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Fat pad in wrong place? Dr. Wander by Jim
Get your voice heard TTS Poll... by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Dr Wander comments on this by Dave
Morton's Neuroma by DFellner
2 questions by Dave
Dr. Z...while were at it... by MariaM
tired feet? by slowdive
heal pain by Dot M
Foot Cramps by john
heel spurs by THIMBLEGAL
Chronic PF by john king
Pain Pain Pain by Lisa
Dr. Kiper Orthotics by AmberK
Dr Wander help! by Randy
custom orthotics by Randy
Heal the heel by Dave
tts by Donna J. N.
Wondering by Lisa
Sonorex sonocur treatment? by ianm
Injections for pain relief by Snug
Question for Dr.Sanfilippo about ART by Melissa H.
pain associated with steroid sensitivity? by kconnell
Has anyone tried Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Is Iontrophoresis painful? by Jane
Scott R by Dorothy
Googling Like Mad by Lisa
Study in progress by john h
My jaunt to NC by Kathy G
Richard CPed...Pls. advise me! by Rachael T
Is this what I have? by Michelle H
Airwalks by Kathy G
what could it be? comments please by LV
a little concerned by Monica K
To John H about Ken Lay by Buck T.
Update on my foot by Nicole
Hi Necee and Suzanne! by carmen h
Airwalks at Payless Shoes by Pam
Dr Z Dr Wander by Steven
Orthotics by Don
Drs please answer- ?on lateral foot pain by Lisa
Happy Feet!? by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
plantar fascia release by Phil B
Birkenstock or Birkenstock-type Shoes by Gimpygranny
FtEfx Orthodics vsustom Made Orthodics by Gimpygranny
test by Bryan w
Ten Peeves that Dogs Have About Humans by Denise
Life Is......... by Denise
Married Life by Denise
The Value Of A Drink by Denise
Suzanne D by Kathy in Ky
Non weight bearing by Kevin
oops- Scott- Please delete my duplicates by Kathy in Ky
shoes/hiking by sebastian
Finally, I am getting my orthotics! by autumn
Is anyone taking amatriptaline? by kconnell
Drs. What is ART? by kconnell
Dr Wander can help by Kevin
This Is Funny!!!!! by Denise
Aspirin and ESWT by MJM
Surgery tomorrow by Meg s
Post surgery pain by Ardis
Physio Therepy?? by Lisa
Something that works for me.. by Machiv
Dr Wander Best orthotic by Kevin
podiatrists in california by Mike
Cryo updates - Monte & JB by Jen R
Why is the nerve pain increasing? by kconnell
Fibro? by Kris
PF and inversion tables? by Tina
PF and morning pain for the doctors by Julie
LEDs by Julie
foot casts for Planters fasciiutus? by janineR
metatarsal pads by peggy
Mild Swollen ankles by AmberK
Shoe's Please by Monica K
Helpful Hints when choosing a podiatrist by judy
Sinus Tarsi - help by Glenn M
new here, doctor prescribed Lyrica by Ruth
Does pain go away for a while then come back? by autumn
Dr. Klipper -- your foot massage question by Buck T.
back of heel bone spurs by wwwlindawww
Something that has worked for me. by Machiv
update. 4 weeks post op TTS and PF by Monica K
Is this true by Monica K
Can Wretching ankle cause tts and pf by Monica K
Drs. surgical clips in brain/ MRI by kconnell
Swollen Ankles by AmberK
calve muscle pain by shakay
Take It To The Bank by john h
Birk Orthopedic shoe by john h
2nd foot surgery in less then 2 months by christy g
corns by Mrs.deede
Dr wander, still looking for a reply by kevin
Taping question by Anita
Cosmetic Foot Surgery by Butterfly
To Dr. Wander by Ralph
EXCITED!! Update on my PF and leg pain by Babe
infected dead muscle by christy g
I Hope by Dorothy
Diagnosed today with traumatic pt in agony by Tbunny
Jen R. by judy
Inpatient patient - Back to training? by Kcoolican
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carole C.! by Suzanne D.
