Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Message Board Threads

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do I need an MRI by Lori E.
boots, Acu-Flex, percussion massage by Nancy S.
The Unveiling by john h
big baby? by Paula
heel pain worse after treatment by Kay C
Pink Slippers by Bob G.
Has anyone used a TENS unit for PF pain? by Amy D.
heelspurs.com database by Scott R
calling KimB....... by JudyS
Complete Relief by KathyG
Podiatry Today by john h
Neotrofin for Nerve repair in TTS by Bob Ray
Does anyone know the name of this product? by Nicole V.R.
Dear David Lowry by Jonathan Kay
Bone spur/tendonitis by George D.
calcified achilles by Juanita H
The Ghosts of Podiatry Past by Dr. Huey Lewi
just curious by sandy h.
Taping ideas by Coach AL
heal spurs by Bob Mazur
Heel Swollen, Extreme Pain by Anna
ESWT by D. Steven Ostendorf, DPM
My Cure by Bill M
weak by chris
To Cindy P by Pauline
In desperate need of advice - please! by Cary Lisota
Deep Pain moving farther up leg... Spookey by Beverly
Orbasone followup by john h
It Hurts Whenever I try any PT by salina
TTS cured through gait training?? by Nancy M.
TO: Judy by Laurie R
Dear David by Jonathan Kay
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Jonathan Kay
Son's heel spur pain by Kevin J
heel spur by Jacquelynj
3 weeks ESWT - Back from Vegas by Molly
NERVE DAMAGE ....... by Laurie R
ESWT cost by Richard C.Ped
Plantar fasciitis by Rachel B
What's the next step for PTT and a little PF? by matt
Heel Spur Surgery by Becky H
Cam Walker Question by Mimi E
dfeet,ie, two of them-not defeated by dfeet
Dear Dr. Zuckerman by Jonathan Kay
Back to work pain by Joopie
heel pain from scar tissue by Judy D
Heel Spur, now hip pain by Tommie B
Dear David Lowry and Dr. Zuckerman by Jonathan Kay
To Judy B re aerobic exercise by Julie F
removable walking cast.... some questions by Lori E.
ESWT and Orthoticis by Ed
walking by john h
New Search Method: reverse order by Scott R
Prevention Magazine/PF by johnh
Scotts comments on Wendys FAQ by Scott R
wendyn FAQ on TTS by Scott R
I'm so disappointed ............:) by JudyS
differential diagnosis by Errol H.
To Alan re Acu-flex by Julie F
planters fasciitis tape remedy by Fred
Plantar Faciitis and/or Achilles Tendonitis by Alan T
Plantar Fasciitis by Andre
Vioxx and ulcerative colitis by Dorota
Symptoms by Chris
Got help? by Bart Aldrich
Heel Spur on back of heel by David F.
The Shape that I'm In by Susan S
heel pain by Judy P
50 Ways to Cure PF ( apologies to Paul Simon) by AmyM
ESWT in Boston by Karen K
PF better. Tendonitis still BAD, BAD by Beverly
Excelsior! by Dr. Huey Lewi
ESWT Research Goal by Scott R
Large Vein by john h
EXAUSTED- Agony everytime I walk.... by Dondi
air cast by Cheryl
Another song by AmyM
Pacing in the kitchen..........Good Grief! by Steve P
Oct issue of Podiatry Today is out by john h
PF/Heel Spur vs Stress Fracture by Linda B
capcaicin creme and to Kim B. by alan k
Tendonosis/ tendonitis. by Dr. Biehler
heelspurs.com Logo Contest by Scott R
My MRI results........... by Laurie R
Plantaris Tendon Popped....again by Barb-NY
Plantaris Tendon Popped...again by Barb-NY
Pain in Ball of Foot by Jeff D
baxter's neuritis by dr z or dr beihler
after pf--more problems by margie r.
