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Success Stories? by Scott R
Numbness after surgery by Deb T
PF as a result of a broken foot? by Phil B.
severe heel pain,help! by stephanie
Locations for ESWT? by Roger C.
Dr. Zuckerman's enquiries by mohez
What a mess after 2 surgeries by GarryB
possible tibial neuralgia by maya
Is Something going wronger? by cindyp
To Jill by Cynthia D
Hammertoe surgery by scottyd
hammertoe surgery by scottyd
Social Security Disability by Ellen W
Dr. Z's ESWT lotto time again. by Dr. Zuckerman
Exercise machine - what kind? by Sue
Bold test by Julie
ESWT for edge heel pain/tendonitis? by Donna SL
New Problems after EPF Surgery by Rich C.
Post-ESWT by Carol D
RE: Surgery Questions etc. by Ashley F.
RE: Surgery Questions etc. by Ashley F.
Just over a week since Surgery!!! by Crystal
Orthodics and knee pain by MMW
3 months Post ESWT - My story by Molly
Is anyone ever really cured? by Paula G.
More comment on the email feature/one problem by Nancy N
How does PF surgery rate? by Pauline
Need advice Dr. Z. by Karen S
Exercise...in-line skates?? by Bill E
Can ESWT be used for an ankle spur? by Amy
Dr. Z. ESWT Treatment by Ron G.
Just had surgery by P Helm
Arches by A Padre
Surgery scheduled for 3/14 by Terry T.
Dr.. Z lotto winner is Brad Atlas by Dr. Zuckerman
weight loss by StephanieO
re; surgery by carol
Help chronic foot/ankle pain by Jenn M
Prolotherapy and ESWT by Scott R
In pain for so long by CatherineS
othodics after surgery by caryne
Pain in feet that creates inability to walk by Pete B
Steriods by Jack A
Are these orthotics actually working!? by wendyn
About ESWT Machine by Huang GZ
Well I have had some scary news... by cindyp
Surgery for Hallux Limitus by Mary B.
numbness in toes is back... by Karin L.
to Camilla, what I do post ESWT by Lori E.
4 weeks post op by marie r
Orbason vs. Ossatron question by Beverly
How long does this last (PF) by Bunny L
haglund's deformity surgery by girlie
Machines by James A.
glen rice playing today by Scott R
att: dr. zuckerman -arch release therapy by iris
4-week post-op by LeAnn S
What else can I do? by Jan C
Diane: Did you do the EWST in Texas? by Beverly
methylprednisolone by C
What can I expect by CatherineL
Antinuclear Antibody Test by Carlw
4 weeks post op by marie r
Think! shoes, anyone tried them? by Lori E.
ESWT after a PF release? by Michelle H.
Post ESWT (recovery) by Jill P
Could I still have this done? by Claudia C.
no morning pain by ross r
plantar fasciitis with heel bursitis by Mary
tts archives by eileenc
If PF surgery is the answer then: by Pauline
"Havanna Joe" shoes by claudia
Where to begin by Mondeni
Hey, Steve, How'd it Go? by Cynthia D
tarsal tunnel syndrome by claudia m.
heel neuroma by Sharon
any connection do you think? by Lauren
TTS board by wendyn
"Havanna Joe" by kathryn
Arch/heel pain - is it PF? by Julie S
Plantar Fasciitis by Mollie R.
Coortizone by Linda F
no union ankle fusion by Barbara Rawlins
TTS by Fran W.
Podiatrist or Ortho Surgeon?? by Kathleen T
Post op by carol
B-12 update!!! by wanda m
One month - Pain now? by Mike
Pain in plantar surface of both big toes by K Clay
RE: POST OP by carol
I Had My Visit With THe Doc today....... by Claudia
Foot Pain by CPeters
TTS return? by Karin L.
Are stairs bad for PF?? by Dondi M
TTS surgery - Full Report by Mor S
Files 30,000 thru 37,000 deleted by Scott R
tts--- by pete j
Husband surgery by Kim
superfeet versus powerstep inserts by Ron
What about the ball of my feet? by Donna B
Swelling by L.Frank
EMG results by C
Fitting orthotics in shoes by Paula G.