For Dr Goldstein, Dr Wander & Dr Z by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Don't have pf...so what is it?? by Amber K
Don't have pf...so what is it?? by Amber K
NOrmal ultarsound...can i still have pf by AmberK
Newbie looking for answers! by Jeff
Dr Wander/Dr Z by Todd
Cam walker by Kevin
cam walker by Kevin
Lets Swear by Denise
Dr. Wander by Ralph
Am I the youngest to suffer from PF? by winter12480
Lifetime of trouble by Diane
most typical op is EPF today by LV
Heat on calf work for you? by Roger
Shoes other than running shoes? by winter12480
thanks for the support^^ by winter12480
Fasciitis?!? by Angie Y
Lyrica causing plantar fasciitis by BevW
Lyrica by BevW
air heel by aircast? by RobertCarol
Caused by Back or Pinched Nerves in Foot? by Claudia T
Nerve Pain by john king
Cam Walker by Kevin
David W. ...Could it be trapped nerve by AmberK
thermoskin FXT plantar stretch by Kevin
Re: 5 feet surgires witin 9 months by Cathy
Responding to my last message! by Cathy
Gary H by Kevin
Having ESWT by amy
OK my turn for support! by messed up foot
Re: by Dr Ben Pearl
first shot of cortisone by LV
Phil B. how are you doing? by Esther H
Dr wander by Kevin
Inflammation after ganglion surgery by MJ
Stinging around incision. by Monica K
short leg cast by Jack
Happy Birthday Judy S by john h
Compartment Syndrom??? by christy g
stumbling by calla
for those who have had surgery by Ruth
resting for pf by Jerry
bilateral PF by Margaret
alternating orthodics by marie
Humor and doctors not needed! by 3 epf
Pain Relief Pre/Post ESWT by JD
Marathon Runner-How are you doing? by SA
Back pain and TTS by JG
eswt and insurance by AJ
test by Kathy G
had eswt by HM
Current treatments that are helping by Jeff
Dr. Can you answer this? by Mark
Loss of balance Drs by kconnell
Getting H.M.O. approval by kconnell
PF is a pain in the hip by amy
Dr. Kiper's foot massage by Esther H
orthotics by Margaret
Calcaneal Stress Fractures by Eric
Dr Can you answer this ? by Mark
Orthotics are a pain! by autumn
Achilles Tendon Advice by Steve J
the beach? by RobertCarol
DMSO and "garlic" smell by PaulP
LED light therapy with taping by PaulP
best shoes for foot pain by stefani
Does arthritis show in mri by AmberK
Heel pain, what could it be?? by Sheri
Dr Wander by Kevin
TTS and Laser Beam Therapy by kelly l
I also have TTS by Judy in Pa
Julie s Arch Strenghtening by john
Heel pain by Sheri
cryosurgery will it work for me by james c in ky
I'm confused, Dr. Wander by Esther H
fourth metatarsal osteotomy by scotts
Weak foot muscles by AmberK
shoe recommendation for lateral rolling foot by Lisa
toe pull by Jacob
bilateral PF doctors by Jamie
surgeries by Jamie
Message for Dr. Goldstein by DFellner
sports by sports
custom orthotics Dr Wander by Brad
question for Drs. by kelly l
Deformity of toe by Vi
PF Spur surgery by dshow
Hot weather and TTS by Davidb
Getting better after surgery by Martin R
Toe amputation question by Leslie
bilateral PF cortisone injections or casts? by janineR
$600 orthotics by Brad
Dr Wander by Jacob
post ESWT question by amy
Drs. HELP nerve regeneration? by kconnell
Foot Still Swelling?? by Karen S.
Cant take it anymore by Mary
Surgery Ever Necessary by Thomas Best
A Thought by know them
Amtrak traveling with PF & bad hip by Kathy in Ky
To John h by Ralph
Looking for RSD volunteers by Ralph
positive story by Lisa
Is ESWT right for me? by Anne N.
ESWT by Sonja
type of surgery by Sheri M
Dr. Goldstein by stephanie a.
Dr Wander by Larry T
Always Listen to your Dr..................... by Robert Barrett
what's next? by kimmyann
Scott by Tom J
bursitis by Randy
new to board (long) by Amanda P.