OssaTron in So.CA by Daniel B
Hand reflexology by Julie
First-thing-in-the-morning-pain by Julie F
Need Horror Stories by Scott R
Now what? by rina
Doctor's view of heel pain patients by Scott R
Which Dr. do I choose? by Tommie B
My trip - etc by wendyn
heel spur and bone chips in achilles tendon by Gail
Help!! Not sure if its Plantar Fasciitis???? by Pat C.
error messages by Scott R
To Barbara TX/Reply by Beverly
FINALLY... Pain Free ! by Teri H
Scott: re: The Heel Hugger by Kim B.
TTS Pain by Jeff D
My cure: stretching and night splints by Jana
Sciatica and leg length by jim halloran
Agony.... by Dondi
Has anyone ever had a diagnosis like mine? by Nancy S.
orthotics - attention richard c. by iris
Discogram by john h
If it's not one thing it's another by Kathy
Well another round of nonsense. by cindyp
Burning feet by Brenda
cant figure out ... by ash
new mom by Amy B
to Julie F. by Nancy S.
A poor man's Silicone Dynamic Orthotics? by john a
B-12? by Nancy N
Rheumatologist by Ken A
Ankle pain by LouAnn L.
TO Wendyn by Laurie R
Is this possible? by cindyp
Babs Does Jersey by Barbara TX
Heel Pain and Calf Pain?? by Jane A
Orthotic Support Group by Pauline
fascia surgery by Jen H
Ossatron by john h
discogram by john h
Heel lifts by Julie F
eswt for Shoulder by salina
MRI results by wendyn
Heel Pain by Pam P.
Ossatron treatment for PF by Karin K.
Sonorex......bad effects by Trish
ESWT in Northwest ???? by Chris S.
Birkenstock link from homepage......Scott? by Trish
Beverly and Barbara TX by Richard, C.Ped
heel pain by michele
PF release surgery by Karin K.
famous plantar faciitis by davidb
Birkenstock Footprint shoes by salina
Scar Tissue by salina
HELP!!! by tim
last chance for ESWT lotto!! by kate
Last chance for the ESWT Lotto! by Kate
Last chance for the ESWT Lotto! by Kate
The Merrell Torrent MultiSport by john a
Mixed Bag: orthotics evaluation, PT, etc. by Nancy S.
DMSO for PF? by William O'D
BOO! by Dr. Huey Lewi
Reoccurring heel pain by Shanna D.
plantar fascitis - help!!! by Sue B
Tarsal Tunnel web site by Steve Williamson
Heel lifts: provisional update by Julie F
pain after surgery by jerrie p
To Wendy - your back by Julie F
SPA by Easy Spirit by Kim B.
More hope - first time to PT by SandyS
New PF dx and confused re:tx by Ann S
13 PT visits, 1 to go. by Barb-NY
Nancy, and others, using crutches by Kim B.
Shower Seats may be of help to some folks by Kim B.
Stretching by Julie F
Translating messages by Scott R
your lost message by Kim
Testing German Postings by Scott R
Sorry, another test. by Scott R
Nancy, Have a great trip. by Beverly
Superfeet inserts by LynMaire
Custom Birks by LynMaire
To Richard,C.Ped by Mimi E
The Lawyer had Heel Pain, too by Bob G.
How are my patients feeling? by Kate
heel pain. is it spurs or plantar fascitis? by Bruce P.
pw minor shoes by iris
help by kim j
Options surgury not succesful by jrody
Chickened out indeed! by JudyS
Could pain be related to blood clot? by Joopie
Fascia - and 'Recovery Yoga' by Julie F
numb patch under foot by joe g
cortisone shots by john h
Allergy and Plantars Fascitiis by Jon Cagle
bone spurs by johnv
electro-galvanic stimulation by Harry M
crutches by john h
What is eswt? by Shanna D.
eswt great but why a lump? by Rina S
Email Lists by Scott R
Sarcoidosis by Tammy B
We have a winner ! by Kate
We have a winner!!!!!!!!! by Kate
We have a winner!!!!!!!! by Kate
Kim's banner by scott r
Back from the Garden State by AnnabelM
cortisone shots by john h
Plantar Fasciitis by Robert S.
