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question for LEE by joan
lee--- by joan
oops! by joan
Answer for Joan-orthotics paid for by Lori
Re: Vioxx by to Joan:
plantar fasciitis by rekha in fremont,ca
SAS shoes by Karen
Comments about your suggestions by Sarah
Running vs. walking shoes by Joanna
Relief of Heel Spur pain by Hanne
Swelling Behind Ankles Anyone? by Kimbe
Which stretching? by Wendy
good to hear! by Maura
Re: lack of sleep? by Lee
Re: Surgery - Tarsal Tunnel Release by wendy2
What helped me by Mary Ann
could you be more clear? by michael
where do I find SAS shoes ?? by John H
No pain for the first time in months! by Selina
Re: Surgery - crutches/recovery by wendy2
Tell me More about cutting breads and pastas by Renee
"Knock-knees" by wendy2
Lasar surgery by Mary Ann
further comments for Lou and Beth and others by Sarah
Roberta by Sarah
To: Lou re Atkins by Lee
Re: Read my post below by What about caffeine?
Re: Quality Sleep Technology by Paul
Here's a posture book for you by Kara
Okay, maybe. by Roberta
PF by Pat
Re: Paul/sleep deprivation by Pat
Not all PF sufferers need to loose weight by Gordon
Caffeine by Sarah
What if. . . . . by Carol E.
SAS Address & Phone # by Laura
Answers by wendy
No offense taken, but for your info. . . . by Carol E.
By the way Wendy. . . . by Carol E.
Better Sleep - a brief description by Paul
Can orthotics cause PF? by Helene
just testing by scott
Bromelain report by Robin
I used Pancreatin Enzyme from Vitamin Shoppe by Sarah
Glucosamine is a component of cartilage... by Raleigh
To Michael: Endoscopic vs. invasive surgery by Trish
Diet & our feet by Lee
Piroxicam cream by kelus
Positives!! by laurie
SAM-e helped more by Sandra Z
fibromatosis/Dupuytren's contracture/heredity by joan
Re: Positives!!- To Laurie: by Nanct T.
Thanks Nancy! by laurie
Dr said PF... nm by Karen
Way to go, Lee! by Raleigh
Metatarsal soreness by Raleigh
Celebrex by Fast Eddy
Dressy shoes with ortho's??? by Judy
Re: vioxx by Martha B.
my Vioxx update by joan
Re: Lee by joan
11 hours working by Lee
surgery + 48 hours by John
NOPE! n/t by Carol E.
Re: my Celebrex/Vioxx update by Fast Eddy
Give these treatments a chance to work! by Raleigh
"Welcome" aboard the Pain Train by Raleigh
To John and Yoko by Alex
hip pain by ann
John-in-a-cast by michael
John and Yoko - that's good by wendy2
Re: Celebrex-Bea-long message by joan
Orthotics and New Balance by JaneK
Walking on outside of your foot by wendy2
For Women PF sufferers only by Dannielle
Removable Arch Pad by Vicki
Good Source Book by John
Number after the post-observation by Paul
Finally pain free with Arch Braces by Dawn Augustyn
Re: The purpose of Cox-2 inhibitors (long) by Robin
Vitamin C and ears ringing by Alicia
My ears ring when I have stress by Gordon
I believe too much aspirin... by VioletD
Arthrotec by Lori
Sports with brace? Bracemaker-company? by Per, DK
To Vicki and Others :Personal Trainer Update by Sarah
More by Sarah
overdoing it! by joan
john by joan
Slowed down - pain returned. by Letty
What do I have? by Kelly
Tennis. by Eddie
Bea by joan
Anyone tried MSM? by Raleigh
Plantar fibromatosis? by Raleigh
Sounds like ''BIG BROTHER'' to me. by CrabbyAss2
No, but I've tried..... by joan
Re: insurance billings by Robin
One week and counting by John
TO VICKI: Re: Removable Arch Pad by kelus
Jenn here again with more Orthotripsy results by Jenn
Re: Here's the info in the bracemaker company by Dawn Augustyn
To Cliff Sanderson by JaneK
Shoe Shopping by Lynn
Arcopedico Shoes, Chaco Sandals? by john a
Heel Spurs & PF by Lorraine
test by scott
Cliff S. by Concerned Citizen
PF and GI disorders? by john a
Help! by Dawn Stosch
Frozen water bottles by Bobette
Re: TO Kelus Re: Removable Arch Pad by vicki
Where are the email addresses? by Kimbe
DMSO Information by Susan W. Linden
Dansko Clogs by Cory
e-mail addresses cause spam by Lori
Surgery for spurs and PF by Lori
Hey, I'm the hairsylist Lee ! by Lee
YES to PF by Lee M.
