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Tammie by MARY S.
What Kind of Birkenstocks by Steve M
Doctors please help me! by Kenny C.
It's been a long day by wendyn
Post ESWT Treatment by Cindy H
i need help by isaac
USA Today by John h
Light Force Thearpy for DR Z by john h
treatment modalities by wmrodney
I'm going crazy !!!! ????? by Arn
Orthopedic surgeon vs. podiatrist? by Jana
calcium by amy a.
The usual stuff by Fuss budget
Terribly Itchy feet! by chanaw
underlapping toe & bunions of both feet by tara
To Brian G by Laurie R
Re: Pain & Pain Medicine by Denise D.
Jade 168 Balm website by Dr. Chris Reynolds.
What's happening? -- to Cindy H. (and Scott?) by Nancy S.
I can't post a reply on Success stories area by Cindy H
whadda place by Mary De
Heel Spur by Annie
Need help locating Noats shoes by Kathy
Radiation therapy for heel spurs by Elaine K.
surgery a success! by Sandy Daniels
plantar fasciitis by Marni
heel pain by melody
Posterior tibial tendon rupture? by Brenda G.
I finally talked to my Pod by Laurie R
celebrex for PF and side effects ?'s by K. W.
Planters Callus by melissam
7 weeks post op - doing great! by linda j
new orthotics after surgery? by Sherry BB
Dr. Zuckerman by Christy D
Thanks for your replies by Fuss budget
Insurance reluctant to cover ESWT by JamesM
Sorry this is long, please read, thanks by Arn
Foot Care by Adam Tai
Still Having Pain After EPF Surgery by Regina Brown
May be a dumb question but....... by Donna M
Equinus casting? by josh s
Ouch by Lynne T
still going strong by Clara
acupuncture by Clara
Jade 168 Balm ratings by Scott R
pardom me, i didn't want to lose this link by scott's friend
Martin H. & Wife by Mary S.
Doctors, HELP, PLEASE! by Mary S.
MY CASE by Ana R
MaryS Hello you sound upset on Dr. board by Tammie
Technology and feet--future for PF?? by Thomas Kadlecek
Equinus accomodation by josh s
For Richard, ski boot question by josh s
in pain by Vicky L
Am trying to reach LisaCO! Are you there? by Marjorie R.
Mary PLEASE call your dr. ! by Tammie
2 weeks since operation by Rick
Birkenstock sandals by Rick
physical therapist / phyiotherapist by carsten
I feel ashamed by tammie
How I'm doing and a new/promising shoe by Beverly
How do I work? by Sheri P.
Fluid in ankle by Jeffrey
sharp pain by frank d
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? by Brenda G.
Mary ,How did it go? by tammie
7 Weeks Post Op - Feeling Good by Sheila W.
Richard, Danna SL and Julie by Arn
Sneakers with a spring by Dr. Zuckerman
some shoe options by ellen w
To Wendyn--Birks by eileenc
Birkinstocks by john h
I saw the doc today... by Carmel M
Contemplating Surgery by Tina R.
6 weeks pain free by Colleen G
Scar tissue entrapping a nerve by Matt L
The biopsy results are in by cindyp
Second opinion by Suzie Miller
Security and Dr. Lewi...... by JudyS
nerve treatment by Marty
nerve treatment by Marty
HMT Ossatron....possible good news... by Christy D
I'm back... by Lori E.
heel spurs and clicking ankles? by steve H
GUESS WHAT!! by Mary S.
New to this board by Christine N
Is this TTS by JenR
therapy not helping by Linda
Signs and Symtoms of TTS ? by LindaA
Can't Believe This! by Nan H
Heel pain and Aspertame by Doug
4 weeks post-op by Andrea R.
The FUN never ends! by Valerie S
electric current in heel by Jane
Supination by Brenda G.
Recovery Time by Christy D.
Big toe pain when walking by Brandon B.
Is PF a form of arthritis? by Patty S
Dr. Zuckerman and Dr. Biehler by Heather Mills
4 weeks post op by Stephanie Adams
Optimal time between ESWT treatments by BrianJ
Scott R. -Wondering by Mary S.
