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To Dr. Z - A question about non-tradtional PF by Kathy G
Did you all have a nice weekend? by Kathy G
6 years of PF; finally gone by EC
complication to TTS/PF release ?? by Marty
Breaking into orthotics by Yasmin from London
Patient experiences of ESWT by Aly R.
PTD or TPD by HilaryG
Neuropathy News Letter by john h
SARS/Mad-cow/West Nile/Anything else? by wendyn
FCE by kay
Question for Dr. Z. by Aly R
TTS by Carole S
The Blue Book by Don Scott
Heel pain by Chris Z
ESWT and Insurance by Archie B
plantar fibromatosis under the toes?? by peter f
plantar fibromatosis under the toes?? by peter f
TTS and chiropractors by marie
Sleeping with TTS by Jill T.
Post PF surgery by LIL B
Just a little humor by Necee
ESWT, after failed surgery ? by BrianG
Can orthotics be copied??? by JoeB
filtering by JoAnn M
is the same as ossotron? by john j smitchger
Letter from GI in Iraq by D.Thomas
fibroma injections by Barbara M
New endoscopic procedure? Dr Z? by JanaC
What causes your feet to burn? by Sandy F
Instep pain? by Cindy M
Breaking in Birkenstocks by Ron D
I've done 20 days, but 10 years? by michelleF
Blood work before foot surgery by Andrea M.
pain post ewst by tammy s
John H's**10th Anniversary by Necee
Heel Pain - Need Help Please by Pat S.
plantar fascitis running shoes by robin
Cosmetic Foot Surgery by Findme228
John/Wendy, Discussion Thread Vanished?? by Scott D.
RE: Low Level Laser by Mar
Speaking of Anniversary...and GREAT news by Richard, C.Ped
severe pain in upper legs by Margie
thanks by michelleF
Political Compass by D.Thomas
problem after surgery by frostymom
Open Plantar Fasciotomy by Mark R.
Open Plantar Fasciotomy by Mark R.
infrared foot mat by BrianJ
Fish oil by Bob G.
Happy Weekend!! by Necee
ESWT cost and insurance coverage by Sue C.
Rolling leg scooter by Pauline
Question about atypical PF by BrianJ
Sonocur's working by Elizabeth C.
Hey there, i am home from CA by Pam S.
On deleting threads by wendyn
Over Before It got Started by Peter R
haglund's deformity surgery by Mandy B
Tummy Sleeping Question by Ken M
too much discomfort for too long by TammyK
This Old House by marie
orthotics don't seem to work by georgia S
Missing threads by Pauline
please help me by monica s
Pain is Gone while on Low-Carb Diet by Matt
Plantar Facititis and Foot Drop by Elizabeth McD
PF release, post op problem by frostymom
plantar fascitis by Harry P.
plantar fascitis by Harry P.
tennis elbow by Harry P.
tennis elbow by Harry P.
Hallux Rigidus by Marie
Three Questions by Dorothy C.
botox or light laser treatments by Linda A
HEEL SPURS by Janice B
To Dr. Z. by Pauline
epf surgery and pain 1.5 month following by stefani
Hey Terry, How are you doing? by Sherrie
Doctors, Pain in big toes? by Cindy
nerve damage after plantar fasciotomy by judy
To Dr. Z by Pauline
Hello Again by Bev
Pain in heel back. by Sandra D
E.S.W.T. Success by Donna L
career change? by Dawn S.
Massage of a heel spur by Davis D
policemans heel by maryjane d
foot surgery after stroke, and heel pain by sonya vsh
Ultra sound too high? by Gail S.
help with surgery in uk by helen b
Pain when I bend my foot back... by Daniel R
3 weeks post ESWT and a question by Molly H
orthoshockwave consultants by Dr. Z
Sammy Sosa by Kathy G
I went for a walk yesterday! by Kathy G
Henry C, how are you doing? (nm) by elliott
Question for Dr. Z by Molly H
Heel spurs by Leann H.