eswt by JudyS
want a pre-owned FootFlex ? by Ken A
3 mo epf post-op visit...not good by T. Hurst
Plantar Fasciitis Database by Scott R
Surgery for bunions by Julie F
Heel Hugger disappointment by john a
Intrasonic pain relief by Julie F
10 years oif pain. by leslie r
p.w. minor orthopedic shoes by john h
Bayshore ESWT Pain Clinic Trial Results by Heidi
Shots over/Not as bad as I thought... by Beverly
Arrival of Acu-Flex! by Julie F
jump straight to ossatron? by Brad B
Scott!!!!! by wendyn
PF by JudyS
659 messages lost by Scott R
Plantar Faciitis & college life by Karen G
Search function working again. by Scott R
Hot feet by CarolZ
test by scott
heal spur pain by Jessica M
Anyone had too much fascia cut? by T. Hurst
Feet haven't felt this good in a long time by Kathy
To surgery or not? by Edythe S.
Flatfootedness by Manny L.
My first visit to the chiropractor by wendyn
Please Help by Margaret A Loper
Low Carb Diet Question for Robin B by Brian J
Intrasonic pain relief by Julie F
prolotherapy by scott s
Hot Feet by CarolZ
heel spur pain only after hiking or running by Gerald F.
ESWT in Canada by Brad
All-right by Scott R
Test by Scott R
Cool by Scott R
Doing better! by Cindy K.
What is ESWT? by Glynis B
My own fun by wendyn
Still having fun - I really like this Scott! by wendyn
This is a serious question... by Albert T.
The new message board by Scott R
This looks new by Kathy
Richard: Insert and shoes for flat feet? by LynMaire
3 days later: No improvement since shots. by Beverly
A Limerick by Barbara TX
Haiku by Barbara TX
Fractured 5th metatarsel by Melissa S
"Pump Bump" Surgery by Sarah
"Pump Bump" Surgery by Sarah
AcuTai Massage Yoga manual free On-line by alan k
back to the lump by Rina S
A Poem by john h
things that did not help by john h
Winter by wendyn
Intra-sonic pain relief: trying again by Julie F
Surgery vs ESWT by Jason H.
numbness in thigh--any connection to PF? by Nancy N
Foot collapse by Marlene M.
for what it's worth by Paula
an end to this nightmare? by Paula
Rigid Orthotics as a Cause by Scott R
Something to think about by wendyn
heel pain diagnoses by Kay S.
Orthotics by Cindy Luedke
Intra-sonic pain relief - trying yet again by Julie F
11 months after second Orthotripsy-Jennh here by Jennh
Fractured heel spur?? by Sharon S.
Treatment for Peyronie's by Bob J
New pain in left foot by BarbSCO
4.5 years of foot woes by Kay S
ESWT Baby is here by Nicole V.R.
ESWT post treatment results needed by Kate
Worker's comp needs help by Scott R
MISSING TOE NAIL by cassie a
FUN! by sue
Idea for "Ask The Doctors" by Scott R
stretching by JudyS
testing by Scott R
Barefoot Science by Rakesh Sachdeva
shoes for plantar fascitis? by kristin o
Well yesterday by cindyp
I miss cookies for individual categories. by Ken A
Tooth and foot pain !!!!!!!!!!! by Laurie R
Orthodics delimma/Need direction by Beverly
new jersey by john h
heelspurs- plantar fasciitis by linda
Definition by Barb-NY
Toe Spurs? by Nellie C
pain only 1-3 hours after running by Gerald F.
Pain in hip and knee by Vicki A.
update by SuzanneK
LaurieR email me EOM by Cheryl M
Looking for Naots by Libby
The Heelspurs.com Mantra by Scott R
Dr. Z and B update..... by Eric G
Walker Boot Cast by Laurie L.
Oops! by Chris B
KEYBD. BROKE by nancy s.
Looking for a Naot website by Libby
TO Scott by Laurie R
The chiropractor by wendyn
PF...now toe pain by Anne
Stretching/Strengthening board by Julie F
Does Ibuprofen Cream help? by Scott R
Intra-Sonic/footloose in Berlin by Julie F
Censorship / Be Nice by Scott R
They say I have PF - I'm not so sure by Anna J
TTS an d PF by Jen
return of the big baby by Paula
do i need a second opinion by Nikki S
PF sudden onset by tinark
Ultrasound by Laurie
Post surgery update by Mrs.Grinch
great advice, now tell that to the therapist by Paula
Thank you Kate by Kathy
Poem of da feet by Kay S
workboots by arnie j
PF, What's worked for me by Charles R
Discussions by Johnny R.