Shoes???? by Tammie
Foot massage? by Sheri P.
Reflexon treatment in Europe by Eva G
heel and arch PAIN by Danielle
To all Jade 168 Balm trial participants. by Dr. Chris Reynolds
Successful Treatment For Heel Spurs! by BRENDA
workers compensation by Mark B.
Howdy Doody by The Nancy and Judy Show
Location of heel pain by BrianJ
My story by Kevin P
I'm so stupid please someone help!!!!!!!!! by Laurie R
TO Mary S by Laurie R
Post Surgery Treatment by Adam C
PF Surgery Q's - Doctors on this Board by Adam C
Reflexology for Heelspurs by LynneA
planter fascitis by paul berrafato
heel pain by g lock
Scrub a Dub Dub.... by JudyS
Partial Plantar Fasciectomy by Joyce L
Surgery next week - hints, please by LD
What next? by LynneA
Is This Tarsal Tunnel? by S. Johnson
How long will my pain last? by Naja F.
runners and plantar by Michele S
used N'ice stretch boot by Wendy from NJ
At what point? by Tammie
Dr. Z's Rules for office workers by Scott R
heel spur by eleanor l
Tarsel Tunnel by Audrey L
planters wort by jessica t
PF by Cornholio
healthtronics business stuff by Scott R
Phase 4 Orthotics by Dennis
Update by JudyS
Dr Z reports by Scott R
DoloClast ESWT available in Canada by Scott R
Dr. Z gang picture by Scott R
Heel Spurs by Ruth
To KayS by JudyS
Vioxx side-effects by T.Hurst
Bicycling by JudyS
Plantar fascitis by SandraG
heel pain lead to hip pain by angie
Goodfeet by Brian W
Please help if you can. by Boyd Newsome
Shoes, glorious shoes!! (Walmart shoes??) by linda
Fliud in Foot by Louise
Here we go again...another doctor by Paula G.
Need a doctor recommendation by Laura M.
What I found helped me by Francis G
Shoe queen finds another gem: Dr. Zen shoe by Beverly
Four Months Post-Op and Counting by Scott2
foot by Maggie
I actually CRIED at the shoe store today... by Carmel M
Overcome foot pain easy by Leon Hale
Horror stories, green infection! by Leon Hale
TO Mary S by Laurie R
Dr. Biehler or DR. Zuckerman by LindaA
Need some shoe advice by ChuckW
Plantar Fasciitis ( I guess!) by Kathy
Free Birks by john h
heel pain by Jeanne
Still in pain!! by DBrown
ESWT Gang by Bob G.
Prayer Time! by Denise D.
Dornier ESWT in London by R AMAH
ESWT- Tell me More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Denise D.
pain on standing by subhasis
Treatment Modalities for Heel Spurs by ann h
VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERy interesting! part 2 by Nancy S.
Jade 168 Balm - ESWT by Scott R
Scott, have you seen the spam by Nancy N
pictures.... by Laurie R
Neurontin ??? by Marty
Neurontin by Marty
Prolotherapy (Reconstructive therapy) by BugleBoy 5418
Back of heel pain by Claude M
immune system link? by Mary De
Amfit inserts by Rudy C
Chat Room by Richard, C.Ped
FHL Tendinitis by Shari P
new DX by Dona
pain level by john h
I need advice by HowieB
9 weeks Post Op For Pf release by Valerie K S
Ignore PF = Chronic PF? by Lisa C.
Two weeks post op by cindyp
Heel/Arch/Ankle Pain by Marge H.
Better news... Getting my parking sticker by Beverly
ESWT by Frannie foothurts
Some things I learned on my trip.... by Lori E.
surgery by Liz Moore
post-op by rhea l.
Anyone, please help me!!! by melanie s
Help--What's the next step? by Sandy P
Arch Pain by Bill D
Relaspe/Question for doctor by Beverly
Now a knee prob with PF! by Adrienne
Best Day Yet - 14 weeks post-op by GinaC
Solutions that helped ease my pain by Martha C.