An Interview with Dr. Huey Lewi by Scott Roberts
Non-Invasive Treatment Recommendations by janet C.
TTS by Stephanie A
scam orthotics? by Brian G C Ped
Physical Therapy? by Valerie Se
To Scott - Search function broken? by Donna SL
Hi Dr. Zuckerman, it's me again! by Claudia
surgery is scheduled by Susan U
heal spur by joe w
Surgery for Hallux Limitus by reb c
One Year Later by Kathie Rost
baxter's nerve by rickb
heelspurs.com design change by Scott R
tarsal tunnel syndrome by James S.
Do I really need to quit my job? by Valerie Se
relief for heel pain by Lisa S.
Heel Spurs by Eileen ,M
ESWT in California or Canada by Donna SL
MSM Updates? by Nancy N
ESWT by Elise J.
Bone spur by Candy Richardson
SHOES by carol
To Kay S, and re: eswt healing time by Cynthia D
Ideas? A walking cast injury?? by Steve H.
ESWT Newsletter by Scott R
What is the problem? by Steve H.
Dr. David Wander is my neighbor. by Dr. Zuckerman
lateral pain by Steve F.
Question about orthotics and night splints. by Paula G.
Heel Pain by Kevin K
Popping feeling in heel and intense pain by Clay B.
Swollen heel by Jan R.
Baby update by Richard, C.Ped
Shoes by CatherineL
3 weeks Post op on Wednesday by Crystal M
Acupuncture by Jeff D
3-12-01 B-12 new report by wanda m
To Lori E re: shoes and progress by Cynthia D
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Dave McDonald
Pain at site of bunion by Julia M.
7 Weeks Post-Op by Donna Y.
Foot Pain Question by Laurie H
video by Dr. Marlene Reid
Surgery Tomorrow!!! by Terry T.
Foot Pain by Teresa W
Tinnel Sign by Beth D.
Frustration by Chad H
What should I do? by rekha.s
started physical therapy today by Claudia
Orthotic experience? by Valerie S
Plantis Fasciitis by Jean Tartag
Severe heel pain by Bertha B.
Overweight and Burning feet by Nancy F.
how much rest? by Jan C
Age by carol
search results by Scott R
Broken Fifth Metatarsal by Kristi E.
shots by Staci S
Plantar faciitis and back problems by Maureen G
What are those lumps? by JoanneG
Achilles tendonitis by Kendall M.
Acupuncture for Plantar Fibromatosis by Sherry R.
Just diagnosed yesterday.. by Paula A
Post surgery pain by Kim
SCOTT -- another search problem? by Nancy S.
Hewey Lewi by Cynthia D
Update - One Month Post-Op by Scott2
Survivors by Julie
sorry, I've been away... by alan k
surgery options for ankle pain by Jenn M
13-year old with very painful heel by Soni C
Severe Bruise to both Heels by Antonio Bryant
ossa-trom,heal spur by Ernie D.
Cause for concern? by cindyp
insurance by Allan
Sarah: Re Haglund's Surgery by Bruce
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by marcia g
shock absorber crutches for barbara by john h
accupuncture by john h
MSM...now DMSO by Barb-NY
To Dr. Z by Jen R
PF by taylor
some relief and a question by paula g
Reocurring Heel Pain by Staci P.
Yeast Killer Question for Gordon by Brian J
What Tests Should My Doctor Be Giving Me? by BrandyE
Santa Fe by John M.
How much relief should I expect by Alan Veale
DMSO by diane tx
Haglunds surgery with tendon damage by Leslie W
PF and heel spurs in both feet by Kitty
scott about taping video by paula g
Plantar Fasciatis by Mike S.
tightness.. by P Helm
testing the storing of the ss board by Scott R
i cant stand this pain by lisa z
pain at base of index toe by Rose
child with plantar fasiitis by J Flynn
nancy N's pic added by Scott R
4 months post op by Pat
HEEL PAIN by Mohammad Ali
Had surgery on 3/15/01 by GinaC
dr b dr z? by paula g
Self - taping by Helene M
stretching question or maybe taping question by paula g
New treatment for heal spurs by Bruce W
ouch by Miss.Ouch
Bursitis of the heel by Kathy
HELP! What was the site for 3-legged stool? by Beverly
orthotics by John Byerly
Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur by Pam R
Sudden pain in right foot. by Maureen G.