Frustrating visit to doctor but getting MRI by Beverly
Second Treatments - Dr. Z??? by Molly
To Julie F by Rosie A
Choosing between a pod and an ortho by Nancy N
To Dr. Z by Barbara TX
Heel pain for my son (9 yrs of age) by mike r
To rest or Not to Rest by wendyn
Endoscopic Plantar Fascitis by TeresaH
MEPHISTO-resole by Martha B.
my new orthotics by Nancy S.
8 weeks post op by Dianab
Sore Feet by Lisa T.
antibiotics and heel pain by jane
ice massage by Nancy S.
Orthotics and motion control shoes by wendyn
Doctors by Julie F
will physiotherapy help? by Anna J
heel pain and big toe by nikki
possible ruptured PF by Elizabeth P
PF - Accupuncture or accupresure Treatment by James W
Sore Ankle by Phil S
anxiously awaiting the next appointment by Kay S
plantar faciaitis by Libbi L.
Looking for a doctor in Houston area for ESWT by Libbi L.
I have one for you--Weak feet??!!!!!! by dfeet
That time of month by Barb-NY
I miss Dr. B by Dr. Zuckerman
Finding a foot specialist by john h
Cost of ESWT by john h
college runner--help!!! by Kevin B.
Scott Ankle Brace-to Richard C.-Ped by Rosie A
Shoe anatomy by Richard, C.Ped
On-line POD TODAY by Barbara TX
When are you NOT a canidate for EWST? by Beverly
Success Story by Bob G.
post tts & pf surgery lateral pain by Dave S.
please give me hope!!! by Kevin B.
Tarsal Tunnel/Impairment Ratings? by Jordan L
pt by Paula
Cortisone injections for TTS? by Helene M
Stretching Works by Linda M
PowerStep inserts by Scott R
breaking-in orthotics by Nancy S.
PowerStep by Lana R
Things other people have learned by wendyn
heel pain by Denisha S
entrapped nerve-surgery by Susan Gray
To Rosie A. by Richard, C.Ped
I've never been more shocked! by Kate
Magnets for heel pain? by Scott R
5 months after surgery by Emily
Orthowave follow-up by Barb-NY
BAD FOOT PAIN!!!!!!! by JAN W.
Vitamin therapy for heel spurs by kiki c
Stumbling blocks into stepping stones by Julie F
Ankle Wrap Update-to Richard C & Julie F. by Rosie A
heel pain by John Egan
Heel Spur - I think? by Debbie M.
What shoes to buy ? by Tim D
Questions on MRI.... by Sue R
Swimming by Lori
torn planter fascia by Dale G.
alternative orthotics use by Nancy S.
blister on the heel by tammy s.