Plantar Fasciitis and now ??? by forgop
Birkenstock pacific by Roy P.
To Maria M. by SA
To Amber by SA
Plantar Fasciitis by Mary M
an unusual case of pf by DawnT
DOC Question by john
DR WANDER by Kevin
Negative Comments Posted About Doctors by Kevin
Question for Dr. Z by Elizabeth H.
doctors by Lynn
surgery by Roy P.
Tear at the Navicular Attatchment by Alex W.
Dr's - Please Help by Hank
Julie paid to be moderator by Scott R
New Balance by john h
Feet taken a turn for the worse by autumn
Dr Wander by Todd
to: pathetic by know them
Dr. Z Dr. Wander by Amy
Severe Plantar fasciitis by Deeosf
Dr Wander by Roy P.
interesting site by know them
Sneaker question by amy
walking in sand by bross
Thanks to dr wander by Kevin
Why all the hostility, people? by autumn
toe pain with heel spurs by Dan A.
forefoot valgus, varus by Linda H
forefoot varus, valgus by Linda H
orthotics fitting different shoes differently by Buck T.
Dr Wander by Todd
pf surgery and doctor in my area by babe
Good Feet arch supports by carol
Middle facet coalition by Ann A
sore bump on inner SIDE of heel by tutu
Dr Wander by Lynn
Update on Surgery by Meg S
Avascular Necrosis by Ricky W
Osteochondral Defect by Rob F.
Symptoms of Baxter's Nerve Entrapment? by MariaM
Lump on bottom of right foot by Frank W.
DRS. rapid deterioration by kconnell
Dr Wander what to do by David
cryo docs by Jen R
Increasing time on my feet by indyrose
A reflection by Kathy in Ky
Hi to ALL, I will reply to emails asap... by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
RSD!!! by Rob F.
Time for healing dr wander by David
who is Ralph by curious
Vitamins by Lynn
Fusion of Accessory Navicular by Claudio Fratarcangeli
Finally getting some answers by MariaM
powersteps dr wander by Lynn
Birks by Gimpygranny
driving help by Ruth
bone spur by David
I now belong to the TTS club :-/ by MariaM
Vanished by Ralph
Getting Orthotics Tomorrow and am hopeful by Susan W
Who is responsible for the board? by john h
Pressure on back of thigh make feet throb by Elizabeth
Heel pain with ankle swelling by Michael
Is bilateral TTS rare? by Kris
Painfull place by john
Foot Surgery by T.C.
Jeff...did you try the 'Footballer'? by Roger
RSD IN THE FOOT!!! by kurt
Symptoms of a neuroma by Todd
Dr Wander by Todd
Orthotics from computer readings by Margaret B
Neurologist sending records to neurosurgeon by kconnell
successful surgery by messed up foot
Question for Jeremy L by Margaret B
To Ralph info about Topaz for PF by Elizabeth H.
TTS unwanted! by SusanB
Had More Cryo by Monte
Are Powersteps for PF or TTS? by Janine
Question about medicines by MariaM
Celebrex by Gimpygranny
New Balance by john h
Contracture of the MPJs by Cheryl
Best Short Joke Of The Year by Denise
Letters To God From Children by Denise
Mammogram by Denise
View by john
Reminder of important message board feature by scott r
can TTS be hereditary??? by Judy in Pa
Where is everyone from? by MariaM
Weak Peroneals!!! ATT. Dr.Z by Cheryl
ESWT progress/recovery question by JM
Soft tissue problem (Dr. Wander or Zuckerman) by AmberK
What helped ME!!!! by Kathy L
cortisone by Amanda P.
RE: Sinus Tarsi Syndrome by Susan C
Dr. Wander by Jamie
Need some advice please by DawnT
Jeremy by Amy
Doctors...TTS and scar tissue? by MariaM
needed advice from Jeremy or others by Lisa
TTS- both hereditary and trauma induced !!! by Mary A.
TTS- heriditary or not by Mary A.