Kay's friend by Kay S
I'm doing better, from head to toe by Kim B.
WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by wanda m
5 days post-op (3/14) by Terry T
re stop the injections now by Laura L
Surgery for Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spur by Pam R.
Time to find a new doctor? by Valerie S
Homework - physical therapy by Valerie S
is my pt insane? by paula g
OssaTron by Neva S
Foot pain by Andriana L.
Question please, on EPF 9-1999 by Bria G
what is wrong with me??!! by Rachel B
Product videos by Scott R
The Wright Sock is the Right Sock by Kim B.
haglunds heel surgery by sara K
So what should I think? by Claudia
Post-op Marie by Pat
Big Business by Pauline
plantar fasciitis by craigf
Birks by john h
haglundsdeformity by roseyr
Medial Column Flatfeet correction by Joe B
Help! Too much pain by S. Maya
Plantar Fascitis---treatment and cure by Robert D.
Retrocalcaneal bursitis by Kathy
Nonweight bearing? by StephanieO
Got my 2nd opinion today! by Amy
Other causes of plantar fascitis by Amy
What about ESWT for Bursitis? by Kim B.
Bob - no more posts by Scott R
Should I Be Concerned???? by Terry T.
My last email by Robert
So much pain I can't walk by Michelle
Just had my Surgery!!!! by Pam R.
"Flat-footed" Feeling by Brenda G.
Heelspurs.com Posters Anonymous by john a
Ossatron next Tuesday by Donna B
how long for injections? by Dona W.
Ossatron next Tues by Donna B
What do I do? by David B
I don't have time for this. by Valeris S
using orthotics with sandals or clogs by Joan M
what determines post-op instructions? by GinaC
anyone gotten orthotic from richard c ped? by paula
update on my wife by john h
Birk Sneakers by john h
How are you doing with your homeopathic meds? by Celia to Nancy S
Earth calling Sweetfeet!! by Celia to Sweetfeet
This is all the fun stuff they have planned. by cindyp
i had surgery by james w
Please don't think that I am crazy ESWT $1200 by Dr. Zuckerman
new info. from physical therapist by claudia
ESWT Reflectron in the UK by Donna SL
1st day after surgery by Pam R
litigation by Robert S
help for early stage PTT by Nancy N
recommended running shoes by Jackie M.
Is the PT working? by Valerie S
Laurie R update by Laurie R
Altering Birkenstock footbed by Valerie S
Swollen ankles (have a heart condition) by adam p
Cut the Nerve by Chad H
icing foot with RSD by Chris B.
What is a synovectomy? by cindyp
Dehydration by Julie
adidas by Cindy K.
Night Splints by Eagle Scout
Feeling Great!! by Pam R.
Thanks....and another question by Dona
Question for Dr. Z. by Pauline
how much ice? by Jan C
Surgery consult by Jen
pain associated with tarsal tunnel syndrom by Amy L
Flat Foot and heel pain by Lori H
PF by john h
Taping or arch wrap? by Rose
Good Feet Store by P.J.Q
toe walking 7 year old by ML Haas
Re: computer help by dave
hardwood floor installer by ken
hardwood floor installer by ken
hardwood floor installer by ken
footwear by eileenc
ESWT on plantar fasciitis by Dr. Eugen Eide
Unbearable Foot Pain by Andriana L.
I'm baaaaaack by Kay S
Jan's memorial service by Kay S
Next step Cortisone Injections by Sue A.
heel pain by margaret hansen
Looking for nicer looking shoes by Pauline
orthotics for medial knee pain?? by rosemary c
there is no ESWT in NZ so ...help! by Jan C
Surgical updates??? by wendyn
Heat by Linda F
Scott? by wendyn
Interesting Facts About Water... by Janet C.