Wanda, It's a different Lee ! by Lee M.
Bobette, it's a different Lee. by Lee M.
To Jane K by Lee M.
How can I exercise to lose weight w/PF? by Eileen K.
Stegmann Wool Clogs, Mens by john a
Still on low carbs..... by Lee M.
Both with socks and without. nm by Raleigh
Grouchy gut and PF pain correlation- YES! by Raleigh
Sorry, but Welcome Aboard the Pain Train by Raleigh
We all sympathize, "New Lee"! by Raleigh
Bromelain, Pancreatin by JaneK
Carbs--how much? by Lou
Pain and Anxiety by Vicki
Mornings Suck... by Ivy
Sorry! Didn't mean to nag... by Raleigh
Stretch in bed before you get up... by Raleigh
Acupuncture, nutrition and plantar fascitis by Anne
Are You Ever Cured? by Anne
walking cast by Linda
Stretching by Lynda
oh now, smile Paul by crabbyass2
Green tea? by sue
Life Extension Foundation????? by Susie
to Lee H. by Lee M
Lorraine - about Birks by Jenny Lewis, London, UK
Surgery by Cory
To Sue from Raleigh- magnets! by Raleigh
OOPS ! by Lee M
vicki to Lorraine by vicki
Green Tea by Roberta
Jane Brody's Column by Sally
Thanks Raleigh by Sue
Thanks, Sally by Scott
Some people do get over it by Sue
TOE PAIN by Karen
Re: Oh, I see, Thanks for the info. by Kimbe
Hey, Lee!!! by Carol E.
What helped the most... by Lee M.
Finding a cure by Lee M.
Re: Fat Fast by Lee M.
To: Sue by Lee M.
Re: Green Tea and caffeine by iris
Meetings with no coffee by Raleigh
caffeine and cysts by Raleigh
You know you have PF when ... by john a
off topic by joan
sutures out surgery + 10 days by john
Stretching etc. ideas by Raleigh
Let's reconsider by Robin
Aerosole Shoes by Jane
Here is my 2 cents for what it's worth by Sarah
new orthodics...do shoes really matter... by Julie C.
Leave the cups alone by Lori
Chiropractic for your feet by Lori
shower by John
Burning/tingling or dull pain? NEW SURVEY by Scott
Dull pain in heel, worse in am and late pm by Lynn
Cobbie Cuddlers at K Mart by Lori
Burning in AM and late pm by Lori
Plantar fasciitis surgery complications by Trisha
dull pain entire foot worse in morning by michael
looking at the whole picture by Kara
Lower Back Problems and PF by Nancy T.
To Carol E. Thanks for the page # by Lee M
I definitely notice... by VioletD
Dull pain, not worse in the morning. Runner. by Per,dk
From Anne to Anne by Anne
to Roberta by Anne
What type of stretches can I do for my PF? by Eric
Vioxx update by Martha B.
After effects of cortisone injectiosn by Louise
You know you have PF when ... by Scott
Dynamold Slippers by JaneK
you know you have PF when: by Margot
i have heel spursorpf.. by sherry
Orthotripsy: what is it? by Lori
Morning pain by Ivy
Neuroma? by Raleigh
I am in total agreement... by VioletD
Speaking of Money, by john a
Request for enhancement to Scott by john a
To Jane K and pancreatin enthusiasts by Robin
Wow! Thanks for the input! by Raleigh
Sounds like this might be it? by Raleigh
Pain and accupuncture by Lori
For VioletD by Kara
Thank you for the suggestion... by VioletD
Good luck to you, Scott! by Raleigh
Burning pain--worse in am and in late evening by Dawn
I'm looking for shoe recommendations, please. by Eileen K.