For Dr. Z by Ed Davis, DPM
cramping calves by Celia
DR. Z. Earlier message by Bev
pain in right ankle by Mike Y
RE: Myofascial release by Mar
Z-Coil Shoes? and PF & Questions about PF by Sam
Medrol Pack? Has anyone used this? by Sam
Surgery by Jill T.
contemplating PF surgery by Gerry A
How will Martha decorate her cell? by BGCPed
A 2 yr old dies by Necee
PF and botox??? by Matt W
are socks the problem? by Brendan S.
Just back from Pittsburgh by Richard,C.Ped
xray demonstrated heel spurs? by Janet H.
Banned by john h
Broken Heel Spur? by Pennie K
Surgery Scheduled by Trish J
Time to discuss the word "Sports" by Pauline
Aerobics & Pain on Bottom of Feet by Holly F.
Last day of school! Godbyes are tough by marie
Should I do it again? by Sue D.
recovery time for second round ESWT by Rosemary T
Bill Walton by john h
Surgery on both feet at once???? by Rose M.
pinched nerve? by Marty
Dear John H :) by Stephanie S.
pinched nerve? by Marty
10+ weeks post eswt and doing great!!!! by rekha s
NEW ORTHOTICS for Mahatmelissama 06/06/03 by Mahatmelissama
Sore Soles by Tom D
toddler walks on arches by Mary J
Here's a new one. Agree or disagree? by Pauline
Arthritis by Linda
rsd after surgery by sharon f
"Big Toe, Big Pain" by Dorothy C.
About depression by Dorothy C.
Does anyone have this pain? by Kathy G
To BGCPed by Pauline
Taking Calcium? by melissa d.
what is the best shoe?? by betty w.
Peroneal Tendinitis by Jenny S
ESWT Treatment Where and how much? by Patti R
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carole C.!!! by Suzanne D
Small nodule on bottom of foot(under skin) by Janet D
Capsaicin by judy l
Pain in ball of foot by Grant B.
To Pauline {-X by Peter R
many thanks by betty w.
had tts surgery 2 weeks ago by stella
Pain in calf and leg post EWST by tammy s
Weight Loss Diet Pills by Jack Dan
Orthotics are killing my knees! by Lynn
TTS referral in SF? by Jody L.
Sore Soles by Tom D
Help me with my pain!! by Pam W
What did I do wrong? by Julie C.
Dr. Z. / Question PF and RSDS/CRPS by Bev
Will marathons cause irreprable damage? by Steve M
Tarsal/Metatarsal/Tibia Fusion by Dawn D.
Bump or Protrusion on Back of Heel by Ken Z
BG-A Thoght by john h
Neurontin Cream...???????? by marie
Neurontin cream ?????? by marie
2. eswt treatment -- High or low energy ?? by niels l
Does anyone know if Sharon is back yet? NM by Kathy G
one month post tss surgery by cooper g
hot, red feet by Eleanor C
gastroc slide for achilles tendonitis by NicolaM
Dealing with a shocking death by Necee
Stalling Progress by athena
legal action by Ed Davis, dPM
helped with my heel pain by Jan
heel cushions for heel pain by Jan
toe reduction by lakeshia
please stop adding to the Thread in ESWT by Scott R
Tinels sign on lateral ankle by Kathy R.
spur partially tearing achilles tendon by Eileen I
FDA 1 year study by Paula A
To Mar re:myofascial release by Pam S.
For Kathy G by Sharon W
Off Track by john h
tts and food by Wanda
Could the medication Predisone help with PF by Sandra D
Anyone had Bunion surgery? by ckanaan
I'm pain free by Justin Z
John, my son got to go to Game 7! by Kathy G
Can we all try this...... by monte
walking gait by Kathy R.
foot drop by Terence D
Thanks by Cliff S
Bev, how are you? by Suzanne D
Tingling is back.......... Yuck by Terry Z
Giving credit to Mr. Bush.... by marie
Something to ponder..... by marie
Heel spur ESWT by Julie H.
Thx Marie and Necee by Pam S.
To Sharon and Kathy by Pam S.