Thoughts for the day by wendyn
Friends by SuzanneK
Question about operation by Clara
Heel pain related to back problems by fiona p
Update-- Had surgery 2/21 by Crystal
another professional athlete with pf by hankc
my foot pain by melissa b
Occupational Disease by John S.
Free Second Treatment? by Carol D
Baltimore poster..... by Scott R
PF Surgery by Brendan F
surgery for plantar fascitis by Althea
Excellent newspaper story on EWST by Beverly
PF by CatherineL
Very interesting newspaper article on EWST by Beverly
Vein wrap during tarsal tunnel release by Matt L
interferrential machin? by paula
What's It Like Wearing Shoes Post-Surgery? by Scott2
Torn calf muscle by P Helm
pain medicine by Fran W.
Taping by L.inda F.
Intraosseous ganglion cyst by Susan T
i am joining! by clara
Recently diagnosed by Adam S.
Chronic Plantar Fasciitis by Marcia G
? for Dr. Z re ESWT by reb c.
Time off is unjustified by Valerie S
Julie - KUDOS by Barbara TX
Personal outcomes of ESWT by MarciaG
rest and steroids there is help in UK by Donna SL
how many doctors? by Dona
surgical consult update by Jen
bromelain and pancreatic enzymes by Lisa S.
Update post-op by Pam R.
heel spur by edward d
swedish characters by Lori E.
more foot/ankle problems. by rekha
Tarsal Tunnel & Plantar Fascitus by Darlene R
My research on TX docs doing EWST by Beverly
Guess There Will Be Another Surgery by Nancy M
Funny Kid story of the day... by wendyn
New Balace 854...Hurts by Kathy
Newbie With Same Problem! by Donna M.
Post for overpronation only? by Mary J.
Another water idea by Nancy N
New Balance 587? by Nancy N
Coffee.....CNN..... & ESWT by Steve P
long-term success... by JudyS
RE: Achilles Tendon by Carol Cunningham
OssaTron in Santa Fe by Lori
interferential by paula
Two Weeks Post Op Update by GinaC
For TXBarb by Beverly
Numbness in heel 2 weeks post-op by Terry T.
Zcoils-OMG by John M.
Dr Z & The Woodbury Sound Machine by Steve P
What is next after orthotics?? by Paula G.
question about casting for an orthotic by paula
A question for Scott by Cynthia D
indocine by diane
surgery scheduled 4-4-01 by valerie s
NASA pictures by Scott R
medications for nerve pain by rekha
PF Surgery Question by Sheila W
surgery fears by Jen
pain in the back of the heel by Teri G
Heel spur by Jo H
Post-Op Tip for Partial Weightbearing by GinaC
Anyone in Louisiana by John M
Work is on hold, now for the doctor. by Valerie S
bg cped, same as Brian G C Ped? by Valerie S
surgery by Jen
Surgery by SharonG
Surgery on 4-9-01 by Shannon
Back to Barbara by wendyn
ABC News on ESWT by Dr. Marlene Reid
heel spur what to do? by TammieB
retrocalcaneous exostosis by rosey
I am hiding from Pauline by Dr. Zuckerman
Plantaris Tendon rupture...again by Barb-NY
TTS caused by L5 Si disc problems by fiona
Is anyone pain free by Pat
rehab after ESWT by Carrie K
Returning pain after epf surgery by Sherrie M.
prev.messg - non-weight bearing by StephanieO
orthotics not working by Paula G.
when is surgery necessary? by Jan R.
To Clara - Orebro and taping by Julie
Post surgery for plantar fascia release by Kathy
Plantar Fascitis by Jill
sand by paula
Five Days post ESWT - Canadian style! by Rose L.