Re: Value versus advertising by Robin
picture by John
Robin said it very well by Sue
to ann by Kara
A word of CAUTION and a Question by wendy
Re: to Kara by ann
Please don't ever think... by VioletD
cam boot by John
Re: Weight bearing after surgery? by Jane B.
AMEN!!!!! by Laura
john PF and Tarsal Tunnel surgery picture by scott
Glitch? by Ivy L
Glitch fixed. by Scott
test by scott
I'm a vegi by Kara
Ibuprofen Cream by Nancy T.
test by Scott
question.. has anyone felt this... by jennh
Re: to Kara by Nancy T.
You know you have PF when .... by scott
To Scott & John by Lee M.
Re: to Nancy T. by Ann G
Numbness and Tingling in Toe by Ann G.
Lo-Carb Success? by Ivy L
Taping with orthotics? by Jan R.
Has low-carb diet NOT worked for you? by Scott R
You're doing a great job and... by Sarah
Headaches... by Sarah
Re: to Ann Re: Physical Therapist by Nancy T.
internet telephone conference for heel pain by scott r
powwow doesn't work for conferencing by scott
speak freely seems to be the one by scott r
no, not speak freely by scott r
exercising by Judy T.
biking by Sarah
To Ivy L by Sue S
PF replaced by tendonitis by Elise
wendy2: question about your TTS by Andrea
Day 18 after surgery by John
Drs. In Memphis, Tn. by Wanda M
Mohez's great Ossatron adventure by Mohez
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrom??? by Trudi L
Pancreatin, Bromelian and Carbohydrates?? by Raleigh
shoes by john h.
Need referral to Docs in Fairfield Cty. (CT) by John Goff
Now everything hurts it . . by Mary Lou M
Me, too . . by Mary Lou M.
Piriformus Exercise by Ivy L
Wish me Luck! by Kelly C
soft birks by wendyn
Ahhh! the wonderful itching!!! by Barb L
Posting message at request of Dr Parsons by Dr. Parsons via Scott
Digestion and pain correlation- why?? by Raleigh
acetic acid ionto by Gina C
Dull pain, not worse in morning, whole arch by Irene in TX
Orhtotripsy-Sept. 17 by Martha B.
week nine since I had the ossatron by Jennh
Re: Orthotripsy-Sept. 17 by Martha B.
Effectiveness of Rest in Treating PF by Jeff D.
winter birks by Maura V
16 weeks after surgery by Lori S
I stayed off my feet for 2 months 3 years ago by Gordon
Birks and orthodics? by caryne
My ankle pain was not TTS by Sue B.
Chiropractic Care and PF by Jeff D.
Recovery! by Erik O
Blood toxins- an interesting connection?? by Raleigh
also had emg (nerve conduction) tests by Elise
orthotics and TTS by wendyn
Re: Birks should be the same by Robin
Sue, Andrea, Elise, Wendy/ Re TTS by Lee M.
Just a few questions... by Lee H
location of pain - tts by wendyn
Teva sandals are "comforting" by Kimbe B.
Alternative to expensive Birks by Scott
To CAROL E (blood toxins, founder, and PF) by Raleigh
wendy2--any news from your Dr. on TTS by AndreaB
Ossatron Update by Becky
Icing DOES work by Lori S
celebrex/sulpha by wendyn
Plantar fasciitus & reflexology by another wendy
Still 95% improved after 2 mos. by Letty W.