Heel Pain (backside) Accompanied by Bump by Debbie S
What exactly is thickened fascia? by Helene M
Thanks by Annabel M
Foot Flat by Guest
pain in other foot now! by Anna J
Question for Scott by Kay S
Thoro socks now come in winter colors! by Beverly
Pain in the heels. by ash
heel pain by ASH
Personal Foot Trainer by Marjorita
My current condition by john h
numbness,pain tingling by Cindy AF
Baxter's Nerve by JudyS
surgery by JudyS
the back of my foot by steph
i wanna know by steph
testing my name by steph
Has anyone tried a tens unit? by Beverly
Tarsal Tunnel by john h
To Dr. Z: Test has come in... by Barbara TX
So I went to see Dr. Quill by cindyp
cortisone injection reaction by Susan
Post Op EPF by Laurie H
morton's neuroma & Boots by suanhwee
Spencos vs. Birks by Nancy N
up and down any stairs. by Dr. Zuckeman
heel pain by peter d
New Balance shoes by Kay S
FDA Warning....Orbasone NOT approved by James R
Physical Therapy post EPF surgery by Abby
Funny just a coincidence!! by Dr. Zuckerman
Mephisto Sandals by Dan L
Sudden pain and foot length by D. Greep
for treatment of my father's joints pain. by rashid iqbal
EPF by Darrel H
Ditching orthodics after epf? by T. Hurst
Laser Surgery by JimD
3 Weeks Post Op Surgery date 11/6/2000 by Marsha
Pain in Second Toe by Ruby Slippers
Planar release and spur removal by Damon
Haglund's and PF by Bruce
The Machines by Pauline
recovery time by adeleba
anyone tired Nike Shox? by alan k
3 weeks Post Op today by Marsha
planter fascitis and hip pain? by dean
Hi to All!! Still in Pain, just Checking In by salina
Tired Feet by KellyD
MRI back... Just shows inflammation by Beverly
Too Many Questions by barbara m
ossatron in Atlanta Ga or Birmingham AL??? by jamie
Spencos by JudyS
Lump on Sole of Foot by Chris
Feeling better..but, by Jen H
Planters Fasciitis by John Linder
Heel Pain (backside) accompanied by bump by Debbie S.
Hockey by Jason
Made as Heck by Kathy
Really fed up!!!!!!! by KarenS
PF and exercises by Lois
So now I wonder... by cindyp
yet another case of PF? by Kris W
plantar fasciitis by Kevin B
OTC orthotics, helping or hurting? by Tiffany
New Athletic Shoes by Judy B
Successful Conservative Treatment by Ken J
Shoes by Alecia P.
Calcium and Magnesium and Zinc as treatment? by Diane P.
PF and lots of pain by Bob
Lasers can't be used for heel spur surgery by Dr. Zuckerman
thanks for great advice by Paula
Birth control pills? by Carla D.
Extremely Tired of the Pain by Jeanine Gravette
1 wk follow-up post EPF by Darrel H
4 mo post-op epf & orthodic free! by T. Hurst
comments and updates from foot hell by Kay S
Cetylmyristoleate by Kathy B.
great catalog product!!! by suzi A
A Quick and Easy Foot Massage by Bob G.
HOW CAN A FOOT HURT SO BAD AT AGE 7!!!!!!!!!! by Melody
heel spurs by jonny d
SAS shoes by john h
I'm walking again!..night splits to thank by Jan
PF for 1 1/2 years, what's the next step? by TonyO
Arthritis by Scott R
I feel your good thoughts by Kay S
Broken Bone of Heel Spur by Mary M.
Long History of Left Foot pain by Carlos H.
I was just diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis. by Cheryl Gross
fallen arches by Amy S
Possible etiology by George E.
Heel spur removal? by Shannon
plantar fascitis complications by michele g
Herbal Relief by Tim Fisher
stiff soles by davidb
back of the heel pain by Cindy
Birth-control pills and surgery by Elizabeth
Birkenstock footprints boots by Lori E.
heel spur trauma by Kate P
massage, ultrasound, orthodics, footflex??? by Kevin B.
Can't feel my foot by jim t
Pain on top of foot by Barbara TX
P.T.T Problem by D. Greep
Numb foot by jim t
my feet hurt at the tender age of 85 by lee g
P.W. Minor Fitting Question... by Beverly
Heel Pain by Michelle H.
Twitching toes in both feet by Colleen G
Totally confused: cortizone and arm pain by Sue D.
P.F. Surgery to remove muscle? by Peggy P.
ESWT stories and results by MrBob
One year after PF surgery. by Jimbo
To Richard by wendyn
Apologies to John by Kay S
EPF - 5 Weeks Post Op by Chris W
school days by john h
Spur behind Achilles Tendon by Chiquita K.
Incidence of foot ailments by Scott R
K So I spoke to the dr. again by cindyp
Metatarsel Joint Replacement by DaveA
Is this normal? by PaulS
The Night-Splint by Barbara TX
more hope+++ by Nancy S.
Toe Twitching by Colleen G
My night splint is killing me by Mr bob2
STEP YOU THERE? by Melody J.