New New Balance shoes and new orthotic update by wendyn
Objective Results by Dr. Marlene Reid
Video by Dr. Marlene Reid
I'd hide too! by Angel
Attention Barbara TX by Julie
To Diane by Pauline
POST OP by carol
Can the middle toes develop bunions? by Beverly
A different method to keep taping dry. by Dr. Zuckerman
waiting for ESWT by Jeanette H
ordering Birks from the German site by Nancy N
update by john h
shockwave therapy by shelly k
shockwave therapy by shelly k
re-occuring heel pain. by Staci P
Medicine that is helping me by Fran W
shockwave therapy by shelly k
Haglund's Disease and PF by Cef R
My Mom's feet are all better! by Zachary D
I am new to all of this TTS by Pat B
I'll just keep asking..... by Dona
April lotto time we have two winner's by Dr. Zuckerman
cant get on to social/support section by olgac
Ortho's and jogging by ANDY S
What is dorsal mean? by Tammi
What a great help!!!! by Tammi
Swollen ankle by Paula A
P. F. RELIEF by diane
Two things--one good, one bad by Kay S
Marching...can this be harmful? by Kimberly H
supinated by paula gr
Birkenstocks and Dry heels by Libby
Personal Results from ESWT by Marcia G
OH OH ? by Tammi
ESWT by DR Dan Klein
Glue for orthodic cover by Bill S
Has it helped / any one in Florida? by Joan
Will a stress fracture impair my dancing? by Jenny Hx
Okay got a partial answer will ask again. by cindyp
constant twitching in foot?? by rekha
TO : Valerie S by Laurie R
Laurie R by Dr. Marlene Reid
need a new foot by Dr. Marlene Reid
Orthotic Casting Article by Donna SL
ESWT in Australia by tony r
pain medication three months after pf surgery by Marlene
Anyone ever had a stress fracture? by Paula
Kidney Stones by Richard, C.Ped
Register usernames? by BrianG
Anesthesia question - OssaTron by BrianG
surgery by CAROL
Ultram by john h
Plantar fasciitis treatments by Maureen G
weight bearing after ESWT by Jan C
Sand and Surgery (for Val) by ellen
My ESWT Experience...so far by Beth D.
Ketorolac? by Shannon
the dreaded dr visit... by Dona
To the other valerie (k) s - Surgery Tomorrow by Valerie S
Dr. Z has a nice sense of humor!!! by Tammie
still unclear about cortisone by paula gr
Now I understand by Barb-NY
Nerve entrapment question? by Donna SL
Surgery Going To Be Scheduled for April 23 by Nancy M
Ankle "Locks Up" by Valerie S
PF/heel stress fractures by Lisa T
RE; SURGERY by Carol
Post Op Scar Tissue? by Mike
Just had surgery by MelanieS
Post ESWT Treatment by Dawn H.
B-12 UPDATE by wanda m
Aching Heel by Allison
Please include by Pauline
ESWT in SF Bay Area? by Ross R
Stitches Out!!! by Pam R.
ESWT in SF Bay Area? by Ross R.
Hammertoe/Bunion Surgery by Eileen
How much market left? by Pauline
Feldenkrais class report (overdue!) by Nancy N
Pauline by paul
dynasplint by paula g
geez by paula gr
Unsure of what to do next by Phil W
Unsure of what to do now by Phil W
PF and Salami! by Diana
To Valerie.. by JudyS
another question about HS by Dona
Acupuncture by Clara
Dress Shoes with room for full orthotic. by Cynthia D
ESWT? How many treatments? by Elaine S.
ESWT HOW MANY? by Elaine S.
insertion point achilles tendonitis by Vanessa N.
ESWT Treatment Canadian Style by Heidi B
the bunionectomy and plantar fasciotomy woman by claudia
Feeling great! by Nicole V.R.
Supporting painful foot by Sherrie M.
Interesting by Pauline
3 weeks post-op by GinaC
smooth or bumby? by ross r
Cost of ESWT by ross r
Blue Cross Denied Coverage by Cynthia D
bcbs by Dr. Marlene Reid
To the ESWT Docs....... by JudyS
surgery date by Jen
Post ESW Pain by Dr. Marlene Reid
bone seperation by Mary H
Hyperstimulation? by Dr. Marlene Reid
Insertional Achilles green light! by John M
dr z, please look up cortisone question by paula gr
My motives about in office ESWT. by Dr. Z by Dr. Zuckerman
Numb Toes by anton s.