Carol E. About I disagree w/ most people by Sarah
Icing and surgery by Lori S
Shoes for work and play by Rod M
Nordic track Ellipse Machine by kevin G
Unhappy Anniversary by BillC
Carpal Tunnel and PF connected? by Scott R
iontophoresis with dexamethasone by Scott R
Easy Spirit Shoes by Lynn N
But Betsy... by Sarah
Can't live without my orthos! by Lori S
heelspurs by anita l
Low carb diet ,How do they affect PF? by Jennifer J.
Remicade by wanda m
using firetalk for talking by Scott R
To Sarah by Raleigh
Hip/Chiro by YokoS
Was recently diagnosed with PF by Denise C
ibuprofen creme - directions by iris
To Gordon by Sarah
well, finally healing up by laurie m.
Do I Have PF? by KimH
Ankles by Denise B
"Soft" Birkenstocks by wendyn
Different Kind of Diet by Wendy W
Mohez & Martha? by JohnW
Hospital Study by Connie T.
Visco-heel - cheapest where? by Jens R.
Ibuprofen Cream Translation! by Laura G
Sarah, in answer to your question below--- by Carol E.
Thanks for the insight- by Sarah
Prolotherapy? by LucyM
Anti-inflammatories - a word of caution by wendyn
Drug Free non-invasive relief by Paul
4 weeks by john h
Partial PF release surgery question by john a
MSM Nutritional Supplement?? by Julie M.
trying cam-walker by Caryne
Driving by wendyn
Partial PF release surgery question by el j
Re: 4 weeks..oops! by El J
Using Firetalk for heel pain discussions by Scott R
Re: Bromelain dose by Mary Ann S
Fat Pad Syndrome by Paul
Chinese traditional medicine by Gordon
how do you find out if you have it? by Gordon
I'm not going to remove message board! by Scott R
Re: A different perspective by Robin B.
Well said, Robin by Wendy W
I agree. I prefer the message board. by Sue B
Calves are so tight help!!!!! by Wanda M
PF & numbness in toes by Kathy W.
MethylSulfonylMethane by Raleigh
Standing hurts, not walking (for me) by Paul F
Orthotripsy Sept. 17 by Martha B.
How much Bromelain? Robin or anyone? by Sue B.
Low Carbs ? by Lee M.
Arthrotec/Feldine by Lori S
Acupuncture by melanie
question about PF and shingles-long one by Jennh
ankle arthritis by joan
Age group? by Thomas J
Ex-military PF sufferers? by Thomas J
new orthotics & vitamins by Alison
Amount of Bromelain to take? by Sue B.
shoes, shoes and more shoes by julie p
Re: Practical advice for fat-pad-problems by Per, Dk
Capsaicin cream nightmare by Lee H
ohhhh yeah! by laurie m.
Ossatron by Dr. Simon P
shoes, shoes and more shoes by el J
bone scans by Caryne
I need some opinions... by Sara
Recovery for this runner by AlanS
Running shoes by Joanna
Going out on a limb here!!!! by AndreaB
Glucosamine by Maggie OB
Another appeal to try voice conferencing by Doug P
Active release therapy by Sue C
Anyone have relief with a walking cast? by Denei L.
Non burning capsacin by john h
35 day update by john h
innersole by lisa z
Mohez's great ossatron adventure by MOHEZ
Orthotripsy Sept.17 by Martha B.
what kind of doctor? by julie p
What is orthotripsy and ossatron??? by Lee H
heel spurs by Jennifer
essential oils to treat P.F. by Heather S.
Orthotripsy July 17 by Jennh
PF and arthritis by alex H
Any Advice? by Beth D.
Website explains ART by Sue B.
PF sufferer by RandyB
Do some homework by Alison
Re: yes, a little by Robin B.
Surgery by Lori S
Response to SMRFON2@aol.com by Betty M
I've had PF for about... by VioletD
Jane!!!! Re: bone scans by kelus
chiropractics for heel spurs/planta fascitis by katy s
Plantar fasciitis by Harold H
Carbs Revisited by Lou
Need advice-new PF sufferer in Miss. by Viola B.
featherspring orthotics by Linda G
Which program-Lou and Gorden, please read. by Beth D.