Jade trial by Dr. Chris Reynolds
Psoriatic Athritis by Mark
heelspur by sheri m
Two weeks later..... by cindyp
solemnly reflectively hopeful song for ya by Scott R
leaches for heel pain by bg cped
Hey Carl by wendyn
Jade Trial by Paula A
New Pain Area~~~ by Donna M
Hi everyone by Tammie
is this norm to ? by Tammie
Jade trial results by Dr. Chris Reynolds.
Socks by Julie
Foot Pain by vendex
Celebrex by Lori B.
plantar wort by ron
Jade trial by Dr. Chris Reynolds.
fibroma on fascia by Dee H
Powerstep -Day two by Shaira
Doctors-New problem-question by Mary S.
Indocin for PF? by Kim K.
Still looking by linda
achillies tendon surgery by robert minerva
achillies tendon surgery by robert minerva
Scaliwag DPM by JudyS
having PF surgery, but I'm confused by cindy
Order # 66774 dated 6/20/01 by Frances Tylenda
John H. and others post-ESWT by Cindy H
Can PF release surgery be done in office by Cindy
Sinus Tarsi Syndrome/post EPF ankle problems by KellyD
plantars wart by LLP
Non-weight bearing stretches by Rudy
Pod recommends bone scan by Linda A
An answer from Hiz Honor, Rudy G by BrianG
Jade Balm update. by Mary Ann S
Simmering Infection??????? by Mary S.
Tammie-Laurie by Mary S.
Child's heel is paingul when touched by Dawn R
rotator cuff (shoulder) tendonitis by Nancy S.
Spenco Moldable Orthotic by Adam P
Osteochondritis Dissecans by Louise
Mortons Nuroma- alternatives to surgery by gabriel B.
Surgery by Donna
Six Weeks Post-op and making progress by Andrea R.
Foot Pain by Jeff A
Butting in? Can someone explain? by Lisa C.
Surgery: heel spur release by Vicki
"1 - 10" Pain Level Explanation by janet c.
Heal Spur removed-----complete disaster by Shirley Gummo
knee, leg, hip pain and weakness by Edward W
Dr.Z by Tammie
Just checking in... Hello friends by Valerie S
Having pain after EPF surgery by Regina Brown
Fmmt pain !! by SPresley
Anyone with non standard TTS symptoms? by Jana
Confused by different surgical opinions by Jana
To Nancy S. on your shoulder by Beverly
More From RSD Patient's Handbook by janet c.
Ankle Injury by Bob.H
Nothing short of a miracle... by Nancy N
Fracture, Arthritis, and Heel Spur by Linda A
PF and Jade 168 Balm by Dr. Chris Reynolds
Saw Dr.--treating for staph by Mary S.
Tammie--Good Luck! by Mary S.
Tarsal tunnel? by Jane
Feet Pain by Dede A
13 year old with an in-grown toenail by Nikki
I tryed on NB shoes today and by Tammie
Have To Tell My Good News!!! by Donna M
heel pain and blood sugar by K.S.
heel pain book s listed products by K.S
Re: New website address by Dr. Chris Reynolds
Plantar Fibromitosis by Bernadette D
Long lost foot pain guy success report by Gordon F
What seems to have worked for me... by Nancy N
Is this TTL??? by DCarl
Tammie, hope your Dr appt went well. by Paula A
Z-Coil Shoes by Cindy H
Ok here is my updated 10 week visit! by Tammie
Julie by tammie
Suggestion for Dress Shoes by Valerie K S
got jade? by Mary De
Night Splint ? & more by Lisa C
Lt Roni Zuckerman by John h
can you help me to explain? by tammie
8 days post-op by Tina R.
Success? by Rebecca D
run fast, run hard by Donna
Physical Therapy by Regina Brown
Orbasone Advertisements by Scott R
chronic plantar fasciitis by Lori S
Nicotine promotes new blood vessel growth by BrianJ
had tts and now developed rsd by susie
16 months post op, NC doctor to get Ossotron by Dan
Had surgery on April 11 by Susan U
I'm alive!!! by Kay S
Chatting / Chat Room by Stephanie S.
Happy Canada Day and other personal notes by wendyn
heel spur??? by Viv N.