Achilles Tendon, Spur by Eileen I
Physical Therapy by lara t
Let Us Get On Track by john h
Elliott, I have a question? by marie
foot pain by Elaine McC
4 Weeks post ESWT and need advice! by Molly H
Muscle Relaxants by Pauline
Anyone ever hear of Dr Hecht? by Susie
Too much stretching by HilaryG
About PAIN by Sharon W
ESWT Candidate? by James T.
Can impingments happen from surgery? by Morton
To SteveG by Molly H
My Big Fat Plantar Fascia by Mary M
surgical books by Richard L
Does anyone have other heel pain? by Kathy R.
Riding a bike outside by Molly H
ESWT with PF or nerve involvement? by Chris B
Gross Misconception by Alice W.
achilles tendonitis called something else? by Rebecca R
I am bad. Anything exciting happen by Dr. Z
achilles tendonitis by Mary Y
Does anyone feel UCBLs helped with PF? by HilaryG
Ultrasound therapy for neuromas by Gail N
my mri report for tts by marie c
Re: by HilaryG
RE: Edit a message by Mar
Time to take action by Jen L
Can MRI diagnose PF or nerve? by Chris B
Re: by BGCPed
inflammation by Kathy R.
Boken Toe by Sandy C
Poolside footwear? by Aly R.
Hallux Rigidus and Heelspurs by Frank
Radio Frequency Lesioning by john h
Plantar Fascia by Teri W.
recurrence -- no morning pain by Dan
10 mile walk by Andrew F
Love the message of this! by marie
To Patti R by JudyS
Misc by JudyS
SAS shoes by Dorothy
bunion by kinky b.
Deletion by john h
To Mar: another web site for MFR by Pam S.
my doctor visit today.. by Chris A
my doctor visit today.. by Chris A
Contrast Bathing by IanJ
In need of some humor? by marie
confused with new pain by Rebecca R
Birkenstock Heaven! by Rebecca R
ScottR and Dr. Ed by marie
For Ed and Scott by marie
I am doing great-pain 85% better by rekha s
and why wear shoes ALL the time by Rebecca R
Bone bruise on left ankle by Kim DeMarco
2 years post surgery . by lisaj
On the lumps by wendyn
post op recovery Haglunds by Rebecca P
Anyone in the west tennessee area please help by tracy s
Heel Spurs by kerrie K
A report on some helpful stuff by Dorothy
returning to work by JoAnn M
stretching by Mary Y
Martin Foot and Ankle TTS by rob
A new doctor's opinion and More therapy by Linda
eswt with or without ultra sound ? by niels l
The Brick by Sharon W
no morning pain by Dan
ESWT done today by Don
Questions for Carole, CPeds, & others by Sharon W
sorry to start a new subject by JoAnn M
Physical Therapists. by priesen
A question for the doctors...LED treatment by Aly R.
Toes for dinner? by dave r
Please help - RDS? by Marty
Need Help With Your Pains? by BRIAN
Hallux limitus/rigidus causing PF? by Frank
Hi all by Tammie
couple questions by tammy s
Foot Pain by Jennifer
Flat feet by Don M
Cramp in Plantar Fascia by Jo A
Recovery is possible... by Andrue
Birks from Germany by Joy S.
orthotics by Tony c
Baseball and Volleyball aggravate Heel Spurs? by NickyP
Broken Foot not healed by Allie V
Broken ankle by PeteD
ESWT used on horses?! by Abby
Vein wrap surgery by Casey H
RFL by monte
lacinate ligament...question by Terry D.
Plantar Spur by Sharon H
Small Fiber Neuropathies by Sharon W
5 Weeks Post ESWT by Molly H
The eyes have it...... by JudyS
Question on contrast baths by Molly H
HELP!! 7 Weeks Post Op & worried! by Danielle
Bunion/Haglund's deformity questions by Bobby D.
How do they get patients for ESWT -Sonocur by Jen L
hard casts for heel spurs by Holly L.
Had RFL Today!!! by monte
heel spurs by Tracy N.
does pf effect the sciatica? by Holly L.