Foot Question!!! by Thomas
Foam Inserts by BobV
How is kconnell doing? by Judy in Pa
Shoes - for Dancing & Walking by BobV
Is your town haunted? by Denise
Dr Goldstein by Todd
Spasms in foot!!! by Zach
back to work tomorrow - 7 days post op by messed up foot
Question for Jeremy L by Gimpygranny
Question regarding insurance and cryo by Todd
DPM's on Long Isld/Labs/casting methods by GP4X
more arch support? by messed up foot
post partial plantar fasciectomy pain by messed up foot
Still no doctors trained in Houston? by CLH
Waldies by Dr. David S. Wander
Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery - Need Advice by Glenn M
short term disabilty by Debbie B
ossa tron by rich p
Dr. Goldstein by James
To janineR & Margaret B by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Question for the ladies by MariaM
Jeremy, ever heard of these? by Esther H
Fibromyalgia Victims by cel
crocs waldies mion by Amy
crocs waldies mion ????????? by Amy
Where in the world? TTS Guest Map! by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Plantar Fascitis AND PTT by Jackie
Doctors -- could this have caused my TTS?! by Janine
Post-ESWT pain care by Howard W
tramadol HCL side effects by JG
U.S. Free? Stop falling for propaganda. by scott r
Ice or anti-inflammatory after ESWT? by AON
Question by Ralph
Cute Ones by Denise
13 reasons to Smile by Denise
Dear Kotex ( for the ladies ) by Denise
One more question, Jeremy, sorry! by Esther H
going for 2nd opioion by Judy in Pa
Yellow Posts by Dorothy
A Question for Marie by Dorothy
? for dr wander by Mary
feet pain especially in balls of feet by dutch
question for AmberK by DavidW
Political posts by know them
Heal pain by Sherry
Dr. Z, you used to do MIS PF release by Esther H
Political Posts? by kathy g
hyaluronidase and TTS with fibrosis? by joey
Symptom free days? by MariaM
A news item about sand by Dorothy
plantar fasciitis operation by Geoff
massage for heel spur by Marge H
America by john h
Plantar fasciitis/tendon separation by nikimcn
soccer shoes article - adidas Traxion? by chuck
Post-ESWT pain care by Howard W
EPS 8000 For Pain Relief by john h
not doing so good. by monica k
Putting back a bit of humor on this page by Ralph
To Jeremy: Shoes fitting shape of foot? by Buck T.
Heelspurs gathering....anyone interested? by Necee
TTS and athletes? by MariaM
chronic cases by Mary
Guts Or Balls by Denise
Cinco de Mayo by Ralph
To: God From: The Dog by Denise
Ultra sound by BonnieG
The Curtain Rod by Denise
high fence- big gate by cwk
DRs. help,nerves gone wild. by kconnell
Newbie by Kristin
Whats the best arch slipper for the shower? by Thomas
oil by scott r
Reflexology or Massage for TTS ?? by David
Jeremy question about Aravon sandals by Amy
My Story - Calcaneal Fracture & TTS by Gerry
NSAIDS by Thomas
Dr wander help on this by Don
rigid orthotics by Kevin
Of soccer, shoes and Wayne Rooney by Jeremy L
Maria's Story by MariaM
Happy 4th of July by Kathy G
Ask Dr. Z by Ralph
Berkenstocks by Kim
Just had second surgery plus new diagnoses... by CindyM
painful heel by Sheena Marie
Has anyone tried Quarks instead of Crocs by Gwen
Ultra Sound by john h
Jermey - doc wander by Mary
Jeremy-Are you in Asheville on July 5? by SA
Foot Question!!! by Benny
nerve blocks due they work? by james c in ky
July 4th reflection by Scott R
Judy in PA. Hi from KConnell by kconnell
Cryosurgery for Sinus Tarsi Syndrome by Susan C
How to register by john soljar.