Re: Sound Waves & the Chiropractor by Denise D.
"Happy Fourth of July, Y'all" by Denise D.
2weeks 2 days post ESWT Treatment #3 by john h
Nike Shox by Amy A.
just a note to say hello by ellen w
OssaTron by Patti B
explanation of rsd by susie
tts surgery 5 days post-op~~ by Kimberly
Question for the Dr. by Denise D.
o.k. no run by Donna B.
Cost of the Swiss DolorClast by Deno
Dressing, swimming and life by Rick
hyper mobile by Terri C
Pathologic Fracture by LindaA
Re: Tens Units by Denise D.
Diabetic-special treatments by Megan A
******FRIENDS****** by Denise D.
pain in right foot by Steve Polino
I have PF. Now what? by Debbye T.
sore heel by mike
Steroid injections-How many can you have? by Kim Klein
Baylor University Ultrasound Research by Bruce R
RE: FRIENDS by Denise D.
foot/achilles tendon pain by nannette f
AIM by Paula A
Achillies tendonitis with plantar f.... by Tony Tee
policemans heel by gren.b.
Heelspur/PF by Tali S.
Plantar fibromatosis by Jean K
Cured my heel spurs after 5 years by Foot sore
Re: Jade trial update by Dr. Chris Reynolds
Why not go straight to Ossatron or surgery? by Bryan P.
Glitch at Jade trial report? by BrianG
Plantar Faciitis and marathon training by LAC
Jade is helping me! by Paula A
Steroid injections- how many is safe? by Kim K.
Tammie-Monday?? by Mary S.
email me by Richard, C.Ped
messages by john h
Hard Lump On Top Of My Foot by Shari
?? for Dr. Z by Kay S
new pain by Kay S
Doctor's--Still Wondering About Jade by Mary S.
How much pain? by Donna B.
how much pain? by Donna B
Ringworms by Brenda Escobedo
Different Kinds of Doctors by Lisa C
Hi... remember me? by Valerie S
Picture posting by Richard, C.Ped
feet by john h
bilateral heel pain by Brenda S
some interesting sites by ellen w
Custom made moldable foam orthotics by Charles E.
walking pain after surgery,would like advice by cindy
Foot Pain by D.Thomas
inline skating by Doug
ESWT in the UK by AmyM
progress . . . of the wrong kind! by nancy s.
"the gals'll all pursue ya'." by john h
torn PF thru stretching? by Chris C
Information on ESWT by Clark
foot pain after surgery by Eileen
Newly diagnosed/concerned about weight gain by Carmen H
Plantar Fibromitosis by Leah
recent heel pain by Miranda
just a little dab will do ya by john h
Fracture Messageboard ? by Linda A
Arch Pain by Ellen
Severe pain in heel need some advice quick by Tammy L
to Nancy S by Kay S
The Paradox of our Time by janet c.
heel pain by Karen B.
Oh was so neet to talk by Tammmie
Casting by Geri A
ESWT, PF, and Fibromyalgia by RalphP
burning balls with numbness (both feet) by Doll
To UNCLE STEVE AND ********FRIENDS******** by Denise D.
TO Beverly-- Fellow Texan by Denise D.
Making Big BUCKS Legally by Anonymous_not_so_much
more questions.... by Carmen H
Mobic anyone? by ellen w
remember me? by clara
You can call me Mr. TTS by elliott
Surgery by Donna C
*****Dear Uncle Steve***** by Denise D.
To Nancy**Re:** FROZEN SHOULDER by Denise D.
Quick answer needed. by Mark
Foot Pain by Crystal M
Calling all digital camera owners..... by JudyS
Extremely sore ankles... help quick! by Andrea D
test by scott r
what to do? by Stefanie
I am back and it's July lotto time again by Dr. Zuckerman
Mary How are you? by Tammie
WELCOME BACK DR.Z........ by Laurie R
Re: Chatting by Denise D.