Dansko Shoes by Molly H
TTS? by Dan
Heel bone protrusion at back of foot by Joyce P
Happy Longest Day of the Year! by Kathy G
night splint alternative suggestion by chrisb
Hard casting for PF and HS? by Holly L.
plantar warts by Scott R
Help! What's the next step? by Holly L.
The method of casting by Holly L.
working with tss by cooper
ESWT for Horses by Mary M
toe fusion surgery by SherylW
Dr Ed or Dr Z Need some advice by john h
RE: Peripheral nerve damage by Mar
scottr by carmen h
No pain in the morning - is it PF? by MICHELLE M
tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis by HARRY
update on my situation by Chris A
John H., how's your toe today? by Suzanne D
Carole - catfish and hushpuppies by Suzanne D
I need some advice... by Aly R.
Re: by SherylW
entrapment neuropathy and PF by chrisb
Back from Florida by Richard, C.Ped
Dr. Z by Scott D.
To wendyn by SteveG
Another Report on new orthotics for me by Mahatmelissama
Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms and Treatment by Daniel S.
Physical Therapy by Dorothy
Full time on the feet by D.Thomas
Re: by SherylW
hallux rigidus by Marie
Just had surgery by JennaP
Overlapping toes by Jason C
Re: by Molly H
Sandal besides Birk Arizona for TTS? by Des L.
Insurance coverage by ToFare
I managed to cut my ankle - with a big knife! by Kathy G
Pauline... Muscle Relaxant by CatherineL
Hurt in Little Rock by john h-moderator
Sandal besides Birk Arizona for TTS? by Des L.
To Suzanne by JudyS
scottr by marie
moderator rules by Scott R
Question about ESWT by Elizabeth C.
To: Richard C.Ped by Necee
To: Judy S. by Necee
Hanging questions by Dorothy
Post-op PT--what to expect? by Carol D
bone spur on calcaneal by Jack
Barefoot running as a strengthening exercise by M. Rao
test by JudyS
Thanks John...Pup Pictures by D.Thomas
Doctors Ignoring Guidelines by Sharon W
Considering Tarsal tunnel surgery by Kristen W.
Hard and Painful calluses by Aris L
Plantar faciitis by Ginny H
Rebecca's Heavenly Birks by DianaI
drs ? about stretching by Mary Y
Numbness and bump upper left heel by Charles F.
Dreading surgery yet again by susang
SAS and orthotics by Lori
Test/Photo from Japan by marie
Test#2/Photo from Japan by marie
exostectomy 1st MPJ by Susan N
Question about foot spurs by Rose H.
ESWT after PF release surgury by Holly B
Preception of Pain, another study by BrianG
Plantar Fasciitis wont go away by Leigh J
national do not call registry by Richard, C.Ped
Summer is finally here! by Kathy G
Necee's Photos by JudyS
went to dr today post op by stella
Need some good opinions on treatment by Holly L.
Waiting too long by Angelina H
Ever seen the backside of a smiley? by Pam W
3 months post ESWT; pain returns by Jeanne S
Post Tramatic Heel Tumor by Richard H
heel spur by Kathy D
RE: Which test? by Mar
Severe leg pain.... by rose
Severe Pain!!!! by rose
Had surgery !! by Trish J
Free Reflexology Chart for Women by Tanna P
dress shoe by Morton
Rekha S., are you there??? by Dorothy
nerve entrapment by Dan D.
Taping for pronators by sandy h
plantar fasciitis surgery by Michelle Harrison
Toe & PF by john h-moderator
Re: by john h-moderator
Dr. Z---Shaq by john h-moderator
Fractured heel spur by Vonda V.
Carole C..... by JudyS
Ecco Receptor Shoes by HilaryG
Accupuncture anyone? by Shell D.
Massage after TTS surgery? by Kristi O.
feet&anckle by Linda
WENDY,What the HELL are you guys thinking? by BGCPed
"Cure" for Feet Troubles by Dorothy
How's Monte? by BrianJ
shock therapy for heel spur by Lynne
How can I contract a poster? by Terry Z
Need some advice..... by marie
blood pooling by Doug W.