I got my 2nd opinion by Valerie S
The Zapper by Barb-NY
the continuing saga of physical therapy by claudia
Itonophoresis? by Barbara TX
Tendonitis, not PF?? by Brandon E
Question to Scott re: Study of eswt in Boston by Cynthia D
Out of town by Dr. Marlene Reid
Medrol dose pack for TTS? by Helene M
TTS and Flat Feet by Rick Larsen
Question on Birkenstocks by Donna M.
What could it be? by Laurie H.
I finally got my court date... by Laurie R
M.I.S. or E.P.F.? Success rate? by Elaine S.
What is I believe it is tarpal? by Tammie
Retrocalcaneal Heel Spurs? by Clark M.
Need pointers on using Night Splint by Valerie S
Help Foot and Leg pain by Carol
Birkenstock's German Site by Donna M.
PF and Tendonitis by mike b.
Difference in Birks by ANN M
hackers by Scott R
Healing Nicely! by Pam R.
Considering Surgery Seeking Input by davidg
Considering surgery TTS seeking input by davidg
Strange Foot Problem by Ken F
Cause of Heel Problem by Don L
What would an MRI of the ankle show? by Amy
Foot mecahnics after EPF by Eric
Doctor not qualified vs. insurance question?? by Paula G.
Going to Crete by Julie
OssaTron by john h
pulling senasation in foot by Dorothy T
runner's guestbook by kcowden
heel spur cortisone injection by Barbara O
I have done 2 cortisone now by Tammie
Has this happened to anyone else out there? by Amy A.
Physical Therapy by Pat B
retrocalcaneous exostosis by rosey
plantarsworts by Vicki L
TTS symptoms have put my life on hold by Helene M
plantar worts by Vicki L
Post op Day 1 by Jen
collapsed arches by paula gr
help me by mikeg
Scar tissue by Steve F.
Is it going to come back? by Abby
New to Board, Sched for Surgery April 17th... by Cindy H.
Post-ESWT people by Rose L
foot numbness by sandik
heel pain in morning by BeulahW
Doctors & ESWT by JudyS
should i get a second opinion? by jamie c
acid reflec by Lora Smith
Anyone know about the new procedure by Merrilee T
Wondering if I am a candidate for ESWT by Bubs C.
Maybe now I'll get somewhere by Colleen G
Just what is meant by "rest"? by Lori B.
Pain in the heel by S. Dutta
taping by claudia
Contacting the FDA by BrianG
post surgery pain by audrey
heel pain by Meredith
This cured it for me. by brianh
Shoes for PF by CatherineL
More Heel Spur.... by Dona
Post op day 3 by Jen
What do you think?Could this be? by Sonja
It's Dr. Z's birthday!!!! by Beverly
Liability? Introduction to message board? by Scott R
did my question get lost in the shuffle? by paula gr
Off topic Epstein Barr-to Beverly by Colleen
cortisone treatment???? by joe b
knots in my feet by WendyG
Heel Pain by anni
What should I say to my boss? by Valerie S
Work Guidelines by Valerie S
Original Ossatron Gan by john h
Orthotics slide around by Rhett D.
Pain in my heel. by Peter D.
I'm off to see the Wizard of NJ by Barb-NY
Anybody had ESWT in Canada or in PA w/Dr. Z? by Cindy H
heel pain by Phyllis H
Would anyone else like to scream with me by Damon
Given my different set of circumstances.... by cindy
Post op day 5 by Jen
tibial nightmare by paula gr
Effects of caffeine on pf and heel spurs by Amy A.
dolgit cream by Lynn F
My visit with Dr. Goldstein by Nancy F.
post op tips for comfort by Jen
9 days Post-Op by valerie k s
EPF by Joe W
Planterfascia by Tracey G
How can a hard cast help PF? by Valerie S
Headaches & Orthotics by Laura M
Plantar Fascia or Achilles ? by Donna B.