TO Nancy S , how did your MRI go??????? by Laurie R
Tsk tsk to me by wendyn
fibromyalgia and plantar fasciitis by Scott R
foot pain and numbness by Mary S
Baby pictures by Richard, C.Ped
for Brian G - travel idea by Nancy N
Birkenstocks by Crystal M
*****TO ALL MY FOOT PAIN FRIENDS***** by Denise D.
Re: Using someone elses custom orthodics by Necee (aka-Denise D.
what is it doc? by Cindy B
heel hugger by Annette
My question is this by cindyp
Fasciitis vs. fasciosis by Tim H
Nato Gia's by Brenda G.
Heel Spurs and Diabetes by Gerry
when surgery/when other treatment options by 0713oldpain
Help I cant stand the pain anymore by Karma M
midnight callings story...... by JudyS
Thought I was all alone by Pat K
woried about toes being numb and the pain by karma
still hurts after six months by karen
Slippers by Shaida
Many years of suffering by tess d.
Many years of suffering by tess d.
Challenging Weekend... by Carmen H
ESWT Locations? by CatherineL
Laurie,Your pictures are lovely! by Tammie
generalized foot pain by nina
Haglunds Deformity by Deb S.
Foot Flex by Rod S.
Asking this again by cindyp
please help foot pain since 96 with no relief by heffnersm
Lipomas by Patti
7 weeks post-op by Rhea L.
10 days post op....need advice by Lori I.
Re: Naturalizer shoes by Denise D.
To Ellen Re: ***LOUD*** Neighbor by Necee
accupuncture by Marj S
lipoma ? not sure.. by sunflower
Perfect Exercise!! by Donna M
would like corn removed and toe straightened by Michelle Bennett
right foot painful heel spur by janice WHY
Alternative to Birkenstocks? by Rick
Progress report by Rick
Birkenstock link please by Lisa C
Top of Foot Pain by Jessica M
plantar facsciitis by Fran F
lumbar stenosis by DOug
To Nancy S by Laurie R
ESWT Locations? - trying to post again... by CatherineL
Teenager by Joyce k.
Me again - re Jade 168 balm by Rick
Diabetes-special treatment by Megan
misc by Scott R
foot fungas by Don z
Ruptured Fascia?? by Donna M
horrible new pain --what's THIS?!! by Mary De
Ossatron Treatment expectations by Tracey
Dr. Z by Dan L
TTS and cortisone by Dona
Any Better Patti? by carol
I am wondering if? by Tammie
If you MUST do dark sox, then........ by JudyS
Question for Chronic PF types by BrianJ
"The Heeler" by Kim K.
Eswt vs. EPF, I am so confused! by Kim K.
Cynthia by wendyn
pf and back pain by gilbert
New Pain by Tammy M
Fluid Retention?? by Tammy Miles
Frozen shoulder by Julie
cortisone injections vs. cream by Dona
Need a Return Appointment by Tracy C
Custom orthodics . . .what next? by Sally J
x by joan
Nerve damage question by Dan L
How do you walk on a glass heel? by Barbara M
non weight bearing exercises by Pam
cramping by Patti H
For Cindy F by Cynthia D
knowlegde of heelspurs by Barry Cariaga
insurance coverage by charles f.
orthodic by Herb Tilliss
Opinion Poll~~Need new Dr.! by Donna M
Scared of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by AnnaG
Lateral side pain is caused by what? by Mandy J.
this site by Dr. Davis (Ed Davis, DPM)
sesamoid treatment by ossotron? by paul g
Other foot pain by Jack P
Surgery on April 11 by Susan U
Where are the night owls tonight? by Tammie
Snake oil or helper? by Maureen
Does TTS qualify you for disability? by CindyF
For Julie/Tape by john h
Mulitple foot injuries by JP
Web site for foot products by Carmen H
boots by john h
Any thoughts on Foot and Ankle Specialist? by Carmen H
Am i a good candidate? by bediem
Stiff Shoes? by Carlw
New Orthotics...need advice by Carmen H
heelspurs.com email is not working by Scott R
test by Scott
To: Tammie by Necee
Surgery is Scheduled by SonnyK
Calcium deposit on my heel? by AubreyP
Heel spur by Geoff C
that second opinion....... by Claudia
Does this sound like TTS? by David C
To Anthony: are you still there? by Julie
Stitches out TODAY.... by Lori I.