Raleigh, NC? by DavidW
nurse with heel pain. by Chris
American Flag by john h
Post surgerical pain?? by CindyM
Book Recommendation by Dorothy
deep transverse metatarsal ligament by Scott S
To F.S. - question about your TTS by Elizabeth H.
ankle wrap? by Julie
ART after PF release? by Lisa
heel spur by Gayle LeMaire
John H by Dorothy
Nerves keep firing by Bugsy Boo
Discovery Health Channel by MariaM
heel spurs AND use of Verapamil by Kathy h
Question for Gerry by SA
Norfloxacin and foot pain by Caryatid
Dr. Z, I thought you had been discovered! by Kathy G
Are we bankrupt? by john h
Pain In Arch Always Constant!!! by Michael
Scott's July 4 message by JudyS
Why are Americans so angry? by john h
Shoe info by KAD
Code of Conduct by john h
Time to heal by Jimmy Farrel
Dr Wander - can you help by Geoff
Richard's post deleted? by Scott R
More complaints of stolen elections by larry m
Not Ready To Make Nice by marie
fitness routine for TTS (and avoid pain) by TheEnergizer
Scott R by Dorothy
Graston Therapy update by Anninca
cortisone by jlee
Pain in the bottom of foot!!! by Fred T.
RSD!!! by jake
Questions for Drs following PF relase by Lisa
Triple Arthrodesis Surgery!!! by Daniel
Fireworks by Denise
Fluid under sore spot on plantar fascia by Elizabeth H.
orthotics by David
Heel Seats by BonnieG
Dorothy-1776 by john h
heel spur by Gayle LeMaire
Maria by Ruth
Has anyone here had cryosurgery for TTS? by TheEnergizer
Should I have cryosurgery? by Chris
Rock throwing by Ralph
Dr. Goldstein, Should I get cryo? by Chris
TTS and heel spur by Annoda
Politics stimulate thought by Bob G.
ART following PF release by Lisa
the enemy by Buck T.
Size 14 Sandals by Vern S
Burma Shave by john h
Is the limit up yet? by Ralph
HIstory Note by Dorothy
sclerotherapy by Scott S
bursit by Karen
Orthotics and running shoes by Paul L
Pain Much Worse After Surgery by Jennifer L.
crocs by BonnieG
Dr Wander and others Orthotics fitting by Randy
A foot Question !!! by Rob
Any success stories? by Yaber
Travel and tts any suggestions? by kconnell
where to find ART/Graston? by LV
Dr. Goldstein by Chris
In your own back yard by Ralph
to Dr Z by know them
FDA approved for shoulder pain by Ralph
EMG by Steeve
Terrorism, a non issue nothin to worry about by larry m
mt doctor appt today by Ruth
Orthotics wrong diagnosis by Randy
sorry to be such a pest by monica k
Crocs new model - Relief by Amy
an icing question by marie
Cord in the back of your leg!!! by Daniel
What is atypical pf? by Yaber
Waldies Sandals by Diana
high archs by CindiM
For me Waldies better than Crocs by sandy g
What do I have? Please help... by Yaber
several conditions by tempest
Post ESWT pain by MichaelS
Question for Jeremy by Amy
lateral foot pain by Lisa
PF? Tendinitis? TTS? by Jen
maybe a dumb question by lynk
What is the Heel Cord ? by Dan
Aren't the three days up? ScottR by Kathy G
Good Book by Kathy G
I may see this documentary by larry m
bunion surgery recovery by Lisa
post-op and worried... by linda m.