Heel Pain by mardi B.
Sorry, just reread your post by Sue B
P F by Margo D
SAM-e by john h
Re: P F and western foot wear by Yvonne S
Anyone have info about iontophoresis? by Lee H
Need help deciding.... by Denise O
update-good news by Andi K
What hardware do you do need? by Sue B.
Finally found a sandal that is helping by Elise K
To Dawn A.: Re: Arch Braces by Nancy T.
Ossatron by Simon P
to Caryne by Jane N
Do you know another language? by scott r
To those who received ossatron treatment by Doug P
Pain on both sides of my heel up my ankle by Judy T.
Healing with Heel Cushion by John H
Night splints Any help?? by Sue C
protein problems by Robeta
Orthotics by Lori S
Success with permanent Magnets by Warren C
p f by mike a
permanent disability for p f ? anyone know ? by mike a
Nightsplints at $45.00 by Sue B
The Strassburg Sock by Sue B
humor by john h
Birks!! by Denise O
Does anyone get better? by Stuart B
Pregnancy and PF? by RebeccaB.
shoe inserts/arch supports for casual shoes by Viola B.
Birks by Viola B.
Shoes by ShelbyA
ossatron update!!! by suzi
7 week followup by john h
twelve weeks since my orthotripsy by jennh
Acupuncture.. by Denise O
Golf ball for massage by Tomkat
Re: Tennis ball works too for massage by Jan R.
Stuart - Yes! Believe it or not!! by laurie m.
Open Surgery by NoreenG
Question for Simon P by Sue B.
New member says "Thank You!" by Stan B
NBC by john h
You know you have PF when ... by john a
Update by Chris B
Stretching: best stretches yet by maureen d
Magnetic shoe inserts? by Mary S.
Twelve weeks since Orthotripsy by Jennh
Conservative Treatment by Darlene W.
Bone Scan by Darlene W.
Pain Companions!!!! by Mary S.
Exercises... by Denise O
jenn--a quick question by joan
injections by lisa k
Heelspur...? by Bradley Barth
5 months post surgery by Lori S.
NEW Treatment!!!!!!! by Karen S
ossatron by john h
Hello ChrisB by BillC
Interferential Current For Treating PF by Mike
Stretching after surgery by Lori S
Loss of toe movement from surgery? by Lori S
Walking as Exercise - - Good or Bad?? by Georgiana G.
studies in the US by kellyc
Mohez-Oct.15th Ossatron by Martha B.
Re: Softer shoes with inserts made by Birk by Elise
Ooh, my foot HURTS... by Maggi
Thanks by Brad B
I thought I had it bad! by Suz R.
Exercises works by Lyndel
Don't waist your time with magnetic inserts! by Lyndel
Recurrence of PF by Lori S
Best shoes for heal spur by Susannah C.
rheumatologist finally got it!! by KarenK
Heel spur pain by Nick I
ossatron by john h
Re: If I had a hammer...............:o) by joan
Back to exercise and what kind by Vonnie K
Is MRI useful ? by Dan W
does weight-loss help? by rekha s
what kind of orthodics? by Caryne
Karen K by Hanne J
Dry running shoes/birks in snow/rain by Rosalind
PF - the musical! by Jenny Lewis
ossatron and running by jeenh
Re: P.S. Excuse me!! by YokoS
Any Advice....!!! by Barb H.
Just had the Ossatron done by mohez
Plantar fasciitis cure by Harold H.
Cross country skiers by Rosalind
Suffering the PF Pain by LauraD
Inserts and New Balance Shoes by Rick L.
Birkenstocks by Beth D.
just got back from my rugby game by jennh
allergic to tape - need an alternative by Viola B.
Mephisto Shoes!! by Barb H.
Back Again and having pain......the weather? by SharonH
Ossatron and bone scan by Doug P
Trish..(Edmonton) Mephisto Shoes by Barb H.