NSAIDS...Harmful??? by Tam M
Anyone have an idea on good shoes for guys? by Tim H
Sleeping position by Dondi
100 % capsaicin foot wrap by JOHN S
Accupuncture by HindiG
Do you know what this is?My foot Dr. doesn't by AubreyP
Question About Birkenstocks by Necee
Was nice talking by Tammie
hello friends! by clara
To the AOL instant message buddies out there by wendyn
Leuko Tape by john h
virus alert -- see social support board by ellen w
Several Lumps on arch by Chris O
VIRUS~~~COULD IT BE........ by Donna M
PF advice (warning - long) by D.Thomas
Basic Virus facts by Nancy N
Symptoms of Blood Clot in leg? by JoJo Z
virus attack on visitors by Scott R
8 weeks post-op of pf release by Rhea L
Blood Test for PF by Steve M
Flow Chart by Dr. Marlene Reid
Pre-op Q & A with Ortho today by CindyF
Interesting article by Julie
Ortthotics Question by D.Thomas
Recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis by Soccermom
Fibromyalgia? by Brenda G.
recalcitrant plantar fasciitis by Tracey
Step-sons "clubbed" foot by Shelly R.
Why wait? by Trish C
Custom Orthotics by Lisawertin
Standing of Tiptoes with Plantar Fascitis by Tracey
Ack by D.Thomas
TO: Nancy N by Laurie R
my husband's heel spur by Jean K
NEED in depth input please! by Carmen H
Heel Spur or not by Evie K.
Cast by Anthony P
Virus by JudyS
Arch Pain??? by Donna M
Heel spur, I think? by walter
Eswt by Nancy F
Spondylosis by Tim
Drs.and others! by Regina Brown
ossatron in New Jersey by Dr. Zuckerman
First Orbasone done yesterday by MetheeP
To Julie- Re: Birks by Necee
The Miracle of Jade by lynne A
More on computer security by Nancy N
tension on the fascia by john h
Anti-Virus program by Richard, C.Ped
just diagnosed with TTS by Samantha K
Chronic foot pain after hammer toe surgery by terir
Criteria and location for ESWT search by jennyy
SAS Shoes? by Lyn
Wendy......thank you! by JudyS
shoe and/or orthotic types by JudyS
My it sure is quiet thease days, by Tammie
virus by Ed Davis, DPM
Surgical Incisions by Tracey G.
Virus worldwide by Julie
Earth Shoes or Planet Earth by Catch22
Making sense out of treating PF by Glenn X
Classic by D.Thomas
I just found out I have a heel spur..... by Kathy
Found out yesterday I have a heel spur. by Kathy
TIGHT ARCH by Carmen H
Tracey G , I have a reply to your ? by Tammie
Accu-Flex by Dondi
Julie....you'll find this interesting by Carmen
planters worts by mandy j
ESWT question by D.Thomas
gangolin by Poll Coleman
taping of foot by Jan C
Thanks everyone! by D.Thomas
custom Birkenstocks by Ed Davis, DPM
APMA meeting by Scott R
HealthTonics by Scott R
APMA Meeting by Dr. Marlene Reid
Plantar Neuroma by Gayle H.
heel spur surgery by vivian
Take Hold Of Every Moment by janet c.
Hey Necee~~Looks like Laurie is up too~~~~ by Donna M
~~~~~~~~~~NIGHT, NIGHT DONNA~~~~~~~~~~~ by Necee
Another virus just came in my email tonight by Lauriee R
To Julie by wendyn
Cortisone shots and menstrual cycles by Bonnie
I've developed heel pain now! (pretty long) by Kathy G.
Narrowing it down by Carmen H
wheelchair? by Laura S.
How much rest is enough (reply to Carmen) by Glenn X
mephisto shoes by laura I
toe walks recommended by physical therapist by laura I
Dr.Zuckerman by Regina Brown
Endoscopic pf and morton's neuroma surgery by Ken G
Arnica!! by Tammy M
Are My Custom Orthotics Right for Me? by Steven M
Hey John by Glenn X
"safe" workouts? by Deb H.