cyro - does it really work? by MichaelS
I have small fiber neuropathy by Tenneille L
ballet dancer by delao
Achilles Tendon!!! by Gary
Does anyone wear an air cast by kconnell
Know Your Schitt ( this is funny ) by Denise
italia! by autumn
Custom orthotics by john
Traumeel did nothing for my achilles by johna
What is working for me AFTER surgery by Esther H
Avoiding pain? by TheEnergizer
Poll for Political Section by marie
Does anyone else sit on their feet? by Janine
permanent PF by Jen
Just not the same anymore by Necee
Still have heel pain by bd
Heel Pain by Susan Manis
For Dr. Goldstein/TTS by Dr. David S. Wander
Very interestinh happenings today... by MariaM
A bit of trivia about the trophy by Ralph
What is Plantar Fasiitis!!! by Shane
How do I know if it's getting better? by Jen
ankle stiffness and pain after TTS Surgery by Roberta
Leg boot by Mark
Where's Todd? by vsmith
Gadgets and Gizmoes by DawnT
S P I R A by Gerry
Flip/Flops by Ralph
what is a good scooter for outside? by james c in ky
rolling the can by Lynn
Oriental Dance-Most Unusual by john h
?Dr Z - Fracture/union by Chevy
that's not what it's about....... by JudyS
Still in a holding pattern-insurance by kconnell
Shoes and orthotics need some help by Cheryl M
How can I get rid of a corn on my second toe by Joely
ergonomic connection? by TheEnergizer
Wild Weather by Kathy G
Great doctors/resources/pedorthists in US by peterm1004
worse than politics.... by Scott R
2nd Pair of custome orthotics different size? by Laurie F
Product reviews by Dorothy
Shoes by Dorothy
curious by Susan
Jeremy and Richard by Susan
shoes plus by Susan
ankle locks into place by Dee P
bad doctoring by know them
Define "crunchy"! see msg by Auntie
Leaving tomorrow-hope you all keep the faith. by kconnell
Limeric for Scott by Bob G.
facts about stretching (?) by LV
night splint question for doctor-please help by Lisa
Rest and ESWT by Keti
MR results, what now? by LV
planta facitis with calf pain by addie s
Hope this link works by Ralph
anodyne therapy by kris
No site by Curious Person
Who is your HERO? by marie
Dr Z - Past Experience with BME by Glenn M
Custom orthotics wrong size? by LaurieF
Shoes for TTS by TheEnergizer
Israel vs Hamas/Hezbollah by larry m
No response, dr wander by Lynn
Guanethidine by Ann
Response please by Lynn
Not a limerick but... by Dorothy
TTS and/or PF and Calcaneal Fracture by Gerry
Mumbai bombings and Israel/Lebanon by autumn
Totally off topic but I'm happy by Kathy G
Jeremy: PFA Symposium? by Richard, C.Ped
Modification to Strassburg Sock by Auntie
Where to find some more Powersteps like mine? by Auntie
is this PF? by Tim T
tts surgery and sural nerve entrapment? by linda m.
Shari R by autumn
Possible PF? Posible TTS? by Jane
Sprained ankle please help me by chris s
Should I run a half-marathon with PF? by Dorothy N.
posting again about exercise and tts by stephanie a.
my 2nd opionion by Judy in Pa
High Top Work Shoes by redblacksolara
Hallux Limitus by raynham
Went out last night by MariaM
Feeling sorry for myself by DawnT
tens machine question by DawnT
recovery and anxiety... by linda m.
Dr. Goldstein by Amy
question about cryosurgery by Lisa
Something different by Dorothy
Dr. Goldstein question about cryo by Jen
Signs of RSD by Another Runner
Gary H and Dr Wander by Scott R - moderator
Hallux Limitus by raynham
What is Achilles Tendon!!! by Sammy
heel spurs by marlene
help I have plantar fasciitis by dconti
to sandy: by stephanie a.
Plantar Fasciitis by Norm W
Scott R's Halogen - Water Method by Dorothy
bad arch pain by annette
question docs by Donald R
Message Boards by Gimpygranny
Can you feel heal spurs? by Danielle
Unususal platar fasciitis? by sue_p
Taking the next step. by MariaM
compression socks/hose? by TheEnergizer
new ESWT study by Scott R - moderator
Cool by john h
Your president on geography and world affairs by Dorothy
What Could My Problem Be??? by Michael
Dems taking funds from questionable donors by larry m
Fat Pad Replacement(Dr Z/Dr Wander) by James
Baxter's neuritis surgery by Pat
recovering from TTS surgery. :-) by Lori
Rules Of Manhood by Denise
I think you are the father of my kids by Denise
Question for Doctors by Geoff
Scott R and Light by Dorothy
Foot Pain by Mokujin
Dr. Goldstein - TTS & cryosurgery by TheEnergizer
sores on foot after wearing an aircast by ouch
Dr Goldstein & Dr Wander please read by Bambi/Helen Tap4TTS.co.uk
Do you think Bush by marie
Dr. Goldstein/ neuroma by stephanie a.