PF or Post Tibial Tendonitis? by Elaine S.
A virtual hug for Dr. Z and staff..... by Cynthia D
To Dr. Leal by Pauline
Longer then the 12 weeks. by Dr Zuckerman
Happy Easter Everyone! by Pam R.
Happy Easter Everyone! by Pam R.
Bilateral Plantar Fascitis? by Donna B.
Orthotics with Achilles Pain? by Audrie A.
that is good tibial news, next question by paula gr
oops! by Jen
Had my surgery 4/11 by Susan U
An Easter Blessing for Melody by Pauline
early morning kidney pain by Scott R
does a ruptured plantar fascia heal by laura l
I'm finally better...Here's how by Jason M
Other E.S.W.T. Machines by Elizabeth G.
happy easter....to everyone by rekha
best ways to deal with stiffness? by Nancy N
happy easter by Clara
4 weeks post-op by Betsy S
Can PF and achilles be zapped at same time? by Beverly
changing weather by Kay S
heelspurs by marion w
heel spurs by Ruby Leal
Unbearable Pain: by Calvin
Heel Pain by Noreen
orbasone by john h
Help - about to have foot surgery in UK by Laura P
Cortisone injection by Helene M
Not such a good day.. by Paula G.
When to know to have the surgery? by Paula G.
Numbness on the back and sides of myheels by Lynne C
60 Days Post Op by Scott2
Opinions on high tech visco elastic compound by Scott2
My Pod just recommended ESWT! by Valerie S
Surgery Tomorrow, by Tammie
ESWT People:Steve;Beth;Rose; and Cynthia by Sherrie M.
am I a candidate for orbasone? by anita
post op day 7 by Jen
PF with no heel pain by Judith G.
fractured base of little toe and PF by colleen
still trying by paula gr
Envelope Stuffing by Colleen G
ESWT question by BrianG
Pain 16 mo. post-op by Darcy M.
OssaTron by john h
clarification of question, does the pf heal by Laura L
One year one month post-ESWT: Pain free by Dr. Zuckerman
Great Heel Pain Quotes by Scott R
Does anyone know? by Pauline
Active release therapy (ART) is miraculous by Donna SL
Almost 6 months post-op by chris
To Dr. Biehler by Pauline
My visit with Dr. Z by Barb-NY
TIME OUT! Everyone out of the pool !!! by Steve P
I made it! by Tammie
heel spur by na g.
heel spur Pain by Mary King
New to board. Had surgery April 9th by Sandra A.
To Dr. Z by JudyS
Bad side effects by Trish
New ESWT statement by Scott R
test by Scott R
test by Scott R
New ESWT Statement by Scott R
Surgery tomorrow 4/19/01 by Linda
Planters Fascitis by Mark H.
Healthtronics by john h
Post op day 2 by Tammie
Outa Time by Scott R
An interesting alternative treatment by Barb-NY
Achilles Tendonitis and Birkenstocks by Jason M
Anybody: Need Help With SPAM by VickiJ
dealing with insurance companies by Nancy N
HMO,s and Help by Ron G.
ESWT Treatment and HMO approval by Ron G.
ESWT Treatment and HMO approval by Ron G.
cortisone and nerves by Ross
Respond to ... by Dr. Marlene Reid
Continued Success in Recovery by Bob G.
Nerve entrapment and ESWT by Donna SL
The New Referee by Scott R
To Scott by Pauline
Question for the Dr.? by Tammie
5 weeks post op by GinaC
re-injuring plantar fascia by Teddy W.
Laser Therapy by CatherineL
thanks dr b by paula gr
scheduled for surgery in one month by pennyj
FOUL - let's get back on topic by Scott R
Chronic PF - What to do? by Mahoney
Cork by Pauline
Clark's shoes by Pauline
foot pain getting worse by Karmen W
To Dr. Z re Dr. Weil's procedure by Pauline
Heel Pain by Jamie S
Does anyone know when Julie is coming back. by Dr. Zuckerman
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