I'm stretching less and feeling better. by Cyndi T.
NEW nerve cells to replace damaged ones? by Sharon W
Suzanne H or Lee L Anodyne therapy by Terry Z
Carole C. by Necee
Birks vs Dansko by Aly R.
Cool clock by Richard, C.Ped
heel (bottom of feet) by Jeretha H
plantar warts by AndreaR
Heel spur question by Kylie H.
Foot pains by Andrea W.
new medical device by Scott
Thanks for the help by Larry S
Mortons Neuroma by Karin H
Light Force Therapy by Aly R.
Light Force Therapy / LED units by Aly R.
Toe Nail fungus by john h
Numbness in the calf by Kathy G
Necee's cabin.... by JudyS
surgery for heel spur/achilles tendonitis by Denise B
This is just a Thank You note: by monte
2 Weeks Post ESWT by Don
middle facet fibrous talocacaneal coalition by Tammy L
Not TTS afterall... by Jill T.
Summer glory and eye problems by Sharon W
nerve entrap injection-odd result by chrisb
TTS Surgery successes? by Michaeld
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss by Richard, C.Ped
~~~~~~~AMERICA~~~~~~ by Necee
Dansko Liv Shoes by Dorothy
Doctor Ratings by HilaryG
Looking for info on subtalar fusion by jASON
Happy 4th of July! by marie
knot on bottom of foot in arch by LIN
foot surgery by Ela A.
Walking boot was prescribed is this good? by Holly L.
Toe pain and PF by Tom
heel spur? by Melody P
Am I a Candidate for EWST? by HilaryG
A book claiming a cure for plantar fasciitis. by Paul B.
pins and needles by Kelly T
Ruptured Plantar Fasciitis by Taylor S
Should I get another injection in ankle.. by matts
Just noticed plantar fascia pain. Any advice? by Duncan
Nerve split before it enters the tunnel by Terry D.
SAS by Terry D.
Heel spurs by Natalia
Painful Heel! by Brian T.
Just diagnosed with heel spur by Lisa V.
heel pain to much to bare by Sue.M
Tammie, how are you? by Suzanne D
constant heel pain by sabrinaw
What do I do? by McKee
Plantar fasciitis and solo canoe by Scott K
Heel Spur Shock Wave Treatment by Janet W.
small lump on foot by Donna
computer by curtis
plantar fasciitis by Sally S
Is this for real? or not? by lara
Beaches and Dial-Ups by JudyS
Flat Feet by Shea D
neuotrin??? by stella
Pain Higher & In Back of Foot by ArtR
Raynaud's??? by Kathryn B.
vein wrap question by Casey H
I am in!!!!!!!!!! by Pam W
RE: Fat Pads by Mar
Colorado Rockies....baseball anyone. by marie
surgery next week by Lee H
Ruidoso.....anyone? by Necee
Contributions to this Message Board by Sunny Jacob
Mortons Neuroma by Joni T
Light Therapy "Pioneers" by Dorothy
aching knee by Holly L.
cortizone injections by billy b
Paranoid about new pain... by Aly R.
Had My Surgery by rose
work boots by BevN.
Had the surgery. by Tammie
Democrats Kill Medical Malpractice Bill by Sharon W
haglunhd's deformity and surgery by paulmc
Calcaneus Heel Spur by Ivey L.
Torn ligament in ankle by Kristen Z.
EPF - by Lynn S
New Toronto ESWT Clinic by Cori L
New Blood Test May Help Diagnose MS by Sharon W
Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) by Sharon W
charlatans vs. new alternatives by lara
Drug costs, and the prescription drug bill by Sharon W
cortisone diagnostic question by chrisb
Been free of PF pain since last Nov by Kelly C
encouraging stretching study results by Bill S
Swelling---- 5 weeks post-surgery?? by Carol D
PF / Neuroma / Entrapment / Ligament by Bill Wood
Surgery and Pain by Zane U
Sale at Footsmart.com by Aly
Oaub after Treatnebt by Tony G
Am I streaching right? by Lynne C.