Message for Dan w by Mohez
ABSOLUTELY!! by melanie
Ibuprofen on backorder and... by Sarah
Thanks for telling us about the article by Sue B.
rest didn't help me-made me worse by rekha s
the longer u wait, the worse it gets by rekha s
Reebok Cross-Trainers by Barb H.
Frustration/Confusion by Cindy S.
OssaTron Heel Pain Syndrome Feasibility Study by john h
Elavil by wendyn
scott/ossatron by john h
Re: other approaches by Robin B.
To Robin by Mary Ann
I had my treatment in St. Louis today!! by kellyc
What's a nurse to do with Plantar Fasciitis? by Becky R.
Can Ankle Sprain Lead To Heel Spur Syndrome? by Steve P
Another Night Splint Price by Sue B.
Tarsal tunnel? by Constance
Acuvibe has worked for me, to some degree. by Dan W
thanks for your input by rekha s
help by Gary Martin Bledsoe
Naot Shoes by Bill
Tape works! by John B
Scott/Ossatron/Support by Lori S
Can jobs cause PF? by Lori S
Good Days & Bad Days? by Lauren B.
Pain is not in my heal by Lauren B.
Pain is not in my heal by Lauren B.
cortisone by Jennifer K
taping instructions by Debi M.
RE: 2 days after treatment by kellyc
TO MARTHA !! by kellyc
OssaTron by john h
Results of Bone Scan by D. Wade
Oil of Oregano by Lauren B.
recovering from PF? by Viola B.
Bone Scan results not good by Doug P
Scott, about the ossatron debate by Dan W
over-pronation of left foot by rekha s
Re: yes, I am by Robin B.
Robin B. -Re: yes, I am by Cindy S
recovering from pronation by Kara m
Low Dye technique pictures by Scott R
Celebrity PF sufferers by JeffreyT
Re: cortisone, Dear Joan by Dan W
Rupture? by Dan W
Heel Supports that Help! by Becky R.
more ques re: Ossatron & Toronto vicinity by rekha s
heel spur pain gone by Lee M.
Mole Skin by Kara M
ultrasound by john h
Surgery Success! by Nancy D
Contact name for St. Louis by kellyc
HealthTronics/Ossatron by john h
allmost cured! by Per, dk
Ossatron Debate - Healthtronics input by johnw
Accupuncture and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by wendyn
Re: DAN by joan
surgery cured me by Susan D
Ossatron and Supplements by Mohez
Results of other machines by Rosalind
If you have PF, what should a bone scan show? by Darlene W.
Questions for Birk wearers (like me!) by Robin B.
Goodbye! What cured me (long) by Sandra Z
I've decided to become a hermit!!! by Lee H
Re: DAN Thanks Joan by Dan W
I'm not alone! by Marianne G
Just Diagnosed and Sad.. by Kelli G
Wendy N. - please read by Darlene W.
Mephistos by lynda
Ossatron questions by Lee H
FYI - Birkenstock Ontario at a low price by john a
Vioxx has been a miracle for me..... by Judy T.
To Jennifer K, about Marine Corp Marathon by YokoS
Questions re Vit C by Mohez
Re: Removal of Canadian machines by Mohez
Mephisto Socks by Bea K
lee! by laurie m.
More cheap Birkenstocks? by john a
Ninety day cure: 30mi/wk. Runner. by W.C.
Re: Some Birks seem different than others. by Robin B.
To Jennh, Martha, and Mohez by Dan W
Re: Dan re: ossatron by Mohez
Ultrasound results not good by Doug P
Calcium supplements by Beth D.
help-- do my symptoms match your cure? by alan k.
To Jenn, Martha, and Mohez by Dan W
PF pain seems worse in damp/cold weather by rekha s
I Need Advice on Working with PF by Becky R.
Epsom salt by Kara M
squash by david b
electricity treament by david b
Re: squash (or golf) by Bill P
I got PF from a flu. by alan k.
Should I rest my feet? by Reb L.
Ossatron week 2-right heel by Mohez
Ossatron - left heel by Mohez
Plantar Fasciitis Beginner by Libby
PF monster by wendyn
is there any treatment I have missed? by Kris C
Are orthotics needed with Birkenstocks? by Louise G.