reflexology and massage by Abby
Consider this! by john h
ESWT is low energy compared to Light Therapy by Scott R
Can we give the guy a break? by autumn
try the MBTs by goose
M. Beck-How are you doing? by SA
What is a Triple Arthrodesis surgery? by Bart
Scott's board by Ralph
Insurance- refused to pay for surgery. by kconnell
Cycling w/TTS by JohnA
? for Richard/Jeremy re shoes by Cheryl M
Move on over by Ralph
Cruise Ship problems by Ralph
Cruise Ship problems by Ralph
CRYO FOR Calcaneal Nerve Entrapment. by Jim
New FDA approved pain med by john h
More Cryo by Monte
Can Cryo make it worse? by HilaryG
night splint question by cmcbrine
Tribute thread for our troops by marie
Promising new indication for ESWT by Dr. David S. Wander
How To Save The Airlines By Bill Clinton by Denise
Famous Quotes by Denise
Actual Bumper Stickers by Denise
To Bryan W.-How Long to see relief? by Ginny K.
Safety toe boot suggestions by Bill K
Any Arch support beter than nothing? by john
Heel Soreness by Jon H.
Question as to Orthotic Lab by GP4X
Another sleepless night. by MariaM
Chiropractor For TTS? by Bob V
Running/walking shoe by Jerry E
tibial tendionitis by annette
Conn. Dr. by Jay
Shingles help is here by john h
ART & TTS by TheEnergizer
On and off days by autumn
You did it, Scott! A political board by Kathy G
Embryonic stem cells by Kathy G
New Board Design by Scott R
Tribute To Our Troops Continued.......... by marie
Plantar Fasciitis by P_dot
Light therapy by know them
Liberal scum by know them
First Post by Richard, C.Ped
Feeling of a lump under the big toe by Rod
Tarsal tunnel syndrome by Natisha . H
Well I'll be...... by marie
To John h. by Ralph
Great Design by Ralph
Testing PF board by Scott R
Politicos by john h
Testing Light Therapy Board by Scott R
ART and TTS by TheEnergizer
I'm Upset How Does One Deal With PAIN??? by Michael
pain from surigical pins by tonyas
Real Islamic Heros by larry m
New Shoes - New inserts- New attitude by LaurieF
Anecdotal reports by Scott R
PF or Other Problem by JF
Haglund's Deformity by Brian
Pain Relief by Monte
Scott R by HilaryG
Halogen vs LED by Scott R
one foot better one foot worse by MUF
Carbon Monoxide Detectors by Kathy G
Monica - are you still out there? by MUF
Had steroid injection by MariaM
the cost of ART treatments by Abby
How to use the LED light? by DenaB
Strange foot pain by Angelyne
Winded or what??? by Ralph
Red vs Infrared effects on HbO2 by scott r
Stiletto Race by Ralph
Pictures of Light Devices by Scott R
Need feedback from people who have had ESWT by BillH
recurrent TTS and multiple TTRs? by Pat R
Two articles of interest by Dorothy
Platar Fasciatis by Howie
Peripheral Neuropathy by b8251213
Peripheral Neuropathy by b8251213
Plantar Fasciitis causing ankle problems?? by Lisa B
Patents on LED Light Therapy by Scott R
Scott R by Kathy G
Is anyone as scared as I am? by Kathy G
How do you put a picture in these messages? by DavidW
Proving Wound Healing in Light Therapy by Scott R
test by scott r
Brooks Trance 6 by amy
Why Am I Married?? by Denise
Atheletic son w PF- cortisone ? by Denise F
3 more anecdotes by Scott R
Halogen UV danger - seems unlikely by Scott R
Noticed by john
Search function hints by Scott R
Photothera by Peter
scar tissue removal by raynham
Doctor my toes seem to be raised too high! by Jim
tarsel tunnel by MarshaM
message board colors by Scott R
idea for with trouble-makers by Scott R
Planter Fasciitis by Kathy S.
4th explanation for benefits by Scott R
Revised halogen treatment times by Scott R
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