Safe workouts by Deb H.
hashimoto's disease by mary m
severe pain 2 yrs after trauma by Catherine H
gone until friday evening by scott r
Instant Messanger/Pictures by john h
a success story by john h
biking by laura I
swimming by Tracey
Foot Surgery- Location of incision by Tracey A.
Laurie r, by Tammie
Re: Clark Shoes by Necee
Nancy, another question by Julie
Thanks Julie for telling uu about Leuko Tape by Nancy f
Handicap sign in car by Nancy f.
Do u guys have pf in one or both feet? by Nancy f
Tendonitis Drug Trial by Tim H
Dr Davis/Hard Orthotics by john h
ossatron anyone? by b w
Alznner/Good Feet by Ed Davis, DPM
Plantar Fasciitis: Flat Feet by Rob
OssaTron procedure done today. by Steve R
One Wife is One Wife Too Many by Dr. Huey Lewi, DPM
naot slippers by laura I
Laurie r and my friends, by Tammie
sciatica and pf by gilbert
Sitting by Julie
Post Op Day 3--and counting.... by CindyF.
breaking in orthotics by Aaron M.
Help!!! Did I ruin these shoes? by Beverly
orthotics/shoes by john h
black cherry juice / heelspurs trials by Scott R
I know you're taunting me but........... by JudyS
home again by clara
Cat-nap inflammation by Glenn X
Where can I buy Orthoheel? by SarahS
Has this happened to anyone else? by Beverly
One big milestone by wendyn
another virus came today by Tammie
Is this possible? by Tammie
Calcaneal heel spur by Manju B
Progress! by Lori B
Calcaneal heel spur by Manju B
5 weeks post ossatron treatment both feet by Tracey
Hammertoe surgery by Erica Ingram
PF and shoes by Dede J.
posted in wrong spot...sorry! by Carmen H
Rubber mats help!! by Carmen H
Zone Alarm firewall protection by Richard, C.Ped
Here is more on the SirCam virus...... by Laurie R
Dr. Z by D.Thomas
Hi All, Went to doctor today, guess what by Paula G.
Just need some input on surgery... by Paula G.
Sudden pain from Orthotics by Carmen H
Physical therapy by DianaJ
heel spurs by chester
Dumb Questions (rollerblading, pain) by John E.
Teva's (knockoff) vs Birkies by Paul M.
Stress Fracture??? by Donna M
3 Days and counting!!! by Necee
Story just have to pass along!! :) hehehe by Donna M
Latest on Worm/Virus by john h
desperately need real exercise by Lori B.
Ladies Shoes by john h
Searching for a new doc by D.Thomas
MRI RESULTS by Anthony P
Surgery and leg length problem by Regina Brown
Going back top Work by Necee
OOPS!******Meant to say Back TO Work, HA! by Necee
To Laurie R. by Necee
I was raped by my teacher by sara
Repeat ESWT? by Ssue L.
Rape ***HOAX by Necee
black cherry extract by john h
Good Podiatrist in Atlanta area by Manas D
Had surgery on April 11 by Susan U
Is everyone asleep right now ???? by Laurie R
Exercise by Rob
I´m angry and upset!! by clara
Dornier by Scott R
I didn't know! by wanda m
What is tibial neuritis? by Tammie
Pain after surgery by BETTY g
Seen the pod today by Tammie
Lol I made it again by Tammie
want to make sure it is PF by Kelsey J
NECEE!!!!???? by Donna M
To Laurie R. by Necee
Dansko Shoes by Carmen H
DMSO etc by Kelly C
Life with PF by D.Thomas
why is my corn yellow? by tyrone jackson
need podiatrist in nyc by kim bridle
PF and shoes by Bunny L
4 week Post Op visit today by Lori I
Bike Riding with PF by Steven M
What if surgery doesn't work? by P. Helm
interesting note by Scott R
Oh ladies I enjoyed the chat tonight by Tammie
B-12 SHOT UPDATE by wand s. m
Now What?? by Kathy R
plantar facillitis by Renee A
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