Any Encouraging News? by Libby
Is PF a disease or an injury? by Mark
Not yoga too?!?!?!? by wendyn
Re: Message to Dan by Becky R.
For all Birkenstock fans by YokoS
Bike Riding by Libby
Pods by alan k.
Re: Bike Riding - high heels by el j
Blue Bootie got rid of my PF by Jack W.
10 yr. old w/PF by Kim V.
A New Cure and Massage Device by Scott R
TTS - will be a long one by wendyn
How to do the foot massage? by Sue B.
Arch Braces have helped some.... by Nancy T.
Blue Bootie - Does my insurance cover? by Libby
shopping by wendyn
Shoes and Orthotics by Mark
Birkenstock shoes on E-bay by Libby
my first Ossatron treatment by michael s
my first Ossatron treatment - other comments by michael s
Birkenstocks by Libby
thanks wendyn by alan k.
diet and exersize by alan k.
Ossatron vs. surgery by michael s
TTS - the continuing saga by wendyn
PF surgery , My long term result knee surgery by Jane B.
to Mohez by michael s
Just a Question by Debbie M
stress by wendyn@cadvision.com
Doc suggests injections... eek! by StepTeach R
exersize vs. rest by alan k
general feeling by Cameron M
going out of town for awhile by Scott Roberts
Re: Andrea, Thank you. by Yoko S
Celebrex for heel pain by vicki f
Prednisone by Jan
fda by rekha s
Orthotics /Inserts by Bill
knee exersize. by alan k
can I sue my stupid doctor? by alan k.
Which One John A? by VickiJ
I should have asked before... by Vicki J
Injections???? by Melody
Maalox with athletic tape by Reb L.
not should I, but can I by alan k.
Glucosomine/chondroitin by Pamela W.
success story from plantar F by venoris
ossatron on second foot by michael s
The exersizes that help/helped you. by alan k.
Mohez's great ossatron adventure by Mohez
Gordon's diet by alan k
I had acupuncture treatment today by rekha s
Prednisone for autoimmune disorder by rekha s
Heel spurs by Judy M.
First thing in the AM... by SusieKew
Not sure if I have PF??? by Steph P.
16 weeks since my ossatron by Jennh
Any runners out there with PF? by Annette G
flatfooted & Birks? by Viola B.
Get another acupuncturist by Rosalind
Running? I can't imagine... by SusieKew
One week since 2nd orthotripsy on right heel by Duane E
Lauren B - re: Winter birks by Sharon H
To Bobette: by Lee M.
Massage Device / Hand Massage / Cure by Lee M.
To: Becky R. by Lee M.
FYI ultrasound by Lee M.
Running After P.F. by Leon L.
Re: Yes, you can run again! by John C.
Need Advice Before Purchasing Shoes! by Marti C
Thank you so much for the incouragment by Annette G
Message for Lee M. by Melody
My post from last week on running by AndreaB
To: Melody by Lee M.
Massage Device by Rosalind
Anywear Website by Jane N.
Will Doctor give a Cortisone Shot? by JANET J
Good advice here! by Judy M.
Doctors app tomarrow?????? by Laur R.
Qigong/ Chi Kung: without standing? by alan k
cortisone - the debate by wendyn
Opted Out on Cortisone Shot - Massager OK? by Janet J
Stretch stretch stretch by Judy M.
Hello Stuart! by Melody
To Laur R re: What's a bone scan by Jane N
Has casting helped anyone? by Lee H
Anyone had Ultrasound as a Treatment? by Becky R.
Yes, it really helps by Rosalind
To Marti C by Lee M.
Re: Pancreatin plus other things by Robin B.
Hi, UK sufferers by Jenny Lewis
twinge-- still trying to decide about TTS by alan k
update by john h
What is Ossatron? by Stuart B
LEF: Ibuprofen scam??? by melissab
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Do you have any journal articles? by Scott R
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. by scott
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