWT question for Docs by S. B.
What does heel pain feel like? by Ted
Anyone tried Teva's? by KW
feet by mike m
Help by sorefoot
question to Dr Z by fernando
Sonorex in San Diego by elvis
running a marathon??? by kim b.
Swollen foot by Debbie
PSSD test and compression socks by Sarah
Accupuncture by Steve
ScottR , Dr. SanFilippo by Ed Davis, DPM
stephanie S by scott r
Sesamoiditis - surgery by Trish P
Joe A - are you there? by KW
Richie Brace by Robert B.
My second opinion (post ESWT) by Nicole V.R.
FDA & ESWT by Ted
PF so tired of it by karen
PF tired of it by karen
Question about icing by karen
What worked for me... by Patches
Anyone hear of/try Cyro Surgery? by karen
Birkenstocks or Z-Coil? by Ted
stretch for high arch? by Steve
deep point massage ? by Lawrie H
Everything tunnel by Kris
ART vs EWST? by karen
Heel Spur Relief by Maureen M.
Surgery by Maureen M.
Is Neurontin safe? by Michelle M
Night Splints by Larry R
Restless Leg Syndrome by john h
Night Splints by Larry R
Orthosis (Orthotic) Lab by JanP
heel pain by sharoncarson
ART vs. deep massage by Pat W
How to address the underlying cause of PF by Mike W
recent meta-analysis on ESWT by elliott
How long does PF take to fix? by Bob
Monday Update by elvis
wave of the future by Scott R
Dellon Institute Tutorial by arnold
Bunion Surgery by G.G.
Custom Orthotics by Ted
plantar fasciitis by Remi
Heel pain by soccer mom
heel spurs by Diane P
Peripheral Nueropathy by Vern
Can Dehydration causes PF ? by HRJ
TTS or PF or Both????? by Jerkiegirl
need some help by Scott R
Knee pain from bone spurs by seajayw
STEVE G/ by Rachael T.
anodyne--last chance by Karen b
To Dr. Zuckerman by Ralph
To Elliott by Ralph
Heel pain after injections by Lindsay M
Crocs by joshs
Relapse after ESWT by DavidW
heel pain after surgery for morton's neurom by AnneG
5 weeks post op by Andrea
Active Release Technique? by Tboblet
Blue Shield Tech reports what else by Dr. Z
PF by sak
free Birks... by Suzanne D.
Tina by Kathy G
Knee problems associated with orthotics? by marre
plantar fasciitis by Stev
Walkfit orthotics by Terry
Neuroma Surgery by JS
Accupressure/ART? by Matt P
Doctors other than Pods. by Matt P
Toe stretch by Matt P
Scientists say sunshine may prevent cancer. by Ed Davis, DPM
to Robert B by chrisb
Does Foot surgery work or not? by Leopold
Anyone had a ruptured plantar fascia?? by Lindsay M
Scar tissue lump by Herms
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Prolotherapy, has anyone heard about this?? by fernando
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Supply all sorts of herb extracts by Anthony Tian
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