Aly...a note for your boss by Scott R
Orthotics areworking for me by Bob R
Bursitis by Tony G
ESWT and Aetna denying claims by Elizabeth C.
Haglund's Deformity by Morgan W
For John H by Kathy G
Sleeping in walking boot? by Holly L.
Plantar Fascia and Celiac disease by Jennifer L
planter fasciitis by joyw
2 months post op by cooper
Dateline has a segment on at 8:00 tonight. by marie
heel pain by William L W illiford
a real cure that works by rick b.
for Bev... by Suzanne D
I gotta tell ya by Fred H
Will I make it worse? by McKee
Update on my brother's retina transplant by marie
Update by rose
Allergic to Ibuprofin by Lori
Osatron by Lori W.
Heel pain with orthotics by Lori W.
Zcoil shoes by Donna JBR
bone spurts by lara
TENS for PF by Bob P
a real cure that works by rick b.
sandals allowing me to wear my orthotics by Kate J
orthotripsy??? by anne
My latest attempt to cure PF... by Rachael T.
Another "shoe!" to try!! by Rachael T.
MRI vs ultrasound by chrisb
question about TTS return after surgery by Pam S.
Hi ya'll .... I need some help by Pam S.
Bottom of the foot heal pain by Brenda C
after surgery by Terri C
hypermobile big-toe joint by nancy sc
magnectic therapy for heel pain by nelson rodriguez
FOR THE DOCTORS: ? about plantar worts by Sharon W
18 month Post surg question by AKC
dont know what to do? by stella
physical therapy by Lori W.
Back Pain....foot pain....etc....etc... by Necee
john h by john h
plantar fasciitis by Damon S.
Shoes Following Surgery by rose
bottom of foot hurts but it's not the heel by Chris S.
Born shoes by Terry D.
FOR THE DOCTORS: TTS recurring by Pam S.
bone spurs on both heels by Jeanie R.
PT by Annette W
PF by Annette W
Complications of pf and tts by D Sharp
Neurontin Controversy -- just who is hoaxing? by Sharon W
This a good one by BGCPed
TTS surgery. by Nasim A
testing for tarsal tunnel by Lynne C.
16 days post operation by rob f
staples out by Tammie
Heel Pain by Judy R
I broke my leg and... by Lindsay G
foot pain by Billy
plantar fasciitis by Michael L
Veterans Hospital by john K
saw the dr. by cooper
How to Handle Swimming? by ShelleyK
Clubfoot by Rhonda C
Enjoy...the year was 1903 by marie
Tony Blair's speech to Congress by Dorothy
How's Monte? by BrianJ
Is ESWT ineffective for plantar fasciitis? by Jan Rompe
Dr Kiper's SDO's by Pete
Question for Dr.Z or Dr. Ed by Lynne C.
Arches by Brian W
~~~~Have a great weekend ya'll~~~~ by Necee
Cause & Effect by Bill Wood
For the Doctors... by Aly
no meds for me by stella
To Bev by Kathy G
Flying after surgery... by rose
going barefoot by Rebecca R
Increased violence by john h
9 1/2 weeks post ESWT and a QUESTION by Molly H
foot massage with foot trainers by Lori W.
Anodyne Therapy - Worked! by Lee L
vacation/family reunion by Ed Davis, DPM
This is related to John's post about violence by Kathy G
foot/toenail by Taylor
PF and ESWT Asprin-Free by Mark H.
Good News by rose
Good News by rose
big toe pain by Tamra Gaches
ortho tripsy shokwave by C Palermo
Eswt a second time by T.J.
for Karin concerning Birk soft footbeds... by Suzanne D
Doppler ultrasound by Pete
Getting a bit of my life back... by Aly
LED update by Aly
Breaking in my new Danskos by Aly
Need Advise by Terry Z
This is related to John's post about violence by Dorothy
broken bone in foot??? by daisy t
I've had it! by CarolAnn B.
plantar faciitis by joan P.
STRANGE question... by Suzanne D
torn ligament in foot by annie b
My DIY treatments by Larry R.
Exercising after TTS surgery by LORRAINE A.