Birk Blue Half-inserts by Barbara TX
Pain in both feet by CELIA
Plantat Fasciitis by Lois Blanton
Congrats to Nancy S--belated by Kay S
To Kate by Barbara TX
second treatments by marcia
to Kate and Dr. Z by Lori E. Gustafson
Kate and Dr. Z by Kay S
2 Weeks Post EPF Follow-up by Darrel H
heel pain remedy oil? by Darrel H
10 year old foot spur? by Serina B
Spur poking into tissue? by Scott R
The Reebok DMX shoe really solved my problem by Jim S
Looking for advice by Joe W
WOW did I miss this discussion by Dr. Zuckerman
Help in Michigan by Kathy
please help!! by jan w
heel spur and leg pain by al purser
Basement Musings by Dr. Huey Lewi DPM
Sorry Jimbo- I missed your pain. by Dr. Zuckerman
Three Cheers for Dr. Z by Scott R
Speaking of treatment by Pauline
New " Birk footprints" styles by john a
plantar fasciitis by AnitaR
FYI: Good Boots by VickiJ
Pain on outside and ball of foot by Marti
update-- kind of good news!!! by Kevin B.
about those night splints..... by JudyS
PF release....... by JudyS
Ossatron and ESWT by Diran
P/F release by Jay H.
Feedback on AcuTai massage? by alan k
Inital Treatment by William B.
Judy, you have a point about attitude....... by Kate
OssaTron treatment by Karin L.
Plantar Fasciitis by Jan M
Grandma's Heel Spur Cure by Grace
Cause by Wayne J
Shoe fit/SAS Freetimes by Nancy N
OssaTron by Doug S
calves feel like wood by wanda m
Dr scholls Shoes... where to find them. by AlaskaWolfe
Nerve Damage by Joel
Jay and stretching. by Dr. Zuckerman
Waiting for my first ESWT by mrbob2
Possible PF and weight? by Hannah
Bleeding and healing - to Dr Z by Julie F
ossatron by rowena h
ossatron by rowena h
$$$FOR $6.00 make THOUSANDS by nick j
Taping by Jacqui M.
Was fitted for new orthodics today by Beverly
Report after treatment by Graham Wilson
Hypermobility Syndrome by wendyn
Barefoot in Thailand/India by Julie F
Why do nightsplints hurt? by Celia
PF surgery or supr removel by carrie e
ESWT high energy and non yes anesthesia by Dr. Zuckerman
Need advice on order tracking system by Scott R
Foot Pain by Ann M
pf and ptt length of treatment with cast by matt
ESWT and TTS and PF by Linda D
Post Orthowave pain by Kay C A
ESWT article in Readers Digest by rekha.s
Haglunds Deformity Surgery by Brenda L.
giroscopio by elieze cocoletzi
test by scott r
future of ESWT by ashley adams
My orthodic saga... by T. Hurst
Going downhill by Julie
My lotto trip to N.J. THANK YOU!!!! by Lori. E
Question about supination(sp?) for Richard by Lori E.
Financing affecting mental health.... by Gary S.
What are these symptoms of? by Theresa H.
shoes and stuff. by Jay H.
Surface of Skin Pain by Bobby F.
PF and recovery time by Hannah
A second treatment scheduled... by Barbara TX
the pain continues...... by jan
Hard cast or walking cast by Colleen G
Shattered ankle by Lin B.
Articles on ESWT by Julie
website delays by Scott R
Message Board working again by Scott R
Separation of webbed toes by Eric S.
My first ESWT by mrbob2
TTS personal injury case history by Scott H
heel pain at achilles tendon by Sue
epfr surgery by james w
ortho surgeon vs. podiatrist by LB in Canada
Mephisto Resole by Martha B.
extracorporeal shock wave therapy by Kirsten H
Iontophoresis with acetic acid by BobH
My ESWT report --- a week late! by Kay S
Hopeful, but getting discouraged. by Cindy K.
thinking about OssaTron by Charles P
Here we go again....... by IKE
Hylands Leg Cramps with Quinine by BobH
cortisone injections by Chris B
Under the Arch Foot pain by Gordon
12 days post ESWT by Kay S
willow bark by john h
Complications from EPF surgery by Vicki
orthopedic or podiatry PLEASE HELP by Tony D
TTS????? by Nancy M
Dare I hope? by Dawn K
fixing orthodics by Kathy
what surgery to choose. by Sally W.
Try: ThePodiatryForum.com for more help by Michael Mesic
thinking of 2nd ossatron treatment by rekha s
Day after my ESWT by mrbob2
hahaha seven dwarfs virus by Scott R
The pain goes on............ by Jan W
Plantar Fascia... will it ever heal? by Mike
Another SAS Freetime question by Nancy N
Lateral heel pain by Steve F
ESWT Testimonial by Preeti P
Ossatron...pain? by Karin L.
How to find a good pod in new city? by Beverly
Orbasone by Pauline
"The Good Feet Store" by Holly
Podiatry Online Newsflash by Pauline
Insurance Payments?? by Paul M.
2 surgeries and still hurting by Suzy
Race for the cure by Pauline
spurs by Sandy D.
Sparks fly by Pauline
What is on my heel? by MegenL
Fibromyalgia Foot by Penny Kirchoff
non walking cast by Tracy C.
new list of patient comments by Scott R
Piece of cake... by Karin L.
walking with spurs by cindy l.
heelspurs.com popularity by Scott Roberts
Does losing weight help? by Melissa E
ESWT flare? by Karin L.
5 Days after ESWT Report by mrbob2
Does your insurance pay for ESWT??? by Dr. Zuckerman
Questions??? by Chris B.
slipper recommendations? by Jean M.
OssaTron by Kilika D.
6wks post EPF & Ibuprofen cream by Darrel H
ESWT after a PF release? by Michelle
knee pain with the pf by Jan W
Orthotic Questions by Joe W
Orthotics by Joe W
ESWT in Reader's Digest by KenC
Dupuytrens by Jennifer B
orthotic question by Joe W
December ESWT Lottery Winner? by john a
spreading of plantar fascitis by Tami R.
Very bad heel spurs by Lisa S.
foot massager............ by JudyS
pain is moving.... by Sue R
pf and flat feet by Dan M
I have been having sharp pains. by Cheryl L. Gross
Recovery period? by Mike M
Ossatron/Healthtronics by john h
to Beverly.............the sound by Kay S
nerve damage by charles s
Shoe Orthontics by Sharon M
tried again........ by JudyS
Winter boots by LindaH
eswt commercialism by Doug S
thoughts on acupuncture? by Sue R
PF pins & needles, white spots by Hannah
Website slow again? by Scott R
heel spur by Chris S
Heel Spurs/Shock Wave Treatment by Jay B
looking for alternative treatments for PF by James P
Footsmart Arch Brace by Hannah D
night splints by Dawn H
Nuroma by Venki
still having pain.. by Jan w
Should I have surgery? by Pam B
info re. wrist tissues by Jonathan
eswt by Janw
Germany Birk site by Kay S
Orthotic adjustments by Nancy N
RSD by Chris B.
23 days post Ossatron by Cindy K
New to Site by Susan
Planter Fasciitis by Tracey A
taping heel spurs by acb
Should I consider surgery? by Lori B
heel spurs by Lori B.
single shoe orthotic? by PaulS
massage by Kay S
Night Splints by Crystal m
PF and Fibromyalgia by Marsha K.
Orthotic with too High Arch by salina
Ossa Tron Treatment by Steve Brown
What about casting? by Lori B.
Stll have ankle pain by Diana B
Has anyone tried Feldenkrais? by Nancy N
Pain on top of my foot by Ginette Englehart
Tennis by Cynthia D
Cortisone - multiple shots by Cynthia D
a bit of new info........... by JudyS
Post op pain and restricted movement by LauraJ
Richard? by wendyn
plantars fasciitis and ankle pain by Dana
Graston Therapy by suzi d
Silicone Dynamic Orthotics = SDOs by Chic S
They Hurt me!!!!! by salina
eswt question... by JudyS
Help help help by Analyn Booth
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