Pre-treatment of ESWT. by Phyllis M
Working out... by CarolAnn B.
Bad Heel Pain! by Beth.L.
knucklepads by Kinda S.
Instep and joint pain in feet by Peter O
Monte follow-up by BrianJ
Broken toe by john h
MIG-15 by john h
14 weeks post eswt...moderate arch pain by rekha.s
Ossatron: Better Sooner than Later? by Bill M.
Something really strange going on at UNH by Kathy G
Taping by merci
Petition for fair treatment of women in pain by Sharon W
Orthotics made for tarsal tunnel syndrome. by Bruce
Does anyone know Dr. Dellon's success rate? by Bruce
Pain from Tarsal Tunnel? by David
Curious by BrianJ
ESWT and Achilles Tendonitis by Duston S.
Pop up blockers by Richard, C.Ped
Am I out of options? by Dee D
taping heel and/or arch for PF by Merci
New PF'er. First post-help with Birkenstocks by Dermot
for Dorothy - about stretching... by Suzanne D
Explanation of procedure by Donna M.
Need some Advice. by Sandra D
? for drs about arch and ankle pain by Mary Y
best stretches for achilles tendonitis by Mary Y
night splints by Curt B.
plantar with a slight tear by nelson r
Holy Cow I'm 35 today!!!!!! by Richard, C.Ped
Comfort food by R C
Insurance Denied - eswt by Zane U
Question for John h by Kathy G
Please assit me in my struggle. by julie.c.
bad arch and foot pain by jennifer h
TTS by Mike M
Should I have an injection?? I'm scared!! by athena
Skiing Injury, im 18 by Andrew
second time ESWT by Rosemary
Short-term increase in pain after Sonocur ? by Dean H
crushed foot injury treatment? by korene t
security certificate expired? by Scott R
What a trip to town! by Suzanne D
Cannot move toes by sarah
What's going on? by Holly L.
Plantar fascitis by Cindy B
stretching for achilles tendonitis by Mary Y
Carmol -- docs by Mar
heel pain by Barbara S
MSM w/ Glucosamine? by lara
MSM w/ Glucosamine by lara
HELP! Reinjured after stretching by Karin
tempur-pedic by Rachael T.
Ronco Rotesserie by john h
Jaimee Brumbly by marie
middle facet coalition? by N Davidson
Never forget by Dr. Z
Tempur pedic insoles & shoes by Rachael T.
Chronic Foot Problems by john K
DR ED, how was your vacation? by Sharon W
A comfortable shoe for problem feet? by JoAnn
~~~~How I spent my Summer Vacation~~~ by Necee
DR Z YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!! by JOHN P
heel pain and club foot by MelissaW
safe stretching for PF by Buck T.
Do you get a lot of headaches? by Sharon W
Lateral pain after PF Surgery. by chris
inserts for sandals by Bobbie D.
Re: Neurontin by Kathy G
going for cortosone thur july 31st by robert harris
running and fasciitis by Katherine K
Softwalk shoes? by JoAnn
I had a bizzare day yesterday..... by marie
Severe foot pain by Peter O
ESWT Trials in NYC ending soon by Aly
Great little massage aid by Aly
question about toe shortening surgery... by April S.
Tight Neckties Linked to Glaucoma Risk by Sharon W
Egoscue Pain Free and related Questions by Dorothy
compression socks ?? by stella
Does PF cause pain in the back of the heel? by john v.
Free Computerized Pronation Test by Dr Kiper
Mortons neuroma by Cameron H
Medicine Patch post ESWT by Jen L
John and others - Re: Kudzu by Kathy G
can orthotics fit in birkenstocks by heather a
anterior drawer test by lenore
arch pain and foot pain by jenna p
Recovery Timeline????? by rose
Plantar Fibroma by GeriD
Orthodics after surgery???? by rose
garden and outside house shots by marie
Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Donna M
What shoe provides the best stability? by Donna M
Custom-flex insert by D.Brumble
Plantar fasciitis by Angie
what shoes do you all where w/ orthotics by